Life Coach School Review

Life Coach School Review – Is It Worth Investing In?

It’s good to see that you’ve taken the time to come and check my Life Coach School Review.

Are you wondering whether this coaching program is legit or a scam?

Or do you need to know the truth about the Life Coach School training program?

I’m going to answer all those questions in this review.

If you spend most of your time online, you’ve probably heard of someone named Brooke Castillo.

But I’m sure you want to know if this program by this individual is a scam or legit.

I’ve got a great passion for helping people like you to know and have information regarding online opportunities and How to Make Money Online.

I’ve reviewed several programs that claim to offer you a means of making money online for some time now. 

But while doing such reviews, I’ve always strived to be neutral and offer things just the way they are.

In so doing, you can make the appropriate decision knowing that you’ve got the correct information regarding a particular course or program. 

Also, before I can take you further, I need to tell you that nobody has paid me to write this review; I’ll offer you an unbiased review. 

That being said, let’s get going.

Summary of Life Coach School Review

Name of the Product: Life Coach School

Type of the Product: Life Coaching Business Course

Founder: Brooke Castillo

Cost: $21,000 +

Suitable for? People who intend to be life coaches

Recommended? No

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If you have a passion for coaching, you might wish to start a life coaching business.

That is precisely what the Life Coaching School program will offer you.

This program is expensive, and it claims to offer you training that will allow you to start a coaching business. 

Though it comes with certifications and everything, you’ll part with thousands of dollars to have the course. 

This program comes with two distinct training programs; one teaches you how to become a life coach, while the other is just a self-help program.

I don’t deny that the course is helpful, but it has been overpriced for the price. 

Imagine you’ll need to spend over $21,000 to get a typical training program.

Unless you’ve some pocket change, spending a lot of money on this program is NOT recommended.

Rather than spending a fortune on this coaching program, there are many alternative ways of making a handsome amount of money.

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Life Coach School Review

Life Coach School Explained

Life Coach School Review

Life Coach School comes with two training programs, as I mentioned earlier. 

The first one is the self-help course, while the second one is the one that offers you information on how to be a life coach. 

Check out the screenshot below for the two offers:

Life Coach School Review

The other notable thing with this program is that it costs an arm and a leg; you’ll pay over $21,000 to access this course.

The training course is by Brooke Castillo, a certified pro trainer in life coaching. 

I’ll break down the course for you, and you’ll have complete information inside out.

Though the course comes with certification, you’ll need to spend a lot of money to take the course.

If you plan to become a life coach, you’ll be required to take this three-month coaching program. 

Here is five minutes video by Brooke explaining her self-coaching model:

In this program, I’ll break down everything you’ll get from it:

Overdrinking & Overeating Curriculum 

Eating and drinking are the major methods for individuals to get through depression. 

You may expect your customers to encounter this. 

During the training, here are some topics that you learn about:

  • Issues related to the reduction in social drinking
  • Issues related to massive weight loss
  • Get to know the effects associated with substances abuse in your body
  • Gaining discipline and control
  • Improve commitments
  • Handling setbacks
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Developing protocols & selecting fuel
  • Leveraging the prefrontal cortex for success
  • Handling urges
  • Handling emotions
  • The work of neurotransmitters
  • The work of hormones
  • Over desire
  • Over hunger

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Life Coach Curriculum

The curriculum of this program has several parts, but worry not; I’ll simplify everything for you. 

Read on to learn the life coach curriculum:

#1. Unconditional love

Here, you’ll get the skills to make your customers feel loved.

#2. Past/Posterity focus methods

You’ll be taught how to enable your customers to put their energy mainly on the future rather than the past in this area.

In so doing, they’ll be in an excellent position to build themselves a promising future. 

#3. Belief system navigation

Under this section, you’ll stand a chance of assisting your clients in having new beliefs.

As such, they can attain their goals with ease along the way. 

#4. The manual

In this section, you’ll get skills on how to come up with new relationships. 

The program shows how someone can find and prevent patterns of unhealthy relationships.

#5. Emotional childhood/Adulthood

The major importance of this area is to enable you to manage your emotions to assist your customers in managing theirs as well. 

#7. Model mastery

This includes; Circumstances, Thoughts, Feelings, Actions, and Results (CTFAR) 

As mentioned in the training program, having skills in this model will allow you to “basically sort out any problem.”

This is the key model that you’ll use to assist your clients. 

The Business Training

In this program, you’ll also get training that will enable you to develop a profitable coaching business and come up with a marketing plan. 

To make it easy for you to understand, here is what you should expect:

  • Tips for coming up with emails that convert
  • Offer training on how you can make offers to your clients
  • Funnel and checklist training for Facebook
  • Videos that talk about business and entrepreneurship
  • Step-by-step guide and helpful information for entrepreneurship
  • A self-paced curriculum; that takes you from your first idea to opting for a good niche, coming up and testing a program, making offers, making a funnel, and delivering to clients. 

Business & Mastermind Workshop

There are tons of live events that take place often.

In such events, you’ll be in an excellent position to network and get more important information regarding coaching.

Monthly Calls

Every month, the former trainees of this certification program participate in a group call. 


Life Coach School Review

This feature stands out with this program, but it doesn’t come easy.

You’re required to do a live practice with your trainer to be certified.

Besides, you’ll need to show your recordings of yourself training your clients. 

Further, while you’ll be undertaking your three-month course, you’ll also have to take an exam that you need to pass to become certified. 

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Jason Foster

Who is behind Life Coach School?

Life Coach School Review

Life Coach School was founded over 15 years ago by Brooke Castillo. 

She is the one behind this program to date. 

It all started when she watched a life coach on The Oprah Winfrey Show years back when she was undergoing depression.

As such, she instantly registered for Life Coach School.

Currently, the program earns millions of dollars every month. 

Her success, the founder is very successful, and she is not a scammer like those personalities on the web nowadays. 

But such programs will enjoy the fruits of your labor because they’ll siphon a lot of money in terms of fees and other payments required. 

Most of the time, such groups end up being cults.

Further, the “life coaches” are usually NOT recommended to make money online. 

The business model seems cheesy, and in my personal opinion, I don’t see myself seeking the intervention of a life coach. 

Maybe I can seek the advice of a coach who deals with a particular area like finance or fitness.

If your main interest in joining such platforms is to make money online, you can opt for elaborate, better, and legit ways. 

The cost of Life Coach School

This training program will demand $21,000 and an additional $297 monthly. 

This will make you pay about $3600 after a year. 

As such, you’ll need to sacrifice all your investment for this coaching program. 

But why should you pay such an exorbitant price? You can find self-help books on the market for as low as $20.

Rest assured, there is nothing, even one, special about this program. 

Do you imagine taking a three-month certification course that costs a whopping $21,000?

Does it come with a refund policy?

While the refund policy isn’t advertised directly on the website, you can find it in the section of “Terms & Conditions.”

The documents claim that you can get back your money within seven days after you’ve registered for the program. 

For a program that you invest a lot of money in, I think the policy isn’t good because seven days is just not enough to make up your mind about the program. 

Is this coaching program good for someone?

Yes, this coaching program is ideal for those people who wish to become professional coaches.

But the big problem with this program is that you need to invest a lot of money to join.

Is Life Coach School a Scam?

I know that this is a question that most seek to get an outright answer to.

I’ll do that for you. 

I’ll not buy the idea of saying that this coaching program is a scam. 

First, Brooke – the founder of the program, can be traced. 

The program she offers isn’t a SCAM.

The caveat with this coaching program is that you’ll pay exorbitantly to access the program.

It defeats the purpose because you can still find a similar program that costs below $100.  

Better still, you can find other ways of making money online without the need to go through a costly coaching program. 

Don’t miss out on my BJK University Review because they share the same fate with this program I’m reviewing today. 

From there, let me now take you through what I like and what I don’t like about Life Coach School.

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What I like about Life Coach School

  •  The founder is legit: Unlike other people that fake their success online, Brooke is very successful.

What I don’t like about Life Coach School

  • The program is too expensive: The two courses are overpriced. The first will require $300 every month, while the second will cost you up to $21,000.
  • The business model is not a favorite choice for most people: As you know, becoming a life coach isn’t an easy method of making money.
  • Has a lousy refund policy: The problem with the program is that it offers you a seven-day refund policy which is not suitable for a program dealing with a huge amount of money. 

That being said, let me now offer you my recommendation before I can call it a day.

My #1 Recommendation

I don’t recommend this program to you because of all the reasons I’ve pointed out above. 

Fortunately, online ways of making money online are endless.

It only takes a few searches before you can land on the best way to earn online. 

What if I tell you I have one of those legit and honest ways of doing business online?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to venture as a beginner and begins to earn money. 

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Life Coach School Review

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