Contrarian Thinking Review: Is Codie Sanchez A Scam?

Contrarian Thinking Review

Greetings, and thank you for joining me at the Contrarian Thinking Review.

Within this assessment, I’ll delve into the core of the Contrarian Thinking program, offering you a comprehensive understanding.

At the forefront, the program asserts its capacity to give you an optimal avenue toward achievement.

Presenting a selection of up to four courses, this program endeavors to equip you with the skills to effectively manage and expand your business, ultimately leading you to financial independence.

Renowned for its expertise, this company guides individuals in acquiring and transforming existing small businesses into thriving ventures.

However, uncovering the rationale driving its features before you commit to the program is imperative.

Hence, I aim to unveil a comprehensive analysis, focusing prominently on its essence, functionality, and cost structure.

Moreover, I aim to objectively evaluate the program’s authenticity through customer feedback, ratings, and online reputation.

A preliminary note: I have no affiliations with the Contrarian Thinking program.

My role is to give you objective insights into the program, aiding your decision-making process.

Consequently, as you read through this evaluation, you’ll amass insights to fortify your financial choices, determining whether the program merits investment or raises concerns.

With this perspective in mind, let’s embark on the review…

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Contrarian Thinking Review Summary

Name of the product: Contrarian Thinking

Type of Product: Dropshipping Automation Program

Website’s URL:

Company address: Austin, Texas 78701, USA

Email address:

Price: $150 per year, depending on your chosen course.

Founder: Codie Sanchez

Overall Rating: 5/10

Recommendation: Recommended, but not for everyone

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Contrarian Thinking Review – Overview

Contrarian Thinking Review

Contrarian Thinking program is a popularly known company that offers courses on purchasing and running small businesses.

The courses in the program majorly focus on teaching students how to purchase and run already existing small businesses online.

The company provides programs centered around the investment and expansion of email lists.

The program also has an already-built community that features a weekly live chat group where small business owners in the platform support each other.

In addition, the weekly live chat group is provided by an industry of experts from the program’s support team.

After joining the program, you must choose from their top four courses to get started.

From there, you’ll have to pay the yearly price and start learning the business niche.

After finishing the course, you will also require extra capital to help you purchase your small business.

This will allow you to implement Codie Sanchez’s strategy taught in the course for you to succeed.

If you fail to apply the course effectively or are not in a position to purchase your small business, you may not benefit from the program.

On the other hand, the four courses in the program have a unique price and cover different topics.

For this reason, you must first research and find which one best suits you before you purchase.

However, if you’re a novice seeking a tried-and-true business model, to begin with, I urge you to explore this alternative:

Contrarian Thinking Review

What Is Contrarian Thinking?

Contrarian Thinking Review

Contrarian Thinking is a company founded in 2020 by Codie Sanchez, also the program’s CEO.

Irrespective of the company’s US base, Codie Sanchez welcomes individuals worldwide to enroll in the course.

Sanchez suggests that a majority of the strategies covered in the course are particularly well-suited for individuals from diverse international backgrounds.

The company focuses on offering teachings on how to run and manage small businesses online.

The program has more than 300,000 newsletter subscribers and more than 10,000 students online, with its primary headquarters situated in Texas, US.

The program presents a selection of four courses, offering you a range of options to select the one that best aligns with your preferences.

According to the program, the multiple courses will allow you to learn more about establishing a passive income with your business.

The program categorizes the courses into three sections: buying businesses, investing better, and growing your business online.

You will learn about unconventional acquisitions and masterminds in the small business buying category.

Like any online business model, it’s essential to grasp the functioning of this particular type of online business before attempting to engage in it.

This initial comprehension empowers you to familiarize yourself with the company and its operational dynamics, ultimately enhancing your prospects of success within the program.

Let’s delve into its operational mechanics to gain further insight into the program.

How Does Contrarian Thinking Work?

Contrarian Thinking Review

Contrarian thinking works by providing you with the opportunity that can help you start your path toward achieving your financial goals.

The opportunities center around assisting you in acquiring businesses, encompassing courses and masterminds focused on purchasing small businesses.

It also includes unconventional acquisitions, which are also available on the platform.

After buying your business, the program teaches you how to invest better and get the best out of your business.

This involves the strategies that help you invest in operating systems in the business.

From there, the program teaches you how to grow your business online and get the best out of your trade.

The program claims a suitable business strategy to help you build up to a seven-figure newsletter online.

The Contrarian Thinking program encourages you to join their team of more than 10000 students online to benefit from all these strategies.

In so doing, you will get the opportunity to learn with the rest of their students and stand a chance to achieve your business goals, including:

  • Getting time and financial freedom through their acquisition programs.
  • Becoming a dealmaker in just thirty days by enrolling in their 9-unit course.
  • Negotiating and structuring, and financing your small business purchase online.

What Is Contained In The Contrarian Thinking?

Contrarian Thinking Review

The Contrarian Thinking program contains up to four courses, including:

  1. Unconventional Acquisitions Mastermind

The UA mastermind includes a course and a community with up to 15 hours long videos.

In the course, you will learn how to determine the most valuable small business worth purchasing online.

You will also learn the impact of the business in real-life experiences when raising funding and managing due diligence.

In addition, you will learn how to analyze and manage risk in your purchased business to minimize running losses.

Therefore, by learning this course, you can effectively manage and grow your business to achieve your best.

  1. Learning How To Buy A Small Business

This is the second course in the program that features several videos offering training on buying small businesses.

There is also the inclusion of the 15 weeks of cash flow, ROI templates, and NDA with up to three million model worksheets.

Due diligence and business buying are on their checklist and a team sheet.

  1. The Investor Operating System Course

In this course, the lessons cover topics such as assets, taxes, investments, financial statements, and debt literacy.

You will also learn programming and mediation courses in the program and also attend some classes on the passive income model.

  1. Turn Your Email List Into One Million

This is the last course offered in the program, containing up to 52 lessons covering numerous topics.

The topics include guest presentations that teach about branding, building email lists, and online marketing.

You will also learn the templates and some editable guidelines for team selection, financial team planning, and revenue model.

The course also offers step-by-step instructions that regard forming partnerships and collaborations.

Who Owns The Contrarian Thinking?

Contrarian Thinking Review

The Contrarian Thinking program is owned by Codie Sanchez, the CEO of the company.

Apart from Contrarian Thinking, Sanchez is also a co-founder of Unconventional Acquisitions, which majorly focuses on acquisitions of small businesses.

Before joining the business, Sanchez started her journalism career and was declared the JFK Award winner.

She was also listed among the 25 most innovative leaders in Cannabis and a top female investor, according to Forbes.

Sanchez has an MBA, which she was awarded from Georgetown University, and a master’s degree from ESADE.

By launching contrarian thinking, Sanchez aims to simplify small business owners’ minds and make them run their businesses efficiently.

They are dedicated to creating more successful people and helping them build their bank accounts to their best balances.

In her strategy, every person who joins their business community must be able to think like a contrarian.

In so doing, the program challenges the difficulties faced in business to help you achieve what you believe is impossible.

Sanchez teaches its students how she quit his job to come and start the business, which she claims to have been a game changer in his life.

She claims to have made up to a seven-figure income from the business and achieved success online.

What Is The Cost Of Joining The Contrarian Thinking?

Enrolling in the Contrarian Thinking program is free, enabling you to freely register your information.

However, you must purchase one of the four courses to benefit from the program.

The prices set in the program vary from course to course and require you to go through it before you can choose your preferred one.

There are four different courses available in the program, and their prices are:

  • The unconventional Acquisition Mastermind course costs $8,800 per year

You can purchase this course using most payment methods, such as credit cards.

However, there is an exception to other standard payment methods such as PayPal, bitcoin, and Venmo.

  • Learning how to buy a small business that costs $2,000 per year.

In this course, you can pay using Credit cards and PayPal.

  • The investor operating system course costs $150 per year.

This is the cheapest course in the program that can be purchased through payment methods such as Google Pay, PayPal, Cash App Pay, Mastercard, and Visa.

  • Turn your email list into one million courses that cost $1,297.

You can purchase this course using payment methods such as Cash app pay, PayPal, visa, google pay, American Express, and MasterCard.

On the other hand, the Contrarian Thinking program does not offer a refund policy to its customers.

For this reason, there is no guarantee that you may reclaim your registration fee after joining the program.

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Is The Contrarian Thinking Program A Scam?

In my opinion, the Contrarian Thinking program is not a scam.

For instance, the program offers courses that teach you how to purchase, run and grow your small business online.

You can succeed by implementing their strategies into your running business online.

In addition, the program offers guidance and support on their courses that also assist in ensuring their customers get the best out of their business.

Nonetheless, while the program is not a scam, it might not cater to the aspirations of every individual seeking online financial independence.

The program focuses on those who already possess an online small business and aspire to expand it to meet their financial objectives.

If you aim to acquire an online small business, this platform welcomes you to learn the art of such acquisitions.

Conversely, if you intend to initiate a business from the ground up or if financial constraints hinder business acquisition, the program might not suit you.

The program’s courses and financial commitments might appear excessive and irrelevant, particularly when aligned with a business niche that lacks your passion.

Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that the program adheres to a no-refund policy once students have joined its ranks.

Consequently, should you withdraw from the course post-enrollment, reclaiming your fees is not an option.

To safeguard against potential missteps or financial losses, thorough research into the program’s offerings is advised before contemplating any investment.

Contrarian Thinking Review

What Do I Like About The Contrarian Thinking?

  • Great reputation online

The Contrarian Thinking program has an excellent online reputation, with many reviewers posting positive comments about the program.

In addition, most reviewers give the program a five-star rating showing their satisfaction with its services.

This makes the program attract more customers and grow its community to become one of the top academic platforms online.

  • The contrarian thinking course is top-rated

The course is top-rated on various platforms with its audience.

This includes several social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

The popularity of the course is also irrespective of the newsletter, social media, or other courses available online.

  • There is good community support for the course.

The audience built by Codie Sanchez in the course is very supportive of each other, making it easy to succeed.

For instance, there are experts in the company that guide students on the platform to ensure all of them achieve their targeted goals.

In addition, the course members also get support from each other in the course as a community.

  • A suitable course for potential business owners.

If you’re a business owner aiming to acquire an existing enterprise, the Contrarian Thinking courses are tailored to your needs.

The courses within the Contrarian Thinking program align perfectly with individuals of this nature, offering comprehensive guidance on managing an established business.

Through their extensive support, the program guarantees that anyone who applies the knowledge from the courses will achieve success in their business endeavors.

What I Don’t Like About The Contrarian Thinking?

  • Does not include payment options

Even though the program accepts several payment methods, the most common ones, like BTC, PayPal, and Venmo, are unavailable.

For this reason, if you use the three payment methods, you may find transactions difficult unless you move to the accepted methods.

  • Does not offer a one-on-one coaching

Most online courses offer one-on-one coaching to their students as a method to identify their challenges at the individual level.

This allows students to ask individual questions and get help directly from the support team.

However, the contrarian Thinking program does not allow individual mentoring and coaching making it difficult for their students to interact with them directly.

  • The course is too expensive.

Cordie Sanchez’s Contrarian Thinking course is too pricey, especially for beginners who may want to build their business from scratch.

The courses are also only available for one year if you purchase them, making them unreliable for most people.

  • Not a suitable option for beginners

The Contrarian Thinking program targets partnering with business owners who want to purchase already established businesses online.

For this reason, if you want to start your business from scratch, you will probably not match the expectations of the course.

In addition, if you lack knowledge of how to run a business, you will not find it easy to purchase an already established business.

  • Does it have a refund policy?

The Contrarian Thinking program does not offer a money-back service guarantee to its students.

This means that if you join the program, you will not get the opportunity to reclaim your registration fee when you quit.

Therefore, you will have to first understand the program and its courses before making your decisions on the platform.

Is There Any Alternative To Contrarian Thinking?

Are you in search of an alternative to this particular business model?

Rest assured, I’ve got your back.

If you’re new to online business, I understand your quest for a legitimate and foolproof method of generating online income.

That’s precisely why I’ve crafted this section specifically for you.

Drawing from my extensive experience of over 7 years in the online business domain, I possess insights into what works and what doesn’t for everyone.

Familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing?

It’s an established business avenue that has been around for decades, yet its full potential remains largely untapped.

In light of this, I want to inform you that this opportunity is ripe for the taking.

With this business model, you can make gradual strides while honing your skills for upward progression.

However, before diving in, you must grasp the fundamentals and acquaint yourself with this promising business avenue.

Understanding that scouring the internet for resources to kickstart this business model can be taxing, I’ve taken the initiative to alleviate that burden for you.

Here’s a meticulously laid out, step-by-step guide that will pave the way for your initiation:

Contrarian Thinking Review

FAQs About Contrarian Thinking

Does Contrarian Thinking Offer One-On-One Coaching?

Currently, the program does not offer one-on-one coaching to its customers on the platform.

However, Sanchez encourages students who want one on one mentoring to join their unconventional acquisition mastermind.

According to Sanchez, the program gives students a more personal approach to their platform challenges.

What Is The Difference Between Contrarian Thinking And Unconventional Acquisitions?

At the contrarian thinking program, you will learn how to become a better investor, deal structuring, learn passive income, and invest your way to success.

On the other hand, the unconventional acquisitions program takes your career to the next level by talking about unconventional acquisitions being acquisitions.

For instance, if you purchase your small business, you will learn to go the passive income route by joining the unconventional acquisitions program.

Do Contrarian Thinking Offer Payment Plans On Any Program?

Currently, the program does not offer payment plans for its products on the platform.

Everything offered in the program is paid upfront, where you invest in yourself and maximize your earnings.

The program also has set policies that govern how their plans and offers are conducted on the platform and guide you on what to do online.

If I Am Brand New To The Passive Income Idea, How Can I Get Started With The Contrarian Thinking?

The program encourages newbies to start with their free newsletter that offers you weekly insight on passive income ideas.

This will enable you to learn the ideas, understand them, and accept them to free your mind and bank account to start a new life.

When you are ready, the program will provide you with opportunities to invest in yourself and interact with many other people.

What If I’m Outside The United States? Can I Still Benefit From The Contrarian Thinking?

The program targets to work with everyone irrespective of your location, even if it is based in the United States.

For instance, the program claims that most of its business ideas mainly apply to international people making them more advantaged than those within the US.

However, there are details about the program being based in the United States that you may not get access to outside the country.

Thank you for reading my Contrarian Thinking Review.

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