Cowboy Wealth Review: Is This MLM Program Legit?

Cowboy Wealth Review

I’m inviting you to my Cowboy Wealth Review.

With the hype surrounding online businesses, it is hard to know the entity that stands by its words. 

Do you want to know whether the Cowboy Wealth program is Legit or a Scam MLM? 

I’ll answer all that in this review.

Remember that I’m honest in my review, and I won’t pitch anything. 

Also, I’ll not force you into joining this program. 

I’ll offer you the need-to-know regarding this program, and at the end of it, you’ll stand a chance of making a well-informed decision. 

If you’re starting and you’re looking for ways of making money online, you should not fall into those programs that promise you millions of dollars within a short period.

Making money online is a gradual process, and consistency always plays a role.

I have even tailored a blueprint that will lead you into making money online without spending a lot of your investment. 

Back to the course, I’ll need to break down everything you should know before deciding on the Cowboy Wealth program. 

I’ll not take much of your time, just read through these subtopics that will cover every detail you need to know about this program.

So, let’s hit the road…

Summary Of Cowboy Wealth Review

Name of the Product: Cowboy Wealth

Type of the Product: Health & Finance MLM

Founders: Chris Sorensen, Cathy Sorensen

Website URL:

Pricing: $19 plus Extra Costs

Any Success Story: None

Recommended: NO

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Cowboy Wealth Review – Overview

In summary, Cowboy Wealth is a Multi-Level Marketing that provides wellness and health-related products and financial courses. 

Here is what you’ll be presented on its home page:

Cowboy Wealth Review

And members ought to bring other people on board to earn money. 

But this program is a funnel that directs its recruits to another MLM scheme called Melaleuca. 

The wellness company provides different products like cosmetics, supplements, etc.

And the major idea that is behind Cowboy Wealth is to direct you to register for this scheme. 

And from there, you’ll be tasked to similar market companies to other people, establish your network, and offer them expensive packages. 

Of course, I should inform you that MLM is usually a legitimate business model, implying that Cowboy Wealth isn’t a scam. 

But this particular scheme has some issues that make me doubt its legitimacy.

I’ll implore you that you keep on reading this review because I’ll share with you all those downsides that make me think that this program isn’t worth your attention. 

Better still, I’ll let you know how this program works and what it offers. 

Be that as it may, if you’re searching for a legitimate and beginner-friendly way of making an income online, then you can check out what I have for you in the link below.

Cowboy Wealth Review

Cowboy Wealth Explained

The cowboy wealth program is not clear with its goals.

First off, its official site doesn’t offer any important info regarding the opportunity it claims to offer.

All it talks about is that the program offers its customers solution to promote almost all areas like personal development, environment, wealth, and health. 

Cowboy Wealth Review

Further, the platform asserts that it can offer a different way for individuals to attain their financial and personal goals via the online/eCommerce shopping revolution. 

The company doesn’t detail how it generally works, nor what you’ll be doing to make an income out of it. 

And that is where the suspicion of this platform being a scam begins.

Like I told you before, I want to do everything possible to ensure that you differentiate the wheat from the chaff and make the right decision. 

After scouring the internet for a review of this program, I came across this short YouTube video below:

It only mentions how you can start working at home and succeed. 

They claim that you can earn between $500 and $25,000 monthly using this scheme to add insult to injury. 

To do so, you must talk to the team using the number provided and get a short presentation (normally 2 minutes). 

Or another way to do this is you submit all your details to their official page and wait to be given a call. 

But the worse, the scheme will never tell you what it is generally about. 

Why should they not disclose such information? 

Are they running an illegal business?

Or could it be because the platform is a scam?

I researched this platform, and to my surprise, I came to know that Cowboy Wealth is a funnel to an MLM scheme named Melaleuca. 

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Who is behind Cowboy Wealth?

Cathy and Chris Sorensen are linked to having founded Cowboy Wealth. 

They assert that they possess over 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship. 

But the problem is any evidence or proof doesn’t back the claims.

And that is where the problem starts.

Are the founders virtual or robot generated?

Do they exist in the real sense?

Can I consider Cowboy Wealth as a pyramid scheme?

Cowboy Wealth Review

Chances are very high that this program is a pyramid scheme. 

And the first sign is the fact that the platform doesn’t offer any service or product on their platform. 

The problem is that they claim to have the product, but in the real sense, they don’t. 

Besides, nothing is talked about regarding the earnings that its members receive. 

Now, let’s embark on the main question…

Is Cowboy Wealth a Scam?

Well, the chances are high that this program is a scam. 

As I have already told you, there is no product being offered on the platform, and they only set out claims that are not substantiated. 

Also, when you try to reach out to them, you’ll never hear from them. 

There is not much I can talk about this because all along, I have found out that they don’t stand for what they say. 

Also, like I said earlier, the Cowboy Wealth program doesn’t exist; it is essentially a funnel made to redirect people to another MLM scheme. 

Aside from that, the founders present unrealistic and untruthful claims to make people get persuaded into joining their non-existing program. 

If you’re looking for a legitimate method of earning money online, you need to try the below method, spare your time, and check it.

Jason Foster

Pros and Cons of Cowboy Wealth

What I like about Cowboy Wealth

  • Even though I don’t subscribe to this business model, it is still promoting one of the legitimate companies that have been in existence for the last 30 years.
  • It doesn’t harm by promoting such kinds of programs because the MLM program offers legit products that exist.

What I don’t like about Cowboy Wealth

  • The founder of this program is highly secretive and isn’t ready to disclose information about his company.
  • The platform doesn’t offer an about us page on the main page, and even the video I have shared with you above shows that the company has nothing in store for you.
  • Of course, I have shown you beyond doubt that this platform is a marketing funnel that directs users to another MLM scheme.
  • At first, when you join Melaleuca from the start via Cowboy Wealth is free; however, to keep accessing the materials, you’ll incur some charges.
  • I can say without any contradiction that most such kinds of programs don’t offer you any benefit at all.

To this end, I think you’ve been able to make your judgment as to whether Cowboy Wealth is legit or a scam.

Sometimes finding a legit and easy way of making money, particularly as a beginner, isn’t easy, and that is why you’ll want to pay attention to any method you find online.

Many programs will also present themselves in the market, disguising themselves as good and offering extremely high-level profit, but in essence, they are salivating for your money.

So, you may want to ask, is there the best recommendation today?

Well, let’s get to the next section…

My #1 Best Recommendation

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Suppose you’re always passionate about a certain niche topic and love to do something so perfectly. In that case, it is an opportunity for you to turn your passion into a money-making idea.

And that doesn’t mean that you invest in all your investments.

You can start making money being an affiliate marketer without paying an expensive upfront cost.

If that resonates with you, don’t hesitate; I have the link below to detail everything you need to get started.

Cowboy Wealth Review

FAQs About Cowboy Wealth

Are There Any Cowboy Wealth Complaints?

If you’re curious about complaints regarding Cowboy Wealth, online reports suggest that Melaleuca, the company associated with it, operates like a dubious multilevel marketing scheme.

Customers are allegedly pushed into making substantial monthly purchases and paying a membership fee.

Failure to meet these requirements can result in costly charges for a backup basket.

Additionally, there’s a lack of transparency regarding product sizes, and many find the prices to be significantly higher than typical market rates.

So, it appears that there are valid complaints about Cowboy Wealth.

What Does Cowboy Wealth Deals with?

Cowboy Wealth is a company that deals with health and wellness products along with financial courses, using a network marketing model.

When was Cowboy Wealth MLM established?

The MLM company was established on 1985.

What Are people saying about this program on Trustpilot?

To begin, Cowboy Wealth holds a Trustpilot rating of 3.2/5 stars, reflecting a mixed reception.

Approximately 58% of reviewers have given it a commendable 5-star rating, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, 33% have granted it a disappointing 1-star rating.

A reviewer expressed frustration over the program’s cancellation process, highlighting that it isn’t as straightforward as anticipated.

According to this reviewer, the cancellation required navigating a process involving either sending a FAX or completing and emailing a specific form.

In a separate case, another reviewer was dissatisfied with the product they received and faced the inconvenience of their credit card being charged for an unwanted product in the subsequent month, despite not placing any orders.

Even more concerning, another individual had a similar experience of being charged for a product they never ordered.

This occurred despite their prior cancellation of the products, suggesting a problem with the billing system.

Furthermore, there were recurring complaints about the quality of the customer service, indicating that there were notable issues in this aspect as well.

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