Digital MGMT Group Review – Is This A Scam? Truth Exposed!

Digital MGMT Group Review

Hello, today I’ll take you through the Digital MGMT Group Review.

Finding an opportunity that enables you to make money online can sometimes become challenging.

I say so because many options are being offered in the market today.

It is advisable to always do due diligence when deciding to opt for a certain opportunity.

While I’ll be taking you through this program, I’ll offer you honest information that will enable you to make a wise decision.

I’ll encourage you to continue reading this post until the end because, at the end of the review, I’ll give you a great opportunity to take advantage of it.

Keep in mind that before I wrap up this review, you’ll outrightly know if the program is a scam or legit.

Also, I’ll answer some commonly asked questions regarding the program.

Let’s jump to it…

Digital MGMT Group Review Summary

Name of The Product: Digital MGMT Group

Type of the Product: Digital Consultant program

Product Website:

Founder: Zach Gross and Danny Leary

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: From $3000

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

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Digital MGMT Group Review – Overview

Digital MGMT Group Review

If you want to learn how to launch an eCommerce store online, then Zach welcomes you to the Digital MGMT Group program.

The program looks for people who have behavioral or mental issues caused by drug abuse and need to recover to normal life.

The program also claims to offer its affiliates a fully built eCommerce store and other services online to help them grow their business.

However, being a full store may not be enough to judge the program.

Some eCommerce stores always mislead their affiliates after enrolling in their programs.

This involves the programs claiming to offer their members a risk-free service that may not be the case after enrolling in the program.

With the numerous risks encountered in the most automation business, there are many losses you may encounter associated with the risk.

For instance, you might spend more money on the program, which exceeds the money you get in return.

However, this does not mean there is no way out to overcome the associated risks in the business.

Most programs offering the eCommerce automation opportunity always have unique ways of dealing with the risks.

When you join the Digital MGMT Group, you’ll learn how to launch and scale your business online.

The program claims to help you manage your business effectively and earn significant income from it.

But if you are looking for a better alternative to this opportunity, check out this:

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Digital MGMT Group Review

What Is Digital MGMT Group?

Digital MGMT Group Review

Digital MGMT is a type of eCommerce store-building service that enables you to purchase your own store from a team of experts.

You will only have to pay a certain amount to allow the experts to create and manage your store online.

During the creation and store management process, you’ll have to pay the expert team a commission on the money you make from the store.

This means that when you have your Digital MGMT store, you’ll agree with your team of experts on the amount you’ll earn and their commission rate.

Digital MGMT Group claims to have transformed from a digital marketing program to a consulting program.

As a consultant program, Digital MGMT Group also claims to offer a solution to people who wants to recover from substance abuse.

Whether you’ve behavioral or mental health issues, you can solve your problems and regain your normal senses by joining the program.

In its transformation, the program promises to offer you every service you want to establish in your online store.

The Digital MGMT Group experts claim to be ready to help you grow your eCommerce store online.

For this reason, the mission of the Digital MGMT Group is to be an ethical solution for your mental and behavioral healthcare.

Digital MGMT Group Review

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Who Is The Owner Of Digital MGMT Group?

Digital MGMT Group Review

Digital MGMT Group was founded by Zach Gross and Danny Leary.

Zach and Danny first meet in Los Angels for a Community recovery event where they know each other and form friendships.

The fact that Danny and Zach were working in the same office made them easily become close friends in their fields of work.

Danny later introduced his other friend Stephanie Maitner to Zach and made them become three good friends.

Digital MGMT Group Review

Stephanie, who was initially a co-worker of Danny after joining the friendship, is now the Chief Marketing Officer of the Digital MGMT Group.

On the other hand, Zach serves as the company’s founder and chief executive officer.

He is behind all the company’s services and the main expert person in the program.

While the three continued running the company, Danny later left them after sadly losing his life to addiction in the summer of 2017.

Stephanie and Zach, however, continued to grow the company despite the pain of the demise of Danny.

They struggled to transform what was then an idea of bringing ethical marketing practice and made it an industry.

Between 2018 and 2020, the company was transformed into a big behavioral healthcare industry serving many clients online.

Digital MGMT Group Review

This paved the way for the coming of Nicole Burson in 2020, who served as the company’s Digital Marketing Manager.

In the following year, 2021, Nick Sparrow joined the company executive group.

Digital MGMT Group Review

He served as the Development and implementation manager.

Anna Hernandez later joined the company in 2022 to serve as the Social Media Manager for the Digital MGMT Group industry.

Digital MGMT Group Review

Today, the company is continuing with its positive progress aiming to expand from its additional treatment community.

What Does The Digital MGMT Group Program Offer?

Digital MGMT Group Review

THE Digital MGMT Group program transformed from Digital Marketing Agency into a consulting program.

As a consulting agency, the program offers healthcare marketing services in the areas below;

Marketing Services

Under marketing, the company offers services in Digital Marketing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and content marketing.

The company claims to have experts that can help you create a marketing strategy that can help you fit your facility’s needs.

Their strategy allows you to focus more on your core business.

Digital Design

Under digital design service, the company offers services such as Branding, Web Design, videography, and Additional marketing.

They specialize more in branding as a key used to engage more users in the business.

From designing websites and logos and offering conversion optimization and help you create a unique voice for workers.

Social Marketing

The program offers services in areas such as social media marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and reputation management.

Consulting Agency

The company offers consultation services in areas such as Legit Script Assistance, custom tracking, and reporting and consulting.

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Who Is Digital MGMT Group For?

Digital MGMT Group Review

It is ideal for clients seeking mental health treatment to help them boost the growth f their business.

Also, it suits people who want to receive a healthcare marketing service for their business.

They also target addiction treatment centers and people with eating disorder treatment

They also help clients with non-profit programs, where they revive the programs into profitable ones.

The digital MGMT Group is therefore focused on helping you improve your mental health condition.

They claim that their work offers the best solution to many Americans who are struggling to overcome substance abuse.

Also, they aim to help people struggling with issues related to mental health.

They provide them with what they need to recover from their illnesses.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Digital MGMT Group?

The price for joining Digital MGMT Group varies from $3000 to $100000.

The amount you’ll have to pay to the program depends on the service you want the team of experts to offer.

For instance, if you want to launch an eCommerce store and manage it, you’ll have to pay a much higher price.

On the other hand, if you want a logo design or web design service, you may pay a lesser price.

This means that the price tag is not the same for everyone seeking different services from the company.

Because the company’s price seems higher, they tend to focus on offering more quality services.

Zach claims that the company will help you open a successful business and give you reasons for joining it.

However, this only works for you if you can pay the asked price to the company.

If you cannot raise the required amount, you may not find the program of much help for you.

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Is Digital MGMT Group A Scam?

In my opinion, Digital MGMT Group is not a scam.

The program seems to be done for services you only pay after the service is offered.

I haven’t yet found any negative reviews or complaints from their clients about the company.

Most of their clients post positive reviews about their work online, appreciating their efforts toward transforming people’s lives.

However, joining the program may not be easy for everyone who wants to access their services.

Because their price tag is high, they will only work best for people who are already working online and can raise the required amount.

If your financial status is not good, you might not benefit from this program despite being a member.

In addition, the company has unclear money-back guarantees for their members who enroll.

This means that if you join the program and find it unsuitable for you, there is no guarantee of reclaiming your money back.

If the client fails to earn profits in the initial term, the company will offer the client a return of the full amount invested.

Because the refund is unclear, making a wise decision before joining the program is much more important to avoid losses.

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Digital MGMT Group Review

What I Like About Digital MGMT Group

  • Easy to Manage

Digital MGMT Group makes work easy for you when running your business or when you want to seek their services.

You’ll only have to pay them their commission and leave them to handle everything perfectly for you.

This makes them be easier to work with, especially for people who have mental health issues and requires intensive healthcare.

  • High Success Rate

Because the expert team of the Digital MGMT Group works on commission from your business, they will focus more on quality services.

By providing quality service to their clients to increase their commission, you will expect a higher success rate in return for your investment.

Therefore, by hiring a team of experts from the company, you will stand a chance to achieve a higher success guarantee.

  • The founders are Successful people

Zach is a professional expert in eCommerce business focused on delivering quality service to people.

With his outstanding experience, he transformed the program from Digital marketing to a consultant program.

Zach and other cofounders currently aim to expand the program into even higher business opportunities.

What I Don’t Like About Digital MGMT Group

  • Too Expensive

The price tag for the services offered in the program is too high for low-income earners.

Most of their services are priced more than $3000, which may not be affordable for everyone seeking their services.

  • Not a good option for Beginners

Because joining the program is too expensive, it may not suit newbies who want to start a business from scratch.

If you spend little in the program, you may end up earning profits that are less than the money you invest in the business.

This makes the program not a good option to start with, especially when you lack experience, finance, and time for their service.

Is There Any Alternative To Digital MGMT Group?

Of course, this program may not work for everyone, especially beginners trying to build their online presence.

Affiliate marketing is a suitable alternative because beginners can take advantage of unexploited opportunities.

With over 5 years of online business experience, I know what works and doesn’t.

As a beginner, you don’t want to risk a lot of your investment on what you aren’t sure about, and this is where affiliate marketing comes in handy.

I’ve encouraged beginners to go for affiliate marketing because of its simplicity and straightforward business mode.

Imagine a business model in that you only have to promote the products of an already established company’s products and be compensated with a commission for any successful sale.

And while it demands patience and resilience, you’ll not risk much of your investments.

Let me even make things a bit easier for you.

Here is a blueprint that you need to make your affiliate marketing dream come through.

I’ve personally laid out all steps; you can be sure to get help in the long run:

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Digital MGMT Group Review

FAQs About Digital MGMT Group?

Does Digital MGMT Group offer Refund Policy?

Yes, the company offers a money-back service to their clients who are feeling not to continue with their services after joining.

According to the company, you’ll be allowed to claim your money back if you don’t make profits in your initial term of joining the program.

However, the refund policy is NOT much clear and lacks testimonies from the previous clients and therefore does not have any guarantee.

Is the Digital MGMT Group Only for Americans?

Because the headquarters of the company is situated in the United States of America, it only serves Americans within the area.

However, Zach and other cofounders of the program plan to expand the program into a larger company.

Perhaps by expanding their services, they may consider helping other people from other parts of the world.

Does Digital MGMT Offer Bonuses?

There are no bonuses offered by the company to its affiliates.

The company only deals with clients facing various issues mentioned in the program.

If you want to join a program where you can earn bonuses online, you must look for another alternative program.

What Age Is the Best to join Digital MGMT Group?

Joining the Digital MGMT Group is best suitable for adults seeking online support for their business.

They will also be of benefit to elderly people who are struggling with drug abuse that has resulted in different mental problems.

So, this program is not for you if you are a young person with no mental health-related issues or a business you manage online.

Thank you for reading my Digital MGMT Group Review.

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