Optimyze Digital Review

Optimyze Digital Review – Is It Surely Legit? Truth Exposed!

Hello there, I’m pleased to welcome you to my Optimyze Digital Review.

Here, I’ll take you through the inside out of the program stressing the most important things you need to know about the program.

For instance, I’ll let you know if Optimyze Digital program is worth your investment and time or if it is a scam you should avoid.

Secondly, I’ll take you through the cost of joining the program.

Better yet, I’ll explain how the program works and highlight the benefits you might get from the program if there are any.

But before I start, I also want to inform you that I’m not an affiliate of the Optimyze digital program.

As such, I’ll provide unbiased information about the program to help you make a wise decision.

That said, let’s get started…

Optimyze Digital Review Summary

Name of The Product: Optimyze Digital Program

Type of the Product:  Digital Marketing Program

Product Founder: Justin Jeffers

Website’s URL: https://www.optimyzedigital.com/

Overall Rating: 2/5

Cost: Not specified

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

Optimyze Digital Review – Overview

Optimyze Digital Review

If you are new to online work, you may be interested to know how to achieve your goals as an affiliate of Optimyze Digital program.

Optimyze Digital stresses how to launch your own eCommerce site.

This also includes how to start an advertising company and market products online.

As you know from your basic knowledge, opening an online business is not always an easy task.

It has no guarantee of success, especially if you don’t take the time to learn how to effectively do it.

Optimyze digital program claims to be the best program to help you start earning online.

To justify the claims made by this program, I’ll have to break it down and go through it step by step.

However, if you want to make money online with a different online opportunity, then be at will to check out my top recommendation…

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Optimyze Digital Review

What Is Optimyze Digital?

Optimyze Digital Review

Optimize Digital is a digital marketing program that allows you to launch an eCommerce site.

The company is available for anyone who wants to create an eCommerce site for selling products and services online.

It was founded by Justin Jeffers, an American businessman.

The company has its main address found in Irvine, CA, where its main office is located.

However, the company was founded in Delaware in 2020.

The program also helps you optimize your business accounts or social media accounts online to grow your business.

In other words, this is an online marketing company with a great profession that focuses on creating successful strategies for digital marketing.

Optimyze Digital is also considered a client-based program, with its clients being real estate, eCommerce, medical and solar.

Optimyze Digital Review

The program also covers other job opportunities such as affiliate, application and website development, and appointment generation.

In addition, Optimyze Digital has tools that can help you thrive in your business.

When you grow your business and earn a significant amount of money, Optimyze Digital earns money.

According to the statistics released by the owners, the company currently manages up to seven figures as monthly profits.

This mostly comes in the advertisement sectors and targets to earn even a higher amount in the coming days.

The company’s focus is to become the catalyst for the growth of the entire community without missing anyone.

As a catalyst, the company promises to empower and lift people with a common interest to achieve their goals.

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How Does Optimyze Digital Work?

Optimyze Digital Review

Optimyze is a do-for-your-service, just like any other eCommerce platform.

It specializes in helping you make money as you get entertained and have fun.

It is designed with a tried and tested infrastructure that makes them a system that allows you to make money easily.

The platform also has tools like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and Facebook.

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Optimyze Digital Review

Optimyze Digital has an excellent site with ROI-driven software that help them improve their quality service.

According to Optimyze Digital, you only need about one year to see your return on investment.

Optimyze Digital provides no doubt that their services are of their best and top quality to attract more people.

It posts simple and easy-to-follow information on its official website that makes new owners easily learn about their business opportunities.

As a performance-based company, the program claims to provide you with a good result in time.

To keep this promise, the company ensures it doesn’t start earning before it provides you with your results.

The owner spends much of the money from the services they offer on the advertisements.

He also spends part of it on labor expenses.

This ensures they don’t make profits until their affiliates are satisfied with their products and making good money out of them.

Optimyze Digital manages more than 100 clients or partners in their eCommerce capacity today.

However, the number is growing daily, and they expect a higher number in the near future according to their targets.

With the increasing number, the company is looking forward to containing the highest number of affiliates in digital marketing.

Who Is The Owner Of Optimyze Digital?

Optimyze Digital Review

Optimyze Digital was founded by Justin Jeffers.

Justin is an experienced businessman who started a digital marketing business in 2016.

He created a series of eCommerce marketing companies which summed up to about seven, before later coming up with the Optimyze Digital program.

Out of the numerous programs he created, Optimyze Digital emerged as the most successful program, while others failed.

With his co-founder Asante Monadjemi, they launched the Optimyze Digital program in early 2020.

Justin remains the company’s owner and serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

On the Other hand, Asante serves as a co-founder and the managing director of the services offered by the company.

Asante was previously a social entrepreneur with a great passion for becoming a philanthropist.

He later decided to specialize in business scaling and operational management career.

This made him team up with Justin to form Optimyze Digital, which they run up to date.

Other members of staff in the company include;

  • Shion Galata is also a staff member and currently serves as the Director of sales for the company.
  • Nadine Hattar is currently the director of operations of the company.
  • Xavier Mee currently serves as the director of all partnerships with the company.
  • Frances Schapper, also a staff member, serves as the head of human resource management.
  • Ameera Hussein is a staff member currently serving as a Senior sales officer.
  • Roman Sterling Hicks is the senior Sales officer of the Optimyze Digital program.

In addition, the company has had successful progress and has a powerful management team of strategic partners.

It expanded its services to maximize eCommerce, web development, and digital marketing services.

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What Is The Cost Of Optimyze Digital?

Optimyze Digital has many programs and services sold at different prices.

This means that the price you’ll pay depends on your chosen service.

For instance, if you want to create an eCommerce site from the program, your price will differ from someone who wants to develop an appointment generation.

The services from the program are, however, having a higher earning opportunity that ranges between $10,000 and $100,000.

The Web design and development service may cost you about $2000.

And the price will keep on increasing depending on the design features you want the website to have in its structure.

Further, the program promises no extra fees when you purchase its services from the website.

In addition, the program promises not to make you pay for their service if you don’t make any sales within 30 days.

You’ll first have to identify your desired service to approximate your price.

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Is Optimyze Digital A Scam?

Optimyze Digital Review

Well, in my view, the Optimyze Digital program is not technically a scam.

You can successfully launch an eCommerce site from the platform.

The other services offered in the program, such as real estate, affiliate, and appointment generation, are also legit.

However, this program might not be for everyone.

I say this because you’ll need to sacrifice your time and investment to make a significant amount of money.

For instance, running traffic online may be much more difficult for some affiliates still under the beginner’s category.

To make the process successful in your case, there are many things you need to consider, including;

  • Copywriting
  • Facebook advertisements
  • Content writing
  • Google advertisements
  • Website building
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Automation
  • Click tracking
  • Email marketing
  • Backlinking
  • Retargeting
  • SEO

These and much more things are of great need to master for you to understand how to make money online through digital marketing.

When running your business online, there is no guarantee of success due to the challenges you’ll face in the business.

Your success rate will depend on your level of skills, how you manage your work and how you handle risk management.

After reading this review, you might also want to consider a different program to make money.

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Optimyze Digital Review

Do I Recommend Optimyze Digital?

In my honest opinion, the Optimyze Digital program is not a good investment choice for most beginners.

It is not worth investing for people who want to start a business from scratch or those who lack digital marketing knowledge.

It may take you much longer to learn the business and start making a reasonable amount of money from it.

On the other hand, you may also face many difficulties managing the challenges faced in the business.

This program requires expert affiliates who have already opened an online business or have great business experience.

For such people, Optimyze Digital program will help them expand their businesses and earn more income.

They will find it easy to purchase the services offered in the program and use them to grow their business online.

What I Like About Optimyze Digital

  • Offers thirty days refund policy

Optimyze Digital offers its affiliates a money-back service within the first thirty days.

If you purchase a service such as a website from the platform and fail to make money within 30 days, you’ll not have to pay for the service.

This money-back guarantee is a policy that makes the program help its affiliates manage business risks.

  • Offers Clean, easy, and effective services

The services offered by Optimyze Digital program are very clean, direct, and effective for anyone who needs them.

This enables them to offer top-quality services loved by many people who purchase them and help them maintain their affiliates.

The services also make it easy for their affiliates to succeed in their business online.

  • They are up to date with new trends Across the World

Optimyze Digital is updated with every service and product that is currently trending all over the world.

This is to help you keep track of new services that can help you boost your online business.

It also enables you to update your methods of conducting and running your business in a new and modern way.

What I Don’t Like About Optimyze Digital

  • Not A Good option for beginners

Because the program requires a significant amount of money to start, it’s not a good option for beginners.

You need background skills in the business to succeed, which is a great challenge for beginners.

In addition, newbies will have to take a longer time to start earning money due to smaller profit margins experienced on the site.

  • Does not Display its Actual price

The actual cost of joining or purchasing a product from the Optimyze Digital platform is not mentioned on its website.

You’ll have to manually search for the price by reaching out to the program owners.

This also makes it difficult to compare the prices of their services with other sites before one can purchase.

  • Lacks Testimonies

Optimyze Digital program does not show testimonies of its previous affiliates.

Instead, their customers leave negative reviews about the site, which may make it lose market in the future.

The negative reviews are especially for people who fail their businesses after joining the program.

Is There Any Alternative To Optimyze Digital?

Time and again, I have pointed to my readers, particularly beginners, the importance of starting a business from scratch.

In so doing, you’ll have a strong foundation and a good direction for which business will serve you better.

As a starting point, I have always encouraged my readers to start affiliate marketing because it is a good place to start.

If you’re looking for a place to learn while earning, then feel free to start an affiliate marketing business.

And before you can think of starting this business opportunity, it is a good idea to have a place where you can start.

And I have done the hard work for you.

Here is a blueprint that will sort you out:

Optimyze Digital Review

FAQs About Optimyze Digital

How Many years has Optimyze Digital been in business?

The Optimyze Digital program was launched in 2020 after its owners had been in the digital marketing business since 2016.

Optimyze Digital program is two years old into business, with its owner having more than six years of experience in digital marketing.

Does Optimyze Digital Offer Amazon FBA service?

No, there is nowhere on the Optimyze Digital program where Amazon FBA service is mentioned.

This means that, at the moment, the company does not offer any private label of the Amazon FBA program.

If you are looking forward to starting an Amazon FBA program, feel free to check out FBA Academy Review

How Do Optimyze Digital guarantees work?

The company offers a 100% refund policy guarantee which includes buyout options.

This means that if you are not satisfied with the service, the company will refund your money.

How Long Will It Take To start making money with Optimyze Digital?

The amount of money you invest in this program will dictate your earning potential.

So, if you spend more money on the program, you can earn more profits.

For instance, if you spend more on the program, the program will be more aggressive in scaling the traffic volume via your store channel.

Here is a Tour video of Optimyze Digital Warehouse:

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  1. Justin Jeffers was suppose to refund my 100k investment on 11/15/2022
    My lawyers have been trying to deliver demand letters but it comes back as undelivered!!!
    Now working with a group of people who have been posting reviews on bbb to bring Jeffers and Asante to federal court as there are 30 plus people in my same position.

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