DynaMaxx Review: Is This MLM Legit Or A Scam? Truth Revealed

DynaMaxx Review

Hello and welcome to my DynaMaxx Review.

DynaMaxx offers you up to four different opportunities for making money.

The first and main opportunity is making money through retail commissions.

This retail commission is paid every week and is determined by the amount of the customer.

The second option for earning money on the platform is through engaging in their enrollment pack bonuses.

In the enrollment pack, the bonus also is paid weekly.

There is also a residual hustle bonus paid weekly.

Lastly, you can also earn through the car bonus paid weekly on the platform.

All these opportunities are what make DynaMaxx claim to be ahead of others.

However, you can’t decide on the program based on these claims, you must first understand the truth behind this MLM.

In this review, I’ll take you through the inside out of this MLM that you must know before you can decide on it.

Taking that in mind, let us begin…

DynaMaxx Review Summary

Name: DynaMaxx

Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Official Website: dynamaxx.com

Founder: Not Disclosed.

Rating: 30/100

Cost: Registration fee of $99 plus a package of your choice.

Recommendation: No, kindly read and find out from my review.

DynaMaxx Review – Overview

DynaMaxx Review

DynaMaxx claims to offer the best opportunities for making money for those who are ready to hustle.

The program has diverse options for making money.

In their money-making opportunities, the program offers different products to their customers worldwide.

Their product moves around health targeting to empower their loyal customers and affiliates.

To make money in the program, you only need to join their affiliate membership program.

The program allows you to combine the many opportunities of making money online.

This increases your chances of success when aiming at building a passive income online.

On the other hand, you can purchase the diverse products offered by the program to get their discounted price as their affiliate.

The amount you can earn from the platform depends on the time you have taken.

For instance, if you take part in all four opportunities available on the platform, you’ll likely make more money.

But if you go by one or two opportunities, then it’ll take longer to meet your target.

However, if you want to make money using a different opportunity online, you may want to consider this other option:

What Is DynaMaxx?

DynaMaxx Review

DynaMaxx is an MLM offering you an opportunity to make money through sales of their products online.

The company offers diverse products online where you can invite customers.

The program claims to have been built to empower different people to make money online.

DynaMaxx claims to have all their affiliate dreams crashed to prove themselves of having life and future ahead.

According to the program, combining your past together with the present gives you a better definition of your future.

What the program does in the present claims to be what others can only dream of that makes it create more success stories in their affiliates.

The program claims to offer diverse products with real quality that their customers deserve to live a happy life.

From their multi-ingredient formulation, the company products are designed to help gain back your natural beauty and health.

According to the program, the quality of their products makes them easily sell out to let you make money from your affiliation program.

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How Does DynaMaxx Work?

The DynaMaxx works by partnering with their affiliates to sell their products and make money online.

The program sells different products online and pays you a commission when a customer buys a product directly through your invitation link.

There are up to four opportunities for making money on the DynaMaxx program as follows;

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are the main opportunity for money on the DynaMaxx paid every week.

In the retail commission, you’ll earn money when a customer purchases a product directly from your website or invitation link.

In cases where you’re dealing with a face-to-face customer, the program allows you to purchase the product at the wholesale price.

You’ll then sell the product to your customer at retail price and earn profits which will now depend on the selling price.

If you’ve many customers making purchases, then it means you will earn more commission to achieve your financial goals.

Enrollment Pack Bonuses

Enrollment pack bonus is another way of boosting your earnings in the DynaMaxx platform from your sales of products.

The enrolment pack bonuses are also paid weekly together with your retail commissions when dealing with online clients.

You can earn a maximum of $250 as your enrollment bonus depending on the number of sales you make on the platform.

Just like any other multilevel marketing platform, your enrolment commission will be determined by the number of people you recruit on the platform.

For instance, if you recruit more people who sign up and purchase a product on the platform, you will possibly earn more recruitment commission.

According to the platform, this bonus is an appreciation of your effort towards promoting the sales of their products online.

The bonuses are boosted within the first 30 days of signing up on the platform.

So, if you are making fewer sales but have many friends you can invite into the program, you can consider focusing more on the recruitment commission.

It is an easier alternative to making money on the multilevel marketing platform without having to sell their products online.

Residual Hustle Bonus

The residual hustle bonus also boots your earnings in the platform paid every week and is also known as the unique floodgate plan in the platform.

In the hustle bonus, the platform pays you for every affiliate rank you achieve in the program.

This means that if you gain more ranks on the platform, your earnings will automatically move up to start making more money on the platform.

This bonus is also more beneficial to affiliates with higher ranks in the platform and is making more sales of the products.

Car bonus

This is another type of bonus paid weekly which enables you to earn between $200 to $2500 in the platform.

However, the program does not clearly explain how the car bonus is awarded and how to increase your chances of winning it on the platform.

Note that the car bonuses are only available for affiliates in the highest rank on the platform and are not guaranteed to everyone.

For this reason, you might sometimes find yourself locked out from getting these bonuses on the platform.

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What Is Contained In DynaMaxx?

DynaMaxx Review

DynaMaxx contains many products to sell online with their main aim being to empower their customers to live a healthy life;

The company creates various products with natural ingredients that effectively promote your daily health to make you live a happy life.

The following are the top examples of the products sold on the platform.

Lights On

Lights On is a dynamic energy supplement product that comes with a potent antioxidant blend which makes it best for cellular health and recovery.

According to the DynaMaxx platform, the Lights on products are suitable for adding more energy due to their delicious and quick boost fast-acting formula.

Lights On product is made up of ingredients such as Goji Berry, Acai, green tea, vitamin C, and resveratrol which are strong oxidizing agents.

These ingredients make it a good oxidizing energy supplements that boost cellular support in addition to supporting your recovery.

According to DynaMaxx, the Lights on the product provide you with sustained energy without crashing you deserve to stay healthy life.

Lights Off

Lights Off is another product available in the DynaMaxx that comes with multiple ingredients making it good for your health.

The product is suitable for relaxing your body and mind to enable you to stay the healthy life you deserve.

The product has specific electrolytes that help in creating a better cellular balance, which is suitable for a healthier metabolism.

It also provides you with a natural and more unique vegetation with up to 70 traces of minerals which are good electrolytes effective in balancing your body fluid levels.


Basse is another multi-ingredient product sold on DynaMaxx suitable for enhancing your nails, skin, and hair appearance.

This quick-acting drink is mixed with water and other essential nutrients such as collagen, plant-based silica, and assimilable.

These ingredients make Basse a suitable drink for promoting tendons and also very effective in ligament health.


Immunozen is another comprehensive product available in the DynaMaxx suitable for boosting your immunity.

This drink is designed to help you have a healthy life for overall well-being with key ingredients including; thymus freeze, glutathione, and phytosome.

These natural ingredients help the product achieve its goal of creating efficient defense, balanced immunity, and cellular resilience.

In addition, the immunozen drink also targets allergy support which helps you forget seasonal allergy woes.

Other comprehensive also available in the platform include flex pak, detox, boost, viscetrim, and hypoclorus acid.

What Is The Cost Of Joining DynaMaxx?

DynaMaxx Review

The cost of joining the DynaMaxx is $99 for people who are new to the platform which is payable during the registration fee.

After joining the platform, there are other payments you can make which include the following;

The starter PAK package costs $250 and allows you to start accessing products in the platform and increase sales.

It is the first package for newly signed-in affiliates in the DynaMaxx platform but can upgrade to the next package.

The next package is Leadership PAK which costs you $500 and comes with more products that increase your sales rate.

The leadership PAK is very suitable for experienced affiliates who want to build a passive income from their product sales.

However, there is another option package for more diverse affiliates in marketing which is called co-founder PAK.

The Co-founder PAK costs you $1,000, a time process, and gives you access to more products that increase your sales.

If you have a larger number of customers in demand of the DynaMaxx products, the program provides you with the opportunity to purchase their super advanced package.

Founder PAK package is suitable for affiliates who want to reach their success faster as it allows you access to all the available products in the platform.

The Founder PAK package will cost you $2,500 and is the most expensive plan in the platform with diverse opportunities.

All these prices are one fee payable before being granted access to the services in the platform.

The company does not talk about the refund policy on the website which is most common in most multi-level marketing programs.

This means that you may not possibly get the opportunity to reclaim back your money after joining the platform.

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Is DynaMaxx A Scam?

In my view, DynaMaxx’s multilevel market program is not a scam.

The program offers you up to four options for making money in promoting the sales of their products online.

You only need to start advertising their products to your friends, customers, or followers and earn retail commission from your sales.

For instance, if a customer buys a product using your affiliate link, you will be awarded a retail commission for the sale.

If many customers use your link for purchase, you will likely earn more commissions and bonuses from the platform.

On the other hand, the company allows you to purchase their product at a whole price and sell them to your customers manually.

That is if you are dealing with customers face to face, you can sell the product at retail price and earn profits directly.

Following these earning opportunities, you can possibly build an income stream with the sales of the DynaMaxx company products online.

However, not everyone who joins the program will have guaranteed success, the opportunities available are suitable for those with good marketing skills.

For instance, you must have more followers online or be a skilled affiliate marketer to succeed in making more sales of the products.

If you have fewer followers or have never made any online marketing before, then you may not likely succeed in the platform.

In addition, the commission amount you will receive from your sale Is less significant especially if you are still new to the platform.

For this reason, it will take you a much longer time to start earning a significant amount of money from the platform online.

Jason Foster

What I Like About DynaMaxx

  • Offers real products to sell.

What makes DynaMaxx’s multi-level marketing program seem legit is that it offers real products to sell online.

This makes it easy to make money with the program online.

The products are also easy to sell as they move around promoting body health making them attractive to many buyers.

  • Available for everyone

The company welcomes all affiliates to its marking platform.

Provided you can make sales of their products, you’ll get the opportunity to join their affiliate team.

In addition, the program makes all their services available for all their affiliate.

  • Offers many bonuses

There are up to three bonuses you can earn in the DynaMaxx when you get started with your sales.

For instance, there is an enrolment pack, residual, and car bonus available for affiliates.

These bonuses boost the payment you get from the platform to make you earn more.

What I Don’t Like About DynaMaxx

  • Not for everyone

The program only targets affiliates who can promote their products and earn commission online to improve their sales.

If you lack marketing skills or have fewer followers online, you’ll not likely succeed in joining the platform.

In addition, the sales of the product only target targets affiliates who are within reach.

  • The commission is less significant

Just like any other MLM, the commission you’ll earn from the sales of the products is too little.

The less significant amount will make it difficult to use in building a passive income as it will not be sustainable.

For this reason, it’ll take you a much longer time to succeed in the program.

  • No refund policy

DynaMaxx doesn’t mention any refund policy on their website for their loyal affiliates.

This means that there is no guarantee that you can reclaim your money back after joining the platform, that is if you want to quit it.

Therefore, you must be able to take risks before giving the DynaMaxx program a chance of your time and investment.

  • Does not provide ownership information

DynaMaxx doesn’t provide any information about its ownership on the website.

This makes it difficult to track their location or reach out to their management team to enable you to make an inquiry or ask for support.

Lack of ownership information also makes it difficult for customers and affiliates to trust their services and offers on the platform.

Is There Any Alternative To DynaMaxx?

Finding the perfect alternative to this MLM can be quite a challenge, especially with the plethora of confusing options online.

Fortunately, I’m here to provide you with a clear path to online income, even if you’re just starting out.

Have you ever considered affiliate marketing?

It’s a fantastic opportunity I’d like to introduce you to.

Affiliate marketing involves earning commissions by successfully promoting products and services.

Given my extensive experience in this field, I’m confident you’ll benefit from this opportunity.

Drawing from over 6 years of online business experience, I’ve crafted a detailed roadmap to guide you through the process.

If you’re ready to take the first step, you can dive right in here:

FAQs About The DynaMaxx?

What Happens If I Go Inactive In The DynaMaxx?

If you have taken five weeks without any personal volume, your account will go to an inactive state limiting you from receiving any bonus.

However, you can reactivate your account again and continue with your sales in the program and earn more bonuses and commissions.

The company does not permanently suspend accounts on inactive circumstances in the platform.

After Earning A Commission, How Long Does It Take For Me To Be Paid On DynaMaxx?

Every commission week in the DynaMaxx platform ends on Sunday at 1159 hours with any pending commission being paid on the following week.

The earned commission in your account will therefore be paid on the second Friday when the commission period ends.

You will however get notified via email if your first commission is successful in the platform to enable you to get ready for withdrawal.

How Can I Easily Generate Personal Volume In The Dynamaxx?

You can easily generate your personal volume in the program by making your own purchases on the platform.

The other simple and direct way of generating personal volume is by getting more personally enrolled member purchases in the platform.

According to the program, an affiliate with many retail customer purchases can also generate more personal volumes.

What Is The Difference Between PV And QGV In The Dynamaxx?

PV also known as personal volume is the accumulated volume of all the products you purchase from the platform.

The personal volume is generated within five weeks before resale to other customers or use for personal use.

On the other hand, QGV also known as the qualifying group volume is the volume accrued in the member’s organization.

How Much Can I Earn With The Dynamaxx?

The amount you can earn with the dynamic program depends on your level of sales and affiliate ranks on the platform.

If you have more customers buying products through your affiliate link and you are in a higher rank on the platform, you will possibly make more money.

However, if you are still new to the platform, you likely earn less for a given period unless you have many customers making purchases.

Thank you for reading my DynaMaxx Review.

If you still have any additional comments about this review, feel free to leave a comment in the below section.

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