Go Levarti Review: Is This MLM Program Legit Or A Scam

Go Levarti Review

I welcome you to my Go Levarti Review.

Go Levarti program fails to provide enough information you may like to know on their website.

This makes it less informative which forces you to look for more convincing information from another resource.

One of the most important information missing on the website is the company’s ownership and how it operates.

From my research, David Barton is the only person being identified to be behind this multilevel marketing program.

However, the website does not reveal any information about Barton or any other member of its ownership team.

On the other hand, the company lacks much information to show their customers about their services and how they operate.

Does this mean that Go Levarti is a scam?

Well, that is what I’m about to take you through in this review you need to know before making your decision on the program.

So, take your time and read this review to discover everything you need to know about this multilevel marketing program.

Not that if the program fails to satisfy you, I’ve another alternative opportunity for making money online you can also look at.

For now, let us start off…

Go Levarti Review Summary

Name: Go Levarti

Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Website’s URL: golevarti.com

Founder: David Barton

Product Rating: 30/100

Product Cost: An activation fee of $50 and a recurring fee of $50 a month paid annually.

Recommendation: No, kindly read and find out from my review.

Go Levarti Review – Overview

Go Levarti Review

Go Levarti is a multi-level marketing program that requires you to promote their products and earn a commission.

As a multi-level marketing program, you can also make money by inviting your friends to their platform.

If your recruits make payment, you’ll get a commission which is also determined by your rank in the compensation plan.

For this reason, the longer time you take working with the program the more money you’ll possibly make from their offers.

But you must be able to market their products mostly dealing with tourism and hospitality to make money with the program.

For instance, if you are based within their location you will have an added advantage in marketing their hotels, and the rental cars to customers nearby.

If you can from far places, the opportunity will be almost impossible to you making the entire program not applicable to you.

However, if you’re looking for a different alternative to make money, check out this:

What Is Go Levarti?

The Go Levarti has its domain name registered privately in the year 2023 as multi-level marketing.

The site has limited information about its services, ownership, and how it operates as a multi-level marketing program.

However, going by research, David Barton seems to be the man behind the existence and ownership of this company.

The information about other members of the website ownership team or the management of the company remains unknown.

But before launching the Go Levarti website privately on July 18, 2023, Barton was known as a promoter of the My Travel Venture website.

My Travel Ventures is also a multi-level marketing program founded and managed by Global Travel Destination LLC.

The company has its offices located in Texas, United States, and has its offers featured on Barton’s YouTube channel.   

However, he has featured other multi-level marketing companies such as Youngevity 8 Minute Trader and many more.

So from this information Go Levarti platform seemingly be operated from Texas United States by David Barton the Company CEO.

How Does Go Levarti Work?

Go Levarti Review

According to the website, the Go Levarti company works by offering you the opportunity to promote the sales of their products.

From there, the company has a well-structured compensation plan they choose to pay their affiliates from the sales.

In their compensation plan, you’ll earn commissions from products you sell and also the number of people you invite into the program.

More information about their compensation plan is well explained in the lower section of this review.

Therefore, to earn money with Go Levarti, you need to join their affiliate program and start promoting their products.

If you convince a customer to purchase the products using your link, you’ll get a commission based on the sales.

The commission you’ll earn depends on the amount your customer pays for the products and the total number of sales you make.

On the other hand, if you invite a friend or a person to the platform, you’ll get a commission upon the person completing the registration process.

In this case, your commission amount will depend on the total number of recruits and your rank in the scheme.

Much more about this scheme awaits you in the lower section of this review, lets first see what products the Go Levarti program offers.

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What Is Contained In Go Levarti?

Go Levarti Review

Go Levarti’s main products are rental cars, hotels, and cruises which they market online as their main source of income.

These products are in demand in the tour and travel sector for tourists who visit different places of the world.

To make them increase their market share, the program targets to partner with affiliates to help them reach out to all their targeted customers.

As an affiliate, what is required of you is identifying the targeted customer, convincing them to hire these company products, and earning a commission.

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The Go Levarti Compensation Plan

In this plan, members are paid based on their affiliate rank.

The compensation plan ranks the affiliates in up to ten categories as shown below;

  • Rank One

This is the lowest rank you are assigned when you sign up for the Go Levarti platform with the lowest payment.

In rank 1, you will get five qualification points and 3 personally enrolled points in the platform.

  • Rank Two

You will be required to generate fifteen qualification points and six personally enrolled points.

  • Rank Three

In the third rank, you are required to get eighty qualification points and 10 personally enrolled points.

  • Rank Four

This is the forth rank that requires you to generate up to 250 qualification points, and up to fifteen personally enrolled points.

  • Rank Five

In the fifth rank, you are required to get up to five hundred companies and also produce up to twenty personally enrolled points.

  • Rank Six

In the six ranks, you need to generate up to 1,000 qualification points.

  • Rank Seven

In the seventh rank, you are required to get up to 2,500 qualification points and also get up to forty personally enrolled points.

You also need to get up to 1,200 team qualification points.

  • Rank Eight

The eighth rank requires you to get up to 5,000 qualification points and up to fifty personally enrolled points.

You also need to get up to 3,000 team qualification points.

  • Rank Nine

This is the second-highest rank in the platform that requires you to get up to 10,000 qualification points and up to sixty personally enrolled points.

You also have to get up to 8,000 team qualification points.

  • Rank Ten

This is the highest rank in the compensation plan which requires you to get up to 25,000 qualification points. 

Note that these points are generated as follows;

  • The personally enrolled points that are required for you to improve your rank are produced by your membership sales to your invited customers.
  • These points are also generated from your personally invited affiliates into the Go Levarti platform.
  • On the other hand, the qualification points which are also your company qualification points are generated if anyone purchases the membership.
  • For instance, after joining the platform, you will have to purchase the company membership program and in doing so, you will earn the qualification points.
  • In the case of the team qualification points, these points are earned by you and the other memberships sold on your downline.

The Referral Commissions

The Go Levarti program pays you a referral commission based on your recruits into their platform.

In each of your recruits, you will be awarded up to 48% of their sign-up fee into the platform.

 For instance, if the recruit pays off $100 as a sign-up fee, you will earn up to $48.

This means that if you recruit more people into the program, your referral commission will automatically increase.

On the other hand, if your affiliate rank increases, your earnings will also increase to help you earn more from your membership.  

What Is The Cost Of Joining Go Levarti?

The cost of joining the Go Levarti is set at $50 every month and paid annually with an additional annual coach.

There is also an activation fee of $100 which you need to pay to continue using this option.

If you don’t go by the annual coach option, there is a premium membership option you can choose and make your payment.

As for the coach membership option, if you pay the $50, you will be awarded one qualification point.

But if you go by the premium membership that requires you to $100 per month, you will be awarded two qualification points.

The premium option also requires you to pay an additional activation fee of $100 followed by a monthly payment of $100.

The program encourages you to pay the amount annually to help you generate more qualifications at once and improve your affiliate rank.

When you purchase the premium membership points, the company awards you up to $100 as credit every month.

This also applies to the coach membership where you are awarded up to $50 credit each month.

On the other hand, the company offers you a cashback of up to 10% when you make a booked travel.

However, this cashback is not paid in dollars instead, they pay you in advance with Levarti coins which you can use to book more travel.

However, the program does not talk about these Levarti coins being able to be cashed out in coins or even in dollars.

This means that the only valid option for spending the Levarti coins is by using them to book another travel.

Does Go Levarti Have A Refund Policy?

Go Levarti doesn’t mention any refund policy service on their website.

For this reason, there is no possibility that you can receive any money-back service from the platform.

In addition, the payment method in the platform is recurring which doesn’t provide the possibility of any refund.

For instance, you’ll need to pay a certain amount per month which depends on the membership program you choose.

So if you join this platform, you’ll not likely see any possibility of a refund policy.

Is Go Levarti A Scam?

In my view, the Go Levarti program looks suspicious and I may not recommend it to someone who is not experienced in dealing with multi-level marketing programs.

The program is best suitable for someone who has been an affiliate of a multi-level marketing program online.

Such an affiliate will be able to figure out how to make money from the company opportunities without spending much of their capital.

For instance, the Go Levarti program has a recurring fee which makes it much expensive as they require you to pay the fee annually.

In this case, you must come up with the best strategy to make money in the program.

This always seems to be an impossible task for most affiliates using MLM opportunities to make money.

Many MLMs with Go Levarti included pay small commissions.

For this reason, you’ll have to spend more time working on the program to improve your affiliate rank.

However, for the Go Levarti, this becomes more expensive due to their recurring fee making it almost impossible.

On the other hand, the recurring fee makes it not applicable to low-income earners who want to start making money.

You need to be a good risk-taker and have enough capital.

But what makes the program more suspicious is the fact that it hides the information about their ownership.

The website of Go Levarti provides limited information about its ownership and management team.

This makes it difficult to trust the program and its services when making your decision to join it and possibly invest in its services.

Therefore, The Go Levarti program is not an option for you if you want to start making money online from scratch.

Jason Foster

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What I Like About Go Levarti

  • Offers you a high referral commission

If you recruit a person into the platform, you will get up to 48% referral commission when your recruits make payment.

This referral commission increases when the number of your recruits increases in the platform making you earn more in the platform.

This makes it the best-paying multi-level marketing company in the referral commission program.

  • Offers a cash-back bonus

The program offers you a cash-back bonus if you book your travel and make your payment on the platform as expected.

You can use this bonus to book more travel in the Go Levarti program and enjoy more of their services.

This bonus is available for everyone who successfully makes a purchase of their program offers.

  • Offers promotion to their affiliates.

If you join the platform, you will be ranked in their affiliate rank based on your performance on the platform.

During your ranking process, your membership program will generate more points which will be used to lift you up to a higher rank.

As your rank increases, your earnings will also increase to make you earn more as stated in their compensation plan.

What I Don’t Like About Go Levarti

  • Has recurring fee

The program has a monthly recurring fee which they require you to pay annually for you to access their services.

The recurring fee is available for both the coach membership program and the premium membership plan.

For this reason, you cannot easily escape this recurring fee if you want to access their services.

  • Too expensive to maintain.

The program had a recurring fee which they required you to pay annually making it too expensive.

On the other hand, the recurring fee is too much expensive for a multi-level marketing program.

It will take you a much longer time to search for the fee to help you access the program services.

  • The commissions are less significant

As experienced in any multi-level marketing program, the commission you will earn from the program is too small.

For this reason, it will take you a much longer time to start earning a significant amount of money from the program.

This becomes only possible if your affiliate rank increases to the maximum rank on the platform.

  • Does not reveal the ownership information

Go Levarti program does not reveal any information about their ownership of their platform making it difficult to trace their founders.

This also makes it difficult for their affiliates to build trust in them and their services online as is the case with other programs.

For instance, most affiliates suspect programs to be scams if they cannot identify their ownership information.

  • Not for everyone

Go Levarti program is not suitable for everyone who wants to make money online easily on the platform.

It requires you to be more experienced in how to deal with a multilevel marketing program and can also take risks.

Is There Any Alternative To Go Levarti?

Are you looking for another alternative to this MLM program?

Well, I’m here to offer you just that.

I know how challenging it can be to start a business online without having any prior experience.

You might try guessing working but at the end of the day, you end up taking much time and spending a lot of resources without any success.

With over 6 years of experience doing business online, I’ve learned the tricks of succeeding in this online business.

The best business opportunity that I normally encourage beginners to start with is affiliate marketing.

This is a business opportunity that enables you to generate a passive income in the form of a commission.

But that is not all.

Before you can get started with this opportunity, you need to learn the inside out of this business.

And I took the hard work out of your hands and came up with a step-by-step guide that will help you out.

If you want to take action now, kindly go through this guide:

FAQs About The Go Levarti

How Much Can I Make With Go Levarti?

The amount you can make with the program is unpredictable.

You can earn too little to no money as you must promote their sales and recruit more people.

On the other hand, it is difficult to predict the earnings due to the limited information on how the program works on their website.

Is the Go Levarti Program US-based?

The Go Levarti is available worldwide allowing you to join their platform from everywhere.

However, from research, it seems that the program is operating in Texas, US giving their affiliates within the region more privilege.

If you come from outside the US, it’ll be difficult for you to market their products.

Is There A Minimum Recruit Threshold In The Go Levarti Program To Get Paid?

The program doesn’t talk about any minimum number of recruits.

According to the program, you’ll get a commission for every person you recruit to the platform.

However, the minimum amount you can withdraw from the program is also not mentioned.

Can I Join The Go Levarti Without Paying Their Sign-Up Fee?

From my research, it is almost impossible to join the program without paying their sign-up fee as required.

This is because the program requires you to pay a recurring fee.

Only programs with a one-time fee payment make it possible for their affiliates to try their free option.

Thank you for reading my Go Levarti Review.

If you still have any questions regarding this review, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

I’ll reply to your concerns as soon as possible.

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