Ecom Family Academy Review: Legit Or A Scam Program?

Ecom Family Academy Review

Hi friend, I’ll take you through Ecom Family Academy Review today.

Since the program is an academy, can you learn something that can change your life from it, or is it just another money-grabbing program to avoid?

Ecom Family Academy claims to help you achieve your financial freedom running your Shopify Store.

The program claims that owning a Shopify store will enable you to run your print-on-demand smoothly and achieve your business goals.

For this reason, the program claims to be the best academy where you can learn how to develop your store and start your business from scratch.

In this review, I’ll explain all these claims and let you know if you can achieve financial freedom from the business.

In addition, I’ll take you through Who Mr. and Mrs. Ecom are in the program and how they achieved their success working online as claimed.

Note that I’m not affiliated with the program and am here to help you with everything you need to know about the program.

As such, I’ll offer you unbiased information about the company.

And in the long run, you’ll stand a chance of making a profound decision.

Before I start…

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Ecom Family Academy Review Summary

Name of the Product: Ecom Family Academy

Type of the Product: e-Commerce Training

Product Website:

Founder: Mr. and Mrs. Ecom (Reginald and Tania Jennings)

Product Rating: 40/100

Product Cost: $1,495

Recommendation: Not for everyone; let’s see why

Ecom Family Academy Review – Overview

Ecom Family Academy Review

Many ways of making money online today can enable you to achieve financial freedom.

E-commerce is one of the most effective ways of making money online it carries the highest number of freelancers and investors.

However, starting an e-commerce business from scratch is more challenging than you think.

It requires you to have some skills and knowledge on how to start and run it to succeed in your business.

The world of e-commerce has existed since the Late 1990s, which has made it known to almost everyone doing business today.

This means that starting an e-commerce business is something almost every person with a passion for owning a business will want to start.

Mr. Ecom promises to make everything work perfectly for your e-commerce business.

After you join the Academy, Mr. Ecom promises to help you learn how to start your e-commerce business and achieve financial freedom online.

They also help you build your Shopify store for your business which might have cost you more than $5,000 to purchase.

Because owning a Shopify store is fundamental for your e-commerce business, Reggie focuses on ensuring you have a complete and working store.

He also helps you learn how to identify winning products and know who your competitors are online to help you find ways of growing your business.

With the winning products, the program claims to help you learn how to market your products to ensure all your customers get access to the products.

Lastly, you’ll learn how to do product sourcing, packaging, and shipping to help deliver orders made by your customers.

This strategy will help you maintain your customers improve sales, and build a positive reputation online.

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What Is Ecom Family Academy?

Ecom Family Academy Review

Ecom Family Academy is a training platform that teaches how to sell products online through print-on-demand and Shopify dropshipping.

The coaching program was launched by Tania Jennings and Reginald, who are also called Mrs. eCom and Mr. eCom.

The program focuses on helping you learn print-on-demand and Shopify drop shipping as their primary business model.

According to the Ecom Family Academy, the best way to identify the most selling products is by using data.

You also need to use data to find the biggest seller of the products you identify from the store.

Mr. and Mrs. Ecom is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom through the mentorship program.

Since the program was launched in 2021, it has recorded an excellent reputation with many positive reviews online.

How Does Ecom Family Academy Work?

Ecom Family Academy Review

The Ecom Family Academy teaches you how to start your Shopify store business online.

It aims to help you start the print-on-demand business and achieve financial freedom.

There are four basic steps you need to follow for you to start your print-on-demand business.

These steps include:

  • Identifying The Nature Of Your Competitors

Before starting your print-on-demand, you must know your competitors by discovering who they are.

You can use many online tools to discover your competitors, including Commerce Inspector and similar Web and Google trends.

A commerce inspector helps you spy on your competitors and helps you see the type of products added to the store and the time they were added.

In the case of a similar web, the program enables you to visit any e-commerce site of your choice and look at their ranking against other websites.

The program also gives information about the number of visits per month made by the competitors and much more.

  • Build Your E-Commerce Site.

Once you know who your competitors are and have identified your best-selling products, the next step is to create a website.

The Ecom Family Academy teaches you how to build your e-commerce website store using Shopify.

Your store will help you keep your best-selling products effective when marketing to your customers.

  • Product Marketing

With your online store ready, you can now start marketing your products by the use of the following technologies:

  • Search Engine Advertising and paid ads include Yahoo, Bing, and Google ads.
  • Social media advertising includes advertising your products on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.
  • SEO (Search engine Optimization) is commonly known as keyword research, internal linking, etc.
  • Sourcing, Packaging, and shipping of products.

The last step in the print-in-demand business process is the sourcing, packaging, and shipping process.

Every time a customer orders, you must know how the products will effectively be delivered to the customers.

Therefore, learning about sourcing, packaging, and shipping is essential in ensuring customers are happy about your services.

It will also help you maintain your customers and build a positive customer reputation in your entire business.

Mr. and Mrs. Ecom teach you more about sourcing products and offer a list of suppliers to help you.

AliExpress is a service created by Alibaba Group that helps individuals source products in bulk.

ShineOn is an online marketplace that helps sell personalized gifts and some innovative products like necklaces and bracelets.

ShineOn has factories in both Europe and the US.

CustomCat is an online provider that provides print-on-demand fulfillment services for products and goods.

GearBubble is another fulfillment company that offers print-on-demand fulfillment services similar to CustomCat.

Apart from providing fulfillment services, GearBubble also offers website-building functionalities.

Pillow Profits is a fulfillment service for Shopify Users as they provide print-on-demand services on homes, footwear, and clothes.

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What Services Are Offered In The Ecom Family Academy?

The Ecom Family Academy offers you mentorship and coaching on how to start your print-on-demand business.

The course is broken down into the following modules:

Module One: Introduction

In this module, you’ll learn the overview of the entire course and an introduction to what it is all about, including:

  • Welcome to the family
  • Getting started
  • Reviewing the course and support

Module Two: Mindset

In module two, you’ll learn how to set the right mindset for your e-commerce business.

The right mindset is the first thing to consider before starting your e-commerce journey.

Module Three: The Fundamentals

In this module, you’ll learn how to know your e-commerce fundamentals which are very crucial for the success of your store.

As such, you’ll learn about the overview and how to get started in the entire process.

Module Four: Product Research

In this section, you’ll learn what you need to know about searching for winning products.

There are up to four lessons in this module talking about the following topics:

  • The Bird’s Eye View
  • Product research with Etsy and Facebook
  • Product research with Pinterest and eBay

Module Five: Product Designing

In this section, you’ll learn how to design your product after identifying your products.

  • You’ll begin by designing 101 using Canva
  • Designing the perfect card and TikTok ads.

Module Five: Building Your Store

This section will teach you how to build your Shopify store online.

It is almost only possible to sell your products with a store.

For this reason, Mr. and Mrs. Ecom teach you how to start building your store from scratch in the program.

You will learn how to build your store through the following topics:

  • Setting up my Shopify Store
  • Setting up my Shopify Store Part 2
  • Building Your Store Live Part 1
  • Building Your Store Live Part 2
  • Student Shopify Store reviews

Module Six: Uploading Your Products & Creating My First Ad Creative

In this section, you’ll learn about print-on-demand services such as shineOn service.

  • For instance, you’ll learn about how to set up on ShineOn application.
  • Adding the products to your store
  • ShineOn resources and getting samples

Module Seven: CustomCat

In this section, the program takes you through CustomCat, another e-commerce platform offering some valuable tools to users.

The tools offered in the platform help accelerate the print-on-demand business.

Module Eight: TikTok ads

In this section, you’ll learn the importance of using TikTok ads, focusing on how they benefit your print-on-demand business.

The module covers the following topics:

  • Why Tik Tok
  • Setting up the TikTok Shopify app
  • Warming up my tik tok account and launching your first ad
  • Warming up your account reviewing data.
  • Launching your first ad
  • TikTok ad strategy
  • Reviewing your data
  • Scaling your ads.

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Who Is The Ecom Family Academy Owner?

Ecom Family Academy Review

The Ecom Family Academy program is owned by Mr. Ecom (Reginald Reggie) and Mrs Ecom (Jennings Tania).

Before venturing into the e-commerce business, Mr. Ecom worked as an IT professional in an IT Direct company.

They were both IT professionals looking to achieve their financial freedom online.

According to Mr. Ecom, he had a passion for programming and computer studies from childhood.

He started creating simple websites at 13, majorly for the National Guard in the USA.

Reginald is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University, where he earned a degree in Management of information systems.

On the other hand, Tania Jennings, also known as Mrs. Ecom, was a sweetheart to Reginald in high school.

She also ventured into the computer and technology industry to fulfill her father’s will, even though she first wanted to venture into culinary arts.

The two first met in early 2000 and have been in a relationship.

According to Reggie, he started dreaming of joining e-commerce in 1998 when his mum purchased a store for $5,000 from eBay.

He started his career by fixing broken computers and selling them again to Craigslist.

After graduating, Mr. Ecom started his e-commerce career, where he became the SEO marketer of a local company that struggled to succeed.

The company needed help to generate traffic and reach its target audience.

And thereafter joined another program called the Alpha e-com, an e-commerce site launched by Justin Tylor.

He was the virtual assistant of the company until the time he realized he could make more than $500,000 in sales in just two months.

He then quit his virtual assistance job and started his e-commerce store and an academy where he could teach other people how to make money online.

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What Is The Ecom Family Academy Pricing?

The pricing for studying the Ecom Family Academy course is $1,495, which caters to the entire course and is a one-time price.

This means that after paying the price, you’ll be allowed to learn the entire course with no other hidden charge.

However, the total cost that will enable you to venture into the business and own your Shopify store is relatively high.

The costs might be as high as $14,491 and include the following:

  • 2022 A-Z POD online course valued at $5000.
  • Daily Zoom Classes with a Success Mentor valued at $5000.
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom call with Mr. and MR Ecom at $1500.
  • Lifetime Access to an Exclusive Private Facebook Group at $997.
  • Access to all previous Live Q&A recordings at $997.
  • 2022 Ad strategies to keep you winning at $997.

Is Ecom Family Academy Legit?

Ecom Family Academy is not a Scam; Mr. and Mrs. Ecom are successful people passionate about helping people start an e-commerce business.

For their educational background and career, they’re both professional IT experts who have experience in running IT businesses.

For this reason, joining Ecom Family Academy will help you digitalize your e-commerce business and achieve your business goals as claimed.

In addition, Tania Jennings and Reggie work as e-commerce business owners and are therefore involved.

They claim to be making more than six figures working as print-in-demand business owners, making it more promising to people.

They can easily help you out with their skills and experience in the business with skills based on their business online.

With their outstanding experience in the Shopify store business, they’ll offer quality teaching on the business model to help you own yours.

However, owning your e-commerce business requires a passion for starting your business.

For instance, Mr. Ecom said he started launching an e-commerce business early.

This motivated him to start the business and achieve his success online.

You need to be passionate about becoming an e-commerce business owner to run your business effectively with motivation.

For this reason, it’ll be difficult for you to grow your business and get success out of it.

In addition, you must also be able to pay the price for the course and the other costs of starting the e-commerce business.

If you fail to raise the price for starting the print-on-demand business, then learning the course will not benefit you.

The print-on-demand Shopify business also requires time to grow to start earning significant profits from your business.

This means that you must put more effort and time into getting your expectations from the business.

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What I Like About Ecom Family Academy

  • Offers Detailed Teaching On E-Commerce Business.

The course offers a detailed outline of everything you need to know about e-commerce business online.

In addition, the program provides you with all the necessary tools to run your business online.

You’ll also get marketing strategies and software to help you run your business effectively online.

  • Jennings And Reggie Are Good Teachers.

Reggie and Jennings have great experience in teaching e-commerce businesses online.

The two have spent many years in the e-commerce industry and have significant skills in how to run the business.

In addition, they own an e-commerce business and teach people how to run their business based on their experience.

  • Positive Reputation

Ecom business has a positive reputation online from their students who claim to have learned e-commerce from the academy.

Most of their positive reviews come from their customers and students online, indicating their outstanding performance.

The program also has a higher rating online from the reviews of its loyal customers.

What I Don’t Like About Ecom Family Academy

  • High Startup Cost

Starting an e-commerce business requires a higher capital which may only be affordable for some low-income earners.

In addition, the program requires you to put in more effort and time before you can start earning money from the business.

For this reason, you might not take it as a get-rich business model despite being expensive to start.

  • You Must Spend At Least $1000 To Get A Refund Policy

The program requires you to spend at least 1000 in the program for you to claim your money back.

This is despite the program being successful for you or when it fails to work for you.

You must spend the required amount to ensure the refund policy is guaranteed to you.

  • Not The Best Option For a Beginner

Starting an e-commerce business requires people with enough capital to run the business effectively and pay for the course.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll encounter problems starting the business from scratch and may lose hope if you cannot pay the required amounts.

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Is There Any Alternative To Ecom Family Academy?

Are you planning to start an online business outside of setting up a Shopify store?

If yes, you can try out affiliate marketing.

This business model has not yet been fully exploited for a while.

Let me make this opportunity even easier if you’re wondering what it is.

This business model involves advertising other people’s products and services and then getting compensation through a commission once you make a successful sale.

That is easy, right?

If you can follow all the required steps to get started, you’ll be dining with kings in no time.

Before you can step into starting this business model, it is paramount to acquaint yourself with the basics.

And it is for that reason that I opted to offer you a step-by-step guide informed by my long-time experience with this business model.

Feel free to check out:

Ecom Family Academy Review

FAQs About the Ecom Family Academy

Does Ecom Family Academy Offer A Refund Policy?

Ecom Family Academy promises its students a thirty-day money-back guarantee for their payments.

And in the policy, you’ll have to go through the entire course that you’ve taken actionable steps.

You must spend at least $1,000 on ad spend in the program to claim your money.

Who Is Ecom Family Academy For?

Ecom Family Academy targets working with people passionate about starting a Shopify print-on-demand business.

The program will provide you with the knowledge on how to start the business and help you run it to achieve your business goals.

In addition, the program will help you learn how to build your Shopify Store from scratch and manage your products.

What Do I Need To Get Started With The Ecom Family Academy?

You need to have a laptop or a desktop computer.

You must also dedicate your time and have a working and reliable internet connection.

In addition, you need to have a working cellphone with a good camera.

Why Is It Better To Work With Ecom Family Academy In Running Your Print-On-Demand Business?

The program offers you community support for your business via their FB group.

You will also get 3+ live and self-paced courses via Zoom on their platform.

What’s more, You’ll learn how to run your ads and how you can be under control.

Thank you for reading my Ecom Family Academy Review.

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