The Leading Group Review

The Leading Group Review – Is The Program Legit Or A Scam?

Hi friend, today I’ll take you through The Leading Group Review.

Is the program legit or a scam?

That’s my main focus in this review which will help you learn more about the Leading Group.

When you dream of joining the program, reading this review will significantly help you.

Based on facts, starting a Shopify business is always known to be very easy and manageable by many investors.

However, running your Shopify store to achieve your business goals is a great challenge that makes many people lose hope in the long run.

The Leading Group claims to be the best solution to let your Shopify business grow no matter who you are.

However, you may not justify the claims made by the program to let you join it before learning more about it.

I’m here to paint the picture of this entire program.

I’ll focus more on topics of significant priority in your research, including; the cost of joining, the meaning, and how it works.

In addition, I’ll take you through who Jalil Uloomi is in the program.

Before I start…

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The Leading Group Review Summary

Name of the Product: The Leading Group

Type of the Product: Done for your Shopify Based Service program

Product Website:

Founder: Jalil Uloomi

Product Cost: $6000 or $8997, depending on your chosen pricing plan.

Recommendation: No, kindly read from my review to find out why.

The Leading Group Review – Overview

The Leading Group Review

Running a Shopify store may be tricky, especially if you’re a beginner.

You might end up spending more on the Shopify-based services necessary for you to run your business.

When hiring a professional website designer online, designing a Shopify store may cost you thousands of dollars.

Also, conducting product research that effectively meets the expectations of your targeted audience is a challenge.

If your audience doesn’t get the type of products they expect from you, they may abandon your store and choose that of your competitors.

This may make you run losses and risk collapsing your business online.

In addition, your audience needs to know your products to buy them and increase your sales.

You can only manage this by making advertisements for your products online through ad management.

However, The Leading Group makes everything easy to run your Shopify business.

When you join the program, you’ll have all the Shopify-based services done for you in the most effective way to help you get explosive results.

You’ll no longer worry about running your business and earning more, even if you are a beginner or a professional investor.

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The Leading Group Review

What Is The Leading Group?

The Leading Group Review

The Leading Group is an E-commerce do-for-you service program launched in 2018, as per information provided on its official website.

Jalil Uloomi created the program with other successful e-commerce experts.

The Leading Group program claims that its team of professionals has made a lot of sales, generating millions of dollars online.

The experts are there to assist you in doing the hard work to offer you a reliable service on Shopify.

The program’s main purpose is to provide a done-for-you service that enables you to run your Shopify business smoothly.

You’ll no longer worry about creating or designing your website store for your business.

The Leading Group effectively manages your store on Shopify to make your business succeed and meet your expectations.

The program also claims to be the best social media marketing platform, with more than 30 million dollars generated in client revenue.

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How Does The Leading Group Work?

The Leading Group focuses on helping you succeed in your Shopify business.

Setting up a profile on Shopify is easy but much more challenging to run.

For this reason, the Leading Group comes in to help you make your Shopify business manageable.

The program claims to have the tools you require to grow your Shopify store and earn more.

According to the program, there are enough tools and expertise in the program that your Shopify store requires to grow.

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What Services Are Offered In The Leading Group?

When you join the Leading Group, you’ll get three major services:

  • Professional Web Design Store

The Leading Group Review

The Leading Group equips you with a professionally designed store that might cost you thousands of dollars.

Their designed store has a high-level copy with product photos, clean color palettes, unique order of pages, and much more.

  • Product Research & Marketing

The Leading Group Review

Product research and marketing is another service the program offers its trusted traders.

The program claims to be more concerned with the pride of its team, which is professional in the research of products.

Their team has a remarkable ability to research and identify the best products from the market that suit your targeted audience.

  • Explosive Results

The Leading Group Review

The program is more interested in ensuring you get explosive results from their services.

They enable you to engage in increased conversions to ensure you get explosive results from your business.

As their main priority, the program claims to do everything possible to ensure you get the best of your trade which can help you achieve your business goals.

Here are other services you will also enjoy from the program:

  • Full Expert Ad management
  • Your Ad account manager
  • Private Access To our ads team
  • Access to Media Buying Team
  • Order Fulfilment is done automatically
  • Customer Service Management
  • Access To our supplier’s list
  • Tested products chosen for you
  • Your website is managed and updated
  • Solution for a disabled ad account
  • Access to our insider growth strategies

Who Is The Leading Group Owner?

The Leading Group program is owned by Jalil Uloomi, who launched the program in December 2018.

However, Jalil doesn’t reveal his clear identity on the company’s website, making it difficult to learn more about him.

As an investor, learning more about the site owner is essential before building trust with the program.

For this reason, giving The Leading Group an investment chance may be much trickier due to the need for more information about the owner.

In addition, The Leading Group also lacks more information you may look for online to learn more about it.

Despite the program claiming to have been made by many professional experts in the e-commerce business.

Only the name Jalil Uloomi came out, and he is the only one mentioned in the entire website and company.

It isn’t easy to believe the existence of professionals on the website until the program reveals who they are, including their names.

You might only learn something about Jalil Uloomi when you open his Instagram page.

What Is The Leading Group Pricing?

The leading Group program has two pricing plan options for traders.

These pricing plans include the following:

  • The $6,000 Core Packaging Plan

The Leading Group Review

This is the cheapest pricing plan in the program which costs $6,000.

In the core package, you’ll enjoy the following services:

  • Full expert Ad management
  • Entire professionally designed store.
  • The tested program is chosen for you.
  • Order fulfillment
  • Your own add account manager
  • Professional Ad Development
  • Access to Slack Channel.

However, in the core package, you will be denied the following services:

  • Access to the program suppliers list
  • Explosive Growth TikTok Ads
  • Access to the program’s insider growth strategies
  • The $8,997 Gold Package

The Leading Group Review

If you choose the gold package pricing plan, you’ll enjoy the following services:

  • Full Expert Ad management
  • Your Ad account manager
  • Private Access To our ads team
  • Full professionally designed store
  • Access to Media Buying Team
  • Order Fulfilment is done automatically
  • Customer Service Management
  • Access To our supplier’s list
  • Tested products chosen for you
  • Your website is managed and updated
  • Solution for a disabled ad account
  • Access to our insider growth strategies

What Is The Leading Group Trustpilot Ratings?

The Leading Group Review

In the trust pilot platform, the Leading Group marketing agency has an overall rating of 3.9/5

The rating is a sample made from 17 reviews, with most of the reviewers giving the program a four-star rating, as shown below.

The Leading Group Reddit

The Leading Group Review

On the Reddit platform, the Leading Group company has its post deleted by the person who originally posted.

This is due to the many negative reviews about the post, with most reviewers seeing the program as a scam.

For instance, some viewers claimed the testimonials posted in the program were stolen from other websites online.

In addition, some viewers claim the program needs contact information on its website despite claiming to be in business for four years.

Here is how everything looks like.

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Is The Leading Group Legit?

In my opinion, The Leading Group program is not a scam.

However, the program’s cost for its services may not be affordable for many Shopify store owners.

For instance, paying the thousands of dollars set in their two pricing plans will take you more time to recover and start making profits.

In addition, there is no guarantee that the money you will make from your store business will be enough to help you balance the cost.

And even if you can, you may earn a different amount consistently in the business to ensure you recoup the paid cost.

You may end up paying more in the pricing plan and earn less potential income in the program limiting your business growth.

On the other hand, the program team needs to show the kind of the Shopify team, making it difficult to see how the store makes them look alike.

Following all these reasons, Leading Group does not offer the best way to start your e-commerce business despite sounding good.

For instance, the program runs multiple stores, which may lead you to compete with some stores in the platform.

During the competition, your targeted audience may overlap with the other store owner’s audience.

This results in much confusion in the program, which may end up limiting the growth of your Shopify business.

In addition, when you are running your Shopify business, there is no guarantee that you will get your payment consistently.

Due to competition, your targeted audience could end up using another store online, abandoning yours for some reason.

I don’t entirely recommend the Leading Group for people who want to start a Shopify business.

You can join many other cost-effective programs to venture into your freelancing career online.

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The Leading Group Review

What I Like About The Leading Group

  • Offers you a professional store design

When hiring a professional website developer, designing your Shopify store may take thousands of dollars.

However, when you join the Leading Group, you’ll be equipped with a professionally designed store to help you run your business smoothly.

In addition, their design store comes with clean color palettes, high-level copy, product photos, order pages, and much more.

  • The program offers Product research and marketing.

Conducting program research that effectively targets your audience might be challenging, especially for beginners.

However, when you join the Leading Group program, all these will be handled to ensure your products meet your targeted audience’s expectations.

You can maintain your audience and grow your store business effectively.

  • Explosive results

Another good reason I like the leading Group program is the promise of explosive results, which may speed up the growth of your store business.

Business owners would always want to get good results from their investments as their main strategy.

By promising you an explosive result, the program targets all its clients to achieve financial freedom and build their dream lifestyle from their businesses.

What I Don’t Like About The Leading Group

  • Too much expensive

The Leading Group program pricing plans are too expensive, especially for low-income earners.

Their higher upfront cost makes it not an option, as you may spend more time running your business to pay for their pricing plan.

In addition, you may not consistently earn more from your business which may be enough to pay the upfront cost yearly.

  • Not an option for beginners

When you are a beginner starting the Shopify store business from scratch, there are better options than the Leading Group program.

You will end up paying more for the upfront cost of the program and earning less in your business, limiting the growth of your investment.

In addition, you may fail to raise the upfront price due to inconsistent earnings from your business, which may result from the competition in the market.

  • The program lacks transparency.

The Leading Group program needs to provide a detailed identity and background of its professional teams and owners.

This makes it difficult for their clients to build trust in the offers and services available on their platform.

Most programs that don’t reveal the details of their owners end up misleading their clients, making them difficult to rely on.

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Is There Any Alternative To The Leading Group?

You can still venture into online business without setting up a Shopify store.

But that doesn’t mean that Shopify store doesn’t offer you a good way of earning money.

The program above tends to be pricier, so I’ve offered another business idea.

You can opt for affiliate marketing if you’re starting out and want a good place to do business online.

With this business alternative, you can start earning while learning how best you can improve the business.

Plus, it offers you a great way to earn passive income.

Additionally, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have the business running.

Keep in mind that affiliate marketing doesn’t demand you to buy any product or service.

In other words, your work is marketing products and services for other reputable companies.

And in the long run, when you make a successful sale, you get paid in the form of a commission.

But before you can get there, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the basic terminologies of this business model.

To cut your work by half, I opted to offer you a step-by-step guide to sharpen your skills even faster.

Check it out:

The Leading Group Review

FAQs About The Leading Group

How Long Does It Take To See The Result?

The Leading Group claims clients make thousands of dollars less than sixty days after joining the program.

The time it takes you to see results also depends on how you manage your Shopify store with the help of the expert team from the program.

If you are well-cooperative and adhere to the terms and conditions set by the program, you will stand a chance to see explosive results much early.

How Can I Prove The Program Strategies Will Work?

According to the Leading Group program, the key for it to work for you will depend on how you are willing to let the program work for you.

The program claims to have been proven and confirmed by hundreds of online clients who have succeeded in their businesses.

You must trust the process and let it happen for your business to grow effectively.

How Much Time Do I Need To Commit To The Program Per Week?

When you join the Leading Group program, you will not have to spend all the time in your business.

Consider committing to a few hours weekly and letting your Shopify store business grow.

The program does everything to ensure you achieve your financial program and build your dream lifestyle.

Does The Leading Group Offer A Refund Policy?

Based on my research, there is no place where the company talks about the refund policy on its official website.

Therefore, when you join the platform, there is no guarantee that you will likely reclaim your money despite paying a higher cost for their services.

Who Is The Leading Group For?

Leading group service targets people who own a Shopify store business and want less time and energy running their business.

The program will offer a do-for-you service in your Shopify store business to ensure you smoothly run your business.

When you join the Leading Group program, you will no longer have to spend on the services available; search as store design which may take much of your money.

Thank you for reading The Leading Group Review.

8 thoughts on “The Leading Group Review – Is The Program Legit Or A Scam?

  1. I’ve signed up with them back in January the sales were very low barely broke even. A month went by we finally switched to a different product and somehow sparked the ad account started to do very well. We sold about 100 units very quickly but then we got hit with slow shipping time. So we had to turn ads off and we were at 0 for a weeK. Good thing was they found a different supplier very fast, we got back to work the ads were fired up and we brought in more revenue. The business model works and is sustainable I do see why people could call this a scam. That was me in the beginning when I was being ran around. I like these folks they care about solving client concerns. Good luck everyone!

    – Jacob

  2. My experience has been really bad, too. I signed up with them back in February and have only sold 3 products in total. My net income from sales on my site has been less than $100. I was promised that I would recoup my investment within 90 days.

    $6000 down the drain at this point. This is on top of seven months of Shopify fees.

    The response from the managers is terrible. Today, they promised to move me to a higher package with a better manager. We’ll see if things turn around, but at this point, after reaching out several times and leaving a review on TrustPilot, all hope may be gone.

  3. I got lousy service, too. I posted a review on and verified it. If you can, please leave a review about your experience so TrustPilot can accurately reflect their service.

  4. Worked with them for two years. What can I say, I am an unsatisfied customer. They did create the online shopify store but did not manage it. The store was down 95 percent of the 2 years. After back and forth they wanted to charge me more. They tried several products, which were already heavily sold. We ran into infringement issues since there ads were used by other businesses. They only use tiktok ads and will not diversify.

    1. Same for me. I posted a review on Trust Pilot and verified it. They didn’t like that. Hopefully, something gets done.

  5. Horrible experience, beware!

    I had a very unpleasant and infuriating experience with the leading group which pretty much relates to the previous review.

    I was a client with them for 4 months. I was advised ROI within the first 90 days by the sales person and my account manager. I was excited to start with them ASAP which I did at the end of March.

    In the beginning they acted and behaved like a real and Legit business. Prompt and quick responses and actions.

    The store was up and running after 2-3 weeks. The first product did well in the beginning and after a week or so, the sales started to go down, so when I questioned my account manager, he asked me to join him in call on slack the application they’re using to communicate with their customers( when I joined, they insisted that I use this application only on my laptop.

    My account manager was never able to give me a specific time to chat with me on the application. He always requested we keep in touch until he becomes available to speak to me which was always late.

    Around 10 or 11 pm EST( which makes me think they’re located outside of the U.S)I have to be at his mercy the entire day until he finds time to talk to me????). Anyway, He explained to me that they had to switch to a different product because the first product didn’t do well. He advised me that they would test the second product and launch the product.

    The process took about 2 weeks and they launched the second product. The product didn’t last for a week. I was surprised, but then again I had to be patient. I sent messages but no answer from my account manager. And if he responded, it would be after a week of me sending like 10 massages. I even sent messages to his boss, no responses too.

    The 3rd product testing took about 3 weeks or more, and I finally got a very short message from my account manager telling me about launching the product after ignoring me for for 10 days, but they didn’t launch the product like he stated and the store was still inactive for another week.

    I sent messages, but no response. Finally, they launched the product which lasted for less than a week. They spent all this time testing the product and when they actually launched the product, it was a big failure after couple of days?????? The last product testing period was a month and half.

    I actually cancelled with them while they were still testing???? I told them that I was cancelling with them, and again I got no response what so ever.I cannot believe that this kind of service exists.

    The end result of this miserable investment, not only I lost the upfront fee $6000, I also lost much more money for ads and fees that I had to cover.

    In Conclusion
    1- they’re unable to deliver any of their promises.
    2- infuriating customer service( they underestimate their clients and make them feel as if they are working for them and at their mercy)
    3- webpages are poorly designed with fake reviews.
    4- no trust, credibility or transparency( no headquarter address, no phone numbers and no company info on their website).

    Do yourself a favor, save your money and the aggravation and stay away.

    1. I got lousy service, too. I posted a review on and verified it. If you can, please leave a review about your experience so TrustPilot can accurately reflect their service.

  6. Thank you for sharing your perspective regarding your experience with TLG.

    While I am not directly affiliated with TLG, I understand the frustration you’ve expressed.

    Communication, timely fulfillment, and delivering the expected service are crucial aspects of any customer-provider relationship.

    It is unfortunate that your experience with TLG fell short of your expectations in these areas.

    I really hope that your concerns will be addressed by the customer support or management team.

    I appreciate your willingness to share your views and hope that your concerns will be resolved satisfactorily.


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