Elite Downline Builder Review

Elite Downline Builder Review – Is It A REALISTIC Program?

Hi, welcome to my Elite Downline Builder Review.

Can the online industry give you the financial freedom you desire?

Are these people claiming to have made money online telling the truth or lying?

Well, making money online is neither easy nor hard.

The online industry is a mixture of legit and scam platforms, making it difficult to know which one to go for.

If you want to venture into a digital business, do thorough research to understand where you are heading.

I’ve committed myself to offer you a deep insight into what most of these online platforms claim to be.

All information you get is worth considering because I’m not affiliated with these programs.

Today, I’m taking you through Elite Downline Builder.

It claims to give you access to make money from five streams doing affiliate marketing.

You’ll make money through it by building your downline team.

You get commissions from your downline members when they upgrade their membership or purchase ads from the platform.

When your downline members join one of the platform’s recommended programs, you earn a commission.

I have highlighted several factors to consider before considering this program in this review.

Toward the end of this review, I’ll offer you a Legitimate Way of Making Money Online.

I will help you solve whether Elite Downline Builder is legit or another coated form of a scam.

Let’s get into it.

Summary Of Elite Downline Builder Review

Name of the Product: Elite Downline Builder

Website’s URL: elitedownlinebuilder.com

Type of the Product: Affiliate Marketing

Founder: David Hurley

Product Rating: 5/10

Subscription Fee: $7 – $75.

Recommendation: NO

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Overview of Elite Downline Builder

Elite Downline Builder Review

Elite Downline Builder is a platform by David Hurley.

The platform’s main goal is to give its prospective clients an avenue for promoting their products.

It mainly focuses on the recruitment of members into the company’s platform.

In the EDB platform, you can buy ads, promote your offers or promote the five credible and quality programs recommended by David Hurley.

Elite Downline Builder is structured to facilitate the growth of your downline and promote quality products and services to your target audience.

You will access various traffic sources (web users) on the platform.

These web users will help you if you don’t have social media followers, an online audience, or an e-mail list.

Remember you’ll be the one to cover all expenses, especially when you don’t have prior experience.

Additionally, making a profit from this platform isn’t guaranteed.

Elite Downline Builder gives you a viable opportunity to make good money if you can invest and run paid ads.

Having said so, I’ll also remind you that opportunities for starting affordable online businesses are unlimited.

They’re cost-effective because you won’t be running adverts to generate leads.

However, if you need a genuine way of making an income, you can check it out below:

Elite Downline Builder Review

Who is the founder of Elite Downline Builder?

Elite Downline Builder Review

Elite Downline Builder was started in 2017 by David Hurley.

He has been in the digital marketing industry for over two decades.

He currently resides in Japan.

While in Japan, he is busy doing cryptocurrency trading, and affiliate marketing.

He started using his blog to run adverts about Japanese games.

This allowed him to begin shipping various products to different clients worldwide.

From this opportunity, he began enjoying more profits from his side hustle.

In 2007, he decided to explore the affiliate marketing industry.

Before this, he had experienced the power and unlimited opportunities available in the online industry.

His desire to explore affiliate marketing gave birth to Elite Downline Builder.

This website offers you an opportunity to promote various products using a single affiliate link.

You also get access to the ads platform for generating leads.

What is Elite Downline Builder?

EDB is an online platform designed with various tools and training you can leverage by using a single link.

They become your downline members whenever you recruit new members to the platform.

Every time they purchase a product from the EDB platform, you earn a commission from that sale.

One way of maximizing commission is to develop a large team of downline members.

Additionally, you will get commissions when your downline member upgrades their membership.

After signing up to EDB, you’ll set up your account’s affiliate link.

You will get a unique affiliate link tied to your account. You can use this link to build more streams of income.

After that, you will insert them into the fields of the programs recommended by David Hurley.

These programs are categorized into five with different prices and benefits.

Here is an Introductory Video of Elite Downline Builder:


Features of Elite Downline Builder

Elite Downline Builder features a six-step guide to help you when optimizing your account.

Account optimization is the first task to do immediately after joining EDB to avoid the risk of losing your commission.

These steps are;

Adding Relevant Details & Affiliate Links

This involves customizing your account by adding relevant information about yourself.

Among these details could be your photo.

This step could increase your conversion rate and credibility.

The final thing to do under this step is to insert your affiliate links to earn commissions.

Setting Up Your Downline Builder

Once you are in your dashboard, you need to sign up with the “Top Five” programs recommended by David.

After signing up, you’ll get an affiliate link from each program.

Add these links to your EDB System.

Affiliate Tools

This EDB platform gives you access to several affiliate tools that could help you send traffic to various landing pages.

All these are designed to promote David’s program.

You will also leverage banners, e-mail templates, and promotion texts.

Earn Ads Credits

When you click on various ads, overrides, and referral bonuses, and surf through the “traffic exchange network,” you’ll earn free credits.

Free Ads

You’ll receive free ads credit that you will use for promoting your affiliate links free of charge.


EDB platform is very concerned about its clients.

It has designed an entire section to help you seek answers to your questions.

You can also use this section to reach out to the support team if you encounter a challenge navigating the platform.

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Packaging and Pricing

Joining Elite Downline Builder is free even though it offers five packages to its clients.

The platform doesn’t restrict you from becoming a paying member.

The online disadvantage of being a free member is that your transaction will be limited to 10% per every referral transaction.

These five membership levels include;

Silver Package

This package will cost you $7.

You’ll enjoy a commission of 20% and 2,000 credits for ads.

Reader Bonus Package

The cost of this package is$14.95.

You’ll enjoy a commission of 35% and 3,500 credits for ads.

Gold Package

The cost of this package is $27.

You’ll enjoy a commission of 40% and 5,000 credits for ads.

Platinum Package

The cost of this package is $37.

You’ll enjoy a commission of 50% and 7,500 credits for ads.

JV Diamond Package

The cost of this package is$75.

You’ll enjoy a commission of 50% and 10,000 credits for ads.

When you subscribe to any of these packages, you are entitled to a refund policy if you change your mind.

The refund policy is valid for a period is three days.

Elite Downline Builder Review

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Elite Downline Builder Compensation Plan

Elite Downline Builder System offers you different compensation plans depending on your subscribed package.

EDB compensation structure

Silver Package: You’ll get 20% off your downline members.

Reader Bonus Package: You’ll get 35% off your downline members.

Gold Package: You’ll get 40% off your downline members.

Platinum Package: You’ll get 50% off your downline members.

JV Diamond Package: You’ll get 75% from your downline members.

Is Elite Downline Builder a scam?

EDB is not a scam.

It is a legitimate digital platform that claims to allow you to earn online without prior experience in owning a business.

Note that this program has affordable membership fees.

This opportunity is ideal if you want to join the affiliate marketing industry.

However, you might get limited information about affiliate marketing because it does not offer training of any kind.

You can use various resources, traffics, and tools to generate more leads and downline members joining the EDB System.

Leadsleap, which is a high-quality program, will also be available.

You’ll use it to help develop your downline.

Both EDB and Leadsleap have one thing in common; they involve creating an online income stream.

You’ll get linked to the most ranked affiliate marketing programs inside the platform.

I won’t recommend EDB to a beginner without any experience.

It would have been good if the platform was offering training resources.

If you want to start an affiliate marketing business, then you can check out how I’ve been doing this for a while now;

Jason Foster

What I Like About Elite Downline Builder

  • Built by an experienced Owner

Elite Downline Builder was built by David Hurley, an experienced affiliate marketer.

He has been doing online business for a while.

Based on his experience, he offers the best solutions for online enterprises.

  • Features quality programs for promotion

The top five programs offered by EDB are of high quality.

The probability of earning commissions by promoting these five programs is very high.

  • Easy-to-exchange Traffic

This platform offers you an excellent opportunity to leverage online paid ads.

What I Don’t Like About Elite Downline Builder

  • You Must Promote EDB

Promoting Elite Downline Builder is mandatory in one way or another.

Any visitor you invite to EDB’s landing page will come across a section prompting them to create an account for free.

This program won’t be best for you if that’s not what you expected.

  • Additional Cost on Ads.

Although the platform offer ads, the options come with limitations.

You’ll still need to meet the extra cost of ads.

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Is There Any Alternative To Elite Downline Builder?

There are several online business model alternatives to venture into.

Among these alternatives is affiliate marketing.

It is the most profitable digital business to go for that you can do without having to pay for ads.

If you are comfortable meeting the extra cost of advertising and promoting EDB, this platform can work for you.

But remember, it will come with its limitations.

Don’t limit yourself.

Here is an excellent opportunity for you to explore your limits and understand how it feels to be financially secure.

I liberated myself from being broke to making a steady online income through affiliate marketing.

The best part of affiliate marketing is keeping earning commissions without getting actively involved once you establish it.

You need to partner with companies offering high commissions on affiliate programs when starting.

Here is all you need to know to get started…

Elite Downline Builder Review

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