Matrix Pro Leads Review – Is It Legit? Here Are the Facts!

Matrix Pro Leads Review

I’m so excited to have you in my Matrix Pro Leads Review.

In this review, I am going to walk you through another pyramid scheme that comes in disguise but in the real sense, they are all one and the same.

The secret behind making huge sales in business is lead generation.

It doesn’t matter what size is your business, leads play a vital role in ensuring that your business makes profits.

I’m always committed to providing you with useful and deep insight into various programs related to this in order to help you come up with the right decision and prevent you from losing your money.

Additionally, I’ll not be very mean to you but I’m going to show you an alternative way of Making Genuine Money Online. 

First of all, congratulations on taking a step ahead and doing thorough research before investing your money.

I am going to share with you every bit of information about this program by revealing everything about it.

As I take you through this review, please remember that I’ll state all the facts clearly as they are based on my thorough research and fact-finding task.

I am going to dive deeper into Matrix Pro Leads and give you everything you should know about this program.

I am sure you must be asking yourself whether this Matrix Pro lead is legit or just another big version of a scam in disguise. 

Let’s find out if this platform is truly what it claims to be.

Summary Information On Matrix Pro Leads Review

Name OF  The Product: Matrix Pro Leads

Type Of the Product: Lead generation and Multi-Level Marketing program

Founder: Billy Hayes

Products It Offers: 

  • Text/Live Call marketing
  • E-mail marketing 
  • Direct Mail Marketing

Website’s URL:

Ratings: 5/10

Recommended: No

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Overview Of Matrix Pro Leads Review

Matrix Pro Leads Review

Matrix Pro Leads is a platform that allows businesses to increase their sales through lead generations.

This is an ideal platform for individuals working from home or companies involved in network marketing.

This platform helps online business and network marketers to seek more leads for their businesses.

Matrix Pro Leads lets you get access to emails, names, addresses, and phone numbers among others.

Matrix Pro Limited claims that the lead they generate for you will be mainly from the US.

They have categorized their prices depending on the number of leads you would wish to add to your business.

However, you should understand that the quality of these leads is not guaranteed. 

This is because the company may decide to give you the same leads which might have been sold to one or more businesses.

However, you can earn from matrix pro leads by promoting the company and earning from it as an affiliate.

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Matrix Pro Leads Review

Origin Of Matrix Pro Leads

Matrix Pro Limited was established in 2019 by Billy Hayes. He is also the founder of Print Buyers Club Company which he started back in the year 2002.

Initially, the company was known as Peer Print but in 2014, it was changed to Print Founders.

Both Print Founders and Matrix Pro Leads were established by Print Buyers Club.

In 2019, when Print Founders began selling leads to online marketers, Billy Hayes made a decision to create Matrix Pro Leads due to the success of the other company.

Becoming A Matrix Pro Leads Member

Matrix Pro Leads has a monthly membership fee of $ 4.95.

Remember this cost is only meant for administration.

After registering as a member, you will still need to meet the expenses of purchasing the leads.

Matrix Pro Leads packages And Their Prices

Matrix pro leads have three types of leads to offer you.

Matrix Pro Leads Review

  • Text/Live call leads.
  • E-mail marketing leads
  • Direct marketing emails.

Matrix Pro Leads claims that the above leads are designed for business opportunity seekers and buyers.

It is also a perfect platform for anyone who wishes to join the platform or those who are already members.

Text /Live call leads will cost you $40 for every 100 leads.

These will give you additional information about your leads such as numbers and names.

Both e-mail marketing and direct mail cost $30 for every 100 buyer lead.

You will pay $70 to get 250 e-mail marketing leads and $80 for text/live call leads.

For 500 leads, you will part with $135 to get direct mail and e-mail marketing or $145 to get call/text marketing.

Additionally, 1000 leads cost $240 for direct mail and email marketing and $248 for text/live call leads.

These leads are processed through US postal services. The postal database ensures that the delivery rates are of the best quality. Both the phone numbers and e-mails are scrubbed through the validation service. 

Matrix Pro Leads claims to have a dual-layer guarantee which;

  • Replacement in case there is an incorrect phone number or e-mail lead.
  • Guarantee of 50% in case there is a return of direct mail

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Matrix Pro Leads Affiliate Program

The matrix affiliate program allows you to promote Matrix Pro Leads to any party interested in generating leads for their networking business.

As an affiliate of Matrix Pro Leads, you will earn up to 33% commission for every order that is placed via your link.

For you to be part of an affiliate program, you must have a monthly investment of 100 leads.

This will allow you to unlock other earning avenues and qualify to become a business builder.

Once you upgrade to this level and create a team, your downline earnings will reach level 10.

After you register as a matrix pro affiliate member, you will have to work harder to develop your own team in order to realize great benefits.

If your affiliate ranking and team sales are high, you will be able to earn a good commission.

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How Do You Join This Affiliate Program?

1. Study The Compensation Plan

Matrix Pro Leads Review

Study and understand every detail of the matrix pro leads affiliate program.

The company claims to offer its affiliate member a good commission.

In affiliate ranking, you’ll earn a commission of up to 20% or more while for a business builder, you’ll earn up to 45% based on a 5-level ranking. 

Building a strong team under you will also maximize your commission because you will be earning from their efforts.

Here is a simple process to get started as a Matrix Pro Leads Affiliate member:

2. Sign Up As An Affiliate

Matrix Pro Leads Review

After you have registered as a matrix pro affiliate, the system will generate an affiliate link that you will use to refer your team to join Matrix Pro leads. 

After signing up, you will be required to pay a one-time administration fee of $4.95. This fee will be used to activate your link and back-office administration.

Whenever a new order is placed through your personalized referral link, the company will pay you a commission of 20%. 

Additionally, you can join the level of the business builder at a cost of $39.95.

This package will come with 100 business opportunity leads and the same number of marketing postcards and increase your First Order Bonus by up to 25%.

3. Build Your Team

Matrix Pro Leads Review

The best way to maximize your income as a matrix pro affiliate is to build a strong team.

This will give you a chance to earn an attractive commission from 12 different levels.

The company employs the use of a very powerful 3 by 12 compensation structure.

When you get a lead purchase under your affiliate link, you will be automatically ranked to Business Builder level 1.

Business Builders are categorized into 5 levels.

The commissions to be earned in these levels range starts from 25% to 45%.

These commission percentages are calculated using your total referrals, purchases, and sales volume of your downline affiliates.

4. Join Matrix Pro Leads Facebook Group

Matrix Pro Leads Review

Matrix Pro Leads company believes in itself to be a giant team.

In this regard, they chose Facebook as the best platform for offering support to its clients.

The group is an avenue for seeking clarifications and providing feedback.

You will receive a link through the e-mail you registered with.

Compensation Plan

Matrix Pro Leads Review

Multi-level marketing has varied compensation plans.

Matrix Pro Leads compensation structure is a matrix of 3 by 10.

This means, when 3 people register under your direct link, you will earn a commission of $10 from each direct referral.

When your level one referral registers others, you will be earning a commission of $1 from each one of them.

This is the same commission you’ll earn from every customer from level 2 to level 9. Only level ten gives you a commission of $ 2.25 per person.

What I Like About Matrix Pro Leads

  • It Is A Good Platform For Affiliate Marketing: The best part about making money is that you don’t have to be the owner of a service or product.
  • You can earn by promoting the services or products offered by other businesses. Matrix pro leads give you an opportunity to make money by promoting their services.
  • It Features Necessary Services For Online Businesses: Lead generation is the pillar of every online business.
  • A higher number of leads in any business will increase the chances of realizing more sales.
  • Matrix pro leads offer online businesses a platform for purchasing and utilizing leads for their businesses.

What I Don’t Like About Matrix Pro Leads

  • New in the Market. Matrix Pro Leads seems to be good though its survival in the market is yet to be determined. 
  • Too Risky: There are higher chances of you losing your investment. This is because you do not know the quality of the leads you are purchasing. 
  • It has no mechanism for tracking promotion outcomes: This company is not clear on the ways you will use to track your promotion outcomes. 
  • Limited opportunities: Apart from lead generation, this platform is limited to only MLM.
  • This will limit your passion for other fields that you would wish to leverage.

Is Matrix Pro Leads A Scam?

Matrix Pro Leads isn’t a scam.

From my personal point of view, it appears to be legit though it’ll limit you to investing in MLM and network marketing.

I’ll not recommend it to you as a steady source of income online. 

Also below is a short video by the Company that explains what they basically do:

Is There Any Alternative?

The market is offering you much better alternatives for you to create a continuous flow of passive income by applying a lead generation strategy.

I’ve generated a continuous flow of passive income through affiliate marketing, you too can do it…

This is a great opportunity for you to start exploring various ways of earning money online.

With your passion in any niche, you can turn that passion into an online money-making stream.

If you have that burning desire for financial freedom within you, I have done the heavy lifting for you by providing in-depth knowledge of affiliate marketing as the best alternative for earning.

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Matrix Pro Leads Review

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