Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review: Is It Legit?

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review.

I’m here to provide you comprehensive details regarding Erika Kullberg’s YouTube course.

If you’re actively seeking a legitimate method for generating passive income online, you’ve come to the right place.

YouTube presents a vast opportunity for individuals to earn money, even if their schedules are tight.

Whether you have a demanding profession or a hectic routine, YouTube offers a viable avenue for income.

Erika Kullberg, a seasoned lawyer, has successfully transitioned into a YouTube Master while maintaining her legal practice.

Her course, comprising 15 modules and additional bonuses, covers everything you need to know about monetizing content on YouTube.

Before delving into the course details, it’s important to clarify that I have no affiliation with Erika.

Consequently, the information I’ll provide is based on my genuine perspective.

With that clarification, let’s delve into the content.

Table of Contents

Summary Of Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

Name: Mastering YouTube for the Busy Professional

Type: YouTube Course

Website’s URL:

Founder: Erika Kullberg

Price: $497 One-Time Payment For Lifetime Access

Do I Recommend It? Yes, I’ll Detail Everything In This Review

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Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review – Overview

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

Erika Kullberg’s Mastering YouTube course is designed to guide you on the path to becoming a successful YouTuber.

Within the course, you’ll acquire knowledge ranging from identifying your focus and determining the specific types of videos to create to mastering the art of monetization and understanding the key metrics to prioritize.

The course spans a diverse range of topics, ensuring you gain an understanding of both the essential and advanced concepts.

Erika shares her personal success story, claiming to have gone from zero subscribers to earning over $100,000 through YouTube in less than a year while maintaining a full-time career as a lawyer.

If you’re grappling with a busy professional life, Erika asserts that she will impart the tricks and strategies to help you kickstart your YouTube business.

According to Erika, her course promises to help you grow your audience, express your passion, make a meaningful impact, build credibility, generate leads, and create additional income.

For a complete overview of the course, continue reading this review.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for another free course to kickstart your YouTube journey, I encourage you to explore the following:

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

Who Is Erika Kullberg?

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

Erika Kullberg, a distinguished attorney and personal finance expert, graduated from Georgetown Law, where she not only earned her degree but also founded the Georgetown Law Entrepreneurship Club.

She furthered her education at the University of Notre Dame.

As the founder of Plug and Law, Erika has established a prominent position in the legal technology sector.

Plug and Law specializes in offering legal agreements, trademark registration, and LLC formation services tailored for online businesses and entrepreneurs.

Beyond her legal ventures, Erika is a renowned content creator with a verified YouTube account boasting 1.81 million subscribers.

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

Having published 224 videos, her channel serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking insights into legal matters and personal finance.

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What Is Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course?

Erika used what she knew from being on YouTube to make a course for people who work a lot and can’t do an extra job.

While she was busy with her full-time law job, she made $100,000 in a year from YouTube.

She knows how full-time jobs can take up a lot of time, so her course is meant to help out.

It teaches skills to grow a business by getting more customers.

There are more than 20 lessons that focus on making money from a YouTube channel.

What makes her course different is that it gives a simple plan for beginners.

Other teachers who know a lot about YouTube might not get what it’s like for beginners.

Erika went out of her way to give clear instructions that were easy to follow.

She makes it clear that her course won’t make you rich quickly, and she warns people who think that.

You need to spend time and effort for it to work.

If you expect instant results, Erika says her course won’t do that.

She says there’s no magic trick, you have to be ready to spend time and work hard.

Curriculum Of Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course

Now that I’ve explained what this YouTube course is and what it provides, let’s dive into the actual course content.

There are 15 modules and four additional bonuses included in the course.

Let’s review the curriculum step by step.

Module 1: Getting Started

  • How I Transitioned from 0 Subscribers to Over $100,000 on YouTube in Less Than a Year
  • Getting the Most from This Course
  • Starting Out on YouTube – What Counts
  • Overcoming the Fear of Launching Your Channel
  • Goal Setting – Charting Your Monetization Strategy
  • Finding Your Niche
  • The Factor that Determines Your YouTube Earnings

Module 2: The Setup For Success

  • Setting Up Your YouTube Channel Correctly and Avoiding a Crucial Mistake
  • The Significance of Branding in Increasing Views
  • The Real Frequency You Should Aim for When Posting
  • Analyzing Your Competition: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Ensuring a Continuous Flow of Content Ideas
  • The 10-Step Checklist Before Publishing Any Video
  • A Ready-to-Use Template for Planning Your Initial 3 Months of Content

Module 3: Phase 1 – Planning A Video

  • The Simple Planning Trick To Grow Your Channel
  • Using Keyword Research To Get High Volume Search Traffic
  • Nailing Your Title And Thumbnail
  • Planning For Viral Videos (What Really Works)
  • Should You Script Your Videos?
  • The Perfect Video Script Formula To Keep Your Viewers Engaged
  • 4 Sentences To Put In Your Video To Make More Money

Module 4: Phase 1- Planning A Video (Time Savers)

  • Save Time On Your Thumbnails With This Helpful Tip.
  • Organize Your Video Creation Process For Maximum Efficiency.
  • Learn How I Outsource Thumbnails, Step By Step.

Module 5: Phase 2 – Recording & Equipment

  • What’s Essential for Equipment
  • Level 1: Affordable Recording Setup ($)
  • Level 2: Mid-Level Recording Setup ($$) and Level 3: Professional Recording Setup ($$$)
  • Easy Tips to Enhance the Professional Look of Any Setup

Module 6: Phase 2 – Recording & Equipment (Time Savers)

  • Recording Secret (How I Spend Only 10 Minutes on Each Video)
  • Time Saver #1: Cut Down Your Recording Time
  • Time Saver #2: Minimize Your Recording Time
  • My Recording Process from Start to Finish

Module 7: Editing & Uploading

  • How to Edit a Video
  • Where to Find Music for Your Videos
  • Where to Source Videos, Images, and Graphics for Your Videos
  • Editing Secret: How to Edit a Video in 5 Minutes
  • Step-by-Step Uploading Process (Key Steps You Can’t Skip)

Module 8: Phase 3 – Editing & Uploading (Time Savers)

  • Should You Do the Editing or Hire an Editor?
  • Outsourcing Editing: How I Pay Only $15 per Video
  • Step-by-Step Process for Hiring a Video Editor
  • Behind the Scenes of Creating Efficient Systems for Working with Your Editor

Module 9: Getting Subscribers (0 To 1,000)

  • 11 Ways to Reach Your First 1,000 Subscribers
  • Can a Channel Trailer Truly Make a Difference?
  • 4 Simple Methods to Foster a Community with Your Subscribers
  • Top Techniques for Promoting Your Channel Beyond YouTube
  • The Importance of Networking with Other YouTubers to Grow Subscribers
  • The Singular Collaboration that Earned Me 10,000 Subscribers (and How You Can Achieve It Too)

Module 10: Getting Views

  • The Two Types of Videos to Attract Views
  • Crafting a Viral Video (From Averaging 300 Views to an 800,000 Views Video)
  • My Spider Web Technique for Increasing Views
  • Cracking the “YouTube Algorithm”
  • Key Elements to Consider When Analyzing Analytics
  • Optimizing Your Videos for Increased Views
  • Gaining Press Coverage (Featured in Business Insider, U.S. News, and More)
  • The Exact Email Pitch Template I Use to Secure Media Coverage
  • How Long Should Your Videos Be for Maximum Views?
  • The Underutilized Technique for Boosting Views

Module 11: Saving Time (YouTube For People Who Don’t Have Time For YouTube)

  • Aspects You Can Automate to Maintain Consistency
  • List of Tools and Equipment I Use for My Streamlined YouTube Process
  • All my Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for YouTube
  • How to Avoid Letting Trolls Waste Your Time (2 Techniques)

Module 12: Advanced – Making Money From YouTube

  • Income Stream #1 – YouTube Partner Program Explained
  • Income Stream #2 – A Breakdown of Affiliate Marketing
  • List of 100 Affiliate Programs to Join for Immediate Earnings
  • Before Joining Any Affiliate Programs, Do This First
  • A Lawyer Explains – Negotiating Affiliate Programs (Doubling the Standard Payout)
  • Strategizing Keywords for Monetization
  • Income Stream #3 – Decoding Sponsored Videos
  • List of 100 Companies Sponsoring YouTube Videos
  • A Lawyer Explains: Negotiating a Sponsored Video (Even with a Small Channel)
  • The Exact Email Pitch Template for Landing Sponsorships
  • A Lawyer Explains – 3 Red Flags in a Sponsored Video Contract
  • Pricing Guideline – How Much to Charge for a Sponsored Video
  • The Simple Media Kit That Landed Me 6-Figures in Sponsorship Deals
  • The Most Valuable Real Estate on Your Channel
  • Exploring Other Income Streams on YouTube

Module 13: Advanced – YouTube To Grow Your Business

  • Organic and Free Traffic: Utilizing a YouTube Channel for Highly Targeted Leads
  • A Powerful Video Script for Generating Leads
  • Top Lead Magnets with High Conversion Rates on YouTube
  • Common Business Mistake to Avoid on YouTube
  • Leveraging YouTube to Establish Credibility and Authority (My Journey from 0 Experience/Degree to Nationally-Recognized Personal Finance Expert)

Module 14: Legal Aspect Of YouTube

  • A Lawyer Explains: Ensuring FTC Compliance as a YouTuber
  • Lawyer Explains: Steer Clear of Copyright Issues
  • Lawyer Explains: Safeguarding Your Online Business
  • Disclaimer Template for Your YouTube Channel

Module 15: Final Tips

  • Learning from My YouTube Errors (Tips to Steer Clear)
  • The Actual Reason Behind My $100,000+ Earnings in Year One on YouTube
  • My Approach to YouTube: Passionate Enjoyment, Professional Management


  • Extra Content: Nate O’Brien (950,000+ YouTube Subscribers) Shares Insights (Q&A)
  • Extra Content: Enjoy 3 Months of TubeBuddy Legend License for Free (Usually $149)
  • Additional Content: Dive into a 1.5-Hour TikTok Training Session with Me
  • Bonus: Engage in a 2-Hour Video Editing Session with My Creative Director

That essentially sums up the entire course.

In my opinion, the course is comprehensive, and with Erika’s background and busy profession, I am confident that she has curated this course to provide valuable assistance.

While some lessons may seem similar to other free training available on YouTube, I believe her unique approach to presenting the course is enhanced by her experience and the demonstrated effectiveness of her strategies.

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What Is Erika Kullberg’s YouTube Course Content Delivery Style?

In all honesty, I believe Erika has carefully considered being the sole instructor in her course.

This creates a personal connection with her followers as she guides the course herself from start to finish.

Erika delivers her lessons through direct video communication with the camera, incorporating well-designed on-screen graphics and even screen shares throughout the entire section.

Using scripts, she ensures her explanations are concise and precise in each video.

While I haven’t personally taken the course, her website and online presence speaks for itself.

She enjoys a positive reception from her fanbase, and her students have much to appreciate about her.

I admire her teaching skills, and the fact that she actively responds to questions is noteworthy.

Considering her busy career, the fact that she dedicates time to everyone demonstrates Erika’s genuine concern and care.

Moreover, she ensures that the course is easily accessible for those who have paid, allowing them to fully experience the content.

Consequently, you’ll discover the secrets of YouTube’s success in an engaging and enjoyable manner.

What Is The Cost Of Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course?

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

Are you eager to know the pricing of this course?

Before revealing the cost, there’s something important to share.

I appreciate that Erika openly discloses the YouTube course price on her website, enhancing the course’s credibility.

In contrast to other courses I occasionally review, many don’t transparently state the cost.

With that addressed, Erika’s YouTube course provides lifetime access for $497.

Once payment is made, you’ll gain immediate access to the complete course, allowing you to proceed at your own pace.

Does Erika’s Mastering YouTube Course Offer A Refund Policy?

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

If you’re pondering whether this course has a refund policy, here’s the good news: Erika provides a 100% money-back guarantee for her YouTube course.

This implies that if you are dissatisfied with the course, you are eligible for a full refund, with no questions asked, even if you complete going through the entire course.

However, there’s a condition—you must submit your refund request within 14 days of gaining access to the course.

Is Erika Kullberg’s Mastering YouTube Course A Scam?

From my honest perspective, Erika Kullberg’s course is NOT a SCAM.

As evident from my overview, the course is well-organized and reasonably priced.

With Erika amassing over 1,000,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel, it reaffirms that her experience and course yield tangible results.

The credibility of her teaching style stems from her personal involvement in presenting every piece of information on how she created income streams through YouTube.

Despite Erika’s initial claims of not having time for YouTube content creation and lacking editing knowledge, she successfully managed both while maintaining a full-time law career.

The course comprises 94 lessons and caters to all skill levels.

It is straightforward, and from the outset, you’ll grasp its core content.

While the course is valuable, some information can be found elsewhere for free.

Basic YouTube strategies can be learned on social platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram at no cost.

Therefore, before hastily investing in Erika’s course, I recommend exploring free online courses to gain a preliminary understanding of what you’re getting into.

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

What I Like About Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course

  • Erika presents exceptionally well on camera, making the course enjoyable.
  • The lessons are filled with valuable and highly practical tips.
  • The course offers clear guidance on key areas for success.
  • It is well-organized, easy to follow, and entertaining, removing any uncertainty about mastering YouTube.
  • The course is relatively affordable
  • Erika Kullberg is a success story, having gained close to 2 million YouTube subscribers

What I Don’t Like About Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course

  • A section of the contents presented on the course can be found for free online
  • You can only get access to the refund within the first 14 days of buying the course

Is There Any Alternative To Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course?

Are you in search of an alternative to this course?

The YouTube platform provides many opportunities for earning money.

Whether through affiliate marketing, lead generation, or ad monetization, all these avenues are open on this expansive platform.

I recommend seizing the moment by enrolling in this limited-time free training.

With YouTube, you can initiate marketing, strike deals, or collaborate with reputable brands to promote their products online.

In return, you can earn substantial income from these partnerships.

YouTube offers boundless possibilities; it’s up to you to capitalize on them and make a positive impact on your life.

While there are numerous courses claiming to provide outstanding training for a Faceless YouTube business, not all live up to their promises.

That’s why I’m drawing your attention to this proven free YouTube training course.

If this aligns with what you’re seeking, I encourage you to check it out here:

Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review

FAQs About Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course

Is Erika Kullberg A Scammer?

In my honest opinion, Erika isn’t a scammer.

She offers people looking for ways to make money an opportunity to explore on YouTube no matter their tight work schedule.

Does Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Have Recurring Charges?

No, there are no recurring charges for the course.

After you have made your one-time payment, you’ll get lifetime access to the course.

Is Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Erika makes it clear that she doesn’t offer a get-rich-quick scheme.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a get-rich-quick scheme, you should stay out of this course.

Her course requires effort and dedication.

As such, your interest and time play a great role in your success.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Erika Kullberg Mastering YouTube Course Review.

Do you have any addition or comment about this course?

Feel free to let me know in the section below.

I’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

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