YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review: A Scam Or Legit?

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

I welcome you to my YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review.

Today, I’m giving you the true picture of the YouTube Affiliate Masterclass.

I Want To Spill The Beans on what this YouTube automation program is really about.

They claim it’s the top-notch way of making some cash on YouTube, boasting the potential to turn you from a newbie into a six-figure earner online.

So, what’s their money-making secret?

Apparently, they’re all about teaching you how to create excellent YouTube videos.

The main goal is to help you make videos that not only look awesome but also pull in lots of eyeballs, all while showcasing your favorite products.

The idea is, that the more viewers you attract, the more cash you can pocket.

According to them, nailing your content creation game on YouTube makes you make a lot of money, like six figures.

That’s the money that can help you achieve financial freedom—let’s face it, that’s what everyone getting into this is aiming for.

So, is the YouTube Affiliate Masterclass worth your time and attention?

Well, let’s get into the nitty-gritty and find out.

Summary – YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

Name: YouTube Affiliate Masterclass

Type: YouTube Automation program.

Website’s URL:

Price: One-Time fee of $497.

Founder: Greg Gottfried

Product Rating: 6/10

Recommendation: Not for everyone, kindly read my review to find out more

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review – Overview

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

Greg Gottfried is one of the affiliates who claims to have made his success from YouTube automation.

He earns a living through content creation where he manages his YouTube account maintaining a super large audience.

This Helped him earn up to six figures creating engaging content about his products and posting them on Youtube.

By creating a YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program, Greg is helping you venture into content creation.

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program claims to be at the front end to help you earn a living from the YouTube platform.

In this YouTube automation course, you’ll have to choose your niche and own your YouTube channel.

From there, you’ll be required to grow your channel by creating engaging content about your products and posting them on your channel.

When viewers start liking your videos, they’ll develop an interest in following you which increases your number of subscriptions.

The platform then allows you to monetize your channel to help you start earning from your content online.

As your content attracts more viewers, your earnings on the platform also increase, enabling you to build a passive income.

In addition, it makes you gain more experience in content creation where you’ll be creating high-quality videos to post online.

If you want even a simplified way of mastering YouTube tricks, I encourage you to check out this:

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

What Is A YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass is a YouTube automation course created by Greg Gottfried to help you learn how to create YouTube content.

The program is best suitable for those affiliates who want to make money by creating content about their products and posting them online.

According to Greg, about 2.7 billion people use the YouTube platform nowadays making it a popular search engine.

It is more popular than the commonly used Bing and Yahoo as it has worldwide coverage in access.

The high popularity makes it a better platform to make money online, especially through content creation and much more.

By joining the program, you’ll get lifetime access to their course content and practice more on how to start your YouTube automation.

This includes more than four-hour course content which is available online 24/7 for viewing online.

As a question normally asked by many before joining YouTube automation, you can do it without showing your face on camera.

For this reason, you’ll not have to worry about showing your face if you’re not willing to do so on the platform.

Greg Gottfried further states that most people who venture into content creation choose not to show their faces on camera.

This makes it a popular way of making money from YouTube by creating many content creations online.

How Does YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Work?

The YouTube Affiliate Masterclass works by helping you gain knowledge from a beginner to a skilled content creator.

This course mainly teaches you about YouTube affiliate marketing online as an opportunity that can help you earn a passive income online.

According to Greg, learning this course may help you become a professional YouTube affiliate marketer.

This makes you stand a chance to earn up to six-figure incomes from your YouTube channel business online.

However, you need to keep in mind that the amount you will earn from the platform will largely depend on the niche you choose.

There are some niches that pay less while others can pay you up to six figures online to help you achieve your financial freedom.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be earning commissions based on sales in the program, which also depends on the purchases made by customers.

If there are high sales, the commissions will accumulate to higher amounts which makes you earn more from your business.

This course is best suitable for beginners who want to earn a living making money on the YouTube platform.

If you want to make videos and post them on YouTube without showing your face, this course covers you too.

The program also includes the following:

  • How to join a private group.
  • The risks associated with YouTube affiliate marketing
  • What is meant by affiliate marketing.
  • Faceless affiliate videos and on-camera videos.
  • The beginner camera setup.
  • The overview of the video affiliate marketing program.
  • Why YouTube still emerges as the best marketing platform loved by many users online.
  • Choosing your favorite YouTube channel topic or niche.
  • The kind of videos to make for YouTube channels.
  • The intermediate camera setup and advanced camera setup.
  • How to create your YouTube channel.
  • How you can join affiliate programs and other course affiliate programs.
  • The camera video recording settings and the video tips for recording are suitable for your YouTube channel.
  • How you can create faceless videos and the examples of the faceless videos.
  • How you can upload your video on the YouTube channel and design a thumbnail.
  • The best video title and video formats for your audience.
  • How to edit your videos on your smartphone or computer for free.
  • The management of your expectations and mindset on how to manage your business.
  • How you can add some custom tags to your videos online to earn more viewers online.
  • How you can increase affiliate commissions after publishing your videos online.

What Is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube affiliate marketing is a money-making opportunity through video uploads online.

You can upload videos from various niches or topics that suit your desires and use them to earn a living.

The payment from the YouTube platform is made from the commissions earned on the sales of products made on the platform.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform that also falls under social media allowing people to upload videos of different niches.

The platform was first released in 2005 and has emerged to become the second most used search engine online.

Currently, the platform is visited by more than two billion users and is expected to rise further in the coming years.

Due to this high number of users, it has gained popularity to become a major platform where many people interact online.

This makes it easy for many affiliates to target many users on the platform and embrace their affiliate marketing skills online.

The high number of affiliates on the YouTube platform are content creators who make stunning videos online.

There are many companies that also use this platform to make sales of their products online.

This is made possible as they target a large market of consumers which are basically the users of this platform.

For this reason, the YouTube platform acts as the best advertisement platform for products made by the various companies they partner with online.

From there, affiliates get the opportunity to partner with a YouTube affiliate program to advertise the products and get paid.

The payment is made from commissions made from the sales of the products advertised on the YouTube platform.

This makes it an interesting platform to make money and build a passive income online.

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Who Owns The YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

The YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program is owned by Greg Gottfried who is also the CEO and founder of the course.

Apart from founding the YouTube affiliate masterclass program, Greg is also known for his engaging videos on print on demand.

Greg also owns more than 28 Udemy courses making him one of the greatest coaches on content creation.

These courses range from print-on-demand, health and fitness, drone business, and Amazon merch.

Greg owns a YouTube channel which he started back in 2017 and has more than 550k subscribers online.

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

He mostly posts content about online business on a weekly basis for about three years.

In 2020, Greg started posting YouTube videos, about five in every month.

This continued to date where he is currently ranked among the top coaches on YouTube automation online.

By creating the YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program, Greg is looking forward to helping more YouTube affiliates succeed in the platform.

He aims to teach people with zero experience learn how to become professional YouTube content creators online.

What Is The Cost Of Joining YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass has a one-time fee of $497 which gives you lifetime access to the program.

The program allows you to enroll in the course by paying your registration fee at the beginning of the course.

After paying your registration fee, there is no other recurring fee set for you on the platform until the end of the course.

On the other hand, the program has a refund policy that helps you reclaim your fee.

However, this policy comes with its conditions which you must meet for you to reclaim it successfully.

For instance, the policy is valid within 24 hours of enrolling in the course, after making your full payment.

In addition, you can only request a refund if you have covered not less than 10% of the course.

If you meet all these conditions, you’ll be able to reclaim up to 100% of your registration fee online.

In my opinion, you should always understand the course in detail before making a decision on enrolling in it.

This will be more beneficial than trying to get a refund from the program after you’ve joined.

Moreover, refunds are often uncertain, even though many programs mention them.

Some programs discuss refund policies but fail to fulfill their promises, leading to numerous complaints from affiliates who end up losing money despite meeting policy conditions.

Is YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Legit?

In my opinion, the YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program is a legit course teaching you how to make money on the YouTube platform.

The program aims to help beginners learn more knowledge on how to become professional YouTube video creators.

The program teaches you how to create videos for YouTube both on-camera and faceless videos online.

This makes it applicable to all the categories of video creators on YouTube as expected by Greg who is the founder of the course.

As a YouTuber, Greg has outstanding experience in creating content on YouTube making him an excellent coach in the field.

However, there is stiff competition on this business model currently making it not a rich model.

This rises from the high popularity of the YouTube platform as over 2.7 billion people are expected to be using the platform.

This makes many people shift to affiliate marketing on YouTube to attract many people online.

Due to high competition, you must maintain high consistency and create more quality videos for you to succeed in the platform.

In addition, when your competitors are creating more quality videos than you, this will make you lose your followers from the platform.

On the other hand, it will take you a longer time to make a reasonable amount from the platform.

It takes time for your channel to meet the qualifications required for it to get monetized by YouTube.

As such, I recommend the course for affiliates who have a passion for becoming content creators on YouTube.

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

What I Like About YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

  • The course provides lifetime access

The course offers you lifetime access to its contents after making your payment of the registration fee.

This means that you will be able to access the videos of the course whenever you need them in your entire lifetime.

  • Greg is a reputable teacher

Greg has a great reputation as an experienced YouTuber online making it attract many followers on the platform.

Due to their high reputation, many affiliates build trust with Greg as an experienced coach in teaching them how to make money on YouTube.

In addition, it makes many people like and follow his teaching on YouTube affiliate marketing programs.

  • Suitable for beginner

The YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program is suitable for beginners who want to learn how to make money on YouTube.

The course contains all the teachings covering the major topics required to become a successful YouTuber.

In addition, the program has excellent customer support making it easy for beginners to ask questions and get answered effectively.

  • Showing your face is optional

Most people fear showing their face while creating YouTube content online making them avoid this business model.

However, the YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program teaches you how to create YouTube videos without showing off your face on camera.

This makes it now applicable to anyone who wants to venture into YouTube content creation to earn a living.

  • Has greater potential earnings

When your YouTube videos attract many viewers, you will stand a chance to increase your ranking.

This makes you earn more from your channel which will determine your success in the platform.

In addition, the potential earnings from the platform are also triggered by the type of niche you choose when creating your channel.

What I Don’t Like About YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

  • Competitive business model

There are many people currently in the YouTube automation business making it highly competitive.

If you are joining it as a beginner, it will take you a much longer time to make significant profits from the platform.

In addition, you will also have to spend more on creating top-quality videos for you to merge on top of your competitors.

  • Have no guaranteed success online

There is no guarantee of success in the program as it is based on your experience, effort, and the amount you invest in the business.

There are some affiliates who take much longer to start earning from the program while others may spend less.

For this reason, you might not base your earnings on the competitor’s performance online.

  • The business faces saturation

Based on data from Google, there has been a great increase in the search for affiliate marketing online.

As YouTube merges as the second most used search engine online, it faces high competition in ranking on a global scale.

This makes it become more saturated by most affiliates from all parts of the world online.

  • Low watch time

Ranking high on the YouTube platform is determined by high watch time which is affected by click affiliate marketing.

When you have a lower watch time on your YouTube content you will not rank high making you earn less.

In addition, if you’re creating poor content not liked by many viewers, you’ll also likely have a lower watch time.

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Is There Any Alternative To YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

I’m sure you’re keen on making YouTube a part of your life, but you might be unsure of where to begin.

That’s where I step in to offer you a helping hand.

I want to assist you in starting your YouTube journey, and I take a unique approach to do so.

I’m not suggesting you overlook Greg’s course, but I aim to provide you with a simplified method to kickstart and grow your YouTube channel.

The combination of affiliate marketing and YouTube is currently a booming business opportunity that hasn’t been fully tapped into.

That’s the opportunity I want to present to you.

To make things clear and straightforward, I invite you to check out this free training:

YouTube Affiliate Masterclass Review

FAQs About YouTube Affiliate Masterclass

What Is The Minimum Number Of Videos I Need To Make In My Channel?

There is no set number of videos you must reach in the platform to get started as stated in the course.

This means that you can start making money from a couple of videos you upload on the platform.

However, the more videos you upload the more chance you stand to make money on the platform.

What Is The Minimum Time Required To Invest In This Business Model To Start Earning Online?

You only need a few to less than two hours to invest in this business and start building your career out of it.

On average, it will take you about two hours to create and upload one video to your channel to get started.

After How Long Will I Start Seeing Results After Taking YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

The amount of time you will need to get started depends on your speed and the amount you invest in your business.

If you invest more and create your videos within a shorter period, you will likely start earning within a short time.

According to the YouTube Affiliate Masterclass program, it will take you less than one month to start making money from the platform.

Is There An Additional Fee After Enrolling In The YouTube Affiliate Masterclass?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing program only charges a lifetime fee which is payable once when joining the platform.

The program does not have any additional fee on its platform after joining or at the end of the course.

However, if you start your channel, you will need to invest more money when creating your videos on the platform.

How Does YouTube Pay Its Affiliates?

The YouTube platform pays its affiliates on a monthly basis based on the commissions from sales made on the platform.

You can get paid from the platform directly into your PayPal account or deposit your funds into your bank account.

You, therefore, need to check if your payment method is accepted in the platform for you to be safer when requesting your payout.

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