FBA Boss Academy Review -Is This FBA Course LEGIT Or A Scam?

FBA Boss Academy Review

Hello, today I’ll take you through the FBA Boss Academy Review.

In this review, I’ll help you understand if the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Boss Academy program is legit or a scam you need to avoid.

According to the FBA Boss Academy owners, you can make between $2000 to $10000 monthly as your profit.

The profits will be available once you join the program and finish your training course.

Apart from letting you make profits, the program also claims to provide more support in choosing highly profitable goods.

This support is to help you build up your FBA business by attracting more customers to improve your market cover.

After joining this service, the suppliers carry out the packaging and shipping process, which is part of the business model.

For instance, if you are using Amazon, the biggest retail platform in the world, it’ll help you pack and deliver the properties.

Therefore, the best way to learn and enjoy the business model is to join the program.

Because researching the program before joining is much more important, this review will take care of that.

I’ll take you through the background and experience level of Kevin Pak and Kevin Kunze as the main testimonies in the program.

You’ll also learn how the two expert coaches partnered to form the FBA Boss Academy program to help others achieve their goals online.

And after reading this review, you’ll have the reasons to join or leave the program as you desire.

Remember, this review is fully independent; I’m not in any way affiliated with the FBA Boss Academy program.

For this reason, the information I provide to you is unbiased.

FBA Boss Academy Review Summary

Name of The Product: FBA Boss Academy

Type of the Product:  eCommerce Training Program

Product Website: https://www.fbabossacademy.com/

Founder: Kevin Pak and Kevin Kunze

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: From $2500

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

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FBA Boss Academy Review – Overview

FBA Boss Academy Review

If you’re researching the FBA Boss program, you might have been looking for a way out to help you achieve your goals working online.

FBA Boss Academy is a course that is made to help you achieve financial freedom and make you become your own boss.

Kevin Pak says the FBA Boss Academy helps you build financial freedom by establishing an Amazon FBA business.

From history, the FBA Amazon business used to be highly profitable in the past before the market became saturated.

The saturation, which was brought about by many people selling the same product brands, made the business model lose its momentum.

However, the FBA Boss Academy program teaches you how to overcome market saturation and increase your sales online.

Pak explains that the course aims at ensuring you build a successful Amazon business online by helping you control all the challenges you may face online.

Therefore, if you are passionate about learning the Amazon FBA business model, joining the FBA Boss Academy will greatly benefit you.

In its more than 300 minutes of video coverage, the course focuses on all the aspects required to start an amazon FBA business online.

The FBA Boss Academy course is also super simple and easy to learn and take notes.

A private coaching team also helps you get support online when you have a concern or complaint.

There is also a private Facebook page which is privately reserved for the team of coaching experts from the program.

There are many more concepts of the course, such as how it works and the modules available in the program.

But if you’re looking for another alternative to make money online, then check out this option below:

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FBA Boss Academy Review

What Is FBA Boss Academy?

FBA Boss Academy Review

FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) Boss Academy is an Amazon business model created by Kevin Pak and Kevin Kunze.

The business model utilizes resources from the largest global retail platform, Amazon.

In its operation, the business model entails researching and identifying profitable products online.

The products should also be in high demand and have a lower market competitive rate.

When you find such products, you’ll learn how to rebrand their products by creating your own brand.

For instance, rebranding means printing your logo or brand on the clothing when you identify a newly released and fashioned T-shirt.

When you put your brand on a product, it is called private labeling.

After branding, the next step is outsourcing the products from their suppliers and manufacturers on other platforms such as Alibaba.com.

This is followed by buying an inventory online and collaborating with the products’ suppliers to ship them to the Amazon warehouse.

After the products arrive in the Amazon warehouse, they’ll be listed in the Amazon market, where every customer will see them.

Every time you make a sale of any of the products, the retail platform will do the shipping of the products for you.

Amazon platform also does the packaging and returns of the products for you to eliminate the losses you may incur processing the product.

This makes you run your business in an easy way because you’ll just sit back with your computer and manage the sales.

Because thousands of employees are on the Amazon platform, the business model becomes easier for you to manage.

Who Is The Founder Of FBA Boss Academy?

FBA Boss Academy Review

FBA Boss Academy was created by two successful Amazon marketing experts, Kevin Pak and Kevin Kunze.

The two have been making money through online business on the Amazon platform for more than ten years now.

Kunze and Pak have made more than $50 million in their partnership and become successful in their business.

This made them decide to reveal to other members the secrets behind their success online.

At first, before joining Amazon, Pak worked as a fitness coach, where he could make about $4000 every month.

Even though he loved his job as his source of income for a living, Pak always thought of having more personal freedom in his job.

He knew that to gain the freedom he needed, he must launch his own source of income and be his own boss.

This is what made Pak begin investigating the different opportunities he may engage in online to make money.

After researching for a while, he settled on Amazon FBA as his preferred business model.

When he began the Amazon FBA business, his monthly earnings increased to about $1,000,000.

On the other hand, Kevin Kunze initially worked in central mining.

He was the founder of central mining, which was cloud mining that deals with various digital currencies online.

Because not everyone can succeed in trading cryptocurrency, Kunze decided to put it in another way to make many people succeed.

By joining the Amazon FBA program, he was aware of the benefits the program has for its members.

He partnered with Kevin Pak in building a successful Amazon FBA business online.

From there, they came up with an extensive education program called the FBA Boss Academy to help other people achieve their goals online.

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How Does FBA Academy Work?

FBA Boss Academy Review

The FBA Boss Academy is a training course with up to sixteen modules.

In the modules, you’ll learn all the available principles of the course and how to apply them in daily life to make money.

Here are the sixteen modules of the FBA Boss Academy program;

FBA Boss Academy Review

Module One: Introduction and Mindset into Business

Kunze and Pak welcome you to the program with a warm introduction in this section.

During the introduction, the program welcomes your journey and the goals you want to achieve with amazon FBA.

This section also covers the amazon to-do lists and helps you identify your goals online.

The last concept of this section talks about the business structure, which focuses on the sole proprietor or the cooperation.

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Module Two: Creating an Alibaba Account, Seller Central & Navigation.

In this section, you’ll learn about EIN and Business bank ACC and LLC guide.

Create a seller central account and apply it for EIN.

Navigating through seller Central basis and finally setting up an Alibaba account for your business.

Module Three: Finding your Budget

This section will teach you how much you need to pay for inventory.

You will also learn how much you need to spend on the listing, photos, and software.

In the last section of this course, you will learn how much you need to spend on PPCs advertising.

Module Four: Amazon Product Research

This section covers the following areas.

Tools required to conduct product research

How to understand the revenues and profits.

Amazon fees, fulfillment fees, storage fees, and seller fees.

The product research process and the criteria or validation for success.

Checking on the gated categories and other restricted products.

Product research training focuses on the surface level and in terms of revenue and competition.

Product research training where you will learn how to differentiate the products in the market.

The product research mindset deals with the additional criteria available in the program.

How to do a patent search and how to identify your main keyword using reverse ASIN search.

Unique product research and the product not to sell.

Module Five: Build A Dummy Product Listing

In this section, you will learn about creating Dummy Listing and where to find UPC codes.

Module Six: Finding the Best Suppliers & Product Shipping.

In this section, you will learn how to identify suppliers in the market.

This includes learning the number of units you need to order online.

You will also learn the following aspects;

Contracting a trustworthy supplier and how o purchase goods.

An effective way to negotiate with the suppliers and how understand the shipping terms used in FOB, DDP, and EXW.

Compare sea shipping and air shipping and how to hire an inspection company to ensure you purchase top-quality products.

Ordering product samples from suppliers and how to create shipping in your seller central.

How to use the freight forwarder and the 3 PL warehouse.

Module Seven: Don’t Trade Time for Money

This section will teach you how to create a custom product packaging design.

You’ll also learn how to get enhanced brand content without a branding registry.

Module Eight: Building Product Listing

In this section, you will learn how to build the best product photos, which help in converting more sales.

Researching and finding keywords enables you to make thousands of dollars.

How to optimize your product listings to attract amazing title descriptions, features, and backend keywords.

Finalizing your listings and how to course special access for your graphic design and direct photographer team.

Module Nine: Earn Customer Trust

Here, you’ll learn how to get a five-star review online.

How to identify verified and unverified reviews, seller feedback, and customer reviews online.

You will also learn how to add an insert card effectively in wowing customers online.

In the last section of this module, you will learn how to conduct an effective email campaign online to attract more reviews.

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Module Ten: Product Launch

Here the main priority is how to start making sales online on amazon.

You will also learn the importance of appearing on the page one

Ensuring you get your listings fully optimized and get a special URL that can rank your page higher for keywords.

You will conclude the section by learning how to track your keyword with the Helium10.

Module Eleven: Become a Pro at Amazon Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

Understanding the goals of PPC and creating an ad campaign where you will get the details of the match types and campaigns.

Learn how to Analyze and read advertising as well as optimize automatic campaigns.

How to target negative ASINS and optimize broad-phase campaigns.

Optimizing the exact campaign, charge the cost of your advertisement on a credit card for free travel and points.

You will also learn how to build a product targeting campaign and conclude this section by learning the secret PPC strategies.

Module Twelve: Officially Launching Your Products

Here, you will learn how to run your PPC campaigns successfully to help you launch your products on the first page.

The section ends with the details on my secret PPC launch strategies, which teach you how to save money and increase your sales.

Module Thirteen: Removing Hijackers from your Product listings

In this section, you will learn how to scare off your hijackers and get a brand registered in just a period of two weeks using an IP Accelerator.

Module Fourteen: Maintenance after Product Launch

In this section, you will learn how to adjust your price to enable you to increase your conversion rate.

Find more keywords online to help you in ranking and make more sales.

You will also learn what you need to do when you run out of stock.

Finally, you will learn how to liquidate your inventory.

Module Fifteen: Understanding Cashflow of the Business

Here, you will learn the cash flow concept and how to prepare for Q4 sales.

You will also learn to know when you need to take out a business loan.

In addition, you will learn how to scale your amazon business and conclude the module by learning how to manage the mistakes you make.

Module Sixteen: Amazon Accounting

This is the last module in the course, which teaches you about quick books and shopkeepers.

You’ll also learn how to manage Amazon FBA and sales taxes on Amazon.

FBA Boss Academy Review

What Is The Cost Of Joining the FBA Boss Program?

The cost of joining the FBA Boss Academy program starts from $2500.

The price may sometimes reach up to $70000, depending on the services you want.

In addition, there is a unique price estimate for every client who contacts the customers for services online.

Apart from the entry cost, there are some additional charges you’ll have to pay for you to fully enjoy the services as required.

For instance, you may spend up to $40,000 to take a full program benefit.

This price includes the amount for purchasing the inventories and other services offered in the automation platform.

For this reason, it is no doubt that the product listing cost must exceed $15,000.

When you pay the price and join the program, you’ll learn the following aspects of the course:

The setup process of Amazon business.

Analyzing a market on the Amazon platform.

How you can identify profitable products that can help you make more than $10000 monthly.

Ways of contacting, negotiating, and ordering your first product with overseas suppliers.

How you can manage your shipping service and the linguistics of your business online.

How you can establish an effective amazon product listing online on the Amazon platform.

Ways to get exclusive access to the design and the photography team.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to becoming successful in doing the amazon FBA business, you’ll have to pay for the services in this program.

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Is FBA Boss Academy A Scam?

FBA Boss Academy Review

In my view, FBA Boss Academy is NOT a scam.

Kevin Pak, who is a co-founder of the program, is an active Amazon businessman who still makes a lot of sales on the Amazon retail platform.

This makes him much more familiar with the nature of the Amazon FBA business, and he can coach other people on how to adopt the business.

Due to his confidence in coaching other people to meet their success online, he focuses on making you get the best out of his teachings.

Despite the course being legit, making money from it may not be as easy as it may sound.

According to information from previous experiences, the profit margin of the Amazon FBA business is always pretty small.

In most cases, the profit margin may be as less as 10% or below.

For this reason, it will take much of your investment and time to start making significant money from the program.

For instance, when you start off the business, you’ll have to withstand the low profits you make and be persistent with the business.

As you continue running the business, your profit margin will increase as you’ll improve your market share and make more sales.

From there, you’ll start making significant money that will differentiate you from others.

There are two main reasons why the Amazon FBA business has a low-profit margin, as expected.

They include;

  • Saturated Market

There are a large number of vendors selling on amazon with different products.

For this reason, if you sell products of the same brand with other vendors, you will have a reduced market share.

This will be caused by the competition for buyers in the market, which will lower the prices of the products.

As a remedy to market saturation, the program teaches you how to identify a high in demand products that are unique in the market.

Because almost all online products face market share competition, there are other strategies you must consider.

For instance, you can consider selling your products anytime the other competitors for you to equally compete with them.

This will enable you to maintain your profit margin healthier throughout your sales.

  • The High Capital Needed

The other factor that makes the Amazon FBA business not a good option for beginners is the high capital required to invest in the business.

For instance, you may end up paying about $40000 for you to get all the services offered in the automation platform.

This will also help you purchase your inventories and conduct the preliminary productions.

However, if you cannot raise the amount of capital, you may not get a chance to benefit from the program as expected.

For these two reasons, it is not of doubt that the FBA Boss Academy program is not for everyone.

If you find this program unsuitable for you and still want to make money online, I have a good choice for you:

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FBA Boss Academy Review

What I like about FBA Boss Academy

  • The Course is easy to learn

The FBA Boss Academy program offers compressive and in-depth step-by-step teaching for people who want to learn about Amazon’s FBA business.

Pak and Kunze use the easiest methods to understand and straightforward procedures to teach the course to make everyone capture the best of their teachings.

You are also given the opportunity to ask questions and get quick feedback from their trusted coaching expert teams.

  • The program Has Testimonies

FBA Boss Academy Review

When you log in to the program’s official website, there are testimonies of successful people who claim to be previous course students.

This makes the program more promising to truly help people make money online.

According to the program, they have managed to register more than five hundred students online and coach them to meet their success.

  • The Amazon FBA business model is easy to manage

When you join the FBA Boss Academy program, you will find Amazon’s FBA business an easy investment to run online.

You will only need to invest your capital and control every sales process using your computer back at home.

This is because the business model uses the numerous amazon retail platform employees.

What I Don’t Like About FBA Boss Academy

  • It is too expensive

Joining the FBA Boss Academy program requires you to invest more, which might not be available for others who want to learn the course.

This limits many people from enrolling in the course as you will have to pay the entire price to enjoy all the services offered in the program.

In case you cannot pay the full price, you may not benefit from learning the course.

  • Not a good option for beginners

Learning FBA Boss Academy takes time for you to capture the full course and apply it in managing your Amazon FBA business online.

Therefore, if you are a beginner who may not have time to wait to understand the course and make a significant amount out of it, you may not benefit from it.

In addition, the course is suitable for people who have the potential and passion for running an Amazon FBA business online.

Is There Any Alternative To FBA Boss Academy?

If you’re not sure about the business venture to start yet and you still have the ambition to have a name in the online business, then I encourage you to try affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is easy to start, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to run it.

Given that you have a passion for a specific area, you can tap that to allow you to earn a commission through affiliate marketing.

I’ve seen a lot of people showing interest in starting this kind of business, but few of them actually give it a try.

To be sincere with you, affiliate marketing is a business venture that offers many opportunities that remain unexploited to this day.

In other words, there is a place for anyone interested in the business.

Here is a blueprint that will offer you the basics to start the business:

FBA Boss Academy Review

FAQs About FBA Boss Academy 

When does the FBA Boss Academy training session start and end?

The training program begins when you register and never ends unless you quit the program.

The course is a completely self-paced online training program with its contents represented in the form of videos.

You have the option to make a decision on when you want to start training and end your course in the program after registration.

Who is FBA Boss Academy For?

The FBA Boss Academy program is for people who want to enter the Amazon FBA business online.

For you to benefit from this course, you must have a passion for running an Amazon FBA business online as your main way of making money online.

If you have never thought of becoming a seller on the Amazon platform, you might not find this course help to you when you join it.

Does FBA Boss Academy offer a refund policy? 

My research through the program website shows no mentioned policies are available for members.

This means that when you join the program and feel uncomfortable in it and want to quit after paying, there is no money-back service guarantee.

You, therefore, need to conduct good research on the program before enrolling to minimize incurring losses on it.

How long do Affiliates have Access to the FBA Boss Academy program?

You will get unlimited access to the program after enrolling in it.

You will also get unlimited updates to the training programs so long as you get into the program.

The program is also available on any platform or device you may own that can display a website.

Thank you for reading my FBA Boss Academy Review.

I’ll appreciate knowing what you think about the review in the comment section below.

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