Freedom Finders Review – Is It a Genuine MLM Program?

Freedom Finders Review

I’m delighted that you came by to read my Freedom Finders Review.

I’m sure you are looking for legitimate ways of making money, we’ll look into that in this review.

But first, Is the Freedom Finders Program offering a genuine way of making money?

Or is it a program that will waste both your time and resources?

I’ve tailored this article to answer all those questions.

This MLM program offers you two modes of doing business. The first option is to market the platform to friends and get a commission out of it.

This option is ideal for newbies and individuals thinking of starting a business online.

The other way to make use of this platform is by taking advantage of their trained experts and having them assist you in generating new leads as sales for your online business.

But to clear the air, I’m not in any way promoting the Freedom Finders Program, nor am I affiliated with the program.

Again, I’m not in any way trying to sugarcoat this program for you to join or spend your money on.

Instead, I’ll systematically take you through this program by reviewing everything that this program is up to.

You’ll get to know everything regarding the platform, and in the end, you’ll make a well-informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it…

Summary Info of Freedom Finders Review

Name of the Product: Freedom Finders

Type of Product: MLM & Affiliate Marketing Training

The Price of Product: Time Payment of $299 and $39 monthly

Website’s URL:

The Founder: Tim Witter

Recommended: It’s NOT ideal for beginners

RECOMMENDED: Go here for my #1 recommended money-making program

Freedom Finders Review – Overview

You’ll be taught how to run ads on FB as a multi-level marketer or a network marketer on this platform.

The key concept behind this platform is to assist you in making money on the internet and marketing on the platform.

And in return, you get compensation for each person who pays the premium rates thanks to your marketing efforts.

Better still, you can still get affiliate commissions from what I refer to as second-level purchases.

In simple words, when any of the members that you directly or indirectly refer pays, you’ll earn something out of it as well.

In case you’ve already set up an online marketing business and you wish to increase your leads and sales, then the training program may fully match what you’ve been searching for.

However, if you’re a beginner and want to establish an online presence, you can still find cost-effective and more suitable ways.

And the good thing about this option is that you don’t have to run paid ads.

You can check out the link below:

Freedom finders Review

After doing that short brief, let me now take you through the nitty-gritty of the Freedom Finders Program.

Freedom Finders Platform Explained

Freedom Finders is one of the marketing agencies that asserts that it can help individuals earn continuous income each month and assist online businesses in increasing leads and sales.

As per its website, it’s one of those platforms growing exponentially, and they claim to offer financial freedom.

But if you have experience in Fb ads or are not interested in paid advertising, I can assure you that this platform may not be suitable for you.

If you’re searching for a way of getting some more income and you’re okay marketing this program to people, you stand a chance of benefiting from this idea of marketing.

But you should be ready to spend money on paid ads.

Note that everybody is on Fb nowadays, consumers, and internet marketers alike, which implies that the competition shouldn’t be underrated.

And it doesn’t imply that after you’ve learned the strategies and techniques from somebody successful in the past, it guarantees a replicated success on your side.

The detailed training inside will guide you through running such ads and applying attention-grabbing tricks; however, that is not a new technique altogether.

While as a member of this program, you’ll have an opportunity to market the platform to others on Facebook.

That is the only option to earn money online with these fellows as a recruit, with no additional affiliations.

In such a program, all your earnings are often based on your performance, which implies that if you’re unable to drive any sales to their platform, you’ll not get any payment.

What happens if you already own an Online Business? Can Freedom Finders help you?

So, if you’re already affiliated with the program, you’re at will to use the services that Freedom Finders offers.

I should also remind you that Freedom Finders don’t accept all kinds of customers, and one or two reasons may make you not get their services.

But if you lie anywhere between MLM and the network marketing industry, you’ve got a high chance of taking advantage of their services.

Further, they’ve even gone a further step of offering you software to ease business processes.

Such processes like recruitment, managing, and selling are pretty easier.

Who founded Freedom Finders? 

Freedom Finders program was founded by a network marketing pro, Tim Witter.

This fellow boasts a lot of experience in marketing Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) services and products.

Before he came up with Freedom Finders Program, he was into another MLM referred to as Ariix.

While on the platform, he was one of the greatest promoters, and he claimed that he earned a cash bonus of up to $30,000.

Freedom finders Review

This guru has a relatively good following of above 4k on his Facebook group, Freedom Finders Agency.

As such, it’s true if I say that this fellow mainly focuses on using Facebook as a vehicle for his success.

Check out the image below about his Facebook group.

Freedom finders Review

Is Freedom Finders Program Worth your Time?

This far, I’m sure that most of you are wondering whether Freedom Finders is a scam or not.

And I’ll take not much of your time to set the record clear.

This program is not a SCAM.

Yeah, it’s not. But that doesn’t mean it will be an easy way of earning money.

Remember that you’ll be required to pay for Facebook ads to make money for the company that will allow you to earn your share.

As such, for beginners, this is a program you’ll not want to start with.

But that also doesn’t mean that Freedom Finders Program is a trickster.

The idea of their business model is as simple as 1,2,3.

For you to earn a commission with the program, you’ll need to up your marketing skills to drive traffic to its website.

And because most of the people you send to visit the platform will not be able to pay the premiums, you’ll make money after you get one or two paying for the service.

And for you to drive traffic, you’ll need to run Facebook ads.

Keep in mind that you can do this with platforms like YouTube, Google, and more.

Better yet, it doesn’t mean that you must pay for the traffic if you’re in a position to dedicate much of your time working to getting the traffic organically.

Now, if you wish to learn better ways to drive traffic organically, this link below can be the best way to start your success journey.

Jason Foster

Products that Freedom Finders Program Offer

Basically, this platform doesn’t retail any products or services.

It entirely circumvents Facebook advertisements.

The platform trains you on various ways of coming up with Fb advert campaigns that enable you to market their program.

Also, this online opportunity offers many free giveaways that help in generating interest in the program and increase traffic.

One of the well-known giveaways is a card worth $200 for Free Hotel that the platform offers to customers after they take part in a 3-mins survey of the program.

Also, take a few minutes to watch this video on how to use the freedom finders software to explore your network marketing business.

Compensation Plan of Freedom Finders Program

Freedom Finders comes with a simple compensation plan.

Every time an individual you invited through your Fb ad pays for the platform’s services, you’ll be entitled to $20.

Of course, for some people, this idea looks easier and more direct, while for some, it seems impossible.

For instance, you can run a Facebook ad and get about 300 people checking the ad, and only almost 30 of them subscribe for the program’s premium.

As such, you’ll earn 20 x 30 =$600 you’ll have gotten that particular day.

And the best part of it is the fact that your ads will always run no matter what you’re doing.

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Freedom Finders and Refund

If you’re asking yourself whether this platform offers a refund or not, I’ll be frank with you.

All the sales on this platform are treated as final.

After making your payment, the platform doesn’t offer technical support to get a refund.

And for this matter, it comes with a good and bad side.

On the positive side, all your referrals will not request a refund, implying that all the commissions you’ve garnered from referring people will not be deducted.

On the negative side, though, if you don’t remember to stop your membership before the due date, it doesn’t offer options for getting your money.

That being said, let me now get to inform you about what I like and don’t like about the Freedom Finders program.

Pros and Cons of Freedom Finders

What I like About Freedom Finders

  • The program has a real person who founded it
  • The agency has the potential to make you become a better marketer
  • The training structure is relatively easy to follow and learn as well
  • It has an ever-growing Facebook group that is active as well, which means it is up and running

What I didn’t like about Freedom Finders

  • The platform doesn’t have a built-in email marketing utility (such kind of program ought to have an email marketing functionality)
  • Other training products can only be found in the Facebook group. (Training is found in limited places)
  • If somebody joins through your landing page, getting their information will be a challenge.
  • You don’t have methods of tracking your billings and commissions
  • You don’t have the freedom to promote any other of your products because it is just the Freedom Finders you’re required to promote
  • It offers you only a single way of getting traffic (keep in mind that you’re only running Fb ads, and you’re only leading your traffic to Freedom Finders, which can also imply that you can lose your money if the traffic doesn’t convert)

Now that we’re at the tail end of this review, what is your take regarding Freedom Finders?

I’ll be waiting to hear from you in the messaging section below.

But before I end, I’ll need to offer you My #1 Recommendation option for making money online.

My #1 Recommendation

You can still find an easy and cost-effective way of making money online to be sincere with you.

You can start learning how to promote different products online by being an affiliate marketer.

And the best of this option is that you’re not limited to marketing one single product.

Suppose you have created interest in a particular topic; you can now learn how to change that to a very successful online business.

And you know what? No need to spend money to run Facebook ads.

If that seems to resonate with you, you should spend a few minutes of your time checking out my simple blueprint.

Check out the below link!

Freedom Finders Review

18 thoughts on “Freedom Finders Review – Is It a Genuine MLM Program?

  1. Reviews are better way for beginners trying to join affiliate marketing find out who they are dealing with. It helps people wanting to find out more about affiliate marketing before making their move. Even though I know nothing about Freedom Finders, having been informed in this review about the company is so valuable.

    There are lots of information that lend beginners insight as to what to avoid and what to look for in affiliate marketing. Being an affiliate marketer, I am going to utilize some of the lessons learn from your website to promote affiliate marketing. 

    I am going to adopt some ideas from your website and try it and see how it might work. My experience as far as the subject of reviews, it has to be trustworthy, thorough.

    As far as my opinion, very good review.

  2. I wouldn’t say I like MLM programs because your family and friends are not interested when you mention MLM. I had that experience with MLM programs years ago while doing Amway and Avon.

    You are correct to say it is not for beginners since you have to advertise and it costs money. Most people starting don’t have a lot of money for ads and want low overheads that are not expensive. 

    I can also see that Freedom Finders do not deal with products only with selling Freedom Finder, which is another reason I would not join their Platform.

    Thank You for an interesting article


  3. Your Freedom Finders Review has clarified and answered several important questions for me. Namely the cost, $299 and $39 monthly is seemingly a steep investment for me as a beginner. In addition, for reasons listed in the review, FB ads and paid advertisements are not of interest to me. Following recommendations within this review, I could not justify the additional cash outlay.

  4. Hey Jason,

    Thank you for such an informative review. I am currently running my online business for products regarding personality development and some other review websites. Although it is going well I think that it has reached its saturation. Do you think the freedom finders can help me to increase my reach in this niche?

    1. Hey Hari, 

      Yeah, Freedom Finders is pretty decent for helping with getting more traffic to your business because they also teach affiliate marketing

      It will depend on your budget of course.

      Glad this helped. 

  5. Hi Jason. I have mixed feelings about MLMs. I joined a couple during my collage years and the results were not so good. But I have always wanted to run ads on Facebook and leverage the potential behind this huge social media platform. However, I am still a beginner in all this, so I think I should keep learning more about network marketing before I join Freedom Finders.

  6. Thank you so much for this review friend. After reading your Freedom Finders review, I believe it is very close to being a scam. True, you can earn a commission from referrals, but what about the help you’ll need to set up and maintain the funnels you’ll need? 

    Is there any instruction on how to construct funnels included? 

    What kind of help do you get to maintain your presence for the various marketing methods that are deemed necessary? 

    I’ve always been a fan of platforms that offer training and assistance for the marketing strategies they claim to support.

  7. After reading your review on Freedom Finders, I find it very close to being a scam. True it does offer you a commission on referrals but what about the support you may need for setting up and maintaining the funnels you will need. Does it give you training on how to make funnels? What type of support do you get to maintain your presence for different marketing strategies it says are needed. I have always been a supporter of platforms that provide training and support for the methods of marketing the say they support.


    1. The thing with Freedom finders is that they only provide the funnels, but no concrete training on how to make these for yourself. This is a critical skill set to possess as a digital marketer. That is why having access to a training platform is so important. Thanks for your comment. 

  8. Hi Jason,

    Seeing more and more info about Facebook going down in the near future makes me feel uncomfortable going forward with this Freedom Finders program. But it is not bad to come across your honest review. And I will find out more about your recommended way to make money online. It sounds promising!



  9. It’s obvious that Freedom finders are not for newbies as you have said 100% agreed considering their product cost. 

    I will personally not want to pay for a product and still direct leads to them through paid Ads at my cost. I will love the leads for myself. 

    Very engaging article and a friendly and sincere intro that got me reading more and beyond. Thank you

  10. Hi there, I worked for a multilevel marketing company and I know how difficult it is to make money with the business model if you are not continuously recruiting more team members. Freedom Finders might not be a scam, but I will not be promoting them.

    The cost of Facebook ads can very quickly run away with you, especially for a beginner that doesn’t know the ins and outs of FB ads. Affiliate marketing is a more realistic way of earning an income online.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. And yes, I agree; affiliate marketing is quite the simplest way to get started with earning online. That is why I recommend it for beginners.

  11. Inside the program you’ll learn how to grow and expand your MLM business with leads, getting “butts in seats” and giveaways. Tim provides the software, Facebook groups, Live Facebook pieces of training, videos, MLM gurus to come and share information, Masterminds, and so much more! It’s one of the best platform out there. 

  12. I might have tried this a few years ago but not now. This was the first year that Facebook did not grow. No new users after 14 years. I also read today that Facebook (or Meta, whichever you prefer), threatened to close their social media in Europe. Will it disappear anytime soon? Who knows? 

    I would concentrate on something else like TikTok, YouTube, or Twitch. Technology is constantly evolving and what worked yesterday might not work today.

    Thanks for sharing. It was an interesting read.

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