FruitLab Review

FruitLab Review – Can You Earn Sustainable Rewards Here?

Hello, welcome to my FruitLab Review.

If you want to learn how to participate in the FruitLab site and earn extra cash, then you’re in the right place.

You will learn some of the opportunities offered by the FruitLab site.

Above all, you will know whether the FruitLab site is legit or a scam.

You will also learn some benefits from this site when you register and become a member.

At the end of my review, you will figure out whether the FruitLab site is suitable for you to join.

Therefore, continue reading to learn more about this gaming site.

Summary Of FruitLab Review

Product Name: FruitLab

Product type: Gaming Program

Founder: Cameron Leslie

Pricing:  Free

Product Rating: 2/5

Year founded: 2018

Website URL:

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The FruitLab Review – Overview

FruitLab Review

Unlike other gaming sites, the FruitLab site gives you the easiest opportunities to make extra cash online.

This site will benefit people who love gaming.

The site is available everywhere and only requires you to log in to participate in the games.

It is an example of a play-to-earn platform that provides its members with the opportunity to make money.

To understand more about the FruitLab site, let’s look at the site’s founder.

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FruitLab Review

Who Is The Founder Of Fruitlab?

FruitLab Review

The FruitLab site was founded by Cameron Leslie in 2018.

Leslie is also the director of the site and manages the platforms with other colleagues, including Tom Kiley.

Tom, also one of the investors of the FruitLab site, is the site’s managing director.

The site is also managed by other top officials, such as Cecilia Pembanyali, the digital marketing expert and web designer.

What Is Fruitlab?   

FruitLab Review

FruitLab is a getting-paid website that claims to offer you earning opportunities to users and pays you for participating in any of its offers.

The FruitLab site also allows gamers from different communities to interact with each other on the platform.

There are earning opportunities available in the FruitLab, where everyone can participate for a reward.

If you want to know the offers available on the site, don’t worry, I will explain them to you later in this review, so please keep on reading.

When it comes to earning from FruitLab, you only need to understand how the site works, and you will be ready to go.

The creators of the FruitLab site claim that the site acts as a platform for sharing content and earning money from the gameplay.

This will also give you an idea of how much money you can make from the site.

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What Is Fruitlab All About?

FruitLab Review

The FruitLab entails participating in the offers available on the site to get rewarded.

After registering on the site, you will choose among the available opportunities, participate, and start earning.

The site is simple to use and provides easy ways of making money, which you will learn later in my review.

How Does FruitLab Work?                                        FruitLab Review

The FruitLab site works by offering different opportunities and awarding you for participating in the offers.

Several offers are available for you on the site that you can participate in and make money.

The offers include;

Watching Game Clips

Watching game clips is one of the top ways to earn money from FruitLab.

The game clips are created by other active members participating on the site.

To watch a game clip from the site, you only need to log in to the FruitLab platform.

When you click the video, it will begin by playing an ad before opening the main video clip you need to watch.

Even though there is a skip option for the ad, you are not supposed to skip it, especially when watching the video, to get rewarded.

If you skip the ad, you will not get paid despite watching the video clip; therefore, it is a compulsory option for you to watch.

When it comes to the videos you are required to watch, the shortest one is about 30 seconds long, while the longest videos are about 5 minutes.

For this reason, it will not take much of your time watching a video from the site, after which you be awarded 200 XP points.

The points will be displayed in the dashboard in the upper section in the right corner.

If you are not fond of watching video clips, don’t worry, you will find most of the clips entertaining to prevent you from getting bored.

This offer is the easiest way to participate and make money.

What you will have to do with the points you are awarded to convert them to money; I will show you that later in the review.

Uploading Video Game Clips

You will be rewarded with XP points when you upload a video game clip to the FruitLab site.

This is another great offer from the FruitLab site that many people participate in to earn from the site.

However, the FruitLab site only accepts original videos that are 100% unique and come from you, or else the clip will not be approved.

When you upload a video to the site, it will be displayed in the video section of the platform.

The members can then watch the video and earn XP points.

When uploading a video to the FruitLab site, you must follow guidelines.

First, note that your video should be at least 30 seconds long and not exceed five minutes.

There are other rules provided by the site that you must consider when uploading the game clip.

Regarding video size, it should be at least 1MB and not more than 3GB with a specific encoding of H.264.

When you upload a video, the FruitLab site managers will review your video to inspect it to see if it considers its standards before being approved.

Your video will not be approved if it breaks any of the rules provided by the site.

Therefore, you need to take note of the rules if you want your clip to get approved.

You will start earning immediately when the other members start watching your videos from the platform.

Your earnings will increase when more members watch your video.

As such, you need to make your video more entertaining to attract more viewers.

Participating In Arcade Games

FruitLab Review

When you play the arcade game available on the site, the FruitLab site will reward you in two ways.

First, you can play the game for free, and the second way is the mode of player to player involving a wager.

In the free mode, you only have to play the game and earn a certain amount of XP points.

The number of points you will make, however, depends on your performance in the game.

For instance, you will earn more points when you are the top scorer in the game.

Your performance will rank you in first place, second and third place.

You will be awarded 1000 points in the first place, while in the second place, you will get 900 points.

In third place, you will receive 800 points and 700 points in fourth place, and 600 points in fifth place.

You can also try playing the player-to-player mode, where you will play against another player with a more significant game challenge.

However, when you choose to play in this game mode, you will have to put a bet on the PIP points before you begin the game.

User Giveaways    

This opportunity involves participating in a contest that other members of the FruitLab site hold.

By joining the contest from time to time, you will stand a chance to win more PIP points from the site.

To participate in this offer, click the “what’s ON” option in the menu and take note of the simple rules before starting the game.

Even though some members consider it a waste of PIP, participating in this offer has some significant advantages.

First, when you host a gateway, you stand a chance to increase the number of your video viewers or the audience.

When the audiences increase, you will earn more PIPs from the game as more members will watch the videos you have uploaded.

Therefore, in my stand, it is a better way to increase your earnings from the site.

The Daily Bonus

When you log in to the FruitLab site, you will be rewarded with a certain bonus.

In this offer, you only need to log in to the site daily and collect the bonus; the more you log in, the more bonus you get.

You will be awarded the bonus when you log in to the site or even their mobile app.

How Much Does Fruitlab Cost?                                                             

The FruitLab site is free to join and will not require you to pay any money to become a site member.

However, you will claim an entry bonus as a site member every time you log in to the FruitLab website or mobile application.

How Do You Get Paid From Fruitlab Site?

As I stated earlier, the FruitLab site rewards you for participating in the offers provided on their platform.

The Currency used by the FruitLab site to pay members is the PIPs.

However, in the case of XP points, there is much more to talk about as it seems to be a bit complicated.

For instance, you will be rewarded XP points if you watch an ad in a video clip.

The XP points will then be converted to PIP, after which a portion of the PIPs will be transferred to your pip pot.

The pip pot ends every Monday, after which the total amount collected Pips.

And will be earned by other members who have participated in viewing the game clips.

How Does The Pips Rate Of Distribution Work?

Well, the operation of the distribution of the pip is very simple; you will receive your share of the pip considering the three things below;

  • The total number of XP points you earned in the entire week
  • Your ranking in the game
  • The location.

For this reason, when you earn more XP points, you will receive more PIP points which will also determine your ranking.

However, the location is something you will not easily have control over.

And the FruitLab creators do not give a breakdown of how your location affects your earnings.

As for your ranking, you will receive the total amount of PIP from the pot if you are ranked a lieutenant.

If you are ranked below the Lieutenant, you will not be able to claim the total amount of PIPs awarded to you from the website.

For this reason, you will have to try and reach the Lieutenant rank every week to receive the full amount of PIPs you have been awarded.

What Can You Possibly Do With The Pips You Earn From The Fruitlab Site?

You can exchange the pips you earn from the FruitLab site with many rewards.

For instance, you can use them to redeem various points or gift cards from PlayStation stores, amazon stores, Xbox stores, and much more.

For a gift card worth $5, you will have to use about 50,000 Pips to redeem.

You can also use the PIP to redeem some of your amazing game keys, such as the popular games available today, including doom eternal and destiny 2.

Unfortunately, the FruitLab site does not offer any cash to its members.

For this reason, you will feel very disappointed if you want to participate in the offers provided in the FruitLab to earn cash.

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How Much Can You Make From The Fruitlab Site?

It is quite challenging to quote the exact amount you can earn from the FruitLab site.

This is because you cannot compute the amount of PIP you will receive in a week.

However, the highest amount you can receive from this site greatly depends on your effort and time spent on the FruitLab site.

For instance, it will take much of your time and effort to create a video clip that can attract many viewers for you to earn more PIPs.

For this reason, it may be a very low earning potential site, especially for the people who are not fun of watching videos.

The FruitLab site can be more profitable for game streamers as they are used to playing many videos and easily creating many game clips.

In my opinion, the earning potential of FruitLab is very low and may not be of help to an average person who wants to make more out of the site.

In that regard, if you are planning to start a business online and don’t know where to start, then I can help you out.

As an online savvy, I have put together my personal experience and also a guide that will help you to step strides in this online sphere.

Check this out:

FruitLab Review

Does FruitLab Offer Compensation Plan?                    

Yes, there are many compensation plans offered by FruitLab to its members.

First, when you log in to the FruitLab website, you will be awarded the login bonus, which will be displayed in your account.

The site also provides rewards for various opportunities offered in the site.

You can use your rewards to redeem various gift cards from other platforms once they accumulate to a reasonable amount.

Is FruitLab A Scam?

No, in my opinion, the FruitLab site is not a scam.

The site will genuinely reward you with your earnings if you become a member and participate in the offers available on the site.

However, the FruitLab seems not to be for everyone.

If you are looking for a site where you can work and earn real cash, then this site is not the best option to join.

The earning potential from the FruitLab app is also generally low, and you will have to spend more time on it, putting much effort into receiving more rewards.

For this reason, I recommend FruitLab for gamers or people who love streaming, as this site can potentially reward them for their work.

The FruitLab claims to be the best app for rewarding people who loves playing games and uploading video games to the site.

What I Like About FruitLab

  • The FruitLab site provides fun ways to make money

The opportunities for earning money offered by FruitLab are easy and fun.

You will be entertained watching the video clips and playing the games available on the site.

  • The FruitLab is available worldwide.

You can register to become a member of FruitLab anywhere in the world.

Both the website and the mobile application of FruitLab are available globally.

  • The FruitLab mobile application and site is user friendly

The app is easy and simple to use by members during the registration process.

It is also easy to participate in the offers available in the app and earn money.

Furthermore, the app also uses simple normal language that is easy to understand and follow.

What I Don’t Like About FruitLab

  • The FruitLab does not offer Cash rewards

The rewards offered by the FruitLab site cannot be redeemed for cash just like what I shared earlier on Starry For Cash App Review.

For this reason, you can only use your rewards to redeem gift cards from other platforms such as amazon.

  • The FruitLab site provides low rewards

The available rewards on the site are generally low.

For this reason, you will have to put in more effort and time to make good money.

On the other hand, you will need up to 50000 PIPs from the site to be able to redeem a gift card worth five dollars.

  • The FruitLab offers limited earning opportunities.

There are generally fewer opportunities available on the FruitLab site where members can participate.

This limits members from making more money from the site

Is There Any Alternative To FruitLab?

Yes, you can still go for another alternative to FruitLab to earn money.

The internet offers a great opportunity to start earning money, however, NOT all platforms that claim to offer you money doesn’t fulfill their claims.

In that regard, I’ll urge you to consider trying affiliate marketing.

Why affiliate marketing?

Of course, this is a business model that I have personally used, and currently using.

Secondly, affiliate business is easy to start, more so for beginners.

But you won’t be wondering where and how to start.

Needless to worry, after doing research, I put together a complete blueprint that will enable you to get started with affiliate marketing:

FruitLab Review

FAQ About FruitLab

Can I use FruitLab on my Mobile Phone?

Yes, FruitLab has a mobile application that allows members to use the platform on their mobile phones.

The app also allows you to participate in the other opportunities offered on the FruitLab site.

Like the FruitLab site, the app also awards you a login bonus every time you log in to the application.

Who can join the FruitLab site?

However, to join the FruitLab, they recommend you have to be at least 13 years old.

The registration process to the FruitLab is very simple and open to anyone.

The FruitLab site will then send you an email containing a verification link which you will use to verify your account.

Will FruitLab work in my country?

The FruitLab is found worldwide, allowing you to register as a member anywhere you are in the world.

Does FruitLab offer support to its members?

Yes, the FruitLab site provides decent support to its members.

If you have any queries concerning your account or the site and its offers, you can begin by looking at the FAQ page.

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