A Sale A Day Review – Is Mei Pak’s Course LEGIT?

A Sale A Day Review

Hi, welcome to my A Sale A Day Review.

In my review, I will take you through what A Sale A Day is all about, how it works, and its pricing.

You will also know whether the A Sale A Day Business System is legit or a scam.

Therefore, please keep reading to understand more about everything you need to know concerning A Sale A Day Business System.

At the end of my review, you will be able to decide on whether A Sale A Day Business System is right for you or not.

Before moving further, let’s look at the summary of A Sale A Day.

Summary Of A Sale A Day Review

Product Name: A Sale A Day Business System

Product Type: eCommerce platform

Website’s URL: https://www.creativehiveco.com/a-sale-a-day-business

Product Founder: Mei Pak

Product Pricing: One-time subscription of $997

Price Product Rating: 3/5

Recommendation: Read my review to find out my recommendation on this program

A Sale A Day Review Overview

A Sale A Day Review

A Sale A Day is a business program built for designers, creatives, and makers entrepreneurs looking forward to creating a successful business.

It is a program that helps you sell the products you love creating and earn income that can sustain you with your family.

A sale A Day is an example of a part community, course library, or part group coaching program.

This course has up to twelve modules, with each module teaching you how you can set up your eCommerce business.

At the end of the course modules, you will understand how you can sell your homemade products using A Sale A Day knowledge.

But I have another opportunity that you can still consider as a way of generating revenue online.

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A Sale A Day Review

What Is A Sale A Day Business System?

A Sale A Day Review

A Sale A Day Business System is a training program with in-depth coverage of how you can create a long-term business at home.

The owner claims that the program can help you grow your income from $0 to up to $1k in a month by selling homemade products at home without worrying about any capital.

This in-depth course has twelve modules covering everything you need to know about marketing your homemade products.

By learning the A Sale A Day course, you can stay focused on your business and grow your monthly income.

A Sale A Day program was built for artists, makers, designers, and creators who aim to earn a stable income in their businesses.

By learning the A Sale A Day course, you can create exciting ideas to help you design and brand your products at home.

You will also learn how you can create your website and use it to graft and develop your market plans.

Therefore, with A Sale A Day training knowledge, you will stand a chance to develop a strong, stable, and sustainable business using your homemade products.

The program comprises more than 35 hours long videos that display the training sessions, with additional transcripts, templates, and audio recordings.

It also entails Scripts, calculators, and many other resources you may need to improve your business and generate more income.

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Who Is Mei Pak?

A Sale A Day Review

Mei Pak is the founder of the A Sale A Day Business System.

Apart from being a focused business lady, she is also an actress and has featured in various commercials and shows.

Pak has an outstanding experience in the eCommerce business and is a successful eCommerce trader.

She also has a channel on the YouTube platform where she teaches her viewers more about eCommerce business.

Pak has more than 40k subscribers on her YouTube channel, with many viewers due to her active posting of several educative videos every week.

What Is A Sale A Day Course All About?

A Sale A Day Review

A Sale A Day course is all about Creating and selling your homemade products to become a great eCommerce trader.

In this course, the main focus is on how you can develop long-term income generation using your homemade products.

You can be a good designer, a maker, or have some creatives you can use to generate income online as an eCommerce seller.

If you are such a person, then this course is for you.

A Sale A Day Business System aims at promoting your skills and using the skills to develop and make products that can help you generate stable income online.

In the twelve modules available in this course, Mei Pak teaches you all you need to know to become a successful eCommerce trader by selling your homemade products.

Pak is a successful eCommerce expert based on selling her homemade products as an actress by featuring in several shows and commercials.

Therefore, she is a great example of an eCommerce trader with great success in her business.

How Does A Sale A Day Work?

A Sale A Day Review

A Sale A Day is a training program that aims to teach you how to build and grow your business for long-term income generation.

It is an in-depth course of up to twelve modules covering everything you need to know about growing your business.

Let’s look at the breakdown of these modules;

Module One: Setting Up Your Business And Creating Products

In the first module of the A Sale A Day course, Pack teaches you how you can identify winning products in the market.

You will learn some useful ideas for analyzing and finding winning products that are highly marketable.

She also outlines strategies you can use to find more profitable markets for selling your products.

According to Pak, several ideas and techniques for finding profitable markets exist.

Module Two: Product Making And Photography

In this module, Pak focuses on how you can make your product good with a desirable nature that makes it attracts many buyers and generate more income.

Pak also teaches photography tips that you can apply to make your product look more attractive and desirable.

According to Pak, your products must be as good as possible to attract many buyers and gain more profits.

Module Three: Product Pricing

Pak dedicates this section to product pricing, focusing on how you can price your products rightfully.

Pricing of your product is based on the type of products you are selling, which is a key factor in setting your pricing strategies.

Module Four: Product Branding And Packaging

Pak teaches you how to create a brand for your products in this section.

According to Pak, branding is essential to maintain buyers of your products.

If you create a powerful brand for your product, many buyers will be attracted to it, and they’ll keep coming.

This will enable you to have repeated buyers and also increase their number.

Pak will also teach you how to customize and package your products uniquely to enable you to increase your product branding.

Module Five: Setting Up Your Shop

In this module, Pak teaches you how to set up a shop for your products.

You will learn the eCommerce platforms on which you can easily sell your products to earn more profits.

Occasionally, traders prefer choosing the Shopify platform when setting up a shop.

This is because their store and creating a store on the Shopify platform is easier than on other platforms.

Pak also teaches you how to select apps and create themes alongside setting up an eCommerce store.

Module Six: Building Your Email List

Pak focuses on how you can build your email list in this section.

Setting up email marketing is essential for an eCommerce business and can contribute to up to 30% of your total sale.

In this module, you will learn how to collect as many emails as possible and how you can use the emails to improve your sales.

Module Seven: Search Engine Operation (SEO) And Blogging

This section will find SEO and blogging, enabling you to understand how you can get free traffic, especially on Google.

Module Eight: Pinterest

In this section, Pak teaches you about Pinterest as an imageboard.

According to Pak, Pinterest is an underrated traffic source, even though you can use it to get traffic.

You will also learn how you can automate the traffic process.

Module Nine: The Use Of Social Media Platforms To Generate Income.

In this section, Pak teaches you how to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to improve your income.

You will learn how to gain more traffics from Instagram and Facebook and no ads.

Module Ten: Traffic Strategies

In module ten, Pak talks about the traffic strategies such as influencer, magazine, and blogger outreach.

In this module, you will learn some of the ways you can use to find different outlets and get your maximum pitch among thousands of people.

Module Eleven: Selling Wholesale

In this section, Pak teaches about Wholesale sales of products.

You will learn how to attract buyers, find stores for your products, and design packaging.

Module 12: Scaling Up Your Business

This is the last module of the A Sale A Day course.

This section will teach you how to increase product sales by scaling and generating more income.

Pak teaches you how to automate your business and hire more people to expand it.

Special Bonuses

A Sale A Day Review

There are also some bonuses alongside the twelve modules of the A Sale A Day course.

The bonuses include; more than 1000 media contacts and Facebook ad training for your homemade products.

You will also get Email templates that Pak used in making her sales.

She also lists her resource apps, software, and tools.

Lastly, you will also get up to 34 different recordings on several topics from different eCommerce experts.    

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How Much Does A Sale A Day Cost?

A Sale A Day Review

A Sale A Day course costs $997 in a one-time payment option.

However, you can also shift to a three months payment option at $397 per month.

It may be one of the pricier courses due to its cost, even though other courses are more expensive online.

However, a Sale A Day course goes through many traffic sources and may not be pretty thorough.

In my view, I don’t think A Sale A Day course is really worth its price because other courses offer the same content online at a much more favorable price.

What If You Aren’t A Fan Of Creating A Sale A Day’s Products?

Unlike other types of business, eCommerce has become a good business model for many people.

It allows you to sell billions of products online and earn money; hence you can use it as your long-term income generation activity, provided your business is stable.

Many investors have successfully become great millionaires with their lives changed due to this business.

However, not all these investors sell their own manufactured products.

Most of them sell several other products online and earn more money.

For this reason, if you are not good at creating your products, you need to limit yourself to selling your products to become a great eCommerce trader.

In some cases, you might take a lot of time creating your products which may also have a lower ticket in the market.

This means you will get a lower profit margin, especially if you restrict yourself to homemade products with such a low ticket.

You can shift to selling other products you like because many winning products in the market have a greater profit margin.

But you can still venture into another alternative if you find that the business model above doesn’t work for you.

Take a few minutes of your time to check out this better alternative that I’m currently using:

A Sale A Day Review

Is A Sale A Day A Scam?

A Sale A Day Review

In my honest opinion, A Sale A Day course is not a Scam.

Mei Pak, who established the A Sale Day Business program, seems to be a legitimate expert in eCommerce.

Training offered by A Sale A Day is legit and offers everything you need to know to develop a long-term business.

The only issue I have with this program is the cost that comes with it.

What I Like About A Sale A Day

  • Offers solid training

A Sale A Day course provides good training to help you grow your eCommerce business and generate more income.

This course guarantees you a better way to become a great eCommerce trader.

  • Mei Pak is a good guest teacher

Pak, the founder of A Sale A Day course, is an expert businesswoman.

She has good training skills that make her deliver quality training with a great teaching experience.

  • Easy to learn and follow

A Sale A Day course is easy to follow and learn.

It is a straightforward course that comes with up to twelve modules that are easy to understand.

What I Don’t Like About A Sale A Day

  • Too much expensive

A Sale A Day course costs much, which is higher than other eCommerce course pricing.

This course requires you to pay up to $997 to train, yet you can still acquire the same information for free on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

  • Only teaches about selling your homemade products.

This course teaches you how to sell your homemade products, yet there are many other products you can sell online.

If you are not a fan of this, you can shift to other courses that offer information without any limitations.

Is There Any Alternative To A Sale A Day Business System?

If your interest is not taken care of in this business model, then don’t be worried.

There are tons of business opportunities that you can still go for without necessarily investing all your money.

But today, I’ll offer you one opportunity I have personally tested and proved.

Affiliate Marketing is a business opportunity that has been there for decades, but few people have been able to sail through by following the basics.

First, before you can think of making money with affiliate marketing, you need to build your business gradually.

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A Sale A Day Review

FAQ About A Sale A Day     

A Sale A Day Review           

Is A Sale A Day course worth taking?

This course is not worth taking because it is expensive, yet the information shared can be gotten for free.

Is A Sale A Day Course legit?

A Sale A Day course is Legit, and Mei Pak is a legitimate online eCommerce expert.

The training resources provided in this course are available on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram at no cost.

Does A Sale A Day Course Offer Bonuses?

Yes, there are bonuses offered in the A Sale A Day course.

You will get the bonuses after completing the twelve available modules provided in the course.

What are payment options available in the A Sale Day course?

Two payment options are available in the course: a one-time payment of $997 or a three-payment option of $397 per month.

If I am a fine artist, will this course work for me?

Yes, A Sale A Day course can help you grow your talent and market it to be

Thank you for checking out my review.

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