G7FX Review – Is This Forex Training Course Worth It?

G7FX Review

Hi, welcome to my G7FX Review.

G7FX offers you a trading course on how to make money in the forex industry.

Due to the increasing popularity of forex trading online, many programs offering training on the business model have seen a drastic increase as well.

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This has also resulted in an increasing trend of scamming where people offering forex training or signals engage in fraud activities.

For this reason, before you join the G7FX, you must first learn more about the program.

In this review, I’ll take you through the inside-out of the G7FX program.

In addition, I’ll take you through the cost of joining the program, how it works, and who Neerav Vadera is.

So basically, I intend to offer you honest and unbiased information about the G7FX.

With that in mind, let’s get started…

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G7FX Review Summary

Name of The Product: G7FX

Type of the Product:  Institutional Forex trade training program

Website’s URL: https://www.g7fx.com/

Founder: Neerav Vadera

Overall Rating: 80/100

Cost: $998

Recommendation:  Yes, but not for everyone

G7FX Review – Overview

G7FX Review

There are many programs online offering online training on the forex trade course.

G7FX being among them, claims to offer you a professional trading education to become an expert forex trader.

The program encourages you to join their platform and get mentored by their chief expert Neerav Vadera.

The mentor claims to be an expert institutional forex and features traders online.

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Neerav claims to have more than 16 years of experience trading in the forex industry.

He also claims to have worked as a central bank and hedge funds advisor before joining the forex trade.

Also, Neerav claims that it is almost possible to succeed when you are only relying on retail trading strategies including technical analysis.

By joining the program, Neerav promises you to become a consistently profitable trader in the forex market.

The program allows you to get access to the world-class flow tools banks and hedge funds used in the business.

In addition, the program claims to help you free yourself from losses and the time taken when moving around in circles.

Market Leader: The Funded Trader

What Is G7FX?

G7FX is a trading course launched by Neerav Vadera in the United Kingdom.

The program focuses on providing training on two major aspects of trading including Institutional trading and features trading.

The G7FX program targets people who have a passion for trading.

According to the program, anyone given the opportunity to start trading can succeed online so long as they have a passion for trading.

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This does not matter whether you want to do it as a part-time trader or want to make it your full-time career.

In addition, the program claims that it does not matter what your background in trading is.

The program claims to offer training on all kinds of skill levels you may be in.

All the market aspects are covered in the program ranging from the basic aspects to the most advanced market aspects.

For this reason, the program claims to help you gain the confidence to start trading and earn profits.

How Does G7FX Work?

G7FX consists of two courses the foundation course and the pro course.

The two courses are discussed separately where the program expects you to begin with the foundation course before proceeding to the pro course.

So, let’s begin with the foundation course.

Foundation Course

This foundation course curriculum is divided into five modules and each module covers a specific topic of the course.

The course modules are displayed in a video format where Neerav teaches you what you need to know about the module.

The course format follows the same timescale used in most professional prop firms to enable traders to gain the required skills and knowledge.

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On the time scale, it will take between three to six months for you to become a professional trader.

During this period, the G7FX course will teach you the footprint of proprietary trading, and the volume profile analysis.

Here are the foundation course modules you will learn:

Module One: Youth Career Path: Business Plan

This module introduces you to the course and covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to a business plan (16:52)
  • Major Players (27:12)
  • Features vs Standard forex (24:14)
  • Conclusion (06:19)
  • Trading timetable (07:24)

Module Two: Raw Data: Time & Sales

Here are the topics covered under time and sales:

  • Introduction to time and sales (12:11)
  • Time and sales (08:46)
  • Time and sales Live Example (23:35)
  • Conclusion (13:05)

Module Three: Why Does Price Move

Here is what module three covers:

  • Introduction to the price move (22:13)
  • DOM Live Example part one (01:20:48)
  • DOM live Example part two (01:35:37)

Module Four: The Foundation Course Summary

Here is what module four of the course covers on the topic:

The foundation course summary and the next steps (29:38)

  • Foundation course exercise (16:03)
  • Simple side games and absorption (50:19)
  • Introduction to AMT and trading around profile (45:54)
  • Task 4 Real DOM trade Example (1:04:14)
  • Task 5 Real DOM Trade around FX Discord levels (1:18:28)

Module Five: Sierra Chart Foundation Course Chartbook & Instructions

Here are what is covered in the topic:

  • Introduction to features platforms (33:57)
  • Sierra Chart and Chartbook Installation (41:07)
  • Sierra Chart futures codes and clarification (23:20)

Pro Course

After learning the foundation course, you’ll get the opportunity to join the prop course.

The pro course also follows the same footprint and timescale used by prop firms to coach traders.

The pro course is also covered in a video format with its curriculum divided into stages from stage one to stage three.

Let’s go through the course curriculum in detail.

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Pro Course Curriculum

The course begins with an introduction that covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to the pro course (41:33);
  • Reality Check which is a compulsory viewing (57:00)

From there you will proceed to the stages of the course as follows:

Stage One: Context (AMT)

Here are what the topic covers in the module:

  • Introduction to AMT (1:48:21)
  • Supply Side Dominance (1:34:24)
  • Balance vs. Imbalance (1:48;33)
  • Measuring probability (2:21:20)
  • Volume profile part 1 (2:35:09), part 2 (2:37:09), part 3 (3:15:14)
  • G7FX Stage 1 Profile chartbook

Stage Two: Hypothesis Building

Here are what you will learn in this topic:

  • Introduction to VWAP (1:45:36)
  • VWAP Practical-part 1 (1:24:11)
  • VWAP Practical-part 2 (1:40:52)
  • Static vs. dynamic value part 1 (1:37:21)
  • How I enter and exit (35:29)
  • Value migration and live trading examples (2:28:32)
  • G7FX stage 2 VWAP and profile chartbook.

Stage Three: Order Flow (Footprint And CD)

  • Introduction to cumulative delta (1:10:08)
  • Cumulative delta practical (2:10:22)
  • Introduction to the footprint (7:22)
  • Footprint basics (33:00)
  • Further footprint example (23:21)
  • Time vs none time-based charts (1:14:05)
  • Understanding delta starts (1:03:38)
  • Installation and what to look for (50:09)
  • Footprint live examples (1:16:06)

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Who Is G7FX Neerav Vadera?

G7FX Review

Neerav Vadera is the founder and owner of the G7FX trading course program.

He is a private trader based in the United Kingdom and still serves as the head of the G7FX Proprietary Firm.

Neerav mainly trades in the S&P 500, pound, and Crude oil as his primary source of income.

He claims to have spent more than 16 years trading in the market, as a full-time private trader.

Before becoming a private trader, Neerav claims to have worked in many high-profile companies.

He worked at Barclays Investment Bank where he claims to have worked for six years and helped the bank bring in up to $10.53 billion in revenue in 2016.

Also, Neerav claims to have managed about $5 trillion while working at Barclays with all the amount coming from the forex industry.

In his educational background, Neerav is a graduate of the Cass Business School where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Financial Risk management.

He later joined the CFA institute where he enrolled for a postgraduate study in education and passed the CFA level three exams.

He claims to have worked at a certain trading firm before quitting to launch the G7FX program.

When launching the G7FX, his main aim was to share the passion and knowledge he has in trading with other traders online.

According to Neerav, there was an inadequate number of reputable sources where traders could learn how to trade the foreign exchange market.

This is the reason that Neerav claims to have made him launch G7FX to fill in the gap and make more people learn forex trading.

How Much Does G7FX Cost?

G7FX combines both the foundation course and the pro course in their price tag which is set at 998 Euros.

However, the program promises to offer special discounts to traders which can lower the cost to about 798 Euros.

G7FX also promises to offer a full refund for those traders who are comfortable with the training program.

The refund policy, however, comes with some requirements to confirm your eligibility.

First, you need to request a refund within thirty days from your purchase day.

This means that, if you request a money-back service after thirty days, there will be no guarantee that you’ll claim your money back.

In addition, the program supports payments from major payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, Visa, master cards, American Express, and Discover.

G7FX Reviews Trustpilot

G7FX has an excellent rating on trust pilot with most of their testimonial students recommending the program as a world-class course.

The program is being reviewed as a world-class leading institutional trading in forex trade education founded by Neerav.

Others are also satisfied with the claims made by Neerav of having more than 16 years of experience in trading.

According to the testimonials, the outstanding experience Neerav has is reflected in his teachings throughout the entire course.

Here is what the TrustPilot rating looks like for the G7FX program and Neerav.

G7FX Review

Is G7FX Any Good?

In my opinion, G7FX is a good course.

The program covers in-depth teaching on how to trade online.

Neerav is an ex-Barclays trader now focusing on offering professional teaching to traders in the foreign exchange market.

He, therefore, has a lot to share with the traders who join the platform intending to help them become professional traders.

In addition, Neerav is not linked with many brokers online and does not entice his students to refer to any trader of his choice.

Instead, Neerav allows traders to choose a broker of their own interest and feel free to trade as they wish.

This means that Neerav is not affiliated with any broker online and therefore, has a higher level of credibility.

G7FX also attracted higher ratings on trust pilots with multiple independent five-star ratings from their students online.

Most of the testimonies from the programs positively recommend their lengthy lesions to have a detailed explanation of how to trade.

I loved how Neerav displays the content in in-depth coverage which is easy to learn and understand.

Even though the course is easy to learn and master, it is not for everyone.

The course is best suitable for people who want to venture into the foreign exchange market as their full-time or part-time career.

If you don’t have a passion for learning forex trade in the foreign exchange market, then joining the program may not benefit you.

However, this is not the end of it all, I have another alternative program you can give a try for your investment and time.

Continue reading this review to see what I have for you.

What I Like About G7FX

  • Neerav is an experienced trader

After working for more than 16 years in the foreign exchange market, Neerav has gathered enough experience in trading.

He focuses on teaching upcoming trades how to become expert traders in the foreign exchange market.

According to Neerav, any person given the opportunity to learn trading can become a professional trader in the market.

  • G7FX has in-depth coverage of the course

Neerav teaches both the pro course and foundation course in a detailed coverage for traders to easily master them.

His strategy is to help beginners with little experience learn how to trade from scratch by providing them with detailed content.

You will stand a chance to master every concept of the course when you join the program irrespective of your level of experience.

  • Suitable course for beginners

G7FX targets to help out beginners who have a great passion for joining the foreign exchange market.

They are looking at hardworking traders who are profitable and can achieve their goals working as forex traders.

So, if you are interested in becoming a forex trader or joining proprietary trading, the G7FX program claims to be the best option for you.

What I Don’t Like About G7FX

  • Too expensive

The price tag set by the program is much more expensive for traders who want to learn the course from scratch.

Because the program targets newbies more, some of them may not easily afford the price especially those with little income.

In addition, some people may not feel comfortable paying the amount before they get the outcome of the course.

  • Not for everyone

G7FX is a suitable option for people who want to venture into forex trading in the market.

If you have no interest in joining the forex market, joining the course will not benefit you.

In addition, the program targets profitable traders who are talented in trading forex.

Is There Any Alternative To G7FX?

Yes, I have another best alternative that can allow you to trade without a funding issue.

Currently, tons of prop firms claim to offer you funding provided you have the requisite trading skills.

However, not all of these firms will stay true to their words.

In that regard, I want to offer you one suggestion that I’m certain will offer you funding to make your dream come true.

But before you become excited, I want to let you know that this prop firm that I’m about to suggest to you demands that you show them your skills beforehand.

This will involve an evaluation process that will come at different stages.

So, that said, check out Funded Trading Plus Review for detailed information about the program.

If you want to try out this option today, feel free to click the below button:

FAQs About The G7FX  

Is G7FX Affiliated With Any Broker?

G7FX has no relationship with any broker online and allows you to feel free to use one you would wish to trade with.

Neerav however teaches their affiliates to be more independent and avoid taking commissions from the brokers they trade with online.

According to Neerav, it is a better way to prevent being enticed by brokers into joining their affiliate programs which may make you lose money.

Do I Need To Have A Bigger Account To Start The G7FX Course?

No, the program does not require much money from you to start the training course.

You will only have to stimulate the amount you will be using to trade in the entire course and avoid paying for your broker holidays.

The program also encourages you to empty all your funds from the broker account before you begin the course, that is if you already have one.

What Markets Do G7FX Trade?

G7FX has up to three trade markets including the pound, crude oil, and S&P 500.

The program claims to have a broad market spectrum that covers the New York and London trading hours.

However, Neerav encourages traders to stick to one trading instrument that perfectly suits their lifestyle and working hours.

I Am A Beginner With Little Experience, Will I Struggle With G7FX?

G7FX welcomes all traders with different levels of experience to join their training courses and learn how to trade.

The program claims to have begun the course with almost all their students being of little trading experience but managed to help them out.

They justify their claims based on the many five-star independent rating and the multiple trust pilot reviews they received online.

Thank you for reading my G7FX Review.

If you have any addition, feel free to leave a message in the section below.

I’ll be glad to respond to you as soon as possible.

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