goDiamond Review – Read This Before Joining This Program!

goDiamond Review

Hey there! Welcome to my goDiamond Review.

It’s a fact that you can earn money online through referrals, investing in assets, affiliate marketing, and drop services.

And there are very many platforms that claim to give you opportunities to make money online.

While others might be genuine, most of them are NOT legit.

They only disguise themselves to steal money from the public.

goDiamond claims to give you the same opportunity of making money through their referral system.

Let’s dive into this review to determine the legitimacy of goDiamond

But before that, I want to inform you that I’m not related to GoDiamond, and my review will be unbiased and truthful.

Let’s get started.

Summary goDiamond Review

Name of the Product: goDiamond

Type of the Product: MLM Program

Website’s URL: www.godiamond.com

Founders: Michael Samaras, Diana Vila, and Depak Patel

Product Rating:  4/10

Product Cost: Not Clearly Stated

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Overview Of goDiamond

goDiamond is a digital program that claims to allow you to make money through its referral system.

The digital industry offers you a variety of ways to make money, such as sales of services and products, referral systems, and investments.

In referral systems, referring people to genuine platforms offering genuine products would be best.

Otherwise, it is against the law to refer people to shady programs that expose them to losing their money.

This platform also relies on a referral system as a way of making money.

How will you convince people to join a program with no mainstream income source?

With increased cases of shady and spammy digital programs, do you expect people to believe they can make money out of this platform?

That is not the case.

You don’t want to waste your time begging people to join such programs.

Especially when there are other viable digital opportunities that can give you a sustainable source of income.

goDiamond Review

What is goDiamond About?

goDiamond Review

goDiamond is an MLM digital platform that claims to offer you an opportunity to interact with other enthusiastic, passionate, and hardworking individuals.

This platform claims that it will distribute 95% of the revenues earned by its system among its users.

And the amount of revenue you’ll earn is determined by the amount contributed by its members.

What Are The Characteristics Of goDiamond?

  • Availability on Google

The creator affirms that their program is available on Google making it easy for visitors to access.

And you can get access to it through the google search engine.

  • Performance & Design

This platform claims to have built a good design for its website.

However, their website is quite slow.

A lot of improvement needs to be done to the website’s loading speed.

  • Security

The creator of goDiamond claims that its website is much more secure and assures its users that their data is safe.

Also, goDiamond uses an SSL Certificate extension that will protect you from spammers and secures your data.

  • Social Media Accounts

This platform does not have any social media that provides various support for its clients.

  • About Us & Contact page

Of course, this program has an “About Us” and “Contact Page.”

What Will You Get From goDiamond?

goDiamond Review

Since this program is still new, the only product it has is a referral system.

The platform will pay you a commission whenever you refer new users to their platform.

It is alleged that this platform processes its payments on the fifth and tenth day of every month.

You’ll receive the commissions you earned from the previous month as a member.

Also, you’ll get a chance to withdraw a minimum of $100.

Besides, 10% of your due commission will be deducted during withdrawal to pay for Sponsor Royalty.

How Does goDiamond Process Its Payment?

Currently, the only method that this platform claims it uses to process withdrawals is cryptocurrency.

They claim that this method is the best since cryptocurrency is used in most countries.

When you become a goDiamond member, you need to create a cryptocurrency wallet that will be used to process your payment.

To withdraw your commissions, you’ll log into your account, go to the withdraw tab, key in all your payment information, and wait for the money to reflect in your wallet.

If you experience a challenge making your withdrawals, you can contact goDiamond customer care to walk you through it.

Has goDiamond Made Any Payment Before?

So far, goDiamond has no proof of payment from its platform.

Honestly, this is not a trustworthy investment platform since it does not offer you any tangible products or services.

It only claims to provide a referral system you can make money from.

Is it possible to earn money without selling anything?

Who Are The Owners Of goDiamond?

The alleged owners of the goDiamond are Michael Samaras, Diana Vila, and Depak Patel.

Michael Samaras holds the position of chief executive officer (CEO), Depak Patel is the Chief Program Officer (CPO), and Diana Vila is the community manager.

But no detailed information is provided about these three individuals who are alleged to be the founders of the goDiamond platform.

It is always wise for you to dig deeper and find out more about digital gurus who claim to allow you to make money online.

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How Does goDiamond Work?

goDiamond is a multi-level marketing system that claims to operate using a referral system.

It does not have any other service or tangible product to offer.

This program claims to pay you when you refer new users to the platform.

The bigger your downline team gets, the higher your commission you get.

goDiamond uses bitcoin as a way of paying their clients.

Currently, this website is beta, and you’ll likely have access to landing pages and promotional banners in the future.

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How Do You Register In goDiamond?

To become a goDiamond member, you can either register directly on godiamond.com or join through the referral link you got from the person who introduced you to the system.

Once you get to the registration page, you’ll have to provide your contact details, that is, your email and full name.

Also, you’ll be required to set your login password to secure your account.

After that, you’ll need to click the “Activate Button” to complete your first registration process.

Your final step will be verification.

A link will be sent to your account after completing step one; confirm your link by clicking that link.

Once you complete your registration, you can access your account through the login page on godiamond.com.

goDiamond Review

What Is the Cost of goDiamond?

This platform does not openly reveal its cost.

Is goDiamond A Scam?

Michael Samaras

You can agree with me that goDiamond is not a legitimate platform at this stage.

Most legitimate multi-level marketing programs will at least have tangible products or services to offer.

Any platform that does the opposite is not a trustworthy program.

goDiamond relies on recruiting new users and claims to have a target of one million members in a few months.

Also, understand that goDiamond.com does not have a mainstream source of income.

Besides, this platform may be in its early stages of development, but the direction it is heading raises eyebrows.

Furthermore, it is not yet publicly known by most internet users.

Currently, goDiamond.com is using spammy strategies to market itself.

What I Like About goDiamond

Honestly, there is nothing attractive about goDiamond.

It is a waste of time to invest in a program where you don’t know how it earns its revenues apart from the claims you earn through the referral system.

What I Don’t Like About goDiamond

  • It only focuses on referrals.

goDiamond does not provide you with any service or tangible product apart from relying on a referral system.

The creators of godiamond.com claim to allow you to join a referral program that can earn you money.

  • Has Limited Online Experience

goDiamond has not established its online presence.

But you will get to know about its existence from people who have fallen into their trap and put their money into this shady program.

You will meet with the promoters of this platform on Facebook, trying to lure you into joining so that they can earn commissions from you.

  • It has a lot of red flags.

When you hear about goDiamond, you raise your eyebrows right from the word go.

This is because it has many red flags that make it a scam.

  • It does not offer tangible products or legit service

As I mentioned, this platform claims to earn revenue from its referral system.

It is multi-level marketing that has no product to sell.

There is no clear information about other ways of making money from this platform.

  • Little information is known about its creators.

Although Michael Diana Vila, Samaras, and Depak Patel are alleged to be the people behind the creation of godiamond.com, there is insufficient proof to back up these claims.

Additionally, these three creators seem to be new in the digital industry.

This makes the legitimacy of their program questionable.

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Is There Any Alternative To goDiamond?

The online industry offers many business opportunities to leverage and builds your financial empire.

You can choose a market niche that matches your passion, build it and start earning revenue.

Generally, this platform is a business model I can’t recommend to anyone.

goDiamond is not the right business opportunity for you.

I recommend the affiliate marketing business model as the best alternative to goDiamond.

goDiamond Review

Affiliate Marketing is ideal for anyone who aspires to build a reliable source of passive income.

Apart from being pocket friendly, it is easy to start and does not require special skills to start and grow.

You will promote other people’s services or products and earn commissions in return. 

Check out my blueprint for affiliate marketing on this page.

goDiamond Review

FAQs About goDiamond

What is GoDiamond About?

This platform is multi-level marketing that claims to allow you to earn money through a referral system.

The creators of this program claim you will interact with various hardworking, enthusiastic, and passionate individuals.

How does goDiamond Work?

The only way you can earn money from this program is through the referral system.

The creators claim that the more users you refer, the higher commission you get.

Is goDiamond a Scam?

This platform is definitely not a trustworthy platform to invest in.

This is because it is not clear about the products they offer.

The only way they claim you earn money is through the referral system.

11 thoughts on “goDiamond Review – Read This Before Joining This Program!

  1. Hello thank you for sharing your review on GoDiamond!

    I have actually heard of GoDiamond before!

    One of my friends used to be in it and he said it wasn’t what he expected!

    Another thing is i also don’t think it’s a trustworthy platform. 

    Although I am fine with the MLM model, I don’t think this is something I would look into!

  2. Thank you for your well thought out review. I am always skeptical of these types of programs and prefer to read reviews and let others try them first. It is just so risky to pay money before knowing if something is actually worth the price or not, unfortunately there are many scams these days!

  3. To me this looks more like a pyramid scheme than a real MLM company. At least many MLMs have real products even if these are of questionable quality and price. At least they offer something. This has nothing to offer so what is the purpose of it? All this to me is a big fat red flag and I would stay as far away from it as I could.

    1. Good observation, Stratos!  I have been studying real MLM companies and know that they offer valuable products that people may buy.  Companies that mostly rely on the recruitment of people rather than the products are usually pyramid schemes and the FTC frown upon these types of business models. Thanks for sharing your views.  It helps. 

  4. In my experience and personal opinion, MLM companies are mostly scams that are not guaranteed to make you money along the way. It’s impossible to determinate how much money you’ll make by joining a program like this, much less have any certainty if the company is barely starting and there’s no proof of it’s achievements. Not being able to first-hand know what the paying price for joining is can also be a red flag. I wouldn’t risk my hard earned money, nor my time with something that doesn’t really offer any value in return. 

  5. Thank you for bringing up the GoDiamond review.

    I came across this platform for the first time. 

    I was questioning, referring to people about what? Just joining make you money?

    I believe this program is in the beta testing stage, may be worth looking at it late. Where are the real estate and other products, you mentioned about the GoDiamond? 

    I would not use my time on this. 

    What I’d rather do is join a legitimate, well-proven online money-making platform where I can start for free. 

    I have test driven the Wealthy Affiliate platform for a week, build my website, and git 10 free lessons on how to make money.  I eventually upgraded since it’s an affordable cost and I have moved on to building my business. 

    This program stands out in a highly competitive industry and you can take advantage of it.

  6. Hi Noohyah

    Wow thank you for this extensive goDiamond Review. I actually came across it last week on Facebook. Hundreds of people were complaining about it. 

    I agree on the red flag department! Sometimes with more thorough research or coming across a review like yours. You can definitely work out that the program isn’t so legit. Not having products and services is one thing. But if the creators Michael Diana Vila, Samaras, and Depak Patel are not the creators, how could you possibly trust this program?

    Excellent Review!


  7. Thanks for sharing your review on GoDiamond. I just got into affiliate marketing and this doesn’t seem legit just like you said. Especially with no price stated, no support like a social media page, and even your review really does help. With so many scams out there it’s important to do research before getting into something. As it can save you money and not being scammed. Reviews like this really do help. 

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