Is Power Lead System a Scam? – Truth Exposed | Full Review

Is Power Lead System a Scam?

Is Power Lead System a Scam?

I welcome you to my Power Lead System Review.

Can Power Lead System be a solution to generating traffics for your digital business?

And is it an ideal option for you to earn an income passively?

Could it be a scam?

Or is it a legitimate business model?

Power Lead System is a platform designed to help you generate leads to improve your digital business and allow you to make more money through increased sales.

Just a reminder, I am not related to Power Lead System. My article is purely for review purposes. So expect total transparency.

Let’s get into Power Lead System.

Summary Of Power Lead System

Name of the Product: Power Lead System

Website’s URL:

Type of The Product: Lead Generation Program

Founders:  Michael Price & Neil Guess

Product Rating: 5/10

Product Cost: $30 per month plus upsells.

Recommendation: Not for Newbies.

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Overview Of Power Lead System

Is Power Lead System A Scam

Power Lead System is a digital marketing program that allows you to utilize its training and tools to improve your marketing experience.

Also, the platform gives you access to various business tools such as websites and e-mails.

It also gives you various training courses necessary for the growth of your business.

Furthermore, there is an MLM program running within Power Lead System.

Aside from that, this additional program feature allows you to recruit new members to your downline team.

And you’ll be earning commissions from your downline members.

Power Lead System has created an avenue for you to access various membership levels and training courses.

You can leverage these membership levels by promoting them to others.

Better still, you earn a commission from any member who registers using your promotion link.

If you’re looking for a progressive way of earning income online, you can check out this best alternative:

Is Power Lead System a Scam?

What Is Power Lead System About?

PLM is a digital marketing space that offers you all the tools and resources necessary for the growth of your business.

Besides, this platform claims that these resources will be necessary if you want to increase your revenue.

And the main objective of the Power Lead System is to create multiple marketing funnels that will help you generate more leads.

Again, you’ll create these funnels with the help of various resources within the platform.

Besides, you can use these funnels to promote any business of your choice.

Additionally, the PLS platform also offers you an opportunity to earn additional income by promoting the platform to other people.

Furthermore, Power Lead Systems has also been structured to operate like an MLM platform.

This is mainly because you get paid when your downline member makes a sale.

And the number of commissions you receive depends on your subscription package.

Apart from that, for you to earn more, purchase a top-level package.

Here is a video that explains more about Power Lead System:

Who Are The Founders Of the Power Lead System?

The Co-founders of Power Lead System is Michael Price and Neil Guess.

Over a decade ago, the PLS gained popularity in the digital marketing industry.

Neil Guess is a known associate of a multi-level marketing company known as Solavei.

And he later teamed with Michael Price to form Power Lead System.

Also, Michael Price is also a known identity in the multi-level marketing industry.

Plus, he has received several rewards and recognitions as a marketer.

Among the awards is one from Fortune 100 Company.

In addition, he was recognized for being the top sales rep in the company.

And since its birth in 2013, the Power Lead System has been growing.

Better still, PLS claims that its success is attributed to using the MLM approach.

Additionally, they say they have received a B+ rating in BBB.

So far, the company has registered a few customer dissatisfactions.

Even though the owners of PLS are real and Legit, this is not your best option for starting an online business.

How Does Power Lead System Work?

First of all, you can apply the platform’s tools and training resources to develop and improve your business.

Secondly, Power Leads System gives digital entrepreneurs important training and tools to start, and develop their digital businesses, generate leads, and make more sales.

For instance, if you already have an existing affiliate site or online store, you apply these tools and other resources with the Power Lead Platform to generate more income.

And you need to drive more traffic and use sales funnels to achieve positive results.

The Power Leads System has the following training courses;

  • Free Ads Secrets
  • Social Profits Academy
  • Endless Free Leads
  • Master traffic Academy
  • Road Map To Riches
  • Power VIP Club
  • Master Traffic Institute

And all these training courses revolve around the topic of Lead generation.

Also, to succeed and achieve your desired marketing goals, you must invest in traffics.

Additionally, Power Lead System also claims to be a solution if you’re new to online business.

And if you have no idea of what you’ll promote, you can use the platform to promote its offers to other people.

When you promote the platform, you’ll be building the downline affiliates that will, in turn, earn you lots of commission from their transactions.

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How Does Power Lead System Affiliate Program Works?

Another way of earning from the PLS program is by joining their affiliate program.

You can earn passive commission by promoting the program to other interested individuals.

Even though PLS makes the MLM business model easy, the truth is that its success rate is very minimal.

As a PLS Affiliate, you can leverage the system’s affiliate program in the following ways;

First Register As A Member

PLS affiliate program is a pay-to-play system.

To become an affiliate member, you must pay a registration fee.

The cost of this affiliate program is about $24 every month.

This is in addition to the monthly registration you’ll be paying after your trial period has elapsed.

You’ll only enjoy the 7-day trial period if an affiliate program member recruits you.

If a PLS affiliate member did not recruit you, you could still market the program to others.

To enjoy additional benefits from Power Lead System, you must upgrade your membership to a higher level.

These benefits include bonuses and more commissions.

Leverage PLS Compensation Plan

With your basic membership, the Power Lead System claims that it will pay you a recurring $20 whenever you recruit a basic member into the program.

You will enjoy this commission every month, provided that the member stays on the platform.

The upline member who recruited you to the Power Lead System will also enjoy a commission of $10.

There are matching commissions for every membership level you are registered in.

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Here is a breakdown of such commissions;

Free Ad Secrets: This level will cost you $147 per month.

It gives you a commission of $100 and $25 passed to your next upline member.

Social Profit Academy: The cost of this level is $500.

You’ll earn a commission of $400, and $50 is passed to your upline member.

Master Traffic Institute: You will pay $1,497 for this level.

It also gives you a commission of $1,000 while your upline gets $200.

You earn these matching bonuses when any of your affiliates make a sale.

What Is The Cost Of A Power Lead System?

To join Power Lead System, you’ll have to create a free trial account for 7 days.

And after the trial period has elapsed, you’ll be required to pay $30 per month.

Also, to access PLS’ affiliate program, you’ll be required to pay $24 every month.

And this requirement somehow raises some concerns about the affiliate program.

Normally, an affiliate program should be free since you’ll be promoting the platforms’ products.

You’ll be spending approximately $54 every month on Power Lead System.

What Are The PLS’ Features?

Power Lead System has several training tools and resources available for you to use.

These features include;

  • Lead Capture Pages
  • Autoresponder
  • Google Hangout Pages
  • Video Postcards
  • Hosting among others

Power Lead System Membership

There are several member levels within the PLS platform.

Each membership level comes with different features.

  • Basic membership: to register, you pay a one-time fee of $7.
  • Gold Membership: to register, you pay a monthly fee of $30.
  • Diamond Membership: to register, you pay a one-time fee of $147.
  • Platinum Membership: to register, you pay a one-time fee of $497.
  • Master Membership: to register, you pay a one-time fee of $1497.


When you register for Power Lead System, you get access to the Facebook community.

They claim that this private community has registered over 47,000 members.

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Is Power Lead System A Scam?

NO, the PLS program is not a SCAM.

It is a legit digital marketing platform offering a solution to improving your digital business and increasing your revenue.

You earn commissions from the platform’s affiliate program when you promote it to others.

Also, PLS has been in the online industry for about a decade and has registered few complaints from its users.

However, PLS is very expensive, and its success rate is very limited.

Furthermore, I don’t recommend this platform as your best door into the online industry.

There are far much better business models you can opt into.

Check out below how I have been fairing with online business:

Is Power Lead System a Scam?

What I Like About Power Lead System

  • Good Compensation Plan

Power Lead Claims to compensate its members.

Also, you’ll receive a very attractive commission and a matching bonus when downline members make sales.

  • Interactive Facebook community

Power Lead System has created a very large and interactive Facebook community strictly for registered members.

  • Joining Is Free For 7 Days

The 7-day free trial allows you to study the platform before committing your credit card to Power Lead Systems.

And at least you can change your mind within the 7-day trial period.

What I Don’t Like About Power Lead System

  • It’s An MLM; thus, Success Rate Is Too Low

Power Lead System operates with an MLM business model.

And Multi-level Marketing is not as easy as it looks.

In fact, most people who go for this business model would end up failing.

Besides, they are very demanding in terms of skills and budgetary allocation.

  • It Is A Pay-to-Play System

To become an affiliate member of PLS, you must pay.

And this is contrary to other affiliate programs which are always free to join.

  • Excited Sales Materials

They make this system seems very easy even for the newbies, while it is not.

And any other digital entrepreneur can understand but not someone new in the online industry.

Is There Any Alternative To Power Lead System?

Yes, there are suitable alternatives to Power Lead System.

But my number recommendation is Affiliate marketing.

And you need to understand that it will take time it gives you a positive return on your investment.

For detailed information, check on this blueprint that I have tailored for you:

Is Power Lead System a Scam?

FAQs For Power Lead System

What is Power Lead System?

The Power Lead System is a digital marketing system designed with various features.

Also, this platform is powered by a program known as Priceless Possibilities, which is associated with creating customized marketing systems.

And Priceless Possibilities has been in business for over two decades.

Besides, PLS provides digital entrepreneurs with various tools for growing their businesses.

And you’ll promote your business of choice and generate more sales through this system.

What’s more, you’ll design several capture pages, sales pages, sub-domains, video cards, and sales funnels, among other features.

What Does PLS Offer?

First of all, the PLS allows you to create attractive sales pages, e-mail campaigns, sales funnels, and video backgrounds, among other several features.

And you can also create a variety of sub-domains, e-cards, capture forms, ad tracking, video postcards, and many other features within the Power Lead System.

How do I get started with Power Lead System?

Getting started with the Power Lead System is very easy.

After registration, you can immediately start by promoting the platform itself.

And to access your referral links, you will click on the green button after you’ve logged in.

Besides, a video tutorial also shows you how to get started with the Power Lead System.

Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the platform, use the video tutorials within the platform to get a deeper understanding.

How Many Funnels can I Create and Promote Simultaneously?

The PLS allows you to create as many funnels as possible.

How Much Can I earn as an affiliate?

You can earn as much as $20 per month from your downline members.

One thought on “Is Power Lead System a Scam? – Truth Exposed | Full Review

  1. I was with PLS several years ago and even though I made some commissions I somehow got sidetracked but am strongly considering reopening fire the simple fact that are still going strong and have added more value recently.

    Yes many other affiliate programs are free but can they do everything like the funnel building for free? Using the service as paid member will show the user it is not just for recruiting like MLM. Plus there are no matrices or 2nd and 3rd legs.

    In fact, it’s better to call it a direct response affiliate marketing with leverage offer.

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