Green Compass Review

Green Compass Review – Legit MLM or SCAM?

Hello. Welcome to my Green Compass Review.

The majority of countries don’t allow the production of cannabis with the main reason being the effect these plants have on people.

Did you know that there are licensed people producing cannabis in some countries?

As a matter of fact, there are companies manufacturing products containing Cannabidiol-based products.

However, the use of these products is limited to a few places and one of these companies is Green Compass.

Green Compass is a multi-level marketing company that deals with the production and distribution of various Cannabidiol (CBD) products.

But before I take you through Green Compass, let me inform you that I am not an affiliate of Green Compass.

This article is mainly for review purposes and not to promote the program.

Therefore, I will be transparent in this review.

Let’s jump in.

Summary Of Green Compass Review

Name of the Product: Green Compass

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: CBD-based Multi-Level-Marketing

Founders: Meredith Cook & Sterling

Product Rating: 5/10

Cost of the Product: $49.95

Recommendation: Not Recommended

Overview Of Green Compass

Green Compass Review

There are varieties of CBD products introduced in the market now and then and some of these products are produced by the Green Compass.

The Green Compass is a legit multi-level marketing company that deals with producing and distributing various Cannabidiol (CBD) products.

I won’t recommend the Green Compass as an ideal opportunity that you can go for.

And one factor, among others, is that they’re not transparent about their compensation plan, making it unworthy of your trust.

In addition to this, it uses an MLM structure, making your chances of success very minimal.

It will be tough for you to make sales.

In that breath, if you need a more sustainable way of making money, then you can consider this genuine and profitable business model:

Green Compass Review

What Is Green Compass About?

Green Compass Review

Green Compass is a CBD-based multi-level company that manufactures and distributes CBD products.

The objective of this company is to give their customers products that come directly from the farm.

Who Is The Founder Of The Green Compass?

Green Compass Review

Initially, the thought of starting Green Compass was conceived by those who participated in the “Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program” in North Carolina.

It didn’t take them long enough to realize how important it would be to too many people.

Later on, in 2018, Meredith and Sterling  Cook established the Green Compass company.

The federal government lifted the restrictions on the use of hemp plants after approving the Farm Bill in December 2018.

This allowed people to engage in businesses related to the sale of hemp.

Before the approval of this bill, many farmers were already experimenting with the use of hemp plants.

By the time the government gave out the green light, Green Compass was more than ready to launch some of its products.

What Line Of Products Does The Green Compass Sell?

Green Compass Review

Green compass offers a variety of products to its customers.

And one common ingredient that features in all the products sold by the Green Compass is the organic extracts and CBD (Cannabidiol) Oils.

To ensure the purity of the company’s products, Green Compass sends its finished products to other third-party labs for testing.

Another factor distinguishing Green Compass from other business models is that it produces its main ingredients on its farm.

This is contrary to other MLM companies; they only label pre-existing products or copy-paste the formula used to produce a slightly different product.

Additionally, this company does not work with formulation companies later; there will be no issues from working with such companies.

Currently, the company deals with the sale of the following products:

Refined Isolated CBD Hemp Oil

The content of this product is only Cannabidiol (CBD) and does not have any traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This product has two potencies and flavors, which can either be natural flavor or citrus flavor.

The product’s potencies have been classified as follows:

  • 500 mg CBD Hemp Oil at $84.95
  • 750 mg CBD Hemp Oil at $109.95

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

This is an unrefined CBD Oil with traces of THC in its formulation.

This product will not be ideal for anyone who works in an industry that does regular drug tests.

A urine test may not reveal the presence of this drug in your body, but it will be discovered in a hair follicle test.

This product comes in three potencies and two flavors: natural and mint.

They are packed as:

  • 500 mg bottle cost $84.95
  • 750 mg bottle cost $109.95
  • 1000 mg bottle cost $139.95

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CBD for Pets

CBD for pets is designed for pets and is administered by mouth drops. This product offers many benefits to pets, just like it would to humans.

CBD for pets comes with only a natural flavor and has one potency strength which is; 250 mg CBD Hemp Extract for pets for $49.95.

Topical CBD Creams

This is a body cream that you can apply to the parts of the body where you are experiencing pain.

You will apply this cream by rubbing it on the affected part of your body. These could be the neck, arms, back, and joints, among other parts.

Topical CBD creams are categorized into two: Natural and Menthol. These categories are:

  • Muscle & Joint with Menthol Topical CBD Cream, which will cost $ 99.95
  • Soothing Skin Topical CBD Cream, which will cost $99.95

Allegedly, all the products sold by Green Compass are organic and safe for use.

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How Do You Join Green Compass?

Green Compass Review

If you want to join this company, you will launch the registration process on the company’s website.

Alternatively, you can join using the referral link since the company supports multi-level marketing.

After successfully joining and creating your account, you can purchase either of the two packages offered by the company, which are;

Basic Business Kit

This package will allow you to become a brand associate or a member. The cost of a basic business kit is $49.95.

Core Start Success Pack

This package will save up to 50% of the total cost you would have incurred if you had purchased everything individually.

This package will give you access to your website for virtually managing your business operations.

You can also use it to access various training materials the Green Compass offers.

After getting your website, your sponsor will guide you on how to maximize your chances of success.

You would be assigned an advocate to guide you if you joined the company by yourself without a sponsor.

Following this registration procedure to be taught by your sponsor how to start the process of recruiting your downlines and selling products.

Does Green Compass Offer A Return?

The company has various returns policies, which are valid for thirty days.

The first policy covers the refund on any product returned to the company.

And you’ll receive a full refund within 30 days.

If you want a refund from your enrolment package, you can apply for a return within 30 days.

However, you won’t qualify for a refund after opening your kit and if it is past the time limit.

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Is Green Compass A Scam?

Technically, Green Compass is not a scam.

It is a company that gives you a real opportunity you can make money from.

However, making money from this program will not be straightforward, mainly because there is much more to be done.

It is also worth noting that the company does not guarantee you success and also has a smaller percentage commission.

In this business, you can struggle to make money and later on fail to make returns on your investment, therefore making it not worthy of consideration.

But if you’re looking for a better alternative to making money online, then I have a bonus for you.

This option has worked for me consistently, and I’m sure that if you follow the guide below, you can get on track as well:

Green Compass Review

What I like About Green Compass.

  • CBD products are in demand

With the benefits and rising demand for CBD products, these products will likely sell faster.

Some of the health benefits of CBD products are to treat cancer, relieve pain, relieve stress, and promote good sleeping habits.

  • Affordable to join

The cost of membership in this company is relatively affordable, with the cost of a basic membership package being $49.95.

What I don’t like About Green Compass

  • Limited chances of success

It is an MLM business model and thus has a low success rate.

Most people who invest in these types of business models end up losing their money.

  • Expensive Products

The company sells its products expensively with the claims of selling quality products.

Other companies are selling related products at lower prices.

  • Does not disclose the compensation plan

Green Compass does not disclose its compensation structure.

This is contrary to what most MLMs would do; they show what their prospects should expect in terms of compensation.

Is There Any Alternative To Green Compass?

Green Compass may not be an ideal opportunity for you.

As an MLM business model, it is going to be very demanding since you will be involved in the recruitment of new members.

The best alternative to Green Compass I would recommend is affiliate marketing.

It is an ideal business opportunity to liberate you and give you financial freedom.

Check the next page to learn more about affiliate marketing:

Green Compass Review

FAQs About Green Compass

How can you make money from Green Compass?

You can either make money from the compass by buying and reselling its products at a higher price or earn commissions by recruiting more members into the company.

What is a replicated website?

This is a website for managing customers’ orders.

Once you successfully enroll, you’ll be prompted to create a unique name for your replicated website.

Through this website, you will be receiving orders from your customers.

Why does the company charge an extra $9.99 per month?

The company charges all advocates an extra monthly fee of $9.99 to be used in the regular maintenance of the replicated website, quality support materials, and back-office administration.

How often does the company make payments?

Green Compass pays commissions to its members either weekly or monthly.

This payment could either be on the first Monday of every week or the first day of every month.

Your accrued commissions will be deposited into your bank account once the commission is calculated.

For more information about Green Compass, here is a video review:

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