Savvi Review

Savvi Review – Is This Fashion MLM A Scam Or Legit?

Hello, welcome to my Savvi Review.

There are various business opportunities available online.

Some of these programs are legit, while others are just out there to scam you.

Most digital investors are willing to invest in the online industry because it has many viable opportunities that could improve their financial status.

Savvi is a digital MLM company that deals with women’s clothing.

But before I take you through Savvi, let me remind you that I am not an affiliate of Savvi.

This article is mainly for review purposes and not to promote the program.

Let’s get started.

Summary Of Savvi Review

Name of the Product: Savvi

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product:  Multi-Level-Marketing

Founder: Rachael Domingo

Product Rating: 5/10

Cost of the Product: Varies between $99 and $999

Recommendation: Not for Everyone.

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Overview of Savvi

Savvi Review

This is a lifestyle company that deals with the distribution of women’s clothing and also empowers you by allowing you to make money through the company.

The company’s objective is to support, inspire and help you to grow.

Savvi believes in people and collaboration rather than profits and competition.

The vision of this company is to build a billion-dollar brand that will help millions of people globally.

Also, it gives you a partnership opportunity where you can build a business that will help you grow.

The company claims it will give your business a hyper opportunity for growth as it continues to expand rapidly.

But if you want a genuine way of making money online as a beginner, then here is a business opportunity that you need to consider:

Savvi Review

What Is Savvi about?

Savvi Review

Allegedly, Savvi is a rapidly growing MLM company that deals with the distribution of women’s clothing.

The company claims to value your connection and collaboration rather than competition.

Also, it has partnership programs that allow you to make money through its program.

And through these programs, you can access various categories of women’s clothing that you can resell to make profits.

As an MLM, Savvi allows you to build your downline members, and you’ll be earning commissions from every active member of your team.

The company claims that you will enjoy service-based leadership, very attractive bonuses, and a lucrative compensation plan.

Savvi claims to be a community whose pillars are acceptance and love.

This is a culture that welcomes aboard every aspiring member regardless of their differences.

Their products have been designed to give you a good look, make you feel good, and enhance how you perform your work.

It will also encourage you to share your experience with others and make them feel better as much as you do. In sharing your experiences with Savvi, you will be building your business.

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How Does Savvi Work?

This company uses an MLM business model to distribute its products to various customers.

And by doing so, they allow you to make more money out of it.

Through Savvi, you can either earn commissions by selling the products or earn bonuses by recruiting people into the system.

As a member of Savvi, you’re allowed to either sell products directly to your prospects or build your downline team through which you can sell the products and make huge commissions.

When you have downline members, they will be involved in the direct selling of products to various users. This will help you reach out to a larger market and reduce the challenges of looking for clients.

Additionally, when you have more members in your downline team, this means you’ll be earning more commissions from this team. You’ll also be earning passively from your active downline members when you decide not to sell products directly.

Furthermore, you can choose the first option of selling Savvi’s products if you don’t want to recruit downline members. In this case, you’ll be purchasing the products at a wholesale price and reselling them at a slightly higher price.

Who Is The Founder Of The Savvi?

Savvi Review

The founder of Savvi is an entrepreneur called Rachel Domingo.

This company was started in the year 2019, and currently, the company’s chief executive officer is Ken Porter.

This company was built to empower women and celebrate their diversity by providing exceptional fashion through the use of designs that are both inclusive and prestigious.

It also allows you to sell these products and make more profits.

Furthermore, you’ll get an opportunity to resell the company’s products directly or through their MLM structure.

The company offers different categories of clothing ranging from Everyday wear, Luxe wears, and Fit wear.

Luxe clothing is an ideal category for those women who like going out, the fit line is ideal for athletes who do regular exercise, and Everyday wear is worn daily.

The cost of every cloth range between $40 and $100. The price variation depends on the size and the type of cloth you choose. You can assess the chart that shows various sizes that can fit your body.

What Are The Features Of The Savvi?

Savvi deals with the distribution of women’s clothing classified into three main categories, which are:

  1. Every day: this section has clothes worn daily
  2. Fit: the clothes under this category are best for gyms and athletics
  3. Lux: this category has luxurious fashion

How Do You Join Savvi?

Foy you to join Savvi, you must have an upline member who will introduce you to the company.

You’ll use the upline’s referral code or email to get access to the next registration process.

Savvi Review

Once you are done with the first process, you’ll be allowed to sign-up.

After that, you’ll choose one of the packs offered by the company, which are:

  1. Good at $249
  2. Better at $499
  3. Best pack (enroller pack) at $999

The features of every starter pack are shopping credits, Savvi Set-up & backup office, share codes, a shirt, a water bottle, and a hat.

The number of shopping credits and share codes will vary depending on your purchased package.

Finally, you’ll be taken through Savvi’s training which will prepare you to start selling and recruiting other people.

What Is Savvi’s Compensation Plan?

There are various compensation plans in Savvi, as I have explained below.

Retail Commission

Savvi Review

This plan gives you between 25% and 50% commission from your sale.

The percentage commission will depend on the rank you are in.

Residual Commission

You’ll also be earning a commission from the sales made by your downline members.

Climbing Rank Commission

Savvi has up to 13 membership ranks that will determine the amount of commission you earn.

The ranks are:

  • Rep
  • Advanced Rep
  • Senior Rep
  • Leader
  • Advanced Leader
  • Senior Leader
  • Executive
  • Advanced Executive
  • Senior Executive
  • Director
  • Advanced Directory
  • Diamond Director
  • Senior Director

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Is Savvi A Scam?

The Savvi company is not a scam.

However, I don’t think this program is the right choice to start marking money online.

The basic understanding that I want you to understand is how the MLM structure work.

Several sources can help you know more about the structures of MLM businesses.

Sources Of Information About MLMs

Some of these sources are:

Third-Party Reviews

Third-party reviews are reviews made by independent people or parties who do not have any relationship with the product under the review.

This source gives you all the detailed information about the MLM program in question.

This is because the reviewer will be responsible for researching the product.

Even though third-party reviews may be good, they might not give specific information about a product because they are general.

Online Forums

If you want specific information about a product or service, the most appropriate source to look for is online forums.

Online forums are communities that offer consultation services about various digital products or services, in this case, MLM.

These online forums are comprised of communities with an active and large number of members.

To benefit from these online forums, you must show your commitment and readiness to learn.

You’ll be interacting with members willing to share their experiences about the MLM in question.

It is worth noting that some of the members in online forums have first-hand experience.

Finally, online forums are moderated by administrators who ensure the quality of information you’ll be receiving.

However, if you’re looking for a better way of making money online, then you can check out this great business opportunity that I’m currently using:

Savvi Review

What I like About Savvi

  • Tangible products

Most MLM businesses claim to offer products or services whose benefits are not apparent until you purchase them.

One advantage of Savvi is that you’ll be purchasing the products that you already know.

  • Access to VIP Style Club

Once you join this company, you’ll get access to VIP Style Club, where you will benefit from discounted purchases and free products every month.

  • Experienced CEO

Rachel, who is behind the creation of Savvi, is knowledgeable and full of experience.

She has experience of about two decades in the fashion industry.

And so far, her reputation still stands for she has not been involved in any scam.

  • New Company

Savvi is a young and growing company, meaning it has several opportunities to sell to people who are still new to the company.

In this case, you’re likely to build a larger team of downline members, which translates to more profits.

This is contrary to other MLM companies that have employed independent sellers in every corner, posing a challenge of acquiring new prospects.

What I don’t like About Savvi

  • It Uses A Pay-To-Play System

You must buy a specific quantity of products to earn bonuses and commissions.

In addition to these, the amount of commission you will earn from your downline team will depend on the rank you’ve been placed in.

  • Expensive Products

The cost of acquiring Savvi’s products is very high.

This makes it difficult for you to convince other people to join or buy these products.

As a brand partner trying to resell your stock, you’ll face multiple challenges.

  • Limited Chances Of Success

Even though MLM is a legit business model, it has a minimal chance of success.

A more significant percentage of those who invest in this business won’t get any return on their investment.

  • Does Not Offer Unique Products

The products sold by this company are costly, yet they don’t have any striking features to make them unique.

These are just normal women’s clothing that you can access from other brands at a cheaper cost.

  • Saturated Market

Savvi’s products target a market that has several brands offering the same line of products.

Purchasing these products means you will be getting into an industry that is already full of competitors.

Is There Any Alternative To Savvi?

Savvi is not the best online business opportunity for you, especially if you are new to online business.

My recommended alternative to Savvi is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that is easy to get started and grow.

But getting started without familiarizing yourself with the entire business model can be laborious.

 In that respect, I went out of my way to offer you the below guide that will help you to get started with affiliate marketing:

Savvi Review

FAQs About Savvi

How will you make money with Savvi?

You can make money either by selling the company’s products, from the sales made by downline members, or through climbing various ranks.

Is Savvi’s product design inspired?

Various up-to-date designs inspire all the products offered by the company.

The company’s design team is responsible for tracking trending fashion styles.

This will ensure the company is always at the forefront of the latest fashion in the market.

Also, the inspiration comes from the trend in which the clients purchase different clothing categories.

The data analysis from merchandising team helps to reveal the most sought-after product.

How do I know the right size?

Generally, the company sells various sizes that can accommodate the different needs of users.

The available size options are 3X, 2X, 1X, XL, M, and XS.

Where does Savvi get its products?

Savvi has partnered with a manufacturing company in the manufacturing business for over two decades.

Allegedly, this manufacturing company is WRAP certified and meets the BCI standards.

Who is it for?

Savvi is a good business opportunity for anyone interested in the fashion business.

However, if you aren’t interested in sales and marketing, this will not work for you.

It will also suit you if you are good at convincing other people to join since it is an MLM business model.

Here is a video that you can watch about Savvi Review:

Thank you for taking the time to read my Savvi review!

Feel free to leave a comment in the section below:d

15 thoughts on “Savvi Review – Is This Fashion MLM A Scam Or Legit?

  1. I have tried various MLM companies and although they are legitimate businesses, it’s really hard to make any real money from them.  I’ve done Amway, Mary Kay, Make-up Eraser, DoTerra Oils, Forever Healthy, Omni Life and there was also a telephone company that I can’t recall the name of. 

    Out of all of these companies I only made $13 and that was from DoTerra. Of course, I didn’t really make that amount because I had to spend a certain amount every month just to make a commission. I highly discourage anyone who wants to make money to stay away from MLM companies.

    The whole time I was reading your article, I kept thinking about the LulaRoe scandal. It’s also a women’s clothing line in the form of MLM.  They started out great with high quality products, and over time, the quality just went downhill, and the associates couldn’t get any real answers about what was going on, etc.

    You can read about the rise and fall of LulaRoe online in Forbes Magazine.

    There’s also a Netflix show about it called Lula Rich or something like that.

    Anyway, great review as always!

    1. Wow, you have quite a bit of experience when it comes to MLMs. As you noted, you didn’t make any substantial income from the efforts that you put in.  I strongly suggest that you get into the affiliate marketing online business model as this has proven to be simpler to get started with and earn big revenue. You just need to know what you are doing and get plugged into the right training and community. Take some time to go through my guide here as it will give you all the vital information you need to get started with this business.

      All the best!

  2. This is the first time that I come across Savvi, the lifestyle MLM company that sells women fashion. With so many people wanting to work from home, and women always looking to add to their wardrobes, I can see that some will be attracted to joining the MLM. 

    Multilevel marketing is an outdated business model, that relies on you having to recruit more team members and build a downline. But the reality is that you end up earning peanuts, and often end up out of pocket. Savvi seems to be no different.

     I far prefer your recommendation of affiliate marketing. It is a more realistic way to earn passive income from selling fashion items.

  3. Hey,

    I was always skeptical of MLM structures. You may consider them to bring income in the short run, but such an approach has its own limits. Like, for example, it requires bringing In more participants in the organization, and with that, you may receive commissions, but the global population is finite, and there is no guarantee you may reach each individual.

    As well spoken about a specific product, which should be considered who may be public, to whom the product will be advertised.

    I Saw an interesting brand name but did not have a clue what was it about, but thanks for the review. Now I know how to act.

  4. Savvi seems like it would be fun and great concep built to empower women and celebrate their diversity like you said. They seem to really enjoy it and have a strong community.  

    The ladies really seem to like the fashion and with the discounts and the VIP style club. It’s a win win for the lassoed that love the product. Thanks for the detailed review.

  5. I had never heard about the brand Savvi. Now after reading your review, I will also not invest time in this company. It seems like a long way to get your money worth which will take a lot of time to do so. I think I’ll be more interested in affiliate marketing.
    Thank you for sharing your article.  

  6. The question about all MLM business models is that products are higher priced compared to if you buy from other places. There is no exclusivity of the products.

    It is difficult to sell a product with a gain when you buy at a high price. It is also hard to convince the downline recruits unless you are a skilled marketer/ seller or have family and friends to convince.

    Does Savvi give a return if you could not sell the items that you bought?

    I find it better off using the Wealthy Affiliate training and tools to make a legit income. They are a reputable organization that truly helps.

    And the best thing is that it’s free to test drive and try it out.

    1. To my knowledge, Savvi doesn’t give a return if you are not able to sell the products.

      I’ll have to do some more research and post there here if that’s not the case.

      Thanks for posting.

  7. Sounds interesting but I am no good at MLM at all. If you are good at MLM is something that I would encourage someone to do once it is legitimate and not a scam. Has a lot of benefits from referrals through membership and from sales. What I like about is that you get a commission from a member that signs up through you and also from their sale of yours and their products. Good strategy. The percentage is also good.

  8. Thanks for your very intensive review. Although MLM is not something I enjoy, I decided to read and learn about what Savvi offers.

    I have had experience with MLM companies, three companies to be precise. What I found is that to be successful at MLM, continuing perseverance and strength of mind are essential.  In other words, MLM is not for everyone.

    It is interesting that after joining the Savvi MLM program and therefore having an upline member, it is not essential to build a downline. There is an alternative way of earning through purchasing and selling Savvi products.

    In some ways, this program appears to be worthwhile.  But, after careful thought and analyzing the various steps involved, it appears to me that it would take a highly experienced business person to earn a significant income through this method.

    I prefer your recommendation of affiliate marketing, where you are your own boss, as opposed to MLM, which is a complex way of earning an income.

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