How To Be a Good Affiliate Marketer and Earn Money

How To Be A Good Affiliate Marketer

Since I started affiliate marketing back in September 2014, I’ve come to know that there are many different approaches to this lucrative business model, some that DO work and some that DON’T.

The simple way that I’ve discovered how to be a good affiliate marketer and earn money is by creating small websites about specific topics that people are searching for online, write helpful content on that site, then recommend products and services that will help them.

However, before I create any website, I have to make sure that it’s going to be profitable, that it’s a topic which isn’t too competitive, one that people are interested in and searching Google for information about it.

This is where audience research comes in…

And I will show you how to do this effectively so that you can finally succeed in this affiliate marketing business.


Here are the steps and points you should consider if you are truly looking to become a good affiliate marketer:

What’s Critical To Know Before Creating Content On A Website

I have to know information on a keyword such as how many people are searching for it per month, and how many other competing websites are out there trying to rank for that same keyword.

There are many keyword tools out there that are able to give you this information such as the free Google Keyword Planner, however, the keyword tool that I love, recommend and use for all my keyword research is Jaaxy.

This tool makes it incredibly easy to find profitable keywords that you can use to rank for in Google.

Give me a few moments to show you an example of how this remarkable tool works…

How The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Works For Affiliate Marketing

Suppose I decided that I wanted to promote products and services in the weight loss category.

The first thing I would do is log in to my Jaaxy account, go to the search tab, type in “weight loss” and then click on “Find Keywords”, just as I am showing you below…

Some results from Jaaxy for the search term “weight loss”

At this point, I would ONLY be looking for the great keywords from the list of results so that I can do some further digging into them, pick one and then start writing content around it.

To make it easier, I would click on the sort arrow under the column where you see the Normal, Great and Poor indicators.

This column is known as the Keyword Quality Indicator or KQI for short.

Here is what showed up when I clicked the arrow underneath KQI to sort it from great to poor….

Some results after sorting the list by KQI

These are all good keywords that people are searching for in Google and these are the keywords that I would use to write content about.

Apart from the KQI column, I pay close attention to the Avg column which shows you how many people on average searches for that keyword each month.

As well as the QSR column which shows you the number of other websites competing for that keyword (the lower that number, the better it is to write a page or post about).

The traffic column shows the average number of people you would get to your site when you are on page 1, and the SEO number is an indication showing you how likely you are going to rank for that keyword.

The higher the SEO number is, the more likely it is for you to rank on page 1 of Google.

I could get into more specifics here about Jaaxy, however, I don’t want to take up too much of your time going into keyword research on this page because it is an entire topic in itself – plus we have other important things to discuss.

For a more in-depth look into knowing how to use Jaaxy and getting high ranking in Google, I suggest you read my how to target an audience online post here.

It goes into much more detail helping you to understand Jaaxy properly.

Now, lets continue on to the next step you will want to take if you are truly looking to be not just a good affiliate marketer but a much better one.

Creating Helpful Content On Your Website

After you have found some great keywords by doing your research, you will want to start creating content on your website.

Here are the steps to take…

Remember the great list of keywords that we found in Jaaxy?

No? That’s OK, let’s re-examine it below…

From this list let’s choose the keyword “protein foods for weight loss” (I chose this keyword because it has the lowest number of competing websites which means less competition).

Be sure to actually search Google for the keyword yourself to see the content that’s already ranking on page 1.

If you notice that there are high authoritative sites ranking on the entire page 1, I would advise avoiding targeting that keyword because it will be too difficult to rank especially if your site is brand new.

What you want to look for are normal WordPress blogs similar to yours.

Once you see these sites showing up on page 1, study what they have written and then emulate them by writing a much better article.

This is a very powerful and effective method of ranking that Brain Dean over at writes about so be sure to check it out and bookmark it for yourself:

Next thing we will want to do is go to our website’s dashboard and start a new post.

In the title, we will need to enter this EXACT keyword. This way Google Bots knows what your post is about and will rank you accordingly whenever someone searches for it.

You can also add other words to the back or front of the main keyword to let it stand out.

Words such as Best, Top 10, Top 20, etc are good examples.

To get help with creating a good title, you can also use the free headline analyzer at CoSchedule.

You can find it at this link

Use The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer To Create Headlines

You want to do this because these type of titles are eye-catching and more people will most likely click it when it shows up on Google.

So, in this case, I would fully title this post as “Top 10 Best Protein Foods For Weight Loss”.

After you have gotten the title out of the way, it will be time to write the actual body of the content.

Here are the criterias I take into consideration whenever time I am writing new content…

  • The main keyword MUST be in the first couple of paragraphs (if you take notice, you’ll see that the keyword for this post I’m writing now is in the second paragraph)
  • Once this is done, I write the rest of the article in a natural way which helps the person who is reading it.
  • I ensure that I write at least 1000-1500 words. Google thrives on content so you will want to write enough so that they see that you are adding value.
  • The text should be easy to read with images (or screenshots) added for that visual appeal and also sub headings to further break up the content.
  • I link to other pages on my website (internal linking) which is relevant to the article and also link out to authority sources (external linking) so Google sees that I am involved in the community.
  • I then recommend relevant services and products that those people will need using my affiliate links.

By the way, I want to thank you for paying attention so far. I can see that you are serious about succeeding with affiliate marketing and commend you for that.

Continue reading because some important, (and more powerful) techniques are coming up which will help your content to rank higher once it’s published…

Do This BEFORE Publishing Your Content

The image above shows you the meta section which is found at the bottom of your post in your website’s back office (dashboard).

I am using the All In One SEO plugin, however, a lot of people use the Yoast SEO plugin and that’s fine if you use it.

They both work well for this purpose, so it doesn’t matter which one you use.

What’s important is that you fill out the Meta Title and the Meta Description sections to include your main keyword (“Protein Foods For Weight Loss” in this case).

Ensure that you are not exceeding the maximum word characters that are suggested.

You should also add keywords which are related to your main keyword seperated by commas in the section where you see “keywords (comma separated)”.

After this is done, you will want to generally add a feature image and be sure to add the MAIN keyword in both the Alt Text and Title sections as I show you below…

Going forward, you should always apply this rule with all images that you upload to your articles because Google uses this info to rank images based on the keywords that people are typing into their search engines – so this could lead to more traffic coming to your website.

Now, just do a read over and change any grammatical errors you might have made then click the publish button.

TOP TIP: Install the free Grammarly Chrome extension on your computer. This tool allows you to correct all your errors automatically and enhance your overall writing.

Do This AFTER You Publish Your Content

Now that you’ve published your great content, you will want to get it out there so that people actually read it 😉

To do this, I share it on social media or send it out via email to a list of subscribers if you have one…

Facebook is where I tend to get the most engagements so that’s where I do most of my sharing.

However, the other networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn work as well.

If your site is more image focused, Pinterest will be the best social platform for you.

If you noticed, I didn’t mention Google+ and it’s for a good reason:

According to Wikipedia, Google announced that they will be closing the Google+ service in April 2019 so I won’t be investing time and effort to post content there after this date.

Another ninja tactic I use to get my pages and posts to show up faster in Google is by submitting them to my Google Search Console.

On many occasions, I notice that the articles I submit will usually start showing up on the first pages within several hours when I do this.

I am not saying that yours will do the same especially if your site is brand new.

This usually happens to sites that have been on the scene for at least 6 months and the keywords must be low competition too.

If your site is new, don’t worry too much about this. Just focus on writing the best content for your audience and doing the rest of the stuff that I show you.

Your Next Steps + Top Recommended Affiliate Marketing Training

Continue doing these things over and over with all of your content as you progress with your business. The more often you do it, the more Google will give your articles higher rankings.

You want to make sure that you are continually educating yourself about new trends and changes taking place in the SEO affiliate marketing industry.

Doing so ensures that you won’t be doing any outdated actions which could lead to devastating results.

Surround yourself with other like-minded affiliate marketers who are already seeing success in their respective businesses.

That is why I sincerely recommend my very best kept secret affiliate marketing community for you:)

This is where I got all my affiliate marketing knowledge from as well as full access to the tools needed to run my businesses such as the same Jaaxy Keyword Tool we looked at earlier, websites builder, webinars and a whole lot more.

I rub shoulders with the co-owners themselves who I must say are two of the most down to earth people I have met.

With Wealthy Affiliate Co-Founders, Carson and Kyle

This community is Wealthy Affiliate.

And this is the community you need to be a part of if you really want to know how to become a good affiliate marketer.

You can join as a free member and if you love what you see, you can upgrade as a premium member.

In all transparency to you, I am an affiliate of the wealthy affiliate community.

That means if you Wealthy Affiliate through any of my affiliate links on this page and end up purchasing the premium membership, I will earn a commission.

The advantage you’ll get if you join through any of my affiliate links is that I’ll be your own personal coach.

My affiliate link contains a tracking that allows me to see that you joined and I will also get a notification from Wealthy Affiliate letting me know this.

I hope I can get the privilege of serving you and share my experiences which will allow you to excel at a much steady rate with affiliate marketing.

In closing…

I want to thank you again for taking your time to go through this article.

If there is anything at all that puzzles you here or if you need help with anything, I am here to help you.

The best place for you to get in touch with me is through a private message at Wealthy Affiliate or you can send me a message on my Smart Human Blogger Facebook page.

All the very best to you as you start and grow your business with affiliate marketing, and I’m looking forward to connecting with you.


Jason (Smart Human Blogger)

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