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IndexClix Review – Is This A Legit PTC Site? Be In The Know!

I’m grateful to welcome you to my IndexClix Review.

Is this a true PTC site?

Hold on a bit because I’ll take you through that in a bit.

Keep in mind that not all PTC sites are made equal.

First of all, did you know that most PTC platforms are scammy?

Additionally, most of the PTC platforms have ruined their trust with clients.

I say this because a greater percentage are majorly scams.

However, some of these PTC platforms are legit.

But still, you’ll not reap big like what other platforms offer you.

Today, I will give you detailed information about IndexClix Website.

It is advisable to understand the inside out of IndexClix before you can decide to join it.

Let’s get into it…

Summary of IndexClix Review

Name Of The Product: IndexClix

Type Of The Product: Paid-To-Click Program

Founder: Not Mentioned

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 6/10

Subscription Fee: Free.

Recommendation: Not the best Option.

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Overview of IndexClix Review

IndexClix Review

IndexClix is a Pay-To-Click website that allows you to create a free account.

With the platform, you can earn commission from this platform by watching ads, taking surveys, and participating in other simple tasks.

Though you can make money from this platform, you’ll still encounter a number of challenges such as;

  • Having to go through annoying ads and questions before finishing a task.
  • An extremely low earning potential will take you time before you earn a reliable income.

One good thing, though, is that IndexClix will pay what is due to its members in the long run.

This could be, in a way, a positive thing about IndexClix.

Even though joining this site is free, you can’t fully rely on it to give you a steady source of income.

By the end of this review, I will recommend an ideal way of earning a sustainable income online.

If you want to start an online business, and you have no idea, then here is a guide that I have tailored for you:

IndexClix Review

Who Is The Founder Of IndexClix?

The founder of this platform is unknown.

The little-known information about this platform is that it was registered in 2017.

Also, this PTC platform is based in the Netherlands.

Further, it has existed in the market for quite a long period.

If it was a scam, it could not have survived that long like most other PTC platforms that fail within a year.

With that being said, it is safe to assume that the IndexClix site is legit.

The users can get their money, which is the most important thing.

It claims to have a membership of about 98,000 users.

The platform also claims that it has paid over $48,024 to its members.

Your growth rate in this business will be very minimal though, but at least the figures shown above appear to be real.

What Is IndexClix About?

This platform is a paid-to-click website that compensates for the time you spent watching ads, taking surveys, playing games, and doing other tasks on the platform.

Viewing paid ads is going to be your main task on this platform.

Another task will only be supplementary.

When you watch a full-time advertisement, you’ll be compensated with some commissions.

This website is similar to other GTP sites that pay you to complete simple tasks with their platforms.

Further, IndexClix is a legitimate business that allows you to supplement your income.

How Does IndexClix Work?

IndexClix offers you several options for making money online.

Their objective is to pay you to click and watch different ads.

There are additional opportunities for you to earn extra income inside the platform.

You will benefit from the platform through;

Paid Ads

IndexClix platform allows you to choose from various ad offers.

These offers include;

  • Mini
  • Fixed
  • Flash
  • Bonus

These different ads pay you different amounts of money.

While some of them pay you more, others will be paying you extremely low.

The amount of money you earn from each ad depends on how long you watch the ad.

To earn, you need to access the ad on the dashboard.

IndexClix will prompt you to do the Captcha to prove whether you’re a human.

After solving it, the ad will automatically start.

Watch the ad till the end to earn your commission.

When the video is completed, it will automatically stop, and you can collect your commission.

Paid Offers

Apart from paid ads, you will also be making money by working on paid offers.

This is much similar to what is offered on other GTP websites.

You can choose the task from the offers given in the list of offers.

These paid tasks include;

  • Completing surveys
  • Playing games
  • Enter contents
  • Registering for websites

Also, every offer allows participants from specific nations.

And in other times you will be redirected to other sites to complete your task.

Upon finishing your task, you’ll receive your commission.

The only downside about this business model is that you will earn very little commission from these offers.

As a fact, they offer you a few cents for every task you perform.

Paid Surveys

IndexClix websites also allow you to earn through paid surveys.

When you participate in various surveys, you will earn an additional commission.

This task pays you a higher commission than other tasks within the platform.

Additionally, they’re harder and take a longer time to finish.

One requirement before qualifying for paid surveys is to answer some related questions.

If you hit the pass mark, you’ll be re-routed to a survey page to perform your task and make money.

You’ll make very little earnings from these paid surveys because IndexClix will take part in your commission.

That’s how it finances its operations.

Bonus Games

IndexClix also features a bonus game inside its platform.

This is yet another common feature among all the GTP and PTC websites.

These games resemble a spinning wheel.

You play these bonus games by participating in a lucky draw as many times as possible within a day.

When you press the play button, an ad will pop up.

You’ll receive your reward once the ad is over.

Index Grid

Index Grid is a feature that allows you to click into a square enclosed in a grid.

In every square, there is a concealed reward.

The value of every reward is quite low, making it difficult to make good out of this index grid.

Flip the Coin

This feature is suitable for those who like to gamble.

And this game is two-way traffic.

When you gamble and win, you earn, but then if you lose, money from your account will be deducted.

Referral Program

Another way of earning commission from IndexClix is through promoting the platform itself.

Any member who registers through your link rewards you with a commission.

If you have the convincing power, this platform could work for you.

But I would recommend that you use your convincing power to do other forms of affiliate marketing rather than this platform.

The online industry offers you several great opportunities that you can use to promote other people’s products and services.

What Is The Cost Of IndexClix?

IndexClix allows you to register freely on their website.

It does not require fee payment or registration through linking a credit card.

To create your user account, you’ll have to register by filling in your account details on the IndexClix website.

After creating your account, you’ll start earning immediately after completing tasks.

Therefore, you can watch many ads, play games, and take surveys, among other tasks within the platform.

If you want to maximize your earnings, perform several tasks per day.

This is mainly because IndexClix has extremely low-profit margins.

How Do I Upgrade My IndexClix Account?

After joining IndexClix as a free member, you can upgrade your account to access other earning privileges.

Your upgrade will come with benefits such as better-paying ads and high commissions.

There are four packages that you can upgrade into.

Bronze: You’ll pay $4.99 per month, $13.49 for three months, and $54.99 for one year.

Silver: You’ll pay $9.99 per month, $26.99 for three months, and $95.99 for one year.

Gold: You’ll pay $29.99 per month, $95.49 for three months, and $289.99 for one year.

Platinum: You’ll pay $69.90 per month, $189.00 for three months, and $672.00 for one year.

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What Do I Get From IndexClix?

IndexClix will reward you with commissions from different offers within the platform.

However, these commissions will not amount to any life-changing figure.

No GTP OR PTS platform could give you your financial freedom in most cases.

All the tasks offered in these types of platforms attract extremely low commissions.

Therefore, you will be forced to spend long hours trying to earn a dollar.

For instance;

Some tasks reward you with $0.2, while others give you $0.5.

This means you’ll do many tasks a day to earn more.

You’ll rarely find any task going beyond $0.5.

It is crystal clear that IndexClix is not the right choice for you if you plan to reap big from the online industry.

There are other better options for you to choose from.

Don’t waste your precious time on this IndexClix.

Instead, check out how I have been fairing with affiliate marketing:

IndexClix Review

How Do I Make Withdrawals From IndexClix?

Once you reach the platform’s withdrawal threshold, which is $5, you can withdraw your earnings.

In addition to this threshold, the platform has a maximum withdrawal limit per day.

IndexClix allows withdrawals to be made through the following payment channels;

  • Solidtrustpay
  • Payoneer
  • Airtime
  • Bitcoin

Note that the use of the Payoneer channel is not supported in the USA.

Is IndexClix A scam?

IndexClix is a legitimate platform.

The internet has many scamming programs, making it too risky to invest in.

If you want to invest in any platform, you must exercise a lot of caution to avoid getting defrauded.

IndexClix is not a scam but rather a PTC website that allows you to earn from different offers.

It claims to have started in 2017 and has been in the market since then.

I don’t recommend this site because the owner does not want to be known.

This, in a way, will affect any user’s trust.

IndexClix appears to be a popular PTC among a few people.

What I Like About IndexClix

  • It has lasted long

This platform is legit and has been in operation since 2017.

It claims to have paid all the members who have satisfied the withdrawal rules.

  • It is free to join

IndexClix is free to join and try.

You can upgrade once you gain confidence with it.

Your upgrade will give you access to a higher earning possibility.

What I Don’t Like About IndexClix

  • It Has Third-Party Offers and Surveys

IndexClix platform exposes you to third-party surveys that offer you little commission and are untrustworthy.

Your contact information may fall in the wrong hands!

  • Low Rate of Returns

Most of your offers from IndexClix will fetch a very low commission.

You can’t rely on this IndexClix to give you any financial liberation.

Is There Any Alternative To IndexClix?

Of course, yes, there are other best alternatives to IndexClix.

And the best recommendation I will offer you is affiliate marketing.

With this option, you’ll get started from level ground, and you’ll grow gradually.

Also, you’ll be earning huge commissions promoting other companies goods and services.

IndexClix program has shown limited results and that is why I beseech you to consider Affiliate marketing.

But before you can start, you should have an area of interest.

Follow the guide below to start your journey into the affiliate world.

IndexClix Review

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