Innovative Marketing Review – Is Chris Belote A Scam?

Innovative Marketing Review

I’m pleased to welcome you to my Innovative Marketing Review.

As a business owner, you must have been thinking about how you can scale your investment and make more money online.

I found out from this program three key things you need to consider for your local business to grow.

They include social proof, visibility, and tracking, which influence the growth of every online marketing business.

You need to ensure all the things mentioned are correctly done as expected to help your company grow.

For instance, your targeted customer who needs your services now requires you to appear for them to see you.

And if they can easily access your services, your visibility is good, which will give you more reviews and leads online.

If your reviews exceed those of your competitors, then it means that you have an excellent social proof for your business.

Also, you will be significantly advantaged if you have a suitable tracking mechanism, especially for your web forms and phone calls.

With the three aspects of good performance, you’ll expect a good result at the end of the day.

However, it would help to learn how to make the three things work for you.

So, let’s look at how Innovative Marketing helps you pass the three aspects as it claims to ensure you succeed in your business online.

But before I begin, I must inform you that I’m not an affiliate of this program and aim to provide unbiased and truthful information.

Let’s jump in…

Innovative Marketing Review

Name of The Product: Innovative Marketing

Type of the Product: Online Promotion Program

Product Website:

Founder: Chris Belote

Overall Rating: 30/100

Product Cost: From $1500

Recommendation: Not for everyone; find out why from my review

Innovative Marketing Review – Overview

Innovative Marketing Review

If you are into a social media marketing business, search marketing, or web design services, you must look for a way to sell your services online.

This includes identifying your audience or customers online and making yourself available for them to reach you easily.

If you’re readily available to your customers, you will get more exposure to your market, allowing you to generate more scales.

In addition, with the increasing number of customers, you can set a target for your business and develop new ways to achieve them.

However, promoting your services online to attract more people may not be easy.

In most cases, you’ll be challenged by the increased competition from your competitors online.

Innovative Marketing claims to make everything easy for you by ensuring you overcome every challenge you meet online.

The program claims to help you grow your business by providing the necessary support to run your campaigns.

For instance, the program brings down its proprietary digital marketing process for everyone seeking its services.

According to the program, their expert team will ensure you get advantaged to be better than your competitors online.

Also, the program claims to have helped its clients get more than 1,200,000 qualified leads to help them grow their businesses online.

In addition, the program claims to have a higher retention rate of 87%, which they consider the best percentage compared to their competitors.

However, if you’re looking for another best alternative business to do online, feel free to check out this opportunity:

Innovative Marketing Review

What Is Innovative Marketing?

Innovative Marketing Review

Innovative Marketing is a proprietary local marketing program that helps you grow your business online through campaigns and promotions.

The program promotes your business on social media networks, search YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

According to Innovative Marketing, you’ll get more leads and revenue to help you grow your business to your desired value online.

The innovative Marketing company has offices in Dallas that offer SEO and PPC, launched by Chris Belote in June 2006.

Since its launching, Innovative marketing company claims to have helped many people target their ideal audience in social media marketing online.

As the program claims, you may require their services if you’re into social media marketing or any other online business.

This is mainly for people who want to grow their business faster and achieve their goals online.

With the latest technology, Innovative Marketing claims to be the right option to make your business succeed online.

How Does The Innovative Marketing Program Work?

The innovative marketing program claims to be a game changer in helping you grow your business online.

If you want to work with the program, you must join their platform by completing the registration process.

And then, choose the monthly budget that suits you and purchase it to enable you to get started with their services.

After completing the registration process, the program allows you to begin enjoying its services.

The platform has many services geared at helping you promote your business to your desired level.

Here are the services you will get in their platform that you can choose to work with;

The Local SEO

Innovative Marketing Review

Local SEO, also known as local search engine operation, is the top feature the program offers you in its platform.

With this feature, the program is looking forward to helping people who want to improve their online marketing in the local area.

The local SEO feature focuses on three aspects, which include the following;

Improving Your Online Visibility

The program exposes you to your target audience, where you can reach out to the people who want your services.

When your audience can reach you, you will stand a chance to increase your sales to meet their needs.

Innovative Marketing aims to identify your ideal audience without making you struggle.

Improve Your Traffic Online.

Under the Local SEO program, you will also stand a chance to improve your traffic online.

When you reach out to your targeted audience, you will automatically increase your traffic online as many people will be looking for your services.

Most people getting your services will like them and leave comments online to help you adjust when scaling your business.

In addition, you will take note of the increased traffic when you get tracking of your customers through messages, phone calls, and web forms.

Improving Your Social Proof

Here, you will build trust with your customers when offering your services to them as expected.

When your customers feel happy when getting your services, they will always want to leave a comment or like your social media page.

This makes more And more customers develop an interest in doing business with you and eventually build trust in your business.

Paid Ads

Innovative Marketing Review

Innovative Marketing helps you improve your local business through paid ads.

In this feature, your products to be promoted will be shown in front of your targeted customers.

For this reason, every person looking for your services can see them through ads on their social media pages.

This is the most efficient way to help you identify your target audience online to increase your traffic.

Paid ads services, therefore, benefits you in the following area;

  • The service helps you amplify your reach on social media networks.
  • It also helps you improve your targeting of customers.
  • The other fantastic benefit of paid Ads is boosting your brand awareness.

Retargeting Ads.

Innovative Marketing Review

The retargeting Ads service helps you maintain your targeted audience in your social media networks.

When you choose the retargeting Ads service, you can stay in front of every person who visits your channel or page online.

You will always appear in front of their page as an ad whenever you need them or put a promotion update in your channel.

This service will benefit you in the following ways;

You’ll stand a chance to generate more sales and scale your business in your local area.

Secondly, You’ll be able to reach out to all your interested prospects with your business, especially to people in high demand for your services.

Finally, It’ll allow you to increase brand awareness of your business online.

Website Development

Innovative Marketing Review

The web development service gives you a fast-loading, professional-looking website for your business.

As a local area trader, you need a mobile-friendly, user-friendly website that easily converts.

So, if you choose the website development feature, you will be benefited in the following ways;

  • You will have a 24/7 presence online that boosts your availability for customers.
  • This service also helps you increase your credibility and improve your sales.
  • It also enables you to reach out to new customers online who are attracted to your website’s appearance.

LinkedIn Outreach

Innovative Marketing Review

LinkedIn is another feature in the program that enables you to increase the number of your leads with an automated connection.

The services help you create an automated connection request and provide you with messaging campaigns.

The LinkedIn outreach feature benefits you in the following ways;

  • It provides a cost-effective and long-term solution for your local business.
  • It also helps boost your organic social validity in the social media network.
  • In addition, it helps you connect with your actual customers online.

Email Marketing

Innovative Marketing Review

In email marketing services, Innovative Marketing helps you maintain your customers by staying in front of them online.

Just like in the case of retargeting ads service, here you will stay in front of the prospective customers with social proof, news, and updates.

The email marketing service, therefore, benefits you in the following ways;

The service helps you build credibility with your customers online.

It also helps you increase your sales online when your prospective customers get updated with your new products and services.

In addition, it helps you target and personalize your content to your customers.

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Who Is The Owner Of Innovative Marketing?

Innovative Marketing Review (Chris Belote)

The innovative Marketing company was founded by Chris Belote in Dallas, United States.

Chris launched the program in 2006.

Besides being the program’s CEO, Chris is a dedicated entrepreneur, optimist, family man, and marketer.

He graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2004 and started his career by taking a sales job in a security company.

Chris’s boss requested he tries working with paid ads and SEO-type marketing during his job.

After a certain period, Chris claims that the SEO they tried to work within the business caught up with their paid ads efforts.

In his observation, Chris noticed a massive improvement as their company grew from five people and $20,000 to more than fifty people and $1,000,000 in revenue.

All these improvements were evidenced by digital marketing, which made Chris begin helping other companies with their digital marketing efforts.

With the incredible results they recorded, Chris was able to shape up the Innovative Marketing company and scale it to help more people online.

He focused on helping people who own business in the local area market and wants to promote their business online to earn more revenue.

For the past 16 years, Innovative Marketing has been a platform where Chris claims to interact with people who want support online.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Innovative Marketing?

After joining the Innovative Marketing program, there are monthly budget plans you’ll have to choose to work with.

The first monthly budget in the platform starts from $1,500 to $3,500 per month.

The second monthly budget option ranges from $3,500 to $10,000 monthly.

Also, the third budget option ranges from $10,000 and above per month.

All the budgeting options are available for you to choose from when you want to enjoy the services from the platform.

As such, you’ll choose your preferred budget based on your desired services and wallet amount.

Remember, the costs are fixed and payable monthly with no refundable option.

You, therefore, need to be keener when choosing your budget option to prevent incurring losses when you have already paid for it.

Is Innovative Marketing A Scam?

The innovative Marketing program isn’t a SCAM.

The program can help you promote your products and services online to improve your sales.

It deals with people searching for marketing, web design services, or social media marketing.

The program helps you get as many leads as possible with many phone calls and boost your visibility.

However, if you’re from different categories, then joining this program may not help you.

For instance, if you are not into online business or don’t own any channel account you would like to scale up, this program is not for you.

On the other hand, you might have an interest in starting your online business and begin trading in your local area.

After choosing to work with Innovative Marketing, you must be able to purchase one of the price budgets you’ll work with.

If the prices are too high for you, joining the platform will not help you because you’ll be limited from enjoying their services.

However, you should still fulfill your dreams of working online by joining other legit and cost-effective programs.

If that is your intention, then feel free to check out this:

Innovative Marketing Review

What I Like About Innovative Marketing

  • Helps in improving your visibility online

When you work with Innovative Marketing, it will expose you to your preferred audience.

This will make you visible to anyone needing your products or services on social media.

With greater visibility, you’ll quickly scale your business based on customer needs.

  • Effective in identifying the targeted audience

An innovative Marketing platform takes part in identifying the ideal people who are interested in your products or services online.

As such, you don’t have to worry about meeting the specific people you want to trade with your local area business.

You must provide the type of service or product content you want to promote online and let the program search for customers.

  • Generate more sales

When you promote your business online with an Innovative marketing platform, the program will help you retarget your customers online.

It will also help you update your retargeted customers with updates, news, and social proof to keep them on track with your business.

These services enable you to generate more sales and earn more income to scale your business.

  • There are testimonies

When you visit the program website, there are testimonies of business owners who found their success online through Innovative marketing services.

The numerous testimonies motivate new investors who want to use the program to scale up their business online.

So, if you have no experience working with the program, you can consider reading the testimonies to see people’s opinions about their experience.

What I Don’t Like About Innovative Marketing

  • An expensive Business models

Despite Innovative Marketing claiming to help everyone promote their online business, they charge a higher fee.

The higher budgets may limit some low-income investors from using the program to create campaigns for their businesses on social media networks.

In addition, the high price payable every month makes business owners spend more on campaigns than other scaling plans, which hinders their growth.

  • Not for everyone

Innovative Marketing Platform only targets people doing search marketing or owning a social media marketing business.

If you’re not from these fields, you might not benefit from joining the program as its services may not help you.

In addition, you may find it too expensive to partner with when you have a low-income business online.

  • Does not mention techniques used to get viewers and followers

The program does not specify how they get viewers and followers for their clients online.

Most promotion platforms use programs that search as bots to get viewers who are not real and may not last long.

This makes business owners rely on platforms that provide real followers and viewers online.

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Is There Any Alternative To Innovative Marketing?

Yes, you can still opt for a different alternative to make money online.

With over five years of experience doing business online, I’ve learned all the tricks and tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Innovative Marketing Review

However, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to go through what I underwent to succeed.

In fact, your journey should be smooth and seamless.

You must give your best in anything you do to take advantage of your full potential.

The best opportunity to start as a beginner is affiliate marketing.

It is easy to join and master.

I’ll encourage you as a beginner to join this business model because you’ll earn while learning.

Besides, you’ll grow gradually.

But that isn’t all.

Before you can dive in, you need to learn the basics of this business model to get started.

And to make everything seamless and easy for you, I opted to offer you a lending hand.

Here is a step-by-step guide that you only need:

Innovative Marketing Review

FAQs About Innovative Marketing  

Does The Innovative Marketing Program Offer A Refund Policy?

The program is nowhere on the platform that talks about any money-back service.

There is no guarantee that you’ll reclaim your money back when you decide to leave the platform.

You should study the program services keenly before purchasing to prevent the possibility of losses.

How Do I Become An Innovative Marketer With An Innovative Marketing Platform?

When you become an innovative marketer, you can retain your existing customers through the retargeting ads service.

You can also rebrand your products and services online and expand your business.

In addition, you’ll be able to keep your targeted customers with updates and news on your services.

What Social Media Platforms Does The Innovative Marketing Program Use To Promote Business?

The program’s most used social media marketing platforms include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

However, if you want to restrict your campaign to a specific platform for promotion, then the program may help you too.

You’ll have to choose the platform where you want your business to be promoted to help you achieve your dreams.

What Type Of Business Does The Innovative Marketing Program Promote?

An innovative Marketing platform can help you promote the following business;

Social media marketing business and search marketing online.

It can also help you promote your channel, especially if you are a content creator online and wants more viewers and followers.

Thank you for reading my Innovative Marketing Review.

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