Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

Is 5 Billion Sales A Scam? – A Complete Review To Check Out!

Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

Hi, welcome to my 5 Billion Sales Review.

The 5 Billion Sales is a new website that claims to pay you a commission whenever you recruit new members to their platform.

It claims it can pay you up to $400 to do what you’ve always been doing on the internet.

But can you make any meaningful income by just recruiting people to a platform with no product to sell?

And how will such a platform pay you your commission?

This review will help you understand the 5 Billion Sales better.

But before I take you into it, I want to remind you that I am not affiliated with 5 Billion Sales, and for that case, I will be transparent in this review.

Let’s start…

Summary Of 5 Billion Sales Review

Name of the Product: 5 Billion Sales

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: Unknown

Product Rating: 3/10

Cost of the Product: Free

Recommendation: Not Recommended.

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Overview Of 5 Billion Sales

Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

5 Billion Sales is a Multi-Level-Marketing website that claims to regularly refund you when you promote the website and conduct other internet activities through your devices.

Even though this MLM website is free and promises a lot, it has several faults.

For instance, after registering freely, you must promote the 5 Billion Sales to earn commissions.

Did you know that all Pyramid schemes do the same trick?

The 5 Billion Sales requires you to create and build your downline team that can stretch up to 16 levels.

The members of these sixteen levels are the ones you recruited, downline members of your level one, and it goes on to the sixteenth downline level.

And this means that your commission will depend on your efforts in recruiting others into the program.

Generally, the 5 Billion Sales is a shady website with many hyped claims.

Although they claim that it is free to join, the truth is that it wastes your resources and time.

It is not a business opportunity that can give you a sustainable income.

But if you’re here and you need the best alternative to this MLM program, you can go through this step-by-step guide to getting started;

Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

What Are 5 Billion Sales About?

The 5 Billion Sales is a Multi-Level Marketing platform that claims to refund you for regularly engaging in various internet activities through any of your internet-enabled devices.

How Does 5 Billion Sales Work?

Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

This platform currently has two services it offers to its members.

Here are the two activities you can engage yourself in;

Building your downline team.

One of the requirements that you must fulfill in the 5 Billion Sales is to recruit others to the platform.

The 5 Billion Sales encourages its members to work on developing their downline teams up to the 16th level to earn more commissions.

Apart from having such a huge team, you must also ensure that your downline members remain active and recruit more members into the 5 Billion Sales.

So, creating a manageable number of active downline members is much better than having a large number that is dormant.

Create a new team of affiliates and recruiters.

This service allows you to create a team of affiliates ready to market the 5 Billion Sales to more audiences.

The owner(s) of the 5 Billion Sales is to create awareness of the existence of this website by all means possible.

Plus, they have hyped up this product such that it is likely going to win the attention of super affiliates and high-end recruiters.

To register as an affiliate, you must have an upline sponsor who will recruit you to become an active affiliate member.

Who Is The Founder Of 5 Billion Sales? 

The creator of 5 Billion Sales has not given out any information on their website, which does not portray a good reputation about the product.

Why would an entrepreneur hide his identity from the customers he wishes to sell a product?

This raises concern for whoever wishes to join the platform.

I doubt the legitimacy of this platform because no one wants to get associated with it.

In most cases, platforms similar to 5 Billion Sales promise huge earnings but always disappoint their clients.

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What Will You Cover in 5 Billion Sales?

After signing up for the 5 Billion Sales platform, you’ll get access to different features inside the platform.

A feature within the platform allows you to earn a commission of up to $400 per annum.

The 5 Billion Sales pay you to sell your browsing data and personal information.

Here are some of the 5 Billion Sales features found with the platform.

Affiliate Dashboard

This feature gives you access to your promotion statistics, including your backlinks, overrides, commissions, and account management.


In this section, you will access information related to your downline members.

It also shows how you manage your referrals.

Furthermore, this section allows you to contact your referrals on level one.

You can also check the two types of your level one downline affiliate.

These are the active members and the inactive affiliate members.


This section has seven different sub-sections, which include the following;

Video Marketing: This section allows you to create videos you can upload on other platforms. They recommend that you make videos that promote the 5 Billion Sales.

E-mail Marketing: This section allows you to customize three samples of e-mails and send them to your audience.

Banners: this section has ten promotional banners you can use to promote the 5 Billion Sales.

Social Media Marketing: this feature gives you access to multiple social media platforms you can use to promote the 5 Billion Sales.

Resources: These sections give you access to various websites to leverage and generate more traffic and sales.

Links: This feature allows you to generate QR Codes for your affiliate links and send it to people.

What Is The Cost Of Joining 5 Billion Sales?

The cost of joining the 5 Billion Sales is free.

However, some rumors state that you must pay $100 to join the 5 Billion and qualify to be earning a commission.

If they don’t judge anything to join, how will the 5 Billion sustain itself?

How will they manage to run their website if they don’t charge their users?

These are the questions you should ask yourself before committing yourself to it.

The Compensation Structure Of 5 Billion Sales

The 5 Billion Sales compensation plan is divided into two depending on your subscribed service.

The first compensation category rewards you with a recurring commission of $5 from your network and a yearly commission of $100.

The second compensation category is a one-time commission of $10 from every member of your network and an additional $200 to $1,000.

The amount of commission depends on the number of downline members and how active they are within the platform.

Additionally, it has an override commission of $1 for every paid member in your downline network and a top-up commission that ranges between $10 & $50.

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Is 5 Billion Sales A Scam?

NO, the 5 Billion Sale is not an outright scam, but it has many characteristics that point it toward being a scam.

This platform has several red flags that concern anyone who has been tricked into a scam.

One of this platform’s worrying traits is that you must get an invitation to become a member.

Once you register, you must build your downline team to earn more commission from the 5 Billion Sales.

You must create your network of downline members up to the 16th level, and you will always be at the network’s top.

The 5 Billion Sales, therefore, qualifies to be categorized as a pyramid scheme because it creates a pyramid structure of downline members in a network.

Here is another question: Why is this platform free to join, and how do they benefit from it?

Think of the 5 Billion Sales as a fishing scheme designed to collect your data and sell it elsewhere without your consent.

Most MLMs claim to be free to join. This is a common trick.

The 5 Billion Sales might not ask you directly for these details, but they have set a trap you will easily fall for during your registration.

Here is the good news, don’t waste time on this shady program.

There are a variety of online opportunities that you can venture into with the certainty of profiting from them.

If you’re a beginner and you’ll like to venture into the online space, then check out how I have been doing;

Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

What I Like About 5 Billion Sales

  • There is nothing worth liking about this MLM platform apart from the fact that it is free to join.

The 5 Billion Sales are free to join & test.

If you want to know how this program works, you won’t risk your money to join and try the program.

If you intend to test the program, remember to be cautious about the information you’ll use during your registration.

What I Don’t Like About 5 Billion Sales

  • It Has Hyped Up Sales

The 5 Billion Sales have hyped their product to create a lasting impression.

They will, in one way or another, be pushing people to take action.

  • An Unknown Owner created it.

This MLM platform does not provide any information about the person who created this product which will negatively affect the decision that prospective buyers could make.

Also, it won’t be easy to convince people to join a platform that is not transparent to its users.

  • Not suitable for anyone

This is not an ideal business to go for as a beginner.

There are other best alternatives you can invest in and comfortably wait for it to mature.

  • Not Sustainable

The 5 Billion Sales is a product whose lifespan cannot be determined.

Judging from what it claims to offer, you can’t tell when it is going to crumble.

You can’t rely on it to sustain your financial needs.

Is There Any Alternative to 5 Billion Sales?

The online industry has many alternatives to 5 Billion Sales to help you build your financial empire.

As an MLM business model, you will face many challenges in recruiting members to the program.

One of the best alternative business opportunities is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a business model which is an ideal opportunity that can liberate you from being broke.

Jump to the next page to check out my blueprint for affiliate marketing;

Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

FAQs about 5 Billion Sales

Is 5 Billion Sales a Scam?

No, 5 Billion Sales isn’t a Scam.

This program is a legitimate platform, but the legitimacy of what they are selling is still in question.

If you plan to join this platform, be careful not to disclose your critical information because it can be sold out without your consent.

Who is the owner of 5 Billion Sales?

Surprisingly, the 5 Billion Sales owner does not reveal his identity anywhere on the platform. This shows how low is confidence he has in his product.

What is the cost of joining 5 Billion Sales?

Allegedly, the cost of joining the 5 Billion Sales is free.

Where will the 5 Billion get money to pay you if such is the case?

This platform will likely collect users’ data and later sell it to other high-end bidders.

Are there previous payment proofs made by the 5 Billion Sales?

There are no records of past payment transactions affected by the 5 Billion Sales. They claim that the platform has not stayed long in the market.

11 thoughts on “Is 5 Billion Sales A Scam? – A Complete Review To Check Out!

  1. It’s definitely a scam. They use you for data then close the account and you’re never paid. They want you to buy a pkg. at $269. If you don’t your account is closed. You click the recovery account tab your account is never recovered.”SCAM”

  2. Hi Jason! Thank you for this in-depth review of 5 billion sales. It clearly shows that MLM isn’t the right strategy to earn money. The fact, that you need to recruit others to “work” for you is super annoying. Also, almost every MLM I know recommends starting with your friends and family. That is so bad. I don’t think how I would feel if one of my best friends will ask me to buy something from him…Very odd. Your recommendation is a far better way to start earning money. It doesn’t require asking friends and family for a favor.Cheers

    1. Yeah, I’m also not a big fan of MLMs. Affiliate marketing is the way to go and that is why my guide is there for anyone wanting to learn and get results.

    2. Hello Julius. Jason didn’t say that MLMs are not the right strategy to earn money. He said this MLM isn’t a good strategy for beginners. Some MLMs are very effective if you put the energy in; for instance, Avon, Amway, Pampered Chef, etc. There has a to be a product though and this one doesn’t seem to have one; therefore, this is more MLM pyramid than MLM business.

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