Is Growth Cave A Scam?

Is Growth Cave A Scam? – Get First-Hand Info In This Review!

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

Hi, I welcome you to my Growth Cave Review.

Growth Cave is a digital training program that offers helpful information for starting and building a lead generation business.

The program was created by an online entrepreneur, Lucas Tyson, who claims that his training program will equip you with the skills to build a business and make money.

This review will help you understand the program better and avoid the risk of losing money.

And before we start, I want to point out that I don’t have any business relationship with Growth Cave, and for that case, this article is to give you an insight into the structure of Growth Cave’s business model.


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Let’s start…

Summary Of Growth Cave Review

Name of the Product: Growth Cave

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product:  Ad Agency Training Course

Founder: Lucas Lee Tyson

Product Rating: 5/10

Cost of the Product: $1,497

Recommendation: Not for beginners.

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Overview of Growth Cave

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

Lucas Tyson’s Growth Cave is a digital training program designed to train you on starting and managing a lead generation agency.

Also, Lucas will equip you with digital marketing skills that you can apply to your business and generate more revenue through this program.

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Is Growth Cave A Scam?

What Is Growth Cave About?

Growth Cave is a digital training course that trains you on how to better your marketing skills and apply them in generating more leads for businesses.

In other words, Growth Cave helps you determine how to acquire new clients, scale clients, and grow your agency.

Also, this training program features a program called Productized Profits to help your business grow and have more clients.

And like any other digital course, Growth Cave will equip you with all the necessary skills you can apply when creating and building your digital advertising agency.

With the current changes in business ventures, most business entities have begun digitalizing their products and services.

So, investing in a lead generation business is a viable idea.

Therefore, the demand for lead generation services is going to be high.

Additionally, due to the recent effects of the pandemic, the demand for this service has escalated.

Although this lead generation business model seems very promising, you need to understand that it requires lots of hard work, commitment, and capital to stabilize your lead generation agency.

Who Is The Founder Of Growth Cave?

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

Growth Cave is a digital training course created by Lucas Lee Tyson, a young and successful entrepreneur.

His journey to financial freedom was not easy because he too experienced what other online businesses experienced; he started his journey as a freelance online marketer working for other businesses.

And by then, Tyson had $10 and lots of debts.

However, while working as a freelance marketer, he became an expert and sought to apply his skills to start and build his business empire.

At last, he built his own business that was fully autonomous.

And his desire to become his boss gave birth to Growth Cave – a digital training program for lead generation training.

Also, through this course, Tyson claims he will reveal the personal success that will help you to achieve the same success he has gained.

I must also point out that Tyson runs a YouTube channel where he shares helpful videos with his fans.

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

How Does Growth Cave Work?

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

Growth Cave is an online training program that focuses on training you on how to generate leads for businesses.

And once you complete this training program, you’ll know how to start a lead generation agency.

In most cases, lead generation programs require the creation of sales funnels.

This means you must have a website with all the necessary business information.

And what follows this step is to run a marketing campaign with the help of local search engine optimization or through digital ads that will redirect several users to your business funnel.

This business model is an effective business model that can help you build a reliable source of income since most businesses need the services of marketers who will help them promote their businesses.

As a training course, Growth Cave will train you on the best way to start a very effective lead generation that will, in turn, help you achieve financial freedom once it stabilizes.

What Will Be Covered In Growth Cave?

The Growth Cave training course is divided into modules structured in easy-to-understand and manageable sections.

The Growth Cave curriculum is designed to last for about six weeks.

And every module is going to last for a week.

Growth Cave modules include;

MODULE 1: Adopting the Right Mindset

This first module is designed to prepare you to adopt the right mindset.

And having the right mindset before starting your business will significantly impact your business because it will eliminate all the possible fears and doubts you might have before starting your business.

Generally, the module will teach you how to adopt the mindset of eventual success.

MODULE 2: Identifying the right niche

Module 2 will train you to identify a suitable business niche for your lead generation business.

Finding and setting up a profitable business niche is very crucial to the success of any business.

Also, you’ll learn how to add value to the lead generation business of your choice, which in turn help you to set the best and a reasonable price for your services.

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MODULE 3: Finding Your Prospective Clients

The success of your business depends on the availability of clients.

This training module equips you with the skills to find the correct clients for your business.

And in this course, you’ll learn how to use Client Bolt software to help you find the right clients for your business niche.

If you provide quality services, many clients will come to you, contributing to your business’s success.

MODULE 4: Converting your Leads

Once you get your clients, what remains is to convert them to become paying clients.

You’ll be given access to a script to use in cold e-mailing and calling, dealing with objections, and collecting payment from your clients.

Growth Cave will suggest the most appropriate payment merchant to use in your business.

Additionally, you can watch video tutorials of Tyson closing real deals with his clients over the phone.

MODULE 5: How to generate leads

After establishing a business relationship with your clients, you will need to work towards generating actual leads.

This module aims to equip you with the skills to generate actual leads for your clients.

The course will train you on the best methods of generating leads that will pay you.

One of the methods suggested by Growth Cave will emphasize using Facebook ads.

MODULE 6: How to automate your lead generation agency

This is the last module to cover within the Growth Cave training course that teaches you how to automate your lead generation agency.

This module will teach you how to handle multiple clients.

In addition, you will get access to resourceful websites with contractors you can hire to handle some of the tasks within your business.

It also covers legal requirements that you must have in your business.

These include;

  • Client agreements,
  • Contracts
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy

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What Is The Cost of Joining Growth Cave?

The cost of joining the Growth Cave training program is $1,497, which you can pay once and get access to a lifetime membership.

Alternatively, Tyson has given you another option of paying for the course in installments.

In this case, you will pay for the course in three monthly installments of $597.

And judging from this cost of training, it is clear that Growth Cave, too, is an expensive course similar to most lead generation courses.

This cost will not be budget-friendly to online newcomers even if adjusted. Because of that reason, I don’t recommend this program for anyone starting out with an online business.

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Is Growth Cave A Scam?

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

NO, Growth Cave is not a scam.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a legitimate online training course that equips you with lead-generation skills you can apply to generate leads for various businesses within your locality.

This lead generation course will prepare you for establishing your lead generation agency.

Lucas Lee promises to share his experience and give you access to his digital marketing blueprint that you can replicate in your business.

Growth Cave’s main objective is to help you create profitable online marketing.

If you apply Tyson’s blueprint, you can start to make good money from the program.

However, you don’t need to forget that this is just a course. You will encounter other obligations as a lead generation agency, for this business model requires your active involvement.

Apart from financial implications starting and running a leads generation agency is very demanding.

Even though the lead generation business module is an online business.

It does not give you a chance to earn a passive income because you will always be working round the clock to find ways of directing new customers to various products or businesses.

But if you’re up to starting an online business from scratch, then there is the best alternative that you can venture into.

In that regard, you can check out here how I’ve been able to grow my business gradually:

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

What I Like About Growth Cave

  • It is a comprehensive digital course.

Growth Cave is a comprehensive training program focusing on becoming a digital marketer.

  • It is a legit business model.

Growth Cave teaches about the lead generation business model, a legitimate business model that can give you a natural source of income.

  • Quality Lessons

Growth Cave’s business model can teach you quality lessons you can apply to other business models.

  • It emphasizes organic traffic methods.

Lucas does not rush you through the business but recommends that you start implementing the process step-by-step.

He emphasizes employing organic traffic to generate leads in your business.

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What I Don’t Like About Growth Cave

  • It only trains on how to use Facebook Ads.

The Growth Cave only emphasizes using Facebook Ads as the only way to generate leads.

Apart from its limitation, this method could still be an unreliable source of generating leads.

  • It offers Little Training.

Growth Cave does not offer sufficient training to generate leads using organic traffic.

  • It is expensive

The cost of this training course is expensive because you’ll still have to incur another cost to establish the actual lead generation business apart from the cost of training.

Is There Any Alternative To Growth Cave?

Yes, there are very many alternatives to Growth Cave that you can venture into and achieve your financial freedom.

And one of those methods that I will always advocate for is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has been there for a long time, but there is still a huge opportunity that has not been used.

So, even if you’re a beginner, you still have a chance to pick up and enjoy the benefits of earning affiliate marketing commissions.

In addition, I’m always encouraging people to stay focused on building their businesses because, within no time, you’ll see your affiliate marketing grow gradually.

Without forgetting, I need to let you know that starting an affiliate business is easy, and with effort and consistency, you’ll begin to see the fruits of your hard work.

Therefore, if you want to start this business model, you should set your mind to it and stay focused.

And as a way of ensuring that you’re on the right track, here is a tailored guide for you;

Is Growth Cave A Scam?

FAQs About Growth Cave

Who is the owner of the Growth Cave?

The creator of Growth Cave is Lee Tyson. He claims to have faced many challenges as a marketer trying to stabilize his business.

What is the Growth Cave website’s URL?

The official website of Growth Cave is:

Is the Growth Cave a scam?

The Growth Cave is a legitimate business model that has worked with other businesses.

This business will allow you allow you to help you create an income source.

What is the cost of joining the Growth Cave?

The Growth Cave program will cost you $1,497.

You can pay once or a 3-month installment of $597 per month.

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  1. Hi Jason,
    Thank you for the heads up on Growth Cave. I agree with you that this course is expensive. And if it offers very little training, and it is a very demanding business, it doesn’t really sound too appealing to me. I would be more interested in the online training you offer. What does your training course cost?

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