Is ABC Fundraising a Scam? – A Comprehensive Review!

Is ABC Fundraising a Scam?

Is ABC Fundraising a Scam?

ABC Fundraiser is a unique company that looks like an MLM.

It allows you to enjoy commissions without necessarily recruiting people to the platform.

You will earn commissions mainly by recruiting more people into other MLM companies.

ABC Fundraiser helps you earn a commission while assisting organizations in doing their fundraising.

Both you and your prospective client will benefit from this company.

As we go deep into ABC Fundraiser, I wish to remind you that I am not an affiliate member of ABC Fundraising.

Therefore, this article is meant for review purposes and not for promotional purposes.

You’ll decide whether to join or not after going through and understanding ABC Fundraising better.

But hold on, there’s something crucial you need to know first…

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Let’s get into it…

Summary Of ABC Fundraising Review

Name of the Product: ABC Fundraising

Type Of The Product: MLM Promoting Fundraising Products

Website’s URL:

Founder: Matthew Fass

Product Rating: 6/10

Cost Of The Product: $367-$630 (Depending on the package you choose)

Recommendation: Best for Experienced Sales and Marketers.

Overview of ABC Fundraising

Is ABC Fundraising a Scam?

ABC Fundraising is a product supplier that facilitates fundraising opportunities for organizations in the US.

It claims to be one of the “Better Business Bureau” members and is best-rated.

The company says it has been in the industry for the past 25 years and has worked with over 50,000 churches, schools, sports teams, youth groups, colleges, and non-profit organizations, among other countless organizations.

ABC Fundraising gives you access to a free package for sampling on its sales page.

This business model guarantees that you’ll make as much as 97.6% without paying any upfront fees.

Send your request to the ABC Fundraising representative if you want your free sample.

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What is ABC Fundraising About?

ABC Fundraising is a company based in the US.

And this company provides non-profit organizations with fundraising ideas and materials.

Besides, they claim to create a platform for any motivated sales distributor who wishes to work part-time or full-time distributing their products.

Also, the company will compensate you with commissions from the sale you make from these products.

ABC Fundraising is a business opportunity you can comfortably manage from home.

You’ll be working with various churches, charitable organizations, and schools to help them raise money.

This company seems to be an ideal way of creating income online.

When you land on the ABC Fundraising home page, you’ll encounter a tab labeled “work from home.”

If you click on the tab, it will redirect you to another screen that promises to make between $500 and $5,000 every month.

There is also a 45-second video tutorial on how this business opportunity work.

However, the video is too shallow for you to grasp anything about it.

After watching the video, you can also request a free information kit.

This info kit will be delivered to you within a week after filling out the request form with your address and name.

Another step to follow will be to register for a free webinar.

In this webinar, you will learn how to work from the comfort of your home.

You’ll learn more about ABC Fundraising after registering for their free webinar.

This webinar will take about 20 to 25 minutes.

In the end, there will be a session for questions and answers.

Who Is The Founder Of ABC Fundraiser?

The founder of ABC Fundraising is Matthew Fass.

However, not much information is known about Fass.

Though, the platform reveals other known associates of ABC Fundraising.

And these known associates are Lanny Walker and Jamie Speirs who are the company’s presenters.

Is ABC Fundraising a Scam?

How Does ABC Fundraiser Work?

Here is a 5 minutes video that explains how this program works:

ABC Fundraising mainly involves product distribution.

And your primary role as a distributor will revolve around promoting fundraising products.

Also, you’ll be looking for new clients who wish to raise funds.

Besides, your prospective clients are likely to be local sports teams, karate clubs, church organizations, youth groups, and scouts.

Most importantly, the company will start you off by providing warm follow-up leads within your area.

And you will use these leads to generate sales and profit from them.

Plus, you can apply any method to reach out to your clients.

And you can do this through Skype, face-to-face meetings, or phone calls.

The best part about ABC Fundraiser is that after creating a business relationship with your clients, they’ll come back with new orders.

Remember, in this business model, you’ll be targeting a group of organizations as your prospective clients.

In other words, your trick to success in this business is to create a good rapport between you and your local community.


Products Offered By ABC Fundraiser

ABC Fundraising has a variety of fundraising products for you.

These products include;

  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser
  • Spinners Fundraiser
  • Discount Card Fundraiser
  • Scratch & Help Fundraiser
  • Candle Fundraiser
  • Entertainment Card Fundraiser
  • Gourmet Popcorn
  • Pretzels & Pizza Fundraiser
  • High-Profit Snack Fundraiser
  • Coffee Fundraiser
  • Flower Bulb Fundraiser
  • Custom Apparel Fundraiser
  • Travel Mugs Fundraiser
  • Custom Face Mask Fundraiser
  • Holiday Fundraiser
  • Candy Fundraiser
  • Chocolate Bars Fundraiser
  • Lollipops Fundraiser
  • Beef Jerky Fundraiser
  • Gummy Bears Fundraisers

You can sell one of the products to your clients, for example, Scratch & Help Fundraiser, to run a church fundraising.

In return, your client will distribute the scratch and help booklets to each organization member to raise funds.

Also, the members with the booklets will reach out to their friends and family members and convince them to scratch two circles off the cards.

Besides, these circles have an equivalent amount of money they must donate.

And the values in these circles range between $0.5 and $3.00.

After donating, the donor will then receive a coupon voucher.

Again, they can use this voucher to get discounts in various places such as Dominoes, Subways, Auntie Anne’s & Dairy Queen.

And every Scratch & Help booklet is equivalent to $100.

Besides, when a member completes the booklet, $100 will be donated to the fundraising.

In so doing, it will be a great way to collect funds for fundraising.

Furthermore, you will also reap high benefits from this sale.

For instance, if you sell these scratch and help cards to a group of 120 people, your commission will be 120 times $6.

And this will give a profit of $720.

Additionally, all the products offered to you by ABC Fundraiser can fetch up to 90% of profits without making any upfront payment.

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What Is The Cost Of ABC Fundraising?

ABC Fundraiser gives you three packages with different features and benefits.

These packages are;

  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package
  • Bronze Package
  • Gold Package

The initial cost for this package is $630.

And you’ll pay a one-time fee of $367 and save the extra $263.

Also, to reach the top commission level in this package, you’ll only need to make five sales.

Additionally, Gold Package will double your sales material.

Silver Package

The cost of this package is $495.

And you can pay once or three months’ installments, each $165.

Also, you’ll attain the top commission level after making 15 sales.

Bronze Package

The cost of this package is $630.

And you can make a one-time payment or pay six months’ installments of $105 per month.

Besides, you’ll begin receiving leads after paying for the second installment.

After reaching 25 sales, you’ll qualify for the Top commission paid to order takers.

On top of these, you’ll get unlimited coaching, up to a thousand free leads, and all the necessities for you to start selling your products.

What’s more, the commission you receive will depend on the package you purchase.

Gold Package

The gold package is much cheaper than the other two.

Furthermore, the gold package gives you a commission of $6 on every scratch card compared to the $5 you get in the bronze package.

Is ABC Fundraising A Scam?

ABC Fundraising is a legitimate business opportunity to sell genuine products.

It has been in the market for the past 2 1/2 decades.

As such, this company creates an interactive platform for both the buyer and seller.

That is to say, the buyers reap commission by promoting the platform’s offers while the buyers get to do their fundraising.

However, this business model is not ideal for those new to the online industry.

So, it will work best for groups, churches, and other charitable organizations wishing to do fundraising.

Additionally, the structure of ABC fundraising suits the operations of an organized group.

So, you can explore this opportunity if you are planning to raise funds for your team, club, or church.

Again, you should not join this online business model if you are new to the online industry.

I say so because there are other ideal online opportunities for you to explore.

And also, I will give you my best recommendation before the end of this review.

Meanwhile, check out how I have been able to earn my income online:

Is ABC Fundraising a Scam?

What I Like About ABC Fundraising

  • Good Customer Support

ABC Fundraiser has a very supportive team.

And you can contact this team anytime you have an issue.

Again, they’ll give good training to help you understand the platform better and faster.

Additionally, you’ll be enrolled in regular live calls for distributors.

  • It Offers Mutual Benefits

ABC Fundraising offers mutual benefits to both the buyer and the seller.

Apart from earning your commission, your prospective buyer will also reap benefits from this platform.

Better yet, it will give you a more excellent feeling while at the same time earning from it.

  • Has Been in The Market for a Long

This company is proud to have served over 50k organizations in the US to raise millions of dollars.

It claims to have been in the market for over 25 years and has built trust among its clients.

What I Don’t Like About ABC Fundraising

  • It will take you time to win the client’s trust

It can take you a long before you build regular clients because building trust with clients takes time.

Moreover, sometimes making a sale from this business opportunity may take longer than expected.

  • Very Demanding

Being an ABC Fundraising sales representative means you’ll be working tirelessly to close sales with your leads.

As such, you won’t receive any commissions without making any sales.

  • Customers Can Source Products Directly From Websites

Before joining this company, understand that there are high chances for your prospective clients to make direct purchases from the websites.

And when they do this, you’ll lose your potential sales, equivalent to your commission.

Is There Any Alternative To ABC Fundraising?

ABC Fundraising is a good business opportunity to create wealth.

But you’ve to be good at sales and marketing to survive in this business.

As a beginner, this business is not going to be ideal for you.

There’re other best alternatives you can comfortably venture into and still blossom.

My number one recommendation is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not very demanding.

You can start it with or without prior marketing skills.

Plus, affiliate marketing is not only profitable but also very flexible.

Furthermore, you can create and run it with just a tiny budget.

Better yet, you can virtually manage your affiliate marketing business in the comfort of your home.

Therefore giving you the natural feeling of passive income.

I have drawn a detailed blueprint to give you some light on affiliate marketing to get you started.

Is ABC Fundraising a Scam?

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