Winners Ecom Workshop Review

Winners Ecom Workshop Review -Is Tamara Tee’s Course Legit?

Hello, welcome to my Winners Ecom Workshop Review.

Is Amazon selling as profitable as it sounds?

How is this business model executed?

Winners Ecom Workshop is a digital training course that trains you on how to sell products in Amazon stores.

And this training program is offered freely by Tamara Tee.

Also, it acts as a window to the FBA Winners program that she sells at $997.

She claims to have made close to $2.5 million from the eCommerce industry.

So, is that even possible?

We shall go through every detail of the Winners Ecom Workshop and get to understand it better.

I want to remind you that I do not have an affiliate relationship with Winners Ecom Workshop.

Therefore, I will give you every detailed report without any form of bias.

Let’s get into it…

Summary of Winners Ecom Workshop Review

Name of the Product: Winners Ecom Workshop

Type of the Product: Amazon FBA Training Program

Founder/Owner: Tamara Tee

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 5/10

Subscription Fee: Free to join but has upsells

Recommendation: No

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Overview Of Winners Ecom Workshop

Winners Ecom Workshop Review

Winners Ecom Workshop is an FBA training program offered by Tamara Tee.

She will teach and offer you free training on Amazon Selling.

In this program, you’ll learn how to make money selling products through Amazon just like the BJK University FBA Course that I previously reviewed.

This training is entirely free, but she has a pitch at the end that will introduce you to her flagship course called FBA Winners.

In this course, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $997.

Amazon selling requires a huge investment that will go over $5,000.

If you consider that this FBA Winners program is expensive, don’t waste your money and time registering for it.

Your best option is to venture into other investments that will require minimal investment and easy management.

From the landing page, Tamara promises you to use her e-commerce strategy to start earning every month.

Some of the courses do not require any special skills or knowledge.

She introduces her course by inquiring whether you understand what happens whenever you purchase something online.

When you buy from online stores, the vendors make a lot of money from your sale without heavy lifting.

However, if you are looking for the best alternative to make money online, then here is the best place to get started:

Winners Ecom Workshop Review

Who Is The Founder Of Winners Ecom Workshop?

Winners Ecom Workshop Review

The founder of Winners Ecom Workshop is Tamara Tee.

She joined the e-commerce industry after leaving her corporate job in 2018.

Also, after successfully doing sales with Amazon for a few years, she gained experience.

As such, she leveraged what she learned and used it to teach others in FBA Winners.

But, before creating FBA Winners, she created free content about Amazon sales and availed them on YouTube.

Then, after discovering that people are willing to spend their money to get coached, she started an Amazon FBA training course.

Since the inception of this FBA course, she has made over $2 million in sales from online courses.

On top of this, her sales from Amazon Products have exceeded $4 million.

This is what she made from selling different products with high-profit margins.

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What Is Winners Ecom Workshop?

Winners Ecom Workshop is a training program that will teach you about Amazon selling.

This course is free to join and will give access to a 20-minute video tutorial on becoming an Amazon seller.

This course is good, but it does not reveal the downsides of this business model.

As you may know, many things could go south in Amazon’s sales business.

Of course, the entire training video ignites your desire to make more money.

Plus, earning money by doing digital business is the most enjoyable venture, but it has some challenges.

And, this business opportunity promotes a legitimate business model.

In fact, it has a record of people who have succeeded in Amazon selling.

However, before venturing into it, you must understand both sides of this business model.

Nowadays, there is high competition in the online industry.

As such, it implies that you’ll not only need to invest only your money, but also you’ll need to put in more effort to reap big profits.

And after completing the free training course, Tamara Tee will introduce you to her paid training course called FBA Winners.

There, she will reveal a secret about how she makes money from Amazon selling in her paying course.

Besides, Tamara Tee uses the Winners Ecom Workshop as a window to promote the FBA Winners program.

What’s more, she is targeting those newbies who wish to venture into online businesses.

Features Of Winners Ecom Workshop

Winners Ecom Workshop simplifies the business model to understand it better.

If you want to venture into the Amazon FBA business model, you’ll go through the following steps;

Inventory Management

If you partner to do FBA business with Amazon, you won’t be shouldering the burden of managing the inventory.

Amazon will deal with shipping, packaging, customer service, and other inventory management tasks.

You’ll still have a role in inventory management, and shipping the products to amazon.

Amazon has drawn strict rules governing product preparation and delivery to their stores.

Any seller who wishes to do FBA Amazon selling must strictly adhere to these rules.

The rules explain package, labeling, and registering any product in the Amazon FBA system.

You’ll be spending a lot of time daily if you are solely responsible for product preparation.

Alternatively, you can hire Amazon Prep’s services to do all the heavy lifting, but remember you’ll be digging into your profits.

Usually, Amazon will take up to 40% of your earnings if you use FBA Programs.

Distance yourself from this business if you want an automated business.

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Product Selection

Your success in Amazon FBA will largely depend on the product you choose to sell.

There are new products that come and go out of the market.

This means you should thoroughly research the best products that sell to maximize your profits.

As an Amazon seller, you need always monitor market trends, search for popular products, and constantly update yourself on what is to come into the market.

The big secret to consider when selecting a product to sell in Amazon FBA is to identify most people’s needs.

After that, check their profit margins to determine whether they’re worth investing in.

Do not select a product that already has too many sellers.

This will limit your chance of making a sale from them.

From product selection, it is clear that this business model will not give you all the freedom you could have enjoyed doing any other passive online business.

Making Profits

Making profits as an Amazon seller will not be an easy task.

It is going to take all your patience and time.

Any dollar you invest in inventory is not going to mature easily.

This business model could take as long as six to twelve months before you start making any meaningful profits.

Therefore, don’t waste your time on this business if you know you will not be patient enough until you profit.

Your involvement in this business, in a way, is limited.

Packaging and delivering your products after an order is placed will be done by Amazon warehouse workers.

If you fail to sell your product within a very short time, you’ll be charged more storage fees.

These storage fees make Amazon selling very expensive and not the best opportunity.

The good news for you is that other business models could still allow you to earn profits passively within a short period.

Pricing Plan Of Winners ECOM Workshop

Winners Ecom Workshop is entirely free to join, but Tamara Tee markets her paid course at the end.

This flagship course she is promoting will cost you $997.

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Is Winners Ecom Workshop A Scam?

Tamara’s training course is not a scam.

Therefore, it is a legitimate training program that will train you to become an Amazon seller.

However, you shouldn’t be excited about this opportunity because it is not easier, as Tamara puts it.

The truth is that you’ll have to invest a lot of money and effort to realize the success of this business model.

Another thing to consider before starting this business opportunity is its low-profit margin.

Besides, consider its profit margin as you plan to go for any online business.

Apart from that, you should invest in a digital business that will give you a higher profit margin.

Unfortunately, Amazon is associated with high fees that will end up eating your revenue.

You’ll probably make an average 10% profit margin like most Amazon sellers.

For instance, if you sell goods worth $1000 through Amazon in a month, your commission will be $100.

This business model will take time before you begin realizing profits.

After three months of starting, you’ll be about 20% to attaining your profit level.

In most cases, sellers begin realizing profits within six months, while others go up to a year before making profits.

As a beginner, you’ll be operating many losses before making profits.

This means if you’re going to invest in this business model, you’ll have to exercise patience.

Contrary to this, you are not going to survive this business.

I don’t recommend this business model because you can’t stand the losses.

Other business models are cost-effective, easy to start, and have attractive profit margins.

You can see for yourself how I have been able to do it:

Jason Foster

What I Like About Winners Ecom Workshop

  • Free to Join

This training is free to join.

And you’ll still get some value from the free program as a free member.

  • Tamara Is a Legitimate Owner

Tamara Tee is an experienced seller who is well-known to have succeeded in Amazon FBA.

What I Don’t Like About Winners Ecom Workshop

  • It Has an Expensive Paid Course

Joining Winners Ecom Workshop is free, but you’ll pay for Tamara’s paid course to access her secret to successful Amazon selling.

  • Has Exaggerated Claims

In this program, you are fed with many exciting claims that will make you believe you will earn a huge amount of money.

  • Requires Huge Startup Capital

You require a lot of capital to start and run an operational FBA program with Amazon.

And don’t forget that it involves many risks compared to other online business models.

Is There Any Alternative?

My recommended alternative is all about promoting other people’s products and services.

So, don’t worry about shipping and fulfillment, customer service, or refunds.

And using a simple blueprint that I have offered you will help you out.

I’ll tell you what, there are much more and better business opportunities you can go to as a beginner.

In this case, you’re going to avoid spending as much as $5,000 you would have spent on FBA Winners.

Plus, these other best alternatives are easy to start, and manage, and are highly profitable.

Again, you’ll also not be exposing your money to a possible risk.

And my most recommended business model for you is Affiliate Marketing.

In this business model, you’ll be promoting other people’s products and services and getting well-compensated in commissions.

On top of this, it will give you all the flexibility you need.

Better still, you can manage your affiliate marketing business at home or while doing other activities.

And once you establish a business, it won’t take long before you start making profits.

This is contrary to Amazon selling, where you’ll take a long before realizing any profits.

Here is your starting guide:

Winners Ecom Workshop Review

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