Is Brambila Method A Scam? – Get To Learn All the Info Here!

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

Hello! Welcome to my Brambila Method Review.

Many digital training programs claim to open you a way into the world of digital business.

Some of these platforms have provided solutions to many aspiring digital entrepreneurs, and most have become scams.

Could Brambila Method be a scam too?

Brambila Method is also a training course created by Adrian Brambila, and it claims to equip you with various skills and training that you can use to make money online.

Before starting this review, I want to remind you that I am not promoting this course.

As such, this article is meant for review purposes.

Let’s get down to Brambila Method.

Summary Of Brambila Method

Name of the Product: Brambila Method

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Making Money Online Course

Founder: Adrian Brambila

Product Rating: 6/10

Product Cost: $97 per year.

Recommendation: Recommended

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Overview Of The Brambila Method

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

The Brambila method is an online money-making training program that promises to equip you with freelancing skills, create digital courses, market your courses, and utilize affiliate marketing.

The Brambila method might be an ideal program, but not all the features within Brambila are appealing.

Nevertheless, most of Brambila’s course content can benefit you.

The course aims at equipping you with skills you can apply when building your online business.

Brambila claims that his course is ideal, especially if you want to build a consistent source of income.

This is because it is one of the consistent ways of making a passive income source.

Another thing you should know about Brambila is that it will introduce you to other courses related to Affiliate Marketing that Adrian created.

However, those courses are costly.

Adrian Provides limited information through Brambila Method and still markets his other related courses intending to convince you to purchase them.

But if you need a better method of making money online, then here is a blueprint that will enable you to get started;

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

What Is Brambila Method About?

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

Brambila Method is a digital training course designed to offer the most affordable training for anyone wishing to venture into an online business.

This training equips you with various skills inddddddddddd freelancing, designing courses, and using affiliate marketing, among other online gigs.

Brambila covers five different methods of making money through the internet.

These methods include;

Fiverr & Upwork

Fiverr & Upwork are digital platforms that provide an opportunity for freelancers to make money.

Working on Fiverr does not require unique skills or knowledge, but it will give you a competitive advantage in getting high-paying clients to work with.

Fiverr allows you to work with various entrepreneurs and companies.

They will hire you to do simple tasks for them; in return, they pay you a commission.

On the other hand, Upwork will train you to win contracts and get hired by various clients.

If you deliver quality work, you’ll get hired by high-paying clients.

Designing Digital Courses

This section will teach Brambila how to convert your passion into a money-making opportunity.

You could design a course and monetize it by sharing it with others through various platforms such as Skillshare.

Print On Demand (POD)

POD is a business model that allows you to create and sell your designs and brand various products, such as mugs and shirts.

In this business, you can take contracts and outsource the designing task to the relevant companies.

The commission you make from this POD business will depend on your bargaining power and the quality of your work.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing business model involves promoting various products or services by introducing them to prospective buyers.

You are paid a commission if a sale is made through your affiliate link.

This business model is the easiest one because you won’t be involved in product creation, shipping, refunds, and customer service.

Affiliate Marketing is covered by multiple modules of the Brambila Method for the affiliate marketing business model is an ideal business opportunity suitable for you as a beginner.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage

In this section, you’ll learn about buying products from retailers and selling them to various consumers at a better price through Amazon.

Even though this process may appear simple, it is very involving.

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What Are The Features Of the Brambila Method?

Brambila Method has eight modules showing various ways of earning money online.

These modules include;

Selling Your Creativity Through Services on Fiverr

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

This section of the course will introduce you to freelancing.

You’ll start by learning how to attract small pay tasks and maximize the number of daily tasks you can perform.

This will be equivalent to the amount of income you earn per day.

The secret to achieving more is sticking to simple tasks that you can efficiently complete daily.

Sell your knowledge passively Through course marketplaces

You’ll learn to convert your expertise in a particular area into a training course.

Choose the area you’re confident in, teach people, and make money from them.

You can sell your course on platforms like Skillshare, which pays you to create content that suits your users’ interests.

Landing High Ticket Retainers on Upwork

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

In this section, you will learn how to attract high-paying clients to Upwork.

To win these high-paying clients, you must have relevant in-demand skills such as social media management, web designing, data entry, and running paid ad campaigns.

Sell your Ideas Through Custom Merch Without Inventory

In this section, you will learn more about POD (Print on Demand).

You’ll learn everything about this type of business and how to make money out of it.

This business model needs a considerable budget.

But you’ll invest the product creation, and you won’t be buying these products in bulk.

You can take contracts from the clients, pay the printing companies to do the task at a lower price, and retain the profits.

Affiliate Marketing 101

This section will teach you about affiliate marketing.

The module teaches you about targeting the market niche, identifying your preferred affiliate program, and building your brand.

You’ll also learn about various platforms where product marketers give affiliate marketers opportunities to market their products.

Data-Backed Organic Affiliate Strategies

This module will link organic traffic to the products you are offering.

Adrian recommends that you use YouTube to get traffic.

In this case, you’ll be creating content that covers a specific market gap so that the users can access it.

Leveraging Community-Powered Traffic

This section will guide you on finding Facebook groups and social media platforms to connect with other affiliate marketers and promote your products.

These groups must be related to the products you’re promoting.

Amazon Retail Arbitrage

This module will show you how to make use of Amazon retail arbitrage, and you will qualify for this part of the lesson once you have at least implemented one of the ways of making money covered by Brambila.

Bonus: Affiliate Marketing Start Guide

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

This is a blueprint for how you can start your affiliate marketing venture.

One piece of content covered in this bonus is how to build your sales funnel.

You’ll also be taught how to use email to market your affiliate products.

This means you’ll incur another cost of acquiring autoresponder software.

Who Is The Founder Of The Brambila Method?

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

The brain behind the formation of the Brambila Method is called Adrian Brambila.

He used to be a dancer before shifting his focus to internet marketing and creating digital courses, among others.

Adrian Brambila also used to work at a department in a call center that paid him an average of $27,000 per year.

Between 2015 and 2018, he spent the better part of his time trying to build his online business career.

His desire to share what he knows about online business gave birth to the creation of the Brambila Method.

What Is The Cost Of The Brambila Method?

The cost of the Brambila Method is $97 per year.

In addition to this yearly subscription, you might spend additional expenses to purchase relevant software and tools.

Although these additional upsells are not mandatory, they are very vital for the growth of your marketing business.

Does Brambila Method Offer A Refund?

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

Yes, it does.

Brambila has a refund policy that covers you for 14 days.

The process of acquiring a refund can take 7 to 10 days.

To complete the refund process, you will be required to take a quick survey stating the reasons for the refund.

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Is Brambila Method A Scam?

No, The Brambila Method is NOT a scam.

The Brambila Method is a legit training program that aims at equipping you with various skills that you can leverage and build successful business opportunities.

It is a simple training program that claims to give you an opportunity of building an income stream without risking huge investments.

All the methods offered by the owner are genuine and viable.

You’ll learn how to build a passive income source from its foundation.

This course could be ideal for you if you’ve aspirations of building a digital business that will liberate you financially.

Even though this course teaches you about affiliate marketing, it does not teach you about advanced strategies that can elevate your business.

And for that reason, I have offered you the best alternative to allow you to make money online without parting with all your investment;

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

What I Like About the Brambila Method

  • It is relatively cheap.

This program is a relatively cheap course that you can afford.

It is a practical course that will teach you how to leverage online opportunities to make money without investing much.

  • It is a legitimate business model.

Well, this program teaches a legitimate business model and is built by a legit entrepreneur.

The creator has recorded many successes in affiliate marketing and running his various online businesses.

He promises to share the secret that contributed to his success.

  • It is an ideal course for a beginner.

This training program is a perfect business opportunity suitable for a beginner.

It will provide you with skills you can apply to build your digital business.

What I don’t like about Brambila Method

  • It has additional expenses.

You will get additional upsells within this program.

As an affiliate marketing business model, you will also require other tools and software related to affiliate marketing, which could be expensive.

  • It covers multiple areas.

Adrian talks about a variety of ways you can explore and build your business.

This could either have a positive or negative effect on the course.

Every business venture has details you need to understand before trying to implement it.

You could leverage these alternatives and build a profitable business opportunity.

Is There Any Alternative to Brambila Method?

Brambila Method is an affordable training course that allows you to make money online.

This training program is suitable for aspiring freelancers and those who want to start their journey in the online industry.

Even though this course will train you about affiliate marketing, it does not provide sufficient information about affiliate marketing.

If you want to earn while you grow, then you can find out more about affiliate marketing by checking out this blueprint;

Is Brambila Method A Scam?

FAQs About Brambila Method

What is Brambila Method?

This digital training program has various training courses designed to equip you with multiple skills you can apply to build a profitable digital business without spending too much money.

Who is the Creator of the Brambila Method?

This program was built by a digital entrepreneur called Adrian Brambila.

He is also a YouTuber and claims to have made millions of money as a digital entrepreneur.

How much does Brambila Method Cost?

The cost of this program is $97 per year.

However, there will be other additional expenses that you’ll incur to benefit from this course thoroughly.

The extra upsells are not compulsory, but they will be necessary for increasing your revenue.

Is Brambila a profitable business opportunity?

This program is a viable business opportunity, and many entrepreneurs have profited by applying the skills and knowledge offered by the owner.

You can use the tactics you learn through this course and build yourself a successful digital business.

14 thoughts on “Is Brambila Method A Scam? – Get To Learn All the Info Here!

  1. Funny how your website has the same content as the other 20 on Google search. I’m noticing a pattern here. It appears Adrian uses his members to promote his course via an affiliate link to get more suckers to sign up. Pyramid Scheme all the way.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Erik. FYI: I am not an affiliate for Adrian. He is actually a good guy who is adding value to the marketplace. You can, of course, choose who you want to learn from. Ultimately, you want to follow a proven plan and execute it so that you can earn a living and make a difference.

  2. Hi there! Affiliate Marketing is an excellent business model for new entrepreneurs. Because there are many Affiliate Marketing training courses available, he’s done a good thing with this low-priced entry-level introduction to the world of Affiliate Marketing. Based on your honest review of Brambila Method, I’d be willing to bet that Adrian has a lot of takers which are satisfied with the growth of their business acumen and the acquisition of new business tools. At the end of the day, I suspect that the reputation of the products Brambila recommends is mostly likely a key factor in customer satisfaction. 

    Scam? No! The testimonials are legit. Where I disagree is the ‘no cost’ claim. Affiliate Marketing tools come with a monthly recurring cost. That part of the message should be clearly communicated.

    1. I totally agree with you, Jacquelyn. Adrian has done a fantastic job with the creation of his program, but the no-cost claim can be misleading especially for noobs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. With so many people wanting to work from home and creating digital courses, there are so many more programs on offer that promises to teach you how to start an online business. The Brambila Method seems to be another digital course that will show you methods of earning online income.

    The five methods mentioned are all legitimate ways to earn money online, but to teach them all in one course, seems to me that each one will just be touched on, without providing in-depth knowledge. To make a living with affiliate marketing, or on demand printing or the other methods mentioned, you need far more training than what Brambila Method offers. 

    I do not think the shotgun approach used in the Brambila Method will equip you to start a sustainable online business. 

  4. Thank you for this very interesting article on Brambilla.

    I love the fact that this is a legit program to make money online. The affordable price is a double edge sword. On the one hand, it doesn´t break the bank but on the other hand, if you have to pay extra for additional upsells which may be necessary if you want to scale your business. Perhaps these upsells can pile up rather quickly and could cost a pretty penny.

    Thank you again for the valuable information to make an informed decision.

    1. Yeah, the Brambila method is a pretty good program. I think Adrian designed it in a way for people to choose which business model is best for them. All the strategies he lays out are real and can earn anyone a full-time income. For me, affiliate marketing is the best strategy, especially for a newbie just getting started.

  5. I think that this program is a great way for beginners to delve into the world of internet marketing as it gives them a good overview of different methods they can use to make money online. From here they should be able to decide which method will suit them best. 

    I think though that it could be very tempting to go into too many things at once and then get overwhelmed. It is always best, in the beginning, to choose one method and stick to that one without chopping and changing if it doesn’t pay off quickly. 

    1. I totally agree with you Michel. Newbies need to be careful not to jump into too many business models at the same time.  I would just stick to affiliate marketing since it is simple and profitable. Thanks for chiming in.

  6. Awesome article! Although I think that there are other, more suitable, and cost-effective alternatives for beginners looking to learn how to become successful affiliate marketers without having to pay additional money for advanced knowledge, tools, and training, I also know The Brambila Method can help you learn more about becoming a freelancer, finding $5 – $10 short gigs online, creating courses, marketing them, and leveraging affiliate marketing. So, go for it!

    1. Yeah, Ivan, the Brambilla method is not too bad at all.  It’s one of the programs that I do recommend and find Adrian as a legit guy!

  7. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this review of Brambila Method. It is an honest and spot-on review offering the pros and cons of the programs in a candid manner. What I have liked about this Brambila Method, is its cost/subscription. $97 per year I find it reasonable. However, the additional costs make this seemingly cheap program expensive. For I guess some tools may cost even higher than the subscription fees!! It is also good to know that it is not a scam. So depending on what one wants to learn, then it can be a good starter. Did you get a feel about when it was started and how many have trained with it? Once again thank you for this review.

  8. Thank you very much for this detailed post about Adrian’s Brambila Method. I found out about this Brambila method today. There are many scams in the online field today. Glad this is not a scam like that. I also like the alternative affiliate marketing method you mentioned. Because I have also done affiliate marketing. Keep posting like this.

    1. It’s good to see you learning about affiliate marketing.  You just need to stand the course and keep working to build your online business.  One of the best decisions I’ve made 🙂

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