Remote Millionaires Review – How Much Can You Really Earn?

Remote Millionaires Review

Hi, welcome to my Remote Millionaires Review.

Remote Millionaires is a business model designed to equip you with skills and training to become a marketing agency.

Also, this mentorship program will help you start and build your remote businesses through marketing agencies in your locality.

Let’s find out more about Remote Millionaires in different sections of this article, but I must remind you that I am not associated with Remote Millionaires.

This article is only for review purposes.

Let’s find out…

Summary Of Remote Millionaires

Name of the Product: Remote Millionaires

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Online Training Program

Founder: Nick Ponte & Tom Gaddis

Product Rating: 7/10

Product Cost: Not Disclosed.

Recommendation: Recommended (Not for Beginners)

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Overview Of Remote Millionaires

Remote Millionaires Review

Remote Millionaire is a mentorship program created by Nick Ponte and his partner Tom Gaddis.

These co-creators are also known to have made Authority Accelerator, Remote Client System, Yellow Brick Road, and Quick Start Agency, among other software and digital courses.

This mentorship program has seven modules, and I’ll take you through their details in this review.

However, if you’re a beginner looking for a straightforward and genuine way of making money online, then you just need to go through this step-by-step guide:

Remote Millionaires Review

What is Remote Millionaires About?

Remote Millionaires Review

Remote Millionaire is a mentorship program that will train you on how to create a remote agency business or grow an existing agency business.

This is how the business operates; as an agency, you provide various services to companies within your locality.

These services could be SEO, video marketing, web designing, social media marketing, paid ads, and graphic design.

Your role will be to look for prospective businesses to buy these services from your agency and earn money through those sales.

And that is how the business model operates though it involves a longer process.

This process and approach are fully covered within Remote Millionaires which is totally beyond an ordinary digital training course.

First of all, it features some lessons and blueprints you can apply to run your local agency from its inception to making huge profits.

Another feature that sets this program apart is coaching calls done every week; you get access to their software, Skype, Slack Private Account, all DFY Sheets, standard operating procedures, and video proposals blueprint.

Additionally, you’ll access all the sales funnels, e-mail campaigns & sequences, and support from the virtual team.

Furthermore, this support team is always ready to respond to your questions; the team members are ready to provide guidance and response throughout the process.

When you join Nick’s mentorship program, you will also get access to a replica of his agency website.

In fact, Nick claims that he is making above $350K every year through this website, and he is allowing you to also make the same amount through a replica of his website.

Once you get the website, you can customize it to have your logo and company info.

Who Is The Owner(s) Of Remote Millionaires?

Remote Millionaires Review

The creators of Remote Millionaires are Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte who built their Remote empire located on Hawaii Island.

Remote Millionaires Review

Nick has experience in web design and development.

Also, he has partnered in co-creating various large-scale websites.

He used his experience to launch his marketing agency that offers SEO, website development, e-commerce solution, and PPC ads.

How Do Remote Millionaires Works?

This is a mentorship program that trains you on the best way of launching your marketing agency in a way that will not tie you down to your business.

As such, you’ll learn how to attract premium paying clients and train staff so that you can be involved in your business as little or as much as you want.

The objective of Remote is to give you the freedom to enjoy your life while earning good money sometimes.

In this case, you’ll enjoy spending time with your family, friends, and adventure.

And unlike most marketing agencies, Remote Millionaires is a detailed mentorship program and a community full of experienced support teams.

Nick will teach you how to replicate their multi-million dollar and will also give you powerful software and the company’s SOP.

Keep in mind that before you are given access to this mentorship program, you’ve to book a call.

You need to expect to pay a higher price because they have not quoted the cost of this mentorship program anywhere.

When you book a call, you are likely to connect with a representative; this is someone who will give you more details about the price of joining this mentorship program.

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Remote Millionaires’ Modules

Remote Millionaires Review

Remote Millionaires offers you up to 7 modules, and each module has a video tutorial that will give step-by-step guidelines.

These modules will also give you access to the necessary assets covering specific topics.

These topics are;

Module 1: Welcome and Introduction

This module introduces you to the Remote Millionaire mastermind and will explain and give you more details about the program.

Also, you’ll be introduced to the program’s team which will cover orientation calls, commitment, and private groups.

In addition, the module also has up to 12 support videos.

Module 2: Stage One: $350K per Year Agency Replica

This module will give you access to everything you might need for replicating Nick’s website.

Plus, you will get SPOs and DFY assets.

In this module, 14 videos support the modules.

Module 3: Stage Two- No Longer Alone

In this section, you’ll learn how to build your team, hire, train, manage, and develop your team, post jobs, and everything about accounting and financial management.

Note that this module is extensive because it has six topics and up to 30 video tutorials.

Module 4: Stage Three- Client Getting

You’ve got your website, a team, the necessary tools, and everything, but all is worthless without clients.

Here, Nick will teach you the strategy he used to attract clients.

Aside from that, he will show you how to get personal and use videos to attract clients and draw them to the paid ads section. Sixteen video tutorials supplement it.

Module 5: Stage Four- More Life

This section will cover automating your clients, project management, and fulfillment.

And Nick will explain everything to you about the process from beginning to end. And the module is supplemented by ten videos.

Module 6: Stage Five-Scale to 6 and 7 figures.

In this module, you will learn the roles you’ll play as the CEO of your agency; you’ll learn the essential strategies to apply to scale up your agency.

And seven videos supplement the module.

Module 7: Zoom Call Recordings

In this last module, you’ll get access to past Zoom call records, and these recorded Zoom calls last for at least an hour each.

Besides, it shows you what is generally covered in Remote Millionaire, and they all teach you about marketing agencies within your locality.

It is rich in helpful information, long support videos, and weekly training.

However, if your intention is to explore an alternative avenue for earning money online, I invite you to take a look at my guide provided below:

Remote Millionaires Review

What Is The Cost of Remote Millionaires?

To join Remote Millionaires, you’ll have to process answering some questions.

Although Remote Millionaires doesn’t provide many details about the program’s cost, you’ll still realize from their FAQs section that the program is not cheap.

Some allegations say the cost of joining this mentorship program is $8,000.

And if this is true, is it worth it?

After that, Remote Millionaires will show you some videos and promise to get back to you with their offer.

As a mentorship program, Remote Millionaires is a high-value training program.

As such, you can expect to invest a lot of cash in this program.

Further, Remote Millionaires claims that it’ll help you model the structure of their agency and apply it to create over $350K within one year.

Though this blueprint is quite expensive, it still demands your total commitment and dedication.

As such, without investing your efforts and determination, you won’t realize any returns from this program.

Is Remote Millionaires A Scam?

No. Remote Millionaires is a legitimate mentorship program because it was created by an already-established business entity known as Offline Sharks.

This is a leading resource and training center created for local marketers and online agencies.

Offline Sharks is known to deliver updated, tested, and proven training focusing on the marketing & advertising sector for both offline and online professionals.

Also, it has more than 16,000 students worldwide and about 11,000 active group members on Facebook, and membership in their Facebook group is free for everyone.

What I Like About Remote Millionaires

  • Give you the experience of being your boss
  • Has the ability to give you high income
  • You can outsource or hire your team of employees
  • You can oversee your work instead of working on it.

What I Don’t Like About Remote Millionaires

  • Dissatisfied clients would permanently demand to speak to you.
  • You’ll be forced to make your sales calls.
  • You will also be forced to chase your money by following up on clients who do not pay.
  • Must deliver the desired results whether you are part of the working team.

 Is There Any Alternative To Remote Millionaires?

Yes, there is an alternative to this program, especially for beginners who don’t want a complicated way of starting an online business.

I often consider affiliate marketing as a favorable business model that can allow beginners to learn and start making money.

Personally, I have been doing affiliate market for a while now and with commitment and hard work, you can rest assured that things will work your way as well.

Also, this business model is easy to start and budget-friendly.

It is also manageable and doesn’t demand any technical know-how.

If this business model resonates with you, then you can check out this helpful guide:

Remote Millionaires Review

FAQs about Remote Millionaires

Can I do this business using my computer?

This program is designed to offer you flexibility.

And as such, you can reach out to your clients through the phone or by e-mail.

Is Remote Millionaires a remote business?

Yes, it is absolutely a business model that is operated remotely.

Basically, this platform allows you to enjoy your everyday life while building your marketing agency business.

Is Remote Millionaires similar to other training programs?

There has to be an exclusive formula suitable for developing a futures agency.

How much will it cost to invest in Remote Millionaires?

To join this program, you’ll have to enter a free training program under the marketing group.

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