Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam? – A Detailed Review!

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

Hi there! Welcome to my Douglas James Marketing Review.

Douglas James Marketing is a digital training program that claims to offer a variety of courses suitable for all types of entrepreneurs.

The owner of this training course claims to have achieved tremendous success in online marketing and promises to show you the secret behind his success.

Are these claims valid?

And will they propel you to your next level of financial freedom?

Or could Douglas James Marketing be another version of a scam?

Before I go deep into this review, remember that this article is mainly meant to review and not promote the product.

Let’s get down to Douglas James Marketing.

Summary Of Douglas James Marketing

Name of the Product: Douglas James Marketing

Type of the Product: Digital Training Course

Founders:  Douglas James

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 5/10

Product Cost: $3,000

Recommendation: No.

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Overview Of Douglas James Marketing

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

Douglas James Marketing is a digital training program that offers various training courses designed for different entrepreneurs.

Douglas James Marketing mainly focuses on marketing and advertising niches.

And this includes concepts such as ClickFunnels, Search Engine Optimization, and Facebook Advertisements.

And Douglas chose this type of business after discovering that most high-ticket clients prefer using such platforms.

Therefore, it will be easy to reach out to clients if you employ the same approach.

This props a question; will Douglas James Market be the best way to make money? Or is it another form of a scam?

To answer this question, Douglas James’ Marketing is not a scam.

However, I don’t recommend it as the best investment option because the average person looking to start a business will find it difficult to come up with the funds.

You can still access the same courses offered by James Douglas Marketing elsewhere at a relatively cheaper cost than what James Douglas charges.

But again, if you’re looking for a better alternative to make money online, then you can still go ahead and look at this genuine option;

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

What Is Douglas James Marketing About?

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

Douglas James Marketing is a digital training program whose objective is to equip entrepreneurs with various digital skills.

This training course targets various digital marketing areas that will contribute to the success of your digital marketing business.

For instance, this program teaches you how to effectively use Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, and ClickFunnels.

These are examples of platforms usually used by high-ticket clients.

Therefore, they will increase your chances of making more money from the program.

Apart from the training courses the Douglas James Marketing program offers, you’ll also get to interact with high-end influencers.

As such, you can leverage this opportunity and learn various strategies and techniques they employed to achieve their levels of success in the digital marketing industry.

Furthermore, you can apply to participate in the seminars personally organized by Douglas James.

And through these seminars, you’ll learn more about the techniques you can use in digital marketing to attract prospective clients.

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How Does Douglas James Marketing Work?

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

Douglas James Marketing offers various coaching programs and courses for creating a successful digital marketing business.

He claims that he can connect you with high-paying clients for your business.

Features of Douglas James Marketing

Douglas James features three main courses, which are;

High-Ticket Experience

Douglas James will teach you to negotiate with prospective clients in this course.

Also, it will equip you with various skills you can apply to close several deals with your prospective clients.

By the end of this section, James claims that you’ll know how to book a call with clients, contact prospective clients and identify an ideal market gap for your business.

One advantage of this course is that you’ll access it for free.

However, this course section does not offer sufficient information on how you will build your business.

Local Business Funnels and Ads

In this section, you’ll learn more about lead generation.

Generating leads is crucial in any digital business, for you will be sourcing your prospective customers from such leads.

You must generate as many leads as possible for your business to survive.

Also, this course will teach you how to customize ads that you will use to generate leads in your business.

Additionally, it will equip you with the skills to build an attractive sales funnel.

High-Tickets Experts

High-Ticket Expert is a coaching program designed to teach strategies and skills you can apply to attract sales calls.

This course is somehow similar to High-Ticket Experience, but it is more comprehensive.

This course will teach you how to generate multiple applications and book the ideal calls for your prospective high-ticket services.

Additional Coaching Services

Douglas James Marketing offers marketing services such as;

Activation Call

This coaching service allows you to schedule a 1-hour coaching call with the platform’s marketing expert, who will answer all your questions.

Besides, it will also equip you with various marketing skills and strategies.


This coaching service gives you access to a live seminar organized by Douglas James.

James will teach you what he has learned about digital marketing through this seminar.

He will also show you the best strategy to help you land high-ticket clients.

Furthermore, you’ll be given access to a Private Facebook community and Voxer messaging after completing the seminar.

6-Month Group

In this program, you’ll receive complete training via video call.

The company’s top influencers will facilitate this section and teach you various topics such as marketing, branding, sales, and entrepreneurial mindset.

What Is The Cost Of Douglas James Marketing?

To get full access to what this training course offers, you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $3,000.

Also, be prepared to pay such an amount if you plan to enroll in this course because that is the exact amount you will spend.

Frankly speaking, this course is quite expensive.

But if your budgetary allocation can support this kind of program, then expect to receive valuable Experience.

Alternatively, you can forgo this course and invest in other alternatives available on the market.

If you’re looking for inexpensive guides that will enable you to start an online business, then I have tailored a guide for you;

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

Who Is The Founder Of Douglas James Marketing?

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

The founder of this program is called Douglas James himself.

He is also known as the “high-ticket client.”

Douglas James has branded this title for his repeated accomplishment in winning high-paying clients.

Before venturing and succeeding in digital entrepreneurship, Douglas served in the Navy as Corpsman.

He was part of the team providing health care to various third-world countries.

Douglas later enrolled at George Washington University to pursue a course in the school of business.

He then created this course to help other aspiring entrepreneurs build their businesses and get their high-paying clients.

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Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

This training program is a legit training program.

Creating and running Facebook Ads is a difficult task to do.

And before completing the correct ads, you will be involved in various trials and errors.

Not only will you find this program expensive, but Douglas also appears like a hyped package.

Another point to remember is that this training course does not guarantee you any success.

What I Like About Douglas James Marketing

  • An expert-created it

The owner is an expert in digital marketing and promised to share his knowledge of digital marketing and online business with you.

  • It gives you a variety of coaching and training.

This training program has a variety of training courses on offer.

This will expand your knowledge about online business and, more significantly, digital marketing.

What I Don’t Like About Douglas James Marketing

  • It is costly

As mentioned earlier, you must make a one-time payment of $3,000, which is very expensive.

  • High-Ticket Experience has limited information.

This training does not offer sufficient information on building your digital business.

In addition to this challenge, the owner of this training program will often recommend you sign up for other programs.

  • Does not provide relevant information.

Although this course is costly, it does not offer sufficient and relevant information you can apply in the current business world.

You can access sufficient information to implement and make money from it quickly.

  • Your chances of profiting from this program are minimal.

Even though you’ll be spending massive amounts on this program, don’t expect to achieve faster results.

Otherwise, you’ll get disappointed.

Instead of focusing too much on this program, many highly profitable digital opportunities are waiting to tap into them.

Is There Any Alternative To Douglas James Marketing?

Even though this training course is an ideal program, I won’t recommend it to you.

There is another best alternative for you, and you can leverage and build your digital business from this option.

I strongly recommend you consider investing your time and resources in Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal online opportunity to help you achieve financial freedom.

This is because it is easy to start in terms of budgetary allocation.

Furthermore, the affiliate marketing business model is not too demanding as other business models.

After you’ve established yourself, everything starts flowing.

I have given you my blueprint on the next page to learn more;

Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam?

FAQs About Douglas James Marketing

What is Douglas James Marketing?

This program is a digital training program designed to equip you with various entrepreneurial skills you can apply when building your business.

This training program features different courses that are ideal for various categories of entrepreneurs.

Also, this program will teach you about digital marketing.

Some notable courses you should expect from this program are how to effectively use Facebook Ads, Search Engine Optimization, and ClickFunnels.

How much does Douglas James Marketing cost?

To fully access this program, you must pay a one-time fee of $3,000.

Who is behind Douglas James Marketing?

The creator of this program is a digital marketer called Douglas James.

His title is attributed to his accomplishment in landing high-ticket clients.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, he once served as a corpsman in the nay.

Is Douglas James Marketing a scam?

This program is not a scam but a digital training course that aims to teach you how to build your online business.

15 thoughts on “Is Douglas James Marketing A Scam? – A Detailed Review!

  1. This program is not for me. If you just take the free class, you might get some ideas. Douglas James has proven he can make money online and if you don’t care about integrity and follow to the point what i says, you can make money as well. I would rather put my time and energy in a better rated training program, like Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Honesty I don’t see this program as a viable solution to anyone looking at starting an online business. First of all the initial investment is far too high for most people and secondly high ticket businesses is hard to start without any knowledge or having a network to work with. Honestly this could be a good solution only for more advanced users that already have a basic understanding and experience of how all this works and want to take it to the next level.

  3. I have seen his ads before – thanks for the detailed overview. It seems like it might be a program better suited for people who have more lots of money to play with. Unfortunately, a lot of people get sucked into these kinds of programs and don’t take the time to start at the level they should be at! 

  4. I love to see reviews like this one. Very thorough and detailed. There are lots of benefits to derive from the Douglas James course but yet there are shortcomings. One it is expensive, and two, it does not teach you how to build a business which is important, and three, does not offer sufficient and relevant information for the present business world. Any newbie will need all the necessary guidance. Not sure I would want to try it even though it’s legit. Thanks for sharing other alternatives. Awesome review.

  5. Great job giving the pros and cons of the Douglas James Marketing program. I now realize that I do not want to join. You did a great job introducing Affiliate marketing! Hope things keep going better for you. I also hope I can do as good as you in the future.

    1. No problem. It’s good to know that this helped you out. You can do anything as long as you commit to it.

  6. H Jason,

    Thank you for reviewing a legit program in the online marketing domain where many now aspire to make money for their financial freedom.

    Not every program is for everyone. It may be due to budgetary constraints. There are legit opportunities where you need initial experience to start to benefit. It all depends.

    Wealthy Affiliate Platform builds you up even as a beginner to success with training and tools-all inclusive-with a lower monthly fee.

    You start with a free trial of one week to get a good glimpse of this platform, then you can upgrade. You already have your website during your free training period being built.

    It is an undeniable opportunity for many. See if it can be yours.

    1. Thank you for sharing your views here! And yes, I do agree with you in regards to Wealthy Affiliate. They have helped a lot of people see results with affiliate marketing.

  7. There are so many companies just like this one that will be claiming the same thing. Everyone claims that they have the secret to success in the online marketing world, and of course, it all has a cost. Douglas seems like a guy who knows the business, but the price he is asking for, to join his platform, is way higher than an average persons rent price. That alone would scare me away as soon as I lay eyes on those numbers.  

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your review on Douglas James Marketing. It seems like a legit program but like you stated it gets pretty expensive. And because of that, I won’t be joining and I think there are so many other programs out there. As you rightfully said, there are many ways to make money but got to find them first. I feel this is for someone with more experience. 

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