Ecom Warrior Academy Review

Ecom Warrior Academy Review – How Much Can You Really Earn?

Hello there, I welcome you to my Ecom Warrior Academy Review.

This is a digital training program that focuses on eCommerce businesses.

Have you ever thought of E-commerce as your next business opportunity?

And is this type of business viable?

In this article, I’ll answer most of your questions and help you understand Ecom Warrior Academy better than before.

Just a reminder, I have no affiliate relationship with this company.

And as such, this article is purposefully for review.

Also, if you’re here to find a genuine way of making money online, then read on because, towards the tail end of this review, I’ll offer you my best-recommended option.

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Summary Of Ecom Warrior Academy Review

Name of the Product: Ecom Warrior Academy

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: E-commerce Training Program

Founder: Matthew Lepre

Product Rating: 4/10

Product Cost: $4,000

Recommendation: No.

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Overview Of Ecom Warrior Academy

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

Ecom Warrior Academy is a digital program invented by an entrepreneur known as Matthew Lepre, and it is an E-commerce platform.

Matthew claims that this program will equip you with skills for starting a digital E-commerce platform of your own.

Even though his objective in this program may seem reasonable, Matthew sells this program at a higher price.

Also, the program has minimal training, which doesn’t measure up to the cost.

When you call their sales agent, they will focus on marketing the product without giving you more details about their training materials.

However, if you’re just getting started with an online business and you are looking for a place to start, then here is a guide that will offer you all information you need to get started:

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

What Is Ecom Warrior Academy About?

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

This is a digital training program created by a digital entrepreneur called Matthew Lepre.

Also, the training program will teach you about E-commerce, and it will focus on a dropshipping business model…

Once you establish your dropshipping business using this blueprint, he claims that you will begin realizing profits in your business within no time.

When you join the program, you’ll get access to a free training video from his YouTube channel.

Furthermore, this training video is meant to improve your understanding of the E-commerce business model.

As a result, you will judge whether this program is worthy of your investment or NOT.

Additionally, having a clear glimpse of what it entails will help you decide before paying any upfront fee.

Even though this free training video is a helpful resource within the program, it is still insufficient and cannot contribute much to effective decision-making.

As much as this program might sound like an ideal business opportunity, you can’t deny that the program is expensive.

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Who Is The Founder Of the Ecom Warrior Academy?

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

This program was created by a digital entrepreneur named Matthew Lepre.

He is an Australian who has made fortunes from doing online business.

He has built two income sources that give him six figures.

Among the two is Ecom Warrior Academy.

His journey to success was not easy, it was full of challenges, but his determination finally bore fruits — his journey traces to Sydney, where he conceived his idea from his laptop.

Throughout the years, he has established several E-commerce stores, which have positively impacted his life.

These E-commerce businesses have given him freedom and enough time to spend with his family.

Also, he has created a successful E-commerce blueprint that you can apply to your business and potentially achieve the same results as he has done.

Even though this training program is easy-to-replicate, it does not guarantee you success.

One factor that will affect your success in this business model is different markets.

Ecom Warrior Academy Review – How Does Ecom Warrior Academy Work?

This training program gives you access to the following;

  1. How Does Dropshipping work?
    Ecom Warrior Academy Review

This section will show you how dropshipping is done.

By the end of this section, you’ll have mastered the process and be ready to replicate it without the risk of becoming unprofessional.

  1. How To Promote Your Venture Through Various?

You will learn to use different platforms to create multiple traffic sources for your business.

  1. How to set up your Shopify store

This is where you’ll learn how to design your Shopify store.

Once your store is fully set, you’ll also learn how to source products for your store.

You’ll also have to identify the people to add to your Shopify business.

  1. Branding your store.

To achieve more significant results with branding, you have to create an entirely new product.

  1. How to respond to your Service Needs.

This part will teach you how to respond to your customers’ dissatisfaction.

You’ll know how to approach each customer’s complaint professionally.

If you handle your customer’s complaints carefully, you’ll be winning the trust of more customers.

  1. An active Community

Once you join the program, you’ll join a community full of supplementary training programs that will contribute to the growth of your business.

This community will give you a platform for conducting discussions, interacting with new members, and seeking help whenever it is necessary.

  1. Monthly Training

This program will give you access to monthly training videos; hence you’ll always remain up-to-date.

  1. E-mail support

You’ll get support whenever you want to reach out to others using this program.

  1. Coaching Calls

This program will be giving you coaching calls twice every month and during these coaching calls, you’ll get to interact with the program’s coaching team.

Matthew and his team will be conducting these coaching calls through a virtual platform.

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What Is The Cost Of Ecom Warrior Academy?

The average cost of joining this program is $4,000, giving you access to the product.

That is only for getting access to the course as there will be other additional costs that you need to consider in this program.

As you think of investing in this program, remember that you’ll incur additional expenses to attract prospective clients to your store.

For instance, you’ll have to invest in ads as the best way of attracting customers.

Although the use of ads may be appropriate, remember it does not guarantee RETURNS.

Does Ecom Warrior Academy Offer A Refund?

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

Yes, there is a refund policy within this platform, but you should be aware of its restrictions.

The refund policy states that to get your refund, you must have gone through the entire course and failed even after following their step-by-step guide without making any sales.

This refund policy covers you for 60 days after joining the program.

However, you can’t benefit from this refund policy if you have made a single sale.

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve made from the sale; it will still disqualify you.

But if you want a genuine way of making money online, then here is a practical method to start enjoying the fruits of your labor:

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

Is Ecom Warrior Academy A Scam?

This is a legitimate training program that the owner claims can help you create a successful Shopify store by implementing his dropshipping business blueprint.

The owner overpriced this training program, though this E-commerce blueprint can be implemented.

Is this mentorship and training program worth investing in?

This program is not worth that much since there is a lot of free information available on YouTube and Google.

Therefore, you can opt for these two accessible sources because it contains some content found within this program.

However, one advantage of joining this training program is that it will give you access to personalized support and mentorship.

Even though this program is promising, it is essential to note that it does not guarantee success.

This is because there is rising competition among E-commerce businesses, with every company trying to outsmart others.

Matthew claims to have achieved his success by applying this method but remember, the market and times have changed.

You might try to replicate this business model but fail due to the differences in time and market demands.

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What I Like About Ecom Warrior Academy

  • It is a legitimate business model.

This program teaches you about the dropshipping business model, a legitimate type of business you can profit from.

You can build a successful business if you invest and promote the right product.

This business model is very much promising since it is already established.

  • It gives you personalized Coaching.

One advantage of subscribing to this program is receiving personalized attention whenever you face a challenge while working with it.

  • It regularly updates its training.

This program keeps updating the training course every month.

This will help you stay updated on the latest developments within the online industry.

What I Don’t Like About Ecom Warrior Academy

  • It does not clearly explain what to expect.

Even though this program is promising to train you about dropshipping, it doesn’t clearly state what you’ll cover in the entire platform.

All you can get from the platform is marketing the program because the owner is seen praising the program.

  • It is costly.

This training program charges way too expensive, yet you can still access some of the programs they offer at a lower price from other platforms.

Apart from the training course, you will likely incur additional expenses to run the program every month.

Furthermore, the training does not guarantee success if you invest in the program.

  • It involves lots of risks.

Even though dropshipping is a legitimate business model, it still involves many risks.

Since you’ll face a lot of competition in the market, you will spend a lot of money trying to market your products.

Is There Any Alternative to Ecom Warrior Academy?

Yes, the online industry offers various alternatives to build and profit from the online platform.

I won’t recommend this program, especially if you’re a newbie, because of its cost.

Even though Matthew claims to have succeeded in online marketing, it doesn’t mean he achieved that success through this program.

Furthermore, there is no substantial evidence or proof to back up his claims.

My #1 recommended alternative is affiliate marketing.

If you have an area where you’re constantly at ease to write about, you stand a chance of making money from the word go.

But before anything, it is essential to note that affiliate marking will need your time and dedication.

As I have always mentioned, I don’t provide get-rich-quick schemes; you’ll have to put your effort into making genuine money online.

So, if you’re interested in setting up an affiliate website or blog, I have tailored a blueprint that will teach you all that from the zero mark.

Check it out here:

Ecom Warrior Academy Review

FAQs About Ecom Warrior Academy Review

Who owns Ecom Warrior Academy?

The program is owned by an Australian entrepreneur who claims to be making a six-figure income every month through E-commerce businesses.

What does Ecom Warrior Academy cover?

This training course is training you about the E-commerce business model.

Matthew Lepre claims that you can replicate his E-commerce blueprint and achieve the same success as he has.

Is Ecom Warrior Academy free?

No, this program is paid training that will cost you $4,000.

You’ll pay this cost to access the program, but remember, you will likely spend much more on this program than the stated amount.

Is dropshipping a viable business opportunity?

Yes, this dropshipping business model is up-and-coming for people who have begun to shift their attention to the online market.

They prefer shopping online since they get access to various products online.

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Ecom Warrior Academy Video Review

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