Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam? – Untold Secrets Revealed!

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

I welcome you all to my review on Fast Fortune Club.

Fast Fortune Club is a program designed by Tom Gentile to teach and guide you on how to do stock trading.

Is this a genuine platform?

And is it worth your money?

In my review, I will help you understand Fast Fortune Club better.

Tom claims he will show you the secret strategy he used to realize positive results.

As I take you through this review, remember that I don’t have a business relationship with Fast Fortune Club.

This article is for review purposes and not for the promotion of the program.

Let’s start…

Summary Of Fast Fortune Club

Name of the Product: Fast Fortune Club

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Financial Newsletter

Founder: Tom Gentile

Product Rating: 3/10

Cost Of The Product: $599 per year

Recommendation: No.

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Overview of Fast Fortune Club

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

Fast Fortune Club is a trading and investment platform that claims to allow you to make money doing online business.

Also, the owner states that he will provide you with tips and strategies necessary for trading.

Basically, this program comprises a regular newsletter, training videos, and several alerts from Tom Gentile.

Besides, this program has been designed for you if you wish to join and trade in the stock market.

Also, Fast Fortune Club comes packed with a promise of making fast money.

However, there is no guarantee that you’ll make any money from this program.

Plus, in this program, Tom Gentile will also show you trading alerts, a quick-start guide, and many other areas to cover the program.

However, if you’re looking for an alternative way of earning money online, then here is the best option.

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

What Is Fast Fortune Club about?

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

First off, Fast Fortune Club is a digital trading program designed to give you an avenue to trade online.

And the program has enabled Tom Gentile to create a lot of money without investing too much effort in his businesses.

Also, he claims that you’ll receive a monthly newsletter called “Money Calendar alert.”

And there, you’ll learn their investment secrets from this monthly newsletter.

Also, every time you receive the newsletter from Tom, you learn about a trade or two that can give you up to a 100% return on investment.

As such, this makes Fast Fortune Club a very tempting program to join.

Again, as a member of Fast Fortune Club, you’ll also get video tutorials guiding you to identify and select these high-paying trades.

Further, he claims that the Money Calendar can give you an advantage in trading ahead.

Moreover, the Fast Fortune Club program is published by Money Map Press.

And it is very useful in making money when investing in ETFs and the Stock market.

Who Is The Founder Of Fast Fortune Club?

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

The creator of Fast Fortune Club is Tom Gentile.

Also, he is a self-proclaimed number 1 American trader.

Better still, Tom has self-confidence in himself, which has kept him going in trading.

Besides, Tom Gentile has registered great success through trading.

And his success is attributed to the experience he has received in financial markets.

Furthermore, he has been featured in several magazines and news.

Plus, he is a well-recognized expert in trading.

He has also attended interviews on Bloomberg, CNBC U.S., Fox Business, and Reuters.

Additionally, Tom is a YouTube content creator.

Through his channel, he creates and shares free content.

Check it out:

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

Additionally, Tom contributes to a column called “Stocks & Commodities.” Magazine.

Further, he has authored several books that talk about investments & stocks.

With over two decades of experience, Tom wants to help other entrepreneurs to attain their financial freedom just like he claims to have achieved.

Again, he promises to teach you all it takes to become a high earner in ETFs and Stocks.

Lastly, he claims that he will guide you to use his invention, the Money Calendar Alert, to teach you how to earn between $602 and $2,830 every week.

How Does Fast Fortune Club work?

Fast Fortune Club was developed from Gentile’s investment advice.

And Tom promises that you’ll achieve good results if you follow his blueprint.

Also, he claims he will reveal to you his trading secrets that will enable you to achieve greater success just like he did.

When you register for this program, you’ll be receiving a monthly newsletter with detailed tips and advice.

Apart from that, you will be receiving this information through a program named Money Calendar Alert.

Also, this program crunches the results from the previous stock and predicts future stock results.

And you’ll get access to a set of “Payday Appointments” from every money calendar to use as your trading strategy.

Again, Tom reveals his secret strategy to you so that you can leverage it and make money from it.

And through his other course, Million Dollar Masterclass, Tom Gentile will also give you training on various investment topics.

Besides, the topics taught will cover every important information you need to learn.

Aside from that, you’ll access this training through live videos.

And upon completion, you’ll be ready to receive your Payday Appointments.

Tom also has a beginner’s guide if you’re new to the stock market.

And this beginner’s course will provide you with skills and knowledge of the stock market.

By the end of the course, you’ll have developed a deep insight into how the stock market works.

Unlike most stock trading platforms that only offer you trading signals and alerts, Fast Fortune Club gives you all the necessary information, you’ll require in stock trading.

And to successfully implement these things, you must first understand the stock trading language.

Therefore, this means you have to understand how to read and interpret patterns, charts, and risk management and indicators.

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Main Features Of Fast Fortune Club

Fast Fortune Club has the following features;

Personal Money Calendar

This calendar gives the registered members every detail about the stock market and what is trending.

Also, Tom’s pattern-trade algorithms will help you predict the best stocks to invest in.

Payday Appointments & Alerts

This tool works together with Money Calendar.

And, when you register to become a club member, you’ll be receiving researched and recommended trading.

Further, Tom Gentiles will be sending you these alerts regularly.

A Million Dollar Masterclass

Club members will be receiving this class every month.

And during this class, you’ll learn various trading strategies and trading secrets.

Another feature of this class is a live stream of trading demonstrations.


This is a network that allows you to connect with other members of the Club.

In this forum, you can get answers to any question about the platform.

You can also join various group charts created by the group members.

Progress Reports

The progress report shows you how much money you’ve earned from the various trade recommendations.

You’ll be getting these reports weekly.

Quick Start Crash Course

In this course, you’ll learn more about various types of trading.

This crash course has 7 video tutorials about each trading type.

Apart from learning new trading terminologies, you’ll also learn to create your account.


This podcast is a privilege given to the members of Fast Fortune Club members.

It comes to these members every week.


This is a monthly session of questions and answers.

It is done through an online session where the club members are invited to participate.

Additional Features

Fast Fortune Summit

This is a 3-day party that Tom invites its lucky members.

Every year, the summit is held, and the selected winners are invited to San Diego, The Bahamas, and Key West.

During these parties, members engage in activities such as live training, a round of goals, networking events, and cocktail parties.

Trip of a lifetime

Tom Gentile awards a trip to one lucky club member and one special guest.

This is a fully paid vacation to New Zealand.

The benefits of this trip include a vineyard tour and helicopter tour, among other activities.

Pioneer Member Gift Box

This is a gift box awarded to the Club’s founding member.

The gift box features include; Roadmap to Riches, Club note, newsletter, member’s black card, and personal organizer.

Understand that all these additional benefits are only for the founding members of the Club.

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What Is The Cost Of Fast Fortune Club?

Before you think of going to Fast Fortune Club, you must consider the cost of joining the program.

Your budgetary allocation will determine whether this is the right business model to invest in.

To register in Tom’s program, you will be paying an annual subscription fee of $599.

This is quite expensive, especially if you’re new to online business.

After making your first payment, your annual payment will be automatic.

Is There A Refund Policy For Fast Fortune Club?

Fast Fortune Club has a refund policy that claims to refund your money if you lose interest in the program.

According to this policy, you’re entitled to 100% if you decide to quit within 60 days.

However, some dissatisfied customers have raised concerns about being denied refunds even when they qualify.

Tome seems to hold other people’s money such that he does not want to honor his promise of a refund.

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

Fast Fortune is not a scam, but I can’t recommend this program as an ideal investment platform.

It is a legit program; however, it has some serious red flags.

The complaints raised by some of the program’s users are relevant and affect the credibility of Fast Fortune Club.

There must be some truth about all these complaints.

From experience, some people have invested and lost their money through this platform.

What Tom is giving you is a presentation of what you can achieve through trading.

Things might be different when it comes to reality.

Understand that this program mainly offers training investments and a newsletter.

Finally, the stock market is not a safe avenue to invest in.

It is a good information source but not a profitable business opportunity.

There’re other best alternatives that you can venture into without spending a huge budget.

In that regard, take a look at how I’ve been able to earn genuine income online:

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

What I Like About Fast Fortune Club

  • A Real Trader created Fast Fortune Club

A financial expert developed Fast Fortune Club.

Tom Gentile knows everything about the market.

He has published various books and has been featured on different media platforms.

  • 60-day Refund Policy

Tom Gentile gives you the option to apply for a refund if you don’t wish to continue with the program.

If you fail to achieve the desired results within 60 days, you are free to ask for a refund.

  • It Features a Beginner’s & Advance Training

This program is not only a newsletter but also a training opportunity for both newbies and intermediate traders.

Those new to the stock market can leverage the quick-start crash program.

What I Don’t Like About Fast Fortune Club

  • Financial Institutions do not accredit it

Money Map Press publishes fast Fortune, and it has not been certified by the Securities and Exchange Commission or BBB to provide any financial advice.

Tom is an expert, but this program could be a trap since other financial states do not back it up.

  • It Has Some Elements of Get-Rich-Quick

Tom claims that this is a great program but the way he’s pitching it does not seem good.

  • It Has Registered Lots of Complains

Since its inception, it has received several complaints of dissatisfaction.

This should serve as a warning that you might want to reconsider.

Is There Any Alternative To Fast Fortune Club?

Yes, there is another best alternative to Fast Fortune Club.

This program cannot give you any success and financial freedom you’re dreaming of.

Some of the red alarms sighted through this review are enough to scare you from investing in this platform.

I’ll recommend that you go for Affiliate Marketing.

And one advantage of the affiliate marketing business is that it is not expensive to start, and you can start with little to no skills at all.

Below is my well-defined affiliate marketing blueprint:

Is Fast Fortune Club A Scam?

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