Is Stay Home Profits a Scam?

Is Stay Home Profits A Scam? A Review That Unmask the Truth!

Is Stay Home Profits a Scam?

You’ll get an answer in this Stay Home Profits Review.

When starting an online business as a beginner, I always recommend you go for budget-friendly business models.

One of these models includes affiliate marketing.

Stay Home Profits is a business model that claims that you’ll make up to $500 just by posting links online.

It is, in a way, an affiliate marketing business opportunity.

Affiliate marketing, of course, is an ideal online business.

As a matter of fact, this is how I was able to quit my waiter job and now earn money consistently from the comfort of my home.

This platform sounds very promising.

Will it deliver what it is promising you?

Or it is just another coated scam?

You need to understand that many platforms claim to offer a very genuine product but, in the end, fail to honor their promises.

Most of them will end up stealing your money.

In this review, I pledge my honesty to you.

As such, I’ll give you all the facts about this platform.

This review aims to give you all the necessary information about Stay Home Profits and help you avoid becoming a victim of an online scam.

Let’s find out what Stay Home Profits is all about.

Summary Of Stay-Home Profits

Name of the Product: Stay Home Profits

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Affiliate Marketing

Co-Founders: Unknown (red flag)

Product Rating: 3/10

Product Cost: $47 (Plus other Upsells)

Recommendation: No.

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Overview of Stay-Home ProfitsIs Stay Home Profits a Scam?

Stay Home Profit is an online program that claims to offer affiliate marketing training.

The anonymous creator of Stay Home Profits claims that this program uses an automatic marketing system.

Stay Home Profits is meant to automatically generate profits for you through online marketing.

However, their training limits you to using affiliate links only to generate leads.

You will be posting links on various social media or websites.

As an experienced affiliate marketer myself, I know that this is not a sustainable way of earning any decent money online.

Generally, the method used by Stay Home Profits is not very effective as they claim to be.

Your chances of making any meaningful profits are very low.

But don’t be discouraged; affiliate marketing is the best business model.

You’ll succeed in affiliate marketing if you have the right backup team and the right mentality.

So stay with me and I’ll help you out.

What Is Stay Home Profits About?

Stay Home Profits claims to be a digital business opportunity that allows you to make money by doing affiliate marketing.

This platform will train you to post affiliate links on various digital platforms.

Whenever a client buys a product or service through your link, you’ll earn a commission.

You could even “start earning commissions right after you register” according to them.

Allegedly, every affiliate link you use in Stay Home Profits can give you $15.

From their sales videos, you could see some claiming to have made huge money from the platform.

However, I have seen that these are some fictional testimonies meant to lure you.

What raised my eyebrows is that the narrator in the video does not show her face.

And neither has she given you any detailed information about herself.

She could have at least shown herself if Stay Home Profits was as genuine as she states.

It is most likely that she was hired to read the script to stage its success.

Some scamming sites like “Home Income System and Income Sites Online” use that trick.

Stay Home Profits applies a method very similar to an affiliate marketing business.

However, they make the whole process of making money with this program very easy.

And this is a red alert that you should be careful about.

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Who Is The Founder Of The Stay Home Profits?

There is no clear information about the creator of Stay Home Profits.

After doing several diggings online, I didn’t come across any legal entity or person claiming to be behind this “magical affiliate marketing system.”

The owner of Stay Home Profits wants to alienate himself from owning this platform.

And this could be because he isn’t proud of what he has created.

However, one known person called Karen Daniels claims to be the founder of Stay Home Profits.

On the contrary, Karen is a fake identity.

As such, this makes the whole program questionable and not worthy of investing in.

How Does Stay Home Profits Work?

Your first entry to Stay Home Profits is to register your account and then pay the subscription fee of $47.

You’ll have to pay this compulsory fee before knowing what they offer inside.

This should worry you because you don’t know what you will encounter on the platform.

The creator of this Stay Home Profits will, by all means, try to convince you that you’ll reap good results just like those users who are sharing their testimonies in the video tutorials.

All these video tutorials intend to make you believe that it is possible to make such a huge amount of money using their magical system.

Once they win your confidence, you won’t hesitate to pay the registration fee of $47.

The good thing is that you’ve gotten this valuable information to avoid falling into their trap.

Before you start creating affiliate links, there are some upsells that you will most likely spend your money on.

This is a common trick used by scammers to steal from unsuspecting entrepreneurs.

After reaching their target, they’ll either allow you to create links or elope away with your money or cut you off from reaching them.

In most cases, you’ll end up disappointed when you discover that you’ve been scammed.

I want you to understand the difference between Stay Home Profits and legit programs:

…they use an affiliate marketing structure, but they do not offer genuine affiliate marketing products or services.

More About Stay Home Profits

One fact about genuine affiliate marketing is that it will take some time before making a profit once you start.

You’ll also have to invest your efforts into it before making positive returns.

So, anybody that tells you anything contrary to this fact is a liar.

You can partner with many companies offering affiliate programs and earn by promoting their products or services.

Examples of these companies are Apple, ClickBank, and Amazon, among other well-established companies.

Such companies will pay handsome commissions when you join their affiliate programs and promote their products.

Stay Home Profits claims to have an accelerated method of overriding the norm of affiliate marketing.

But be careful not to fall for the Stay Home Profits trick.

In that regard, you should identify other genuine platforms that will teach you real affiliate marketing.

So if you want to know how I have been making a consistent income with affiliate marketing, you can check out my blueprint here:

Is Stay Home Profits a Scam?

What Is The Cost Of Stay Home Profits?

To join Stay Home Profits, you must make an upfront payment of $47.

As you get deeper into their system, you’ll be required to make additional payments for other upgrades.

This upfront fee of $47 will not help enough to get started.

You must also be ready to meet the cost of Webhosting and other extra tools.

Will I get A refund If I’m Not Satisfied With Stay Home Profits?

In one of the sales videos, Stay Home Profits claims that it will give you a 60-day refund.

But you should understand that this is just a mere promise, and there is no guarantee that you’ll get your money back.

Plus, their website does not provide you with vital information that is always featured on a professional website.

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Is Stay Home Profits A scam?

Stay Home Profits uses a legit business model: affiliate marketing.

However, they don’t deliver what they’re promising you.

As such, this makes the platform more of a scam.

Further, Stay Home Profits intend to lure you into joining the program to make a profit.

And once you join their scheme, you will be disappointed by what comes after.

Unfortunately, their “magic system” can’t eliminate your financial challenges overnight.

Be careful with this platform, don’t fall for any of its tricks.

Here are the warning signs of scams that you should know

Lack of Transparency

The creator of Stay Home Profits has concealed her identity from the public.

Worse yet, she is charging $47 without tangible evidence that her program would yield profits.

It is fair enough to say that she is not confident about this program and does not want to be publicly associated with it.

Also, she should be free to share her contact details or social media accounts.

Fake Testimonials

Stay-home profits have used some poor-quality testimonials to try and convince you that their program works.

On Fiverr, some freelancers offer the services of a spokesperson at a fee.

And Stay Home Profits might have contracted the services of such individuals.

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Empty Promises

Promising that you can make instant money from this platform is unrealistic.

To say the least, this is just a get-rich-quick scheme that is full of false promises.

Once you pay the registration fee of $47, you’ll realize that you pay for nothing.

Poor Quality Service

Before you pay $47, Stay Home Profits will still value and treat you with much respect.

The moment you pay, you won’t receive any valuable services.

Without disputing affiliate marketing as the best online business opportunity, I want you to remember that not all the platforms that claim to do affiliate programs are genuine.

Be cautious with these mushrooming platforms because others are out there to steal from you.

What I Like About Stay Home Profits

  • This platform is a shouting scam, and there is nothing to like about it!

What I Don’t Like About Stay Home Profits

  • Stay Home Profits is no different from other online scams, as I have said before.

They use a common trick to lure you into their platforms and later steal your money.

And these common tricks are hiring and paying actors to give false testimonies, hiding their real identity, unrealistic promises, and an attractive registration fee.

So, please don’t waste your resources on Stay Home Profits; there are other viable opportunities you can go for and make genuine money from it.

Is There Any Alternative to Stay Home Profits?

Yes, there are other better alternatives to Stay Home Profits.

And after taking you through what Stay Home Profits entails, you are now better positioned to conclude that it is a scam.

Even though Stay Home Profits claims to be into affiliate marketing, this isn’t a genuine affiliate marketing system.

In fact, it is just hibernating behind the structure of affiliate marketing, but the truth is that it is something else.

Therefore, I recommend that you go for platforms that offer genuine affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate marketing will give you your desired financial freedom.

From experience, I have earned good money doing affiliate marketing.

You, too, can achieve that success.

Use my blueprint below to understand more about affiliate marketing:

Is Stay Home Profits a Scam?

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