Is Healy World a Scam?

Is Healy World A Scam? – A Truthful Review | Expensive MLM!

Is Healy World a Scam?

Welcome to my Healy World Review, where I’ll offer you an answer to the above controversial question.

Healy World is an MLM company that offers medical and fitness devices such as watches.

And you’ll rarely find an MLM business model dealing with such a line of products.

So, is Healy World a scam?

And is it safe to invest in it?

I have dug deep into Healy World and will share everything you need to know in this review.

Before I take you through the Healy World review, I want to inform you that I have no business ties with this company.

Therefore, I won’t be trying to sell you on it.

Everything in this article is only for review purposes to help you make an informed decision.

But hold on, there’s something important you need to know first…

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Let’s jump in…

Summary Of Healy World Review

Name Of The Product: Healy World

Type Of The Product: Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: Marcus Schmieke

Website’s URL:

Product Rating: 4/10

Product Cost: Between $497 & $2,497

Recommendation: Not Recommended (see why from my review)

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Overview of Healy World

Is Healy World a Scam?

Healy World is an MLM company that deals with various electronic products that resemble Apple Smartwatches.

But, these products are too expensive for most business starters.

And what differentiates Healy World products from Apple products is that they’re made for health-related issues.

Essentially, they are used to treat fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic pains, and other health-related problems.

Also, these devices mainly work in line with beauty, skincare, sleeping, fitness, and many more.

However, one challenge about all these devices is that they’ve been over-priced.

Additionally, they’ve also not been tested and proven to be effective when applied.

If you invest in this business model, you will do a lot more to convince people to purchase the apps and watches.

So, are you willing to risk your investment in this type of business?

In my opinion, you don’t need to risk that huge amount to start a digital business.

Other viable business models could work much better for you such as affiliate marketing.

This is exactly what I do to earn a living from home.

Is Healy World a Scam?

What Is Healy World About?

Is Healy World a Scam?

Healy World is a business model that deals with the production of medical devices, mainly for the health & wellness industry.

And the company operates from Berlin, Germany.

Basically, this company traces its roots back to TimeWaver, a company that deals with the production of medical devices.

And TimeWaver deals with the production of full-size medical devices while Healy World produces more improved devices.

Also, they develop mobile devices that offer the same healing benefits, just like the bigger units made by TimeWaver.

Besides, the products made by Healy World are worn on the body.

Once in your body, they pick and send micro-currents once it detects a drop in your body’s frequency.

Normally, your body’s frequency lies between 62 and 72 megahertz.

So any drop can make you highly prone to illness.

Another big difference between them is that Healy World uses an MLM structure to sell its products while TimeWaver does not support an MLM structure.

Is The Healy Device FDA Approved?

The Healy device is a product that has not received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Instead, it has been granted clearance by the agency.

It’s essential for you to understand that clearance does not necessarily indicate the device’s effectiveness.

Rather, it means that the FDA has evaluated the product and determined that it is substantially similar to other devices that have already been cleared or approved.

In essence, the clearance process is a way for the FDA to assess whether a new device poses any potential risks to you and whether it is similar enough to other devices that are already on the market.

If the agency determines that a new product meets these criteria, it may grant clearance for the product to be marketed and sold in the United States.

However, it’s important to note that clearance does not necessarily mean that a device is safe or effective.

Healy World is still responsible for ensuring that its products are safe and that they perform as intended.

You should also be aware that products that have only received clearance, as opposed to approval, may not have undergone the same level of rigorous testing as approved products.

Therefore, it’s essential to do your own research and consult with a healthcare professional before using any medical device, especially if it has only received clearance from the FDA.

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Who Is The Founder Of Healy World?

Is Healy World a Scam?

The founder and CEO of Healy World is Marcus Schmieke.

And he is known to be the genius behind the creation of Healthy World and TimeWaver systems.

In 2007, Marcus Schmieke, Burkhard Heim, and Nikolai Kozyrev, a Russian Physicist, teamed up and pioneered the creation of the TimeWaver system.

In addition, according to Burkhard Heim’s theory of the Information field, Marcus Schmieke highlights TimeWaver technology as a way of uniting philosophy and science.

Even though Healy World was started in 2018, it registered its success within a year.

Further, it has also gained popularity and prosperity in the e-commerce industry.

I say so because more people have joined their affiliate marketing programs.

Currently, Healy World claims to have sold its products in over 40 countries.

What Is the Cost Of Joining Healy World?

In this business model, your commission depends on the package you subscribed to.

And every package comes with an equivalent number of points.

Healy World offers four packages.

And you must purchase one of these packages to activate your membership.

Here are the packages along with their prices:

  • Gold Package is $497 and has 250 points.
  • The Holistic Health Package costs $997 and has 600 points
  • Holistic Health plus Package sold at $1497. It comes with 900 points
  • Resonance Package sold at $2,497. It comes with 1400 points.

Healy World Products?

Healy World claims to offer you unique products.

And most of their health & wellness products are worn medical devices.

An example of these products is NutriCellix.

Is Healy World a Scam?

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How Does Healy World Device Work?

Despite claiming to sell portable devices, some are cumbersome to carry.

This gadget features wristbands, electrodes, and a pair of ear clamps.

Plus, you’ll attach this medical device to your body using the electrodes and connect it to an app on your mobile.

But according to the Healy World, this gadget can treat migraine, skeletal pain, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.

Besides, it can also be used in adjuvant mental therapy to treat depression, sleep disorders, and anxiety.

What’s more, Healy World also offers individualized programs in beauty, mental balance, fitness, skincare, learning aid, job performance, sleep, bio-energetic balance, chakras, and meridians.

But, the Healy World acknowledges that conventional medicine does not recognize the application of its products since they lack concrete evidence about their effectiveness.

Additionally, you’ll get one device from Healy World.

After that, you sync the device with various programs run through the mobile application.

Also, you can purchase these programs separately.

They include:

  • Learning at €94
  • Pain/Psyche at €96
  • Fitness at €97
  • Beauty at €94
  • The skin at €75
  • Meridians 1at €122
  • Meridians 2 at €122
  • Job at €82
  • Sleep at €54
  • Mental balance at €99
  • Bio-energetic 1 at €210
  • Bio-energetic 2 at €210
  • Chakras at €85
  • Protection Programs at €97
  • Resonance plus Aura Module at €1097

The retail price for the Healy World’s wearable gadget is between $497 and $2497

How do I Make Money From Healy World?

Traditionally, Healy World is a multi-level marketing platform.

So, you’ll make money either by re-selling their devices or by recruiting new members into the company.

Then, when you recruit new downline members, you’ll earn a residual income.

Further, you’ll also be scaling up the ranks and earning additional bonuses.

And Healy World has a total of 12 ranking levels.

Apart from that, each level has its benefits, such as percentage commission.

And these percentage commissions start at 25% and go up to %50.

These levels are;

  • Member
  • Builder
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Team Leader
  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • President
  • Senior President

Below are the various bonuses you can enjoy as a member of Healy World;

  • Direct bonus: gives you a commission between 30% to %40% after every two weeks.
  • Dual bonus: gives you a 15% commission based on downline points.
  • Matching bonus: rewards you with a commission if your downline goes up to rank 4.
  • Mobility bonus: you’ll receive this bonus if you reach and maintain the manager’s rank for not less than two months.
  • Leadership bonus: this is 1% of cumulated points sold worldwide.
  • Rank Achievement: You are awarded this bonus whenever you join a new rank.

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Is Healy World A Scam?

Firstly, Healy World is not a scam.

It is a legit company that has been in the industry since 2018.

And this company claims to have its medical devices in about 40 countries.

However, this company is charging too much for its products.

Also, they are selling products similar to those marketed by Samsung and Apple.

And you could get these products from Apple or Samsung at a relatively lower price.

Furthermore, they’re very reliable than what Healy World is offering.

In addition, Healy World also operates as a pay-to-play business model.

Apart from that, you must invest in it before you start making money from the company.

So, this should raise your eyebrows because there is no guarantee that you’ll make returns from this business model.

Moreover, the company claims that its medical gadgets have health benefits, yet they don’t have any scientific backups to support its claims.

Even though this company is legit, don’t fall for it because you’re likely to make huge losses.

Go for other business models that sell products with proven effectiveness and less budget to start.

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Is Healy World a Scam?

What I Like About Healy World

  • It Has a Potential Growth

This company has a higher potential to grow.

It claims to have made huge sales within a year of its creation.

You’ll get a major boost if you wish to work with a growing company like Healy World.

  • Genuine Products

Healy World offers a great product with possible health benefits.

It is only unfortunate that there is no evidence to prove the effectiveness of these medical devices.

What I Don’t Like About Healy World

  • You Must Pay To Play

You must pay for Healy’s expensive products before getting access to the product for re-sell.

And since their products are very expensive, you’ll be risking a huge amount of money in Healy World.

Again, several people have lost lots of money trying to run this business model.

  • No Proof of its effectiveness

Healy world products don’t guarantee that you’ll make profits in the end.

And this is mainly because you’ll sell products that don’t have concrete proof of their effectiveness.

Worse yet, Healy World may convince you that their products have medical benefits but can’t prove it to you.

As such, this will give you a rough time persuading your prospects to buy these medical devices.

  • Its Products Are Expensive

Besides charging high maintenance costs, Healy World’s products are also very expensive.

For instance, their smartwatches are priced higher compared to Apple or Samsung smartwatches.

As such, It won’t be easy to convince people to buy these products at a higher price when they could still get the same item at a cheaper cost.

Is There Any Alternative To Healy World?

Don’t expect to make a meaningful income from any MLM platform.

Apart from some MLMs being illegal, expensive, and having low-profit margins, some are also very restrictive.

And to put it in perspective, you’ll suffer huge losses if you venture into the Healy World business.

Therefore, this is not an ideal business model to go for as a beginner.

For instance, when you think about its price, you’re likely to spend much before getting on your feet to make profits.

So, my most recommended alternative is affiliate marketing; it can give you your breakthrough.

In fact, it is a viable business opportunity and has higher profitability.

Aside from that, you’ll be earning a very attractive commission promoting the products and services of other companies.

And when you promote more products, you’ll earn more commission.

Today, I can boldly testify how you can benefit from affiliate marketing.

So, take a bold step and give a chance to affiliate marketing, and we expect to see results.

And to help you know more, I’ve given you a roadmap to affiliate marketing.

Some days, I am able to earn commissions like this and not have to do customer service or chase family and friends to purchase anything…

Is Healy World a Scam?

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