Is iHub Global a Scam? – Get To Know In My Detailed Review!

Is IHub Global a Scam?

Is iHub Global a Scam?

Welcome to my iHub Global Review where I’ll share helpful information about this program.

The online industry has a lot of opportunities for making passive income.

However, the most significant challenge remains to be mushrooming of too many pyramid platforms and scamming platforms.

iHub Global is a digital platform that claims to give you an avenue for mining and selling cryptocurrencies.

And there is a rise of platforms similar to iHub Global, which have become scams.

So, Could this be also one of them?

Or is it worth your investment?

Before I dive into iHub Global, I would like to remind you that I have no relationship with iHub Global.

This article is purely for review purposes. I am not promoting the platform in any way.

Let’s get into it…

Summary Of iHub Global Review

Name of the Product: iHub Global

Website’s URL:

Type of The Product: Cryptocurrency Affiliate Program

Founder:  Rick Cotton

Product Rating: 3/10

Cost Of The Product:  $99 Annually

Recommendation: NO.

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Overview Of iHub Global

Is iHub Global a Scam?

iHub Global is a digital platform that claims to help people create their crypto mining centers in the comfort of their homes.

An example of a coin you can mine is Helium Token.

You’ll later sell it when the prices have risen to make profits.

The company majorly relies on affiliate marketing as its primary source of income.

When you pay to join the company, you get access to your miner.

After that, you need to create your team by sharing your assigned affiliate link.

You get paid when a new member joins the platform and pays through your link.

The amount of commission you receive depends on your membership level.

Having said that, you still need to be careful with iHub Global.

This is because the company has some elements of a pyramid scheme.

It is not the kind of business model I would recommend for a beginner.

For that reason, I’ve offered you another alternative to get started with an online business:

Is IHub Global a Scam?

What Is iHub Global About?

Is IHub Global a Scam?

iHub Global operates using Helium Tokens.

It uses “the people’s network” as its global hotspot system.

This is because it has a hub network installed in people’s homes globally.

Through different hotspots, you will use it to mine Helium Tokens in a cost-effective way.

The company claims that you don’t need to possess any experience or technical skills to start this business model.

Generally, this platform is much similar to other typical mining hubs.

It utilizes cloud-based software that allows many users to earn passive income in the comforts of their homes.

You won’t need any knowledge about blockchain technology to succeed in this business.

As such, it is straightforward to start, just like installing a new television set.

You’ll use the free devices from iHub Global to automatically mine your Helium Coins.

Apart from mining Helium, iHub Global also allows its members to earn from the platform by referring new members to join the forum.

Furthermore, you can invest your Helium coins in the platform’s saving scheme.

This will give you annual interest on top of your Helium coins.

iHub Global is also a social platform that allows you to interact and connect with other users.

You can socialize through group discussions and live chats, among other social forums.

Through these social forums, you can learn very many things about the cryptocurrency business.

Experienced users can also teach you how to go about the blockchain business.

It is also the right place to get help when you experience a challenge with your mining gadget.

If you want to venture into the cryptocurrency world, iHub Global could suit you.

However, I don’t recommend this platform.

Apart from being complicated, it isn’t profitable as well.

I have another cost-efficient business model you can venture into as a newbie.

Who Is The Founder Of iHub Global?

Is IHub Global a Scam?

The company’s website states that the mastermind behind the creation of iHub Global is called Rick Cotton.

Rick Cotton is also the Chief Executive Officer of Viva Kids and EXfuse.

EXfuse is a multi-level marketing company that deals with health and wellness products.

One of the flagship products from eXfuse is called Seven+.

IHub Global promotes Helium tokens and uses the company’s proceeds to offer multi-level compensation plans.

It does not only use Helium mining to earn commission from your production.

Another known close associate of IHub Global is Shawn Fanning.

Also, he is an entrepreneur worth millions of money.

He is the brain behind the invention of a popularly known peer-to-peer music called Napster.

This site allows sharing of music.

Shawn is also among the first few people who invested their money in Uber.

In addition to these, he created a “peer-to-peer wireless network.”

He calls this wireless network “the people’s network.”

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Google were the early investors of people’s networks.

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How Does iHub Global Work?

iHub Global works in a very simple way.

Your first step will be to create a free account with iHub Global.

On their registration page, fill in all the required details on the registration page.

After successful registration, you’ll get a prompt asking you to book a free Helium hub device.

You’ll be redirected to the Helium website by clicking the provided link.

You’ll be required to log into your iHub account with your username and password.

Inside the iHub Global dashboard, you can download the hub from the left side of the dashboard.

You can fill in all your details, including the address of desired Helium Centre.

Upon completing this process, you will be notified when they’ll send your device.

As you wait for your device, you can start publicizing your iHub Global affiliate link to as many people as possible.

Sharing your affiliate iHub affiliate link will help you attract a large number of miners.

This will, in turn, give you more commission through their mining activities.

However, be prepared to meet the cost of shipping the iHub Global devices.

Products Offered By iHub Global

iHub Global does not sell any product, but it gives its affiliates a device called “Emrit Cool spot Helium Network Token Mining.”

And this machine is used in mining Helium Tokens.

But the cost of acquiring this device is a whopping $394.99.

Also, the company claims that Emrit Cool spot deploys a Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) wireless connection.

They further claim that this device is compatible with any smart device and can cover a range of 5 miles.

The device will start working after it has been configured.

You must first register as an iHub Global affiliate to access this device.

This sounds like any other pyramid scheme that you pay to play.

This regulation puts iHub Global in the spotlight because FTC can easily flag it.

What Is the Cost of IHub Global?

To join iHub Global is free, but you pay $99 to become an affiliate member.

This affiliate program’s compulsory membership makes iHub Global look like a pyramid scheme.

Does iHub Global Have Compensation Plan?

If you host the hotspot, you will qualify to be earning 25% of the mining income.

And part of the remaining earnings goes to iHub Global, while other affiliates share the rest.

Also, iHub Global’s compensation structure depends on the size of the members you’ve recruited.

There are four types of different groupings and their benefits.

These are;

  • Pro Team: You need between 1 & 5 members to reach this level
  • Bronze Team: You need between 6 and 15 to attain this level
  • Silver Team: You need between 16 and 25 to achieve this level
  • Gold Team: You need above 26 to qualify for this level

How Will I Make Money with iHub Global?

iHub Global allows you to make money in the following ways;

Referral Program

You’ll earn an affiliate commission of 20% whenever you refer a new user.

Coded Bonus

A Coded bonus is similar to recurring payments.

And you’ll earn this as a percentage commission from the Helium Tokens mined by your downline affiliates.

Also, the percentage amount you’ll receive depends on the group you are in.

Pro Network Bonus

These are different bonuses paid to various groups from a complete HNT.

They include;

  • Pro Team earns 20%
  • Bronze Team earns 25%
  • Silver Team earns 30%
  • Gold Team earns 35%

As a Pro member, you’ll enjoy commissions from members of other teams as follows;

  • 5% from each Bronze member
  • 15% from each Silver member
  • 20% from each Gold member

If you’re looking for an alternative option for making money, you can take a minute to look at how I have been doing it:

Is IHub Global a Scam?

Is iHub Global A Scam?

No. iHub is a legitimate digital platform that claims to offer a solution to mining cryptocurrency.

Apart from mining cryptocurrencies, it also provides members with an affiliate program.

Though iHub Global is legitimate, there is no proof of it being profitable.

Further, it relies on the recruitment of downline members to earn a commission.

Apart from that, its mining devices are not also beneficial because it strictly mines HNT Tokens.

As such, this platform is not reliable because failure to recruit new members may be an end to it.

Worse yet, iHub Global shares some similar features with other pyramid schemes.

Therefore, I don’t recommend it.

What I Like About iHub Global

  • There is nothing worth liking about this program.

What I Don’t Like About iHub Global

  • Worthless Coins

The coins they give you on the platform are worthless.

Also, they don’t reflect on what is in a real-life situation.

And they plan to pull their value down, restrict withdrawals and eventually close it down.

  • Ponzi scheme

The platform is legit, but its program is a Ponzi scheme.

This is because the only way of earning from it is through recruitment.

  • Useless Gadget

An iHub mining tool is just a gadget with no proof of what it actually mines.

iHub FAQs

What Is The Cost Of Joining iHub Global?

Joining iHub Global is free of charge. However, you will pay $99 to become an affiliate member.

Are There Additional Charges?

Yes. Once you become an affiliate, you will pay $394.99 to get your mining device.

Is It Applicable In my Area?

Yes. You can join this program as an affiliate from anywhere.

How does iHub Global deploy Their Devices?

iHub Global prioritizes sending its hotspot devices to areas with high-earning potential.

These areas include Canada, Europe, and the USA.

Affiliates from other parts of the world earn by referring new members living in the areas mentioned above before receiving their devices.

Is There Any Alternative To iHub Global?

Yes. There are other alternatives you could invest in other than iHub Global.

I say so because iHub does not guarantee you profits.

So, don’t waste your resources thinking that this business model will work for you.

For that reason, I recommend affiliate marketing since it is the most viable digital opportunity for you.

It is not only easy to start but also budget-friendly.

Once you establish, it won’t take long before you begin enjoying profits.

Here is my detailed roadmap to affiliate marketing:

Is IHub Global a Scam?

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