Keystone Investors Club Review

Keystone Investors Club Review – Is This Platform Legit?

Hi there, I highly welcome you to my Keystone Investors Club Review.

Have you ever thought of investing in cryptocurrency?

Is Keystone Investors Club the best hustle to go for as a Digital Entrepreneur?

Or could this be another project of a scammer trying to lure you and steal your money?

Online businesses are becoming more popular among the current generation.

With the rapid growth in this industry, there has been a significant increase in both scammers and genuine platforms.

Most of these platform claims to offer products and services which are very attractive to their audience, but they end up disappointing you in the long run.

This trend makes it difficult for investors to know which platform is good to invest their money in.

In this regard, I have committed myself to helping you sieve through these different platforms.

My reviews will help you know what you are getting into and save you from instances where you’ll likely lose your money.

Thumbs up! You made the right choice by digging to find out what Keystone Investors Club is.

By the end of the review, you will be enlightened and able to make a sober decision.

I’ll help you in your quest to find a legitimate digital avenue in which to invest.

You can start by checking out this Beginner Guide For Online Business.

Before we dive into the actual Keystone Investors Club review, remember that I’m NOT related to this company in any way.

I’ll share with you everything the way they claim to be and give you the Best Alternative along the way.

Keep reading.

Summary Of Keystone Investors Club Review

Name of the Product: Keystone Investors Club


Type of the Product: Cryptocurrency Training Program

Founder: Iman Shafiei

Product Rating: 2/10

Subscription fee: $997 payable once or in two installments of $566.

Recommendation: I don’t recommend this program.

Overview Of Keystone Investors Club

Keystone Investors Club Review

Keystone Investor Club is a training platform built by Iman Shafiei.

This program aims to offer training about cryptocurrency trading and investing in gold to maximize profits.

Shafiei claims that he employs scientific research methods to make short sure predictions.

You’ll learn from the training the strategies to use when protecting your investment if there is a dollar collapse.

Additionally, you will also be in a position to maximize your profits.

The company emphasizes the stability of gold more than cash.

This program might sound attractive because of what the company is promising, but remember, trading in the financial sector has never been an easy task the way Iman is making it look.

Keystone Investors Club’s structure is based on members’ subscriptions.

Some of the program’s features are a monthly newsletter, a training system, and weekly webinars.

The platform claims to be a publishing platform that is different from other platforms.

It also promises to guide its subscribers as they get ready to achieve financial freedom.

Any club member who applies Keystone Investors Club advice when investing will realize huge returns.

The company’s sales page shows testimonies of various investors who claim to have made good returns from their investments.

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Keystone Investors Club Review

Who Is The Founder Of Keystone Investors Club?

Keystone Investors Club Review

Iman Shafiei owns keystone Investors Club.

He is also the man behind a website known as

He is known to be a cryptocurrency investor and a recognized researcher.

His other achievement is being the best-selling author featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Fox, and Smartwatch.

Iman has made several online reports.

In one of the reports, how he makes a consistent 5 figure income every month through financial markets.

He also claims that it takes him less than half an hour to achieve that.

On this platform, he will teach you how to achieve the same success as he has done.

There is no prior experience required to succeed in this financial market.

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What Is Keystone Investors Club?

Keystone Investors Club Review

Keystone Investors club claims to be a publishing company that provides valuable researched educational content for use by anyone who wishes to invest in the cryptocurrency trade.

The company is self-proclaiming to offer deep insight into trading in new assets.

It also states that they will give you all the technical help you need and expose you to their social community.

Additionally, the company is pledging to offer you a firm commitment to avoid any confusion you might encounter along the way.

The company states that it is the only platform to develop a holistic approach to ensuring that you meet your marketing goals.

Their focus is to use a strategy to ensure that you achieve long-term success in your online investment.

It serves its client by breaking down the complexity of digital marketing into a more simplified state that will be easy to work easy-to-work-with.

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Features of Keystone Investors Club

After registration, Keystone Investors Club will give you access to the following features.

A Video Course

This video course will guide all the basics of the cryptocurrency market.

You will learn how to;

  • Study the cryptocurrency market,
  • Monitor the market trend and sell your cryptocurrencies balances,
  • And where to buy cryptocurrencies at a reasonable price
  • Identify projects with good opportunities
  • Store different cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

The only challenge with this platform is that they don’t equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to invest in gold.

Membership Program

Keystone Investors Club has two membership packages.

These two packages are;

  • Silver Membership Package – You get access to it upon registration.
  • Gold Membership Package – This is an exclusive package you will only access through invitation.

If you are a silver package member, the platform will give you access to researched picks, personal support, and accurate forecasts.

You will also be receiving a monthly research report called “Silver Platter Report.”

Iman Shafiei sends the report to every club member.

This is what makes Keystone Investors Club unique on its way.

Weekly Q&A Live Sessions

These live sessions are done every week to give the club members avenue for asking questions and getting immediate feedback concerning various opportunities in cryptocurrency marketing.

Telegram Discussion Group

This group is private, and only club members can get access to it.

The group allows you to interact with other members and get necessary assistance whenever you require it.

Pricing Plan Of Keystone Investors Club Program

When you join Keystone Investors Club, you will pay a one-time membership fee of $997.

If you prefer this payment plan, you will be saving $135.

Alternatively, you can also choose to pay the membership fee for two installations of $566 with a break of one month between the two installations.

If you select this payment plan, you will end up paying $1,137, which will be more expensive.

Upon registration, you will access a training course and cryptocurrency newsletter.

After becoming a member of the Keystone Investors Club, you’ll still need additional capital to invest in cryptocurrencies.

The platform also guarantees to give you a refund within 60 days of registering as a platform member.

Understand that the platform will not refund you if you invest in the wrong cryptocurrencies.

Is Keystone Investors Club A scam?

Keystone Investors Club is a scam that you must run away from.

This platform sells coated lies that you will only realize after investing your money.

It claims to help you invest in cryptocurrency, but you will end up getting disappointed after losing money.

Some customers have raised serious complaints stating that the 60-day refund policy is just but a lie.

One of the clients subscribed to the program and tried the refund policy after two days, only to be blocked by the company.

Not only will they steal from you, but they will also be fooling you into losing more money in cryptocurrency trading without proper analysis.

Venture into other alternatives that will guarantee your investment’s safety and steady income stream.

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Jason Foster

What I Like About Keystone Investors Club

  • A refund is guaranteed

The Company claims that it will give you a refund for your registration within 60 days.

This refund policy gives you the flexibility to switch to other investments if you change your mind.

  • It has training videos

This platform is rich in step-by-step videos used to facilitate training.

These videos will make the training exercise easy because they will guide you through your training.

  • Gives you access to monthly reports

You will get monthly news about top forecasts and picks.

This will guide you to which cryptocurrency is best to invest in.

  • Weekly access to live discussions

You will be engaging in discussion groups and Q & sessions with other platform members every week.

What I Don’t Like About Keystone Investors Club

  • High risk involved

Investing in cryptocurrency is not ideal for you to make a profit.

There is an increased risk of losing everything in this business.

  • It is costly

Keystone Investors Club is very expensive.

Apart from the high registration cost, you will also spend a considerable amount of money trading in cryptocurrencies.

  • Does not guarantee a profit

As stated earlier, this business is risky, and you might make losses instead of profiting from the platform.

  • The cancellation rate is high

The number of people dropping out of the platform significantly increases.

Maybe this is because the platform is not performing well as they claim.

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Is There Any Alternative?

Establishing and maintaining a steady source of income online is an uphill task.

The truth about this industry is that you’ll achieve your desired goals if you invest money and effort, and consistency.

The most viable alternative business for you to invest in is Affiliate Marketing.

Once you establish your digital business in this sector, you’ll generate a steady income stream.

This sector is rich in various opportunities you can leverage and earn yourself financial freedom.

Identify a gap in the market, utilize and make it a business opportunity, or convert your passion into a business and make money from it.

It’s easy to monetize your passion because you have confidence in what you will be doing.

I can testify that affiliate marketing is well paying.

It has liberated me from being broke to have a continuous flow of passive income.

You could earn money while traveling, sleeping, or doing other activities with affiliate marketing.

This is an ideal digital business for you.

Give it a try and taste the power and the good feeling you will get from this investment.

It is worth noting that affiliate is not demanding like any other online business.

You don’t need to have prior experience in this field to achieve success.

I have done deep digging and lifted the heavy load if you wish to venture into affiliate marketing.

Below is a blueprint to get you going.

Keystone Investors Club Review

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