Is Invincible Marketer A Scam? – A Comprehensive Review!

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

Well, read this review to get the answer.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal online business for almost anyone who has a passion for an online business.

In fact, you can start and build this type of business with or without experience.

Even though Affiliate Marketing is a very profitable digital business, you should know that it is not an overnight affair.

And it takes time before you begin enjoying your profits.

An example of an affiliate marketing business model is Invincible Marketer.

In other words, this is a training program that offers you training on affiliate marketing.

And after undertaking thorough research, I was able to get all the vital information that you should know about Invincible Marketer.

Also, just to remind you; I have no affiliate ties with this program.

Besides, my articles are only meant to review and not promote the program.

Let’s start off…

Summary Of Invincible Marketer Review

Name of the Product: Invincible Marketer

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product:  Affiliate Marketing Program

Founder: Aaron Chen     

Product Rating:  6/10

Cost of the Product:  $67 per month

Recommendation: Good for Marketers

RECOMMENDED: Go here for my #1 recommended money-making program

Overview Of Invincible Marketer

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

Invincible Marketer is designed to equip you with practical skills for starting and running affiliate marketing.

While the course is not that bad, I won’t recommend it to anyone who is new to online business.

Check out a better alternative below:

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

What Is Invincible Marketer About?

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

To start with, Invincible Marketer is a training program designed to equip affiliate with marketing skills.

Also, this training course was created by a man named Aaron Chen.

And the course comprises 17 sessions with different lessons to cover.

Again, these courses could still be grouped into two: Essential Mindset and Core Training.

And when you register for this training course, you’ll enjoy other additional bonuses and the services of a committed team.

Also, in each session, you’ll cover special sessions that explain the key of every session.

Better yet, Aaron promises to teach his students how to succeed in affiliate marketing.

And, every member of Invincible Marketers enjoys the following benefits;

  • Step-by-step core training modules
  • 2 Coaching calls per month
  • DFY blueprints, handouts, and templates
  • Expert Mentoring
  • Community help and expert support

Who Is The Founder Of Invincible Marketer?

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

The person who created Invincible Marketer is called Aaron Chen.

And though he is not a digital business guru, he has achieved more admirable results.

Again, he claims to teach you the big secret behind his success.

What’s more, he said that he spent close to $90,000 to undergo different trains and events to increase his sales.

However, things began flowing in his way in 2016 when he met a genuine mentor.

Since then, he has devoted himself to doing full-time online business.

Also, he claims that he makes huge money from his online venture.

Besides, Aaron Chen runs a YouTube channel rich in various video tutorials.

And his videos will teach you more about the affiliate marketing business model.

Aside from that, you can also learn other revolutionary business ideas from “The Freedom Audio” show podcast.

And these ideas will influence the way you perceive things.

What’s more, Aaron Chen has a handful of experience doing various online businesses.

And some of the businesses he went through are dropshipping and multi-level marketing.

How Does Invincible Marketer Work?

Invincible Marketer offers you the skills for creating and developing a highly profitable digital business.

And whether you’re new or an expert in online business, you’ll receive valuable training from this program.

Here is the breakdown of what you will learn from the Invincible Marketer.

  1. Picking the right market gap
  2. Choosing an ideal affiliate product or service to promote
  3. Identifying the needs of your prospects
  4. Running a profitable e-mail marketing campaign
  5. Creating a highly convertible sales funnel
  6. Adopting a successful mind
  7. Effective time management and boosting productivity
  8. Building an e-mail directory
  9. Building authority website
  10. Designing capture pages and compelling headlines
  11. Creating a successful YouTube Channel
  12. Generating traffic from banner ads, social media, native ads, and SEO.

And one main objective of Invincible Marketer is to sharpen your money-making skills.

Basically, you’ll learn about affiliate marketing.

And as I earlier pointed out, this type of marketing is highly profitable and very easy to start.

As such, you’ll promote and direct prospective clients to buy products from various companies.

In short, this business model has given Aaron all the success he has achieved.

And one advantage of joining this course is that you’ll be learning from someone with first-hand experience.

This is how Invincible Marketer works;

  • Choose a market niche and identify the products you would wish to promote.
  • Develop your affiliate marketing sales funnel that will allow you to connect with your prospective clients.
  • After setting your sales to a funnel, identify the best mechanism for attracting prospective clients to your offers.

Aaron Chen will teach you both two methods of driving traffic.

And these methods include free traffic or paid traffic.

So, paid traffic will include native ads, Google ads, and social media ads.

However, if you don’t afford paid ads, this course has a solution for you; it’ll teach you how to create your authority to drive free traffic.

Aside from that, another alternative to writing blogs is creating YouTube channels.

And Chen will guide you through creating attractive videos for driving free traffic toward your funnels from the largest search engine.

The content of Aaron Chan’s course is quite sufficient.

Features of Invincible Marketer

The invincible Marketer training program has four parts.

And two of these parts comprise the main part of the course, while the remaining two are additional bonuses.

Here are the areas to cover;

Core Training

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

The main objective of Invincible Training is to equip you with affiliate marketing skills.

Additionally, you’ll learn other fundamentals of affiliate marketing business.

During the training, you’ll learn affiliate marketing skills, attract traffic to your site, and build your asset.

Even though this course offers a lot, it does not cover other vital topics like the best platform to use and how to build a website.

Essential Mindset Training

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

Another area to be covered by this course is adopting the right mindset.

In this area, you’ll learn about dedication, accountability, overcoming failure, and many more.

And Invincible Marketers will teach you about adopting the right mindset and the strategies to employ if you want to become successful as a digital entrepreneur.


Invincible Marketer allows you to enjoy some bonuses for a limited time.

These bonuses are in the form of mini-courses designed to cover various aspects of affiliate marketing.

The program gives you the following bonuses;

Tribe Building Secrets

This mini-course is designed to show and guide you on creating your brand right from scratch and generating sales from your digital business.

Unlimited Traffic Masterclass

This bonus course teaches you more about traffic generation.

As you know, traffic is the backbone of every digital business, more especially affiliate marketing.

Product Profit Secrets

This bonus course equips you with skills to identify and choose the right product to take to the Market.

And your success in affiliate marketing will depend on the type of product you choose to promote.

Also, you should ensure you choose an ideal product to promote.

The Facebook Community

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

As a member of Invincible Marketer, you are given access to a private Facebook group.

In this group, you’ll get all the support from Aaron and his support team.

And the team is made up of experienced marketers.

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The Structure Of Invincible Marketer

Invincible Marketer is structured into 17 sessions.

The whole course has 63 lessons which will last for about 31 hours.

Here is what is covered in every session.

Session 1                                                                                                            

  • Welcome
  • Survey
  • The Strangest Secret
  • Goal Cards
  • 10 Values

Session 2

  • Pyramid Of Success
  • Subconscious Conditioning
  • The Current Landscape
  • 6 Figure Conversion Model
  • Must-Have Tools

Session 3

  • Review Goals Cards
  • Financial Thermostat
  • Affiliate Marketing Explained
  • Good VS Products
  • Picking Good Products

Session 4

  • Review Goal Cards
  • The Long Game
  • Garry V Video
  • Recommended Products
  • Asset Checklist

Session 5

  • Ambition vs. Actions
  • Be Resourceful
  • The Value Series
  • The Customer Journey
  • Campaign Blueprint
  • Dan Khan Interview

Session 6

  • Let’s Talk Metrics
  • Gratitude Plus 5-Minute Journal
  • The Strangest Secret
  • Understanding Domains
  • Click Funnels Domain
  • Click Magic Domain

Session 7

  • Let’s Journal!
  • Don’t Be Cheap
  • Capture Page Overview
  • Designing Your Capture Page
  • 6-Figure E-mail Strategy
  • Attaching Your List

Session 8

  • Let’s Journal
  • Broke vs. Poor Mindset
  • Let’s Talk Traffic!
  • Tracking Time
  • Click Magic Setup

Session 9

  • Focus On Building
  • Delayed Gratification
  • Value Series Review
  • Value Series Build Out

Session 10

  • Real Talk
  • Morning Routines
  • Mastering Video
  • Value Series Videos
  • Edit Sales Funnel
  • Melvin San Miguel Interview

Session 11

  • Behind The Scenes
  • READ
  • Communication Strategy
  • Set Up Your Private E-mail
  • E-mail Creation Time
  • Integrate Your E-mail
  • Add E-mails to Autoresponder
  • Conversion Pixels

Session 12

  • 10 Values Review
  • Condensing Timeframes
  • Final TEST
  • Split Testing
  • Getting Traffic

Session 13

  • How To Crush Obstacles
  • Taking Action
  • Unlimited Traffic Masterclass
  • Master Your Traffic

Session 14

  • Your Commitment
  • Audit Your Circle
  • Your Authority Circle
  • Authority Site Building
  • Create Your First Post
  • Cultivating Your List
  • Broadcast & Segmentation

Session 15

  • Self Care
  • Excuses
  • How to Convert More
  • Create Your Bonuses
  • Bonus Page Creation
  • Bonus Delivery

Session 16

  • Status Check
  • Fear Of Failure
  • Manage New Customers
  • Customer List Set up
  • FB Tribe Building

Session 17

  • Build Your Spider Web
  • Attitude is everything
  • Where To Focus Your Time
  • Aren’t they making sales?

What Is The Cost Of Invincible Marketer?

Initially, the normal cost of Invincible Marketer stood at $197.

However, as of now, a customer has to incur a cost of $67 monthly.

But as long as you have signed up for the program, you’ll have access to Facebook groups and bonus content.

Overall, the cost of this program seems to be somewhat higher as compared to similar services offered by other companies.

Is There A Refund Policy?

The Invincible Marketer promises to give you your money if you find that the program does not fit you.

And it has a refund policy that lasts for thirty days.

Is Invincible Marketer a Scam?

Invincible Marketer is a legit training program that is ready to equip you with affiliate marketing skills.

And this program could be a starting point for a beginner, but the cost it is associated with it makes it a no-go zone for beginners.

Plus, you’ll also pay for other supplementary tools necessary to undertake affiliate marketing.

But you can give it a try if your budgetary allocations can meet the cost of Invincible Marketer.

Alternatively, you can check out this guide that I have tailored for you to get started with affiliate marketing.

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

What I Like About Invincible Marketer

  • Created By An Experienced Marketer

One fact about the founder of Invincible Marketer is that he is a known legitimate online coach.

  • Very Engaging Video Tutorials and Sessions

Aaron Chen has invested a lot of effort when creating the video tutorials and structuring the sessions in his training program.

Also, he delivers his lessons in a very concise manner.

  • An actionable step accompanies every Lesson.

This program will allow you to learn as you earn.

Besides, you’ll be receiving specific tasks at the end of every Lesson.

  • Coaching Calls

All the lifetime members of Invincible Marketers enjoy regular coaching calls.

And during these calls, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and any inquiries.

Further, you’ll be interacting with Aaron Chen himself.

And don’t confuse these coaching calls to be the company upsells.

What I Don’t Like About Invincible Marketer

  • Cost Will End Up Piling.

The total cost of this program will pile up because you’ll require other additional features to realize the same success as Chen did.

Also, you’ll end up subscribing to monthly programs and tools that support the affiliate marketing business model.

  • Too Much Emphasis on Mindset

The majority of the content of this Invincible Marketer focuses on adopting the right mindset.

Again, you’ll learn various business concepts and strategies when you subscribe to this course.

FAQs Of Invincible Marketer

Will The Invincible Marketer work if I don’t have what to sell?

This well-rounded program will teach you every bit of detail required to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to identify the right product to promote online.

Important to note is that there are a few recommended products you can choose to go for.

What makes Invincible Marketer different from others?

A straight answer to this question is that it is a complete training program that is very detailed.

As compared to other training courses, most of them will offer you external programs that are not complete.

Does this Program work outside the US?

The affiliate marketing business model works virtually from anywhere.

In fact, it is an internationally recognized digital business.

Also, as a matter of fact, you can comfortably do it from anywhere.

Will there be any additional expenses for this program?

To realize success in any digital business, additional tools will be necessary.

The Invincible Marketer only gives you a blueprint to follow, but you’ll need other third-party components in your business.

Is There Any Alternative To Invincible Marketer?

Of course, you can still go for a better alternative to this program.

First of all, if you have a passion for a particular niche, you stand a chance of starting a successful business online.

As you may know, affiliate marketing has been there for some time now, and a lot of people might be skeptical to try.

But if you’re dedicated and you want a genuine source of income online, I can assure you that you go a long way with affiliate marketing.

The good thing with the affiliate marketing business model is that you can start with little to no experience.

Plus, you don’t have to pay a fortune to learn how the business model.

If you have an interest in the business model check out the blueprint that I have tailored for you:

Is Invincible Marketer A Scam?

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