Is The Ministry Of Freedom Legit? Don’t Miss Out This Review

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

Is The Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

I invite you to my Ministry Of Freedom Review.

Is the Ministry Of Freedom a scam?

Ministry of Freedom is a legitimate digital platform that claims to show you the best way of earning more commissions through launch jacking and affiliate marketing.

As I take you through this review, remember this article is purely meant for review and not to promote anything related to the platform.

Let’s start…

Summary Of The Ministry Of Freedom Review

Name of the Product: Ministry Of Freedom

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Affiliate Marketing Program

Founder: Jono Armstrong

Product Rating: 6/10

Cost of the Product: 3 Monthly installments of $597 or a One-Time payment of $1,497

Recommendation: Best for experienced Marketers.

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Overview Of The Ministry Of Freedom

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

Generally, Ministry Of Freedom is a training guide that claims it will help you start and run an affiliate marketing business together with launch jacking.

Launch Jacking involves promoting productions that have not been fully launched.

This method is legitimate but not an ethical way of earning money.

If you’re looking for the best alternative to the Ministry Of Freedom, then you can check out this option below:

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

What Is The Ministry Of Freedom About?

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

Ministry Of Freedom is a digital program that gives you step-by-step guidelines on how to do affiliate marketing.

The program is believed to have been created by Jono Armstrong, who is believed to be a popularly known digital marketer.

This training course comprises comprehensive training that will last for 9 weeks.

Jono will train you on the best way to build a successful digital affiliate marketing venture from scratch during the training.

Upon completing the course, he will give you access to his blueprint.

Ministry Of Freedom is an in-depth training with the top affiliates and vendors.

The Ministry Of Freedom could be mistaken for a scam in some cases.

This is because they make huge promises that will sometimes leave you wondering whether they can deliver.

Ministry Of Freedom is different from other courses created by Jono Armstrong.

This program mainly uses a method known as Launch Jacking.

Through Launch Jacking, Jono has made recurring income online for several years.

What Is Launch Jacking?

As mentioned before, the Ministry Of Freedom employs the Launch Jacking method to deliver this training program.

In this method, you will identify a product that has not been launched and create a campaign marketing before its launching is done.

Creating campaigns for such products will be easy with the help of Armstrong.

Once you get access to these materials, what follows next is to design reviews on YouTube and attach your affiliate links.

However, a genuine affiliate should not apply this Launch Jacking method since it is unethical.

It involves selling lies to the public by designing fake reviews about such products.

Launch Jacking is a legitimate way of promoting products.

Armstrong will teach you more about this method during your training in the Ministry of Freedom.

You can start and operate affiliate marketing using the same Launch Jacking method.

Who Is The Founder Of The Ministry Of Freedom?

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

The founder of this platform is a popularly known vendor called Jono Armstrong.

He is also a product creator who promotes most of his products through WarriorPlus.

Armstrong releases 1 or two products per month. He has also been making good money through Launch Jacking.

Jono claims to have been doing Launch Jacking and profiting from it over the past year.

You can access some of his works on his YouTube channel named Jono Armstrong.

Jono’s journey has not been that easy.

This is because Lunch Jacking and affiliate marketing business strategies require a lot of input.

It takes time before it starts giving you returns.

However hard it might sound, Jono claims that the system works, and he has reaped benefits from it.

As he claims, it took time and patience before he became a successful affiliate.

What Is The Cost Of The Ministry Of Freedom?

The cost of joining the Ministry Of Freedom is a one-time fee of $1,497.

Upon payment of this fee, you will get access to several program features, including the 9-week training modules.

An alternative way of paying for this program is through installments.

You’ll pay $597 for three months.

How Does The Ministry Of Freedom Work?

Ministry Of Freedom is an online platform that gives you access to multiple online resources.

After joining the Ministry of Freedom, you are given access to s 9-week training course.

In this training, Jono promises to teach you how to create an income source through launch jacking.

How Do I Join the Ministry Of Freedom?

The first requirement is to register yourself for their free webinar to join the Ministry Of Freedom.

After that, you will be allowed to access the course registration.

Here is the content of your nine weeks training course.

  • Mindset, Tools, and Applications
  • Launch Jacking
  • Advance Launch Jacking
  • Soft Launching
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • List Building with Paid Traffic
  • Product Launching and Paid Traffic

I will give you more details on what you’ll cover in these sections.

Launch Jacking course

After signing up for this program, you’ll access your training.

You start your nine weeks journey of thorough training.

The overall objective of the Ministry of Freedom is to help you understand how to use launch jacking strategy and affiliate marketing to create income.

Jono claims that you don’t need any prior experience or passion before benefiting from this program.

Ministry of Freedom is very technical training that will equip you with skills to promote different products using YouTube.

It will be better if you have skills in video creation.

By the end of your training in the Ministry Of Freedom, you will be in a position to create reviews of multiple products.

You can earn huge commissions promoting these products.

Even though this platform is legitimate, you must be careful not to promote fake products to innocent people.

You will learn how to apply a legit and convertible strategy you can use to make good money online.

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What Will I Learn From The Ministry Of Freedom?

The following contents shall be covered during your 9-weeks training.

Week One: Mindset

Armstrong believes that 20% of your success is attributed to your skills, while the remaining 80% depends on your mindset.

You could be having the brightest idea and a negative mindset toward that idea.

The results will be worst unless you adopt a positive attitude.

Jono is committed to training you on how to adopt the right mindset during your first week of training.

He will teach you about the necessary tools you must have to start and build a successful affiliate marketing program that will earn your lots of commissions.

Week Two: Tools and Application

This week, you will learn about the best tools and applications you’ll use in your digital business.

An example of a tool to use is the autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a software designed to generate and send automated e-mails to your clients.

Most of these tools come at a cheaper price, and others offer trial versions that could last for about thirty days.

Therefore, you’ll spend additional costs after joining the Ministry Of Freedom.

Week Three, Four & Five: Launch Jacking

In your third week, you learn the core principles of the Ministry Of Freedom.

During the module, Jono will introduce you to the launch jacking method.

In this method, you’ll learn how to identify a product before it is launched and design it a positive review.

Since most people will go through various reviews before buying products, launch jacking will play an important role in promoting various products.

This will increase the chance of people buying the product.

You can earn commissions from these reviews by running ads and attaching backlinks that will redirect people to the product you’re promoting.

Week Six: Soft Launching

This allows a limited audience to preview a product before the general public can access it.

This is also known as a soft opening.

During this week, you’ll acquire skills on how to create your product and choose a group of individuals to test how the product is likely to perform when fully unveiled to the public.

If the results of soft launching are positive, Jono will guide you on what to do next to earn more commissions.

Week Seven: E-mail Marketing

In affiliate marketing, the best and easiest way of marketing your products and services is through E-mail marketing.

And during this week, you will learn about e-mail marketing from scratch.

Also, Jono claims that he will share some advanced tactics he used to make $1,000 from affiliate promotion.

Plus, you can also apply this tactic when creating your campaign.

Also, you’ll learn how you can create your system and apply an autoresponder to compose several e-mails you can send to your prospective subscribers during your autopilot.

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Week Eight: Product Launching

Apart from being a WarriorPlus affiliate marketer, he is also known to be a product creator.

Further, he has been creating several training courses to earn money online.

Aside from that, during this training module, he will guide you on the process of designing a product until you launch your product.

Ministry Of Freedom claims that your success in the product creation business depends on how you will launch your product.

Week Nine: Paid Traffic

If you want to benefit from your marketing efforts, you need to invest in paid traffic.

Ministry Of Freedom will teach you how to attract visitors during your campaign.

The best way to achieve positive results is through paid traffic approach.

This will force you to dig deeper into your pocket and spend more money on your affiliate marketing business.

Generally, launch jacking and affiliate marketing have proven to be the most viable strategy that online marketers can opt for.

Ministry Of Freedom allows you to learn more about such a strategy and then apply it later to build your business empire.

Additional Features

In addition to the 9-week modules, the Ministry Of Freedom also has the following;

  • Live Calls
  • Support And Community
  • Rotator Sales
  • Guaranteed Link Approval
  • Review Access

The Ministry Of Freedom has a Facebook group with more than 3,800 members.

All members will automatically access this Facebook group once they become registered members.

If you want to grow your business online, you can check out how I’ve managed to grow gradually:

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

Is There A Refund Policy In The Ministry Of Freedom?

Yes, there is one.

Jono claims to offer its clients a refund policy that will last for 45 days.

If you want to withdraw, you’ll get a full refund.

Is The Ministry Of Freedom A Legit?

Yes, the Ministry Of Freedom is a LEGIT business course.

Also, it is a legit course that aims to train you to become an affiliate marketer.

Plus, Jono claims to have used the same system to reap many benefits.

However, some people claim that this platform is a scam.

This is because Jono has a bad reputation from his past.

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What I Like About The Ministry Of Freedom

  • Extensive Training

The program gives you very extensive resources and materials for training.

You’ll learn detailed information about affiliate marketing launch jacking.

  • Support

Armstrong gives its members all the support they need during their training.

What I Don’t Like About The Ministry Of Freedom

  • Promoting Scams

You’ll learn how to create fake reviews that promote products that are still new in the market through the platform.

  • Expensive

This training program is quite expensive.

And it will not be suitable for some who are new to digital business.

Is There Any Alternative To The Ministry Of Freedom?

Yes, there are several other available alternatives you can opt for instead of the Ministry Of Freedom.

My most recommended alternative is to go for Affiliate Marketing.

And this is because it is very easy to start and budget-friendly.

Check out my blueprint for Affiliate Marketing on the next page:

Is Ministry Of Freedom Legit?

FAQs About The Ministry Of Freedom

Is there any additional cost for the product?

You will spend an additional cost for other operations to pay for other services such as paid ads.

Is the Ministry Of Freedom related to affiliate marketing?

The Ministry Of freedom is mainly promoting affiliate marketing programs.

Is it worth your investment?

It is an ideal program for a new person who wants to build an online digital business.

Does it have a refund?

The company claims to allow you to enjoy a refund policy that goes for about 45 days.

Also, they have a Facebook group that allows them to seek assistance whenever they experience a challenge on the platform.

Get more information from these videos about the Ministry Of Freedom:

Ministry of Freedom Video Reviews

8 thoughts on “Is The Ministry Of Freedom Legit? Don’t Miss Out This Review

  1. Stay away as far as possible from such practice is my recommendation if you care about your online reputation. I absolutely despise unethical practice and hate it when I am actually looking for real quality information on a product and then come across these click bait videos that tell you like absolutely zero information about the product due to it not even launching in several months – yet they already have so called product reviews out there simply in order to try get the Google ranked positions for when the product will eventually launch in order to generate sales.

    Also what online reputation do you expect if you keep on promoting crappy products launched on Warrior Plus etc. which are pure junk most of the time anyways that cons people out of their money due to sales copy that is promising the moon and the stars and then pretty much scam newbies to the internet marketing world out of their hard earned cash. (I do recognize there are some diamonds in the rough at times launched on platforms like Warrior Plus, but that is certainly a big minority of products).

    Also as an online marketer, you are actually wasting your time as most of these products launched on Warrior Plus etc. are not evergreen sustainable products. Most creators that launch on there are only interested in making a quick buck and have no intention of supporting their products over the years. So what are you going to do if that product (let’s say for example a video skin WP plugin is no longer supported) and it becomes useless and you cannot sell it as an affiliate anymore. What are you going to do with all your blog posts, videos etc. that is now irrelevant? Delete it? So what is the point then in putting all that hard work in promoting absolute garbage and all that to try capitalise on the launch jacking strategy.

    Yes I know of course that this can be done in a more legitimate way (like I did it in the past) to at least wait for some JV materials to be made available and then you can legitimately with some informed information promote products that are yet to launch. The big question however is. Do you really want to be known as a marketer that promotes pure crap to scam newbies out of their money so to speak? Is that the kind of reputation you would like to have as an online marketer? In the short run it can earn you some good money, but in the long run I don’t think it is sustainable as you will soon become known as the marketer that promotes crap.

    A much better strategy is to promote evergreen trustworthy products that you feel proud to promote and that you will any day recommend to friends and family also. Then you become a trusted marketer that people would actually listen to and buy from as they know that you are trustworthy and provides quality information and you practise what you preach.

  2. Thank you a lot for your Ministry of Freedom Review. Jono Armstrong is a successful online marketer. He created already has plenty of products and has plenty of followers and students who took one of his courses and now became self online marketers. The problem, I think is that he uses unethical (near to SCAM) strategies. You named that after completing the course, the participants would need to do fake reviews in order to make quick bucks.
    I see your recommendation as so much better option and would recommend that rather than MOF.
    P.S: I wrote also an MOF review, I hope it might bring value to your readers.

    Great work Jason and keep us informed with your great reviews.


  3. Thanks for the in-depth review of this program. I’m always skeptical of programs like this, but your review was really helpful in understanding the basics of The Ministry Of Freedom.

    Like you, I am also not a big fan of launch jacking. I would have appreciated it more if The Ministry of Freedom reviewers actually take the time to review the products and see if they’re worth your time, rather than just trying to sell you something as soon as new product launches.

    Other than that, it seems like a great program, especially the training and marketing strategies you talked about.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your thoughts and recommendation on the better alternative program to go for. I’m sure it will help a lot of people decide whether or not to buy it.


  4. Hi Jason,
    Jono is a serial product creator and good at promoting his products to make money online. I doubt how much he makes through selling his products. I know it’s profitable to make money by Launch Jacking for any upcoming new systems or platforms from WarriorPlus, and he seems to do pretty well. It’s legal, but it doesn’t mean it’s ethical. I think your recommendation is a much better solution that suits my need. 🙂


    1. Hey thanks for passing through and sharing your views on Jono’s program. It’s not the most ethical I’ve seen, but again, some folks just want to make money and don’t care about the person who will be using most of those crappy “software”…

      It’s best to stick with a long-term sustainable business platform.

      Anyways, all the best on your journey!

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