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Kevin David Shopify

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Hey my friend! It’s so great to see you stopping by today to find out more about serial entrepreneur, mentor, and success coach Kevin David’s Shopify Course.

I’m Jason and I’m a full time online marketer and  founder here at Smart Human Blogger.

I want to help you get started with your own online business and it is my hope that this Kevin David Shopify Course Review will do just that for you!

The question is: Are you dead serious about creating a profitable, and sustainable online business using Shopify Drop-shipping?

One that could enable you to earn passive income for the rest of your life?

Well if you are, then make sure to stick around to the end of this article.

It could drastically change the way how you are living your life right now.

I have purchased the course for myself and have gone through the very detailed training, took ACTION and started seeing results within the first month so I know for sure that it works and is worth the money.

By the end of this review, you will be able to make a decision if it’s for you or not.

So without any further delay, let’s get to it…

Fact: E-commerce Is HUGELY Profitable!

First or all, let me tell you that the e-commerce industry is absolutely HUGE! 

And Shopify is one of the easiest and best platforms out there right now for you to take advantage of & create a brand new revenue stream.

When I did some research on and Broadband Search, they are estimating that Worldwide Retail E-commerce Sales will reach up to $4 trillion by the year 2020

I just wanted to mention this to let you get a better understanding of how profitable this industry is.

Now keep reading to learn more about inside the course.

What is Kevin David Shopify Course All About?

I got it so I can show you, let’s dive in!

NEW UPDATES: Now, Kevin David has updated his Shopify Course With a brand new, mind-blowing mindset video discussing the difference between his millionaire students versus the ones who aren’t so successful.

What you’ll discover from that video is the #1 thing that separates the really successful entrepreneurs from the ones who fail: possessing the right business mindset

Kevin David Shopify Course

Kevin also implemented the genius “accountability partner” program.

Basically what this does is allow you and another member to partner closer together and have weekly calls, holding each other accountable for taking massive action with the course.

This has already proven to be quite effective in the group as more and more people are now finding success.

And I have to say that this is the only Facebook group that I see doing this.

Kevin will provide the full instructions on how you can go about it.

You’ll get to see the announcements within module 1 of the course, so be on the lookout for that.

And just so you know, the course is updated regularly each year to accommodate the various changes that occur in the Shopify e-com industry.

Now, let’s get into full course specs along with who Kevin David is and how he will be able to help you with setting up your profitable Shopify business.

 Ninja Masterclass Shopify Overview

Product Name – Ninja Masterclass Shopify

Creator – Kevin David

Price – $997 one time or $397 for 3 Months

Updated frequently? – YES

Upsells? – No

Rating – ★★★★


Who Is Kevin David?

The one thing you must know about Kevin David is that he is a young serial master at doing online businesses.

Kevin is involved in so many profitable online business ventures, it’s just not funny.

Apart from having his Shopify Drop-shipping course, he is an influential YouTuber with over 207K subscribers at the time of this writing…

Kevin David Shopify Course Review
Kevin David’s Youtube Channel of the few REAL DEAL Facebook Ads Expert, affiliate marketing coach, Amazon top sellers, and currently has one of the very BEST Amazon FBA private label courses that you are ever going to find on the market.

Feel free to watch the video interview below which he did with Jungle Scout’s Greg Mercer to learn about his Amazon FBA journey…

Even though Kevin is such a success story, what I admire most about him is his humility…

He is not like the so many “gurus” out there who boasts about how much money he is making online and not providing any value.

Instead, what he does is actually equip people with the right MINDSET, tools, training, and support needed to create a massively successful Shopify Business.

You’ll see him from time to time in the Facebook Group offering his personal help, giving advice and just being there for his students (YES, he genuinely cares about seeing other people succeed).

Ninja MasterClass Shopify Facebook Group

I have personally asked him for his help on FB messenger, and he has been there to give me fully detailed replies which have helped my online business to improve.

What Kevin David Shopify Course Is Not

For you to fully understand what Kevin David’s Shopify course is, you will have to be aware of certain things.

First of all, it’s not a course for people who are looking to press a button and magically make money, or some promises of get-rich-quick overnight.

So if that’s what you’re here looking for, then DO NOT bother to join – It’s not for you and we don’t want people like that inside the community.

It’s NOT a job where you put in “X” amount of hours and expect to get paid per the hour. NO NO, certainly not.

As a matter of fact, Kevin’s life mission is to help free as many people as possible from the unfair corporate slavery jobs going on right now.

Kevin David Shopify Course
Kevin’s Life Goal

If you are actually serious about learning the skill set which will enable you to build a successful online business, then this course is for you.

I recommend it and welcome you with open arms on the inside.

==> Go here to join

What Kevin David Shopify Course Is

Kevin David’s Shopify Course is a PROVEN, full-time educational drop-shipping business training which will require you to buckle down and take ACTION for it to work effectively.

There are specific modules which you will have to follow step-by-step which will ensure your success with Shopify.

I will break down each module for you so that you will have a full idea of what you will be doing once you’re inside the member’s area.

What’s in Kevin David Shopify Member’s Area?

I have to say this is one of the MOST content filled, high-quality and detailed courses I have ever encountered since I started my online business back in 2014.

You will see for yourself that Kevin puts in so much time, effort, and dedication into the project.

And his professional aura and enthusiasm shine through within the course.

He even mentioned in his welcome video that this is the course which he is most proud of.

It has brought a lot of success for him and his students so I can see why he feels so strongly about this.  And it’s a well-deserved accomplishment in my opinion.

Now let us dig a little deeper into all the modules for you to see the knowledge that you will have access to…

MODULE 1 – Finding Hugely Profitable Products To Dropship On Shopify

I like that Kevin starts out by showing us how to find profitable products FIRST, instead of wasting time setting up a store and then doing research afterward.

The majority of other courses out there will typically start their training by telling you to build out your Shopify store first.

This approach is not the right way to do it and I am glad that Kevin started the training this way.

The numbered points below show you exactly what is covered in the module.

Each training has a high quality over the shoulder video where he shows you how to do each task step-by-step.

Kevin David Shopify Course

In this module, there is a total of 14 lessons.  It may look a LOT but I have to tell you that Kevin does a great job by breaking them down into bite-sized chunks for you to absorb without feeling overwhelmed.

And you can always take a break whenever time you want and then return to where you left off.

Take a look at what module 1 lessons are below…

  1. Introduction – showing how to navigate and getting the best out of the training

  2. How to select a hugely profitable niche + mistakes to avoid as a new drop shipper

  3. Aliexpress mastery + the only chrome extensions you need to find the worlds best drop shippers

  4. Two simple tricks you need to use to find the best Shopify stores in the world and mimic their strategies

  5. The only paid app you need for Shopify to find the best Shopify stores for any niche

  6. How to find trending products + profitable keywords + the top trafficked Shopify sites

  7. Creative/weird product research methods to find your diamond in the rough products

  8. How to use Amazon to find home-run products to dropship on Shopify

  9. How to use the Shopify app store to find profitable products for free

  10. How to use trade show vendor lists to find profitable and trending product niches

  11. How to make sure you can target your perfect customer before choosing a niche

  12. How to use thieve to find weekly gems on aliexpress

  13. Examples of the entire process and how to replicate the success

NOTE: ***I should also point out that ALL the modules have written resources which will accompany them at the end***

This is especially useful for people who are visually impaired or people who just prefer to read the text rather than watching a video.

You can download them and refer back to them whenever you need to – even if you don’t have an internet connection.

MODULE 2 – World Class Drop Shipping Suppliers

In this module, Kevin shows where you need to go in order to find the most legit, established and lowest priced products suppliers.

He shows techniques on how to communicate with these suppliers – even providing a word for word script to copy, paste and do a bit of personalized editing before sending out.

Kevin David Shopify

He explains the importance of obtaining samples of the products which you will be selling.

Taking this approach will enable you to estimate the shipping wait time and at the same time allowing you to test the quality of the product BEFORE you start selling them to your customers.

You definitely want to do this because you will be building your brand business and you want people to love your product and keep returning to your store.

Kevin shows you the do’s and don’ts as it applies to contact suppliers and making sure that you get the best possible deals.

As I said above, everything is broken down easily without the pressure of getting confused or overwhelmed.

Kevin David Shopify Course

In total, there are 5 training videos with text resources in this module.

Here are the full topics covered…

  1. Alipay and big mistakes to avoid to not get your payment account suspended

  2. Things you need to know before making your first purchases

  3. What to do with wholesalers and entire manufacturer pricing ecosystem overview

  4. How to find the best drop shipping suppliers in the world

  5. Why samples are so important + customs import fees explanation

These are paramount and if you are not implementing these techniques in your Shopify business, the chances of your success will be very slim.

MODULE 3 – Shopify Store Optimization

Now with this module, Kevin gets into the store creation part of the business which makes sense at this time because you would have most likely found your profitable products/niche.

There are a total of 15 lessons in this module as you will see below.  This is totally a very important step and must be followed exactly how Kevin shows you.

This was an exciting part of the course for me because I was sitting there and it’s like creating a fine piece of art from an empty canvas.

It’s amazing to see what the apps inside the Shopify App store are able to do to your site.

And the best thing is that it’s simple to do plus Kevin makes it even more super simple by first doing it then all I do is follow and take the action.

Kevin David Shopify Course

Again, I have outlined all the lessons included in this module for you.

  1. The best Shopify theme and why you need to use it for mobile optimization

  2. The best Shopify settings and why using them will save you 100’s of hours of pain

  3. How to set up your custom domain name the right way…

  4. How to import products from aliexpress + make collections + menus + contact us page

  5. How to set up your product titles and listing descriptions the right way (to convert to sales)

  6. How to set up MailChimp and your abandoned cart sequence

  7. How to set up reviews for your products to increase conversions

  8. How to set up automated coupon distribution with product receipts

  9. How to add a pop up that gets you more customer email addresses

  10. How to add a countdown timer to your product listings and increase conversions through scarcity

  11. How to add product upsells to increase average cart size and your store’s profitability

  12. How a print on demand Shopify app added an additional 10k per month in revenue

  13. How to navigate your theme like a pro and optimize your stores feel for higher sales

  14. How to automatically fulfill your orders the right way

  15. How to set up google analytics to make data-driven store optimizations in the future

MODULE 4 – Marketing Explosion

For me, module 4 is the most IMPORTANT one because it covers all you need to know about effectively getting your products in front if hungry buyers.

Kevin is an expert in this area and he even recently created a new & already very popular Facebook Ads Course which is helping a lot of students to find success in not just Shopify drop-shipping but other types of online businesses.

I mean literally, if you go to youtube and do a search for “Facebook Ads”, you would find video results from Kevin David showing you how to run a successful Facebook Ads business starting from scratch.

Kevin David Shopify Course

For example, this 1+ hour video (screenshot above) has over 2 million youtube views so you can just imagine the sheer value that he gives out for free and how in-demand this information is!

In total, there are 19 training video lessons about Facebook + Instagram marketing within the course.

One of the most powerful techniques I learned in the module is where Kevin shows how to get social proof for my ads – and it’s crazy how low the costs are to get this done…

This is so powerful – when I tried it out for the first time, I was shocked to see that people were liking, commenting, and sharing my ad which made it way easier for me to get sales when I started doing my conversion ads.

As Kevin says, this is one of the biggest secrets that many big players in the e-commerce space will never share with their students because they know that once you learn this, then you are headed for the big bucks – and they don’t really want you to succeed nor want the competition.

Well too bad for them!  Kevin holds nothing back and that is why his training stands out so much.

All I know is that this technique has worked and will continue to work for me as I keep building out new ads.

Take a look at the full breakdown of all the current training within module 4…

kevin david shopify course
  1. How to set up your Facebook ads account the right way + overview of FB ads

  2. Understanding Facebook advertising vocabulary + the big 3 things you need to succeed with FB ads

  3. How to master Facebook marketing objectives + the advertising lifecycle

  4. How to laser target your audience – mastering the art of facebook

  5. Conquering the heart of Facebook ads = detailed targeting section

  6. How to create a Facebook ad that converts over and over again

  7. How to Get Social Proof for YOUR ADS for Pennies on the Dollar

  8. Intro to Split Testing + How to Use Conversion Campaigns the Right Way

  9. How to Utilize the Power of Micro Split Testing to Quickly Find Winning Ads Even When You’re On a Budget

  10. How to Use Automation Rules to Save Yourself Time and Scale FASTER Than You Thought Possible

  11. How Long Should You Run Your Ads and at What Daily Budget

  12. The art of retargeting for profitable campaigns + custom audience building

  13. How to optimize your campaigns to pause losers and scale winners

  14. How to use influencers to explode sales + get bloggers to write about your store

  15. How to use email marketing to double your sales

  16. Facebook advertising from start to finish + Instagram ads

  17. How to Use DPA’s for Shopify to Retarget Your Customers Automatically

  18. One of the most important section of this course (how to automate split tests and make your life easy)

  19. What to do if Your Ad Account is Disabled (Plus How to Prevent it)

MODULE 5 – Scaling and Expansion

I have to admit that I have not fully completed this module as yet but did go over the content briefly.

But you know what…at the same time, it is not a must for me at this time since what I have learned so far from module 1-4 is more than enough to keep my Shopify business going.

Furthermore, I keep occupied by doing affiliate marketing and also recently started selling on Amazon’s FBA platform following the Online Retail Mastery Course.

Module 5 covers mostly automation and outsourcing which are skills all serious entrepreneurs MUST have when it’s time to start scaling their business.

It involves utilizing the Google Analytics tool to get insightful information on all visitors to your website.

The powerful Facebook pixel training which teaches you how to acquire new customers, therefore, increasing overall sales.

You’ll learn how to create custom audiences as well as how to create lookalike audiences from those same custom audiences.

Further along in this module, you will also get introduced to the print on demand business side of Shopify drop shipping as well as how to sell higher priced ticket products which can enable you to profit up to $100 per sale.

Kevin David Shopify Course

This is high-level stuff and as soon as I get around to it, I will be diving in again to further build up my online income.

So as usual, here is the full module breakdown for you to see what’s there…

  1. How to maintain a laser focus and scale your store through analytics

  2. How to interpret google analytics to make data-driven decisions

  3. How to use the google analytics behavior and e-commerce reports

  4. How to find out insights into your audience to use to further narrow your advertising

  5. How to find out exactly where you’re acquiring your customers

  6. How to get creative with your custom + lookalike audiences to split test and scale

  7. How to use your facebook pixel to increase conversion via custom URL audiences

  8. How to use offline events to make your pixel and conversion audiences smarter

  9. How to add on page customer service to get more sales and optimize your product listings

  10. How to hire and use virtual assistants to 10x your productivity

  11. How to use fomo to increase on page conversions

  12. How to use snapchat ads to explode your traffic

  13. How to use manychat to automate your Facebook page messages

  14. How I made 5.5k in ONE day on Shopify using polarizing topics and finding my audience first

  15. How to Scale Successful Products to get Faster Shipping Time and More Sales and Conversions

  16. Intro to Print on Demand

  17. How To Sell High Ticket Products On Shopify ($100+ Profit Per Sale)

Module 5 is officially the last module within the FULL course, however, the content doesn’t stop there…

Kevin David Shopify

Once inside the member’s area, you will notice that on the right side of the dashboard, there is a unique opportunity showing you how to get the course for free.

And this is NOT a click-bait title either. 

Let me explain so that you will understand…

How to Get Kevin David Shopify Course For FREE?

How is it that you will be able to get the course for free when you already invested your money?  Does this even make sense?

Well, this is how it goes…

When you have gone through the course and found it to be useful and effective, Kevin allows you to share it with other people.

When you share it using the unique affiliate link which he will give to you, and someone purchases it through that link, you will receive 25% of the sale.

This means that if you were to share it with a few people who invest, you would have made back the money that you paid for the course.

Kevin will provide you with full instructions, plus advertising resources shared in the course for you to get better results.

This is really a win-win situation and is also a very generous offer from Kevin.

Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass BONUSES

The BONUSES included in the Shopify Dropshipping Ninja Masterclass are focused on scaling up your Shopify business.

There are 3 bonuses in total…

(1) Trending niches for this coming year and how to make a huge profit from them:

This is the largest bonus here with a PDF guide containing 13 pages in total plus the 8-minute long video which explains how to use this resource effectively.

Kevin David Shopify Course
BONUS  Video #1

(2) Creating an on-demand T-shirt empire:

For this BONUS, you will learn how to create a full scale made to order business which is not just limited to T-shirts.

The information which is given shows techniques on how to apply the print on coffee mugs, yoga pads, pillows, etc.

The video training extends to over 30 minutes and shows how to use the TeeLaunch app which will be the main tool needed to apply the designs to the particular merchandise.

Kevin shows from scratch how to outsource the designs, advertising and having them ready for sale on your Shopify store.

Kevin David Shopify Course Review
BONUS  Video #2

(3) Using ClickFunnels to 10x sales on your Shopify Store:

In this BONUS lesson, Kevin shows us how to use the software, Clickfunnels to maximize our Shopify sales.

He gives away a FREE fully built drop shipping funnel which he normally charges his clients up to $2K to build.

You should also know that the training is not a full blown course on Clickfunnels

It’s simply a high-level introduction to the platform, however, what he shows in the video is sufficient enough to get the funnel fully functional and ready for conversions.

Kevin David Shopify Course
BONUS  Video #3

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Mini-course – What is it?

Taking a closer look at the Ninja Masterclass Mini-course, you will realize that it’s exactly what the name suggests…

Basically, Kevin compiled the top 5 videos from the 5 MAIN modules as introductory videos.

This is a way to present the material to students who may have a bit more experience selling on Shopify.

However, I WOULD NOT recommend that you jump right into the mini course if you are brand new to this business model.

You have to go through the full course first to make sure that you get the overall fundamental principles of how you will be selling successfully on Shopify.

Kevin David Shopify Course
Mini-course outline

Phew, I know that was a lot of information to take in but I just want to make sure that you got all the information about the course before you invested in yourself.

I can stand behind the course and give it my approval to the fullest.

What I Like

  • I love how Kevin has intense enjoyment & eagerness to deliver the goods when teaching the course.
  • He doesn’t let the course become boring nor overwhelming even though he goes through hours of video and written content.
  • The support which is available in the Facebook Ninja group is useful because sometimes you have a question and other members of different skill level will be able to help or point you in the right direction.
  • Each module comes with written material which can be downloaded and saved for future use even without connection to the internet.
  • I like that there is a SCAM FREE environment where serious entrepreneurs can focus on learning, and building a long-term profitable business.

What I Don’t Like

Hmmm…let me see…

Honestly, I can’t find anything that I don’t like about the training Course.

I know that usually when you read reviews, you are expecting to find something negative which would make the review appear more open and honest but unfortunately, this is not the case.

The only thing I can say is that sometimes Kevin speaks a bit fast during the video training, however, this can be fixed easily by pausing the video, rewinding and pressing play again to get the full context.

This is how I get the most from any videos which appear to be fast-paced.


So there you have it my friend – the full breakdown of Kevin David’s Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course 🙂

I hope that you have found it useful and I know that when you do decide to enroll, you are going to quickly realize that it is one of the best business decisions that you have made.

This is a real chance for you to become financially free by working for yourself.

So click on the Button Below to get started!

Thank you for reading and if you have ANY questions please let me know in the comment section below.

I’d be happy to help you out.

Your friend,

Jason Foster (Smart Human Blogger)

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8 thoughts on “Kevin David Shopify Course Review By REAL Member.

  1. Hello Jason, Please provide link to free AMAZON FBA course link, is this different from Shopify? Are there any other free resources to make money online with minimal investment?

    1. Hi Bhushanji,

      The only Amazon FBA Link I have that’s free is the Amazon Ninja Webinar which is also from Kevin David.

      ===>Here is the link

      And yes, it’s much different from Shopify.

      In regards to making money online with little investment, I would recommend affilaite marketing. You can start learning at Wealthy Affiliate since they have a free starter membership.

      ===>Here is my Affiliate Link for Wealthy Affiliate.

      I hope this helps and if you have any furhter questions, feel free to reach out here or on my facebook page.


  2. I bought from your affiliate link but I don’t see you in the member’s section. You didn’t join the FaceBook group, or what?

    1. Hey Jacob,

      Thank you for using my link to get the Ninja course.

      Yes, I am actually in the Facebook group, but not very active right now.

      If you want, you can always reach out on my Smart Human Blogger FB page or right here on my blog if you need any help.

      Talk soon,

  3. Hi, I am really interested in this course, but I am aware that there will be costs on actually setting up the store, and marketing it. How much capital do you think I would need apart from the course itself? Thank you very much for your time you are really helpful!

    1. Chris, that’s a good question.

      For the basic Shopify store, this will cost you $29/month, and there are some optional (but important) apps that you can use to improve conversion on your site (the price varies). For Ads, it would be a good idea to have a couple hundred dollars in the beginning (around $100-$300).

      Overall, a budget of $500 should be ideal.

      Let me know if you have any follow up questions.


  4. Hey great review. Just wondering if the training and principles are applicable to the UK market or if this is more US specific?

    1. Hi James.

      Yes, the training & principles which are taught inside Kevin David’s Shopify Course will apply to the UK market.

      That’s one of the advantages of running an online business – you sell to multiple markets regardless of where you are located.

      Do let me know if you have any follow up questions.


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