Savings Highway Global Review – A Scam or Legit Program?

Savings Highway Global Review

I’m very pleased to take you through my Savings Highway Global Review. 

Nothing gives you a sense of satisfaction than making profits from any business you do.

What drives us into doing any business is making a profit.

Is Savings Highway Global the best platform to achieve that success?

Recently, several MLM programs have flooded the market in camouflaging colors.

They come in different names with different structures but did you know that most of them are scammers?

The good news is that today I’ll explain everything about Savings Highway Global.

By the end of this review, you’ll know the good side and the dark side of Saving Highway Global.

Mind you; I don’t have any ties with this platform.

Savings Highway Global is an online platform that claims to offer shopping alternatives through the best deals and discount offers.

Additionally, you can earn a commission when you promote the platform.

The more downline members you recruit, the higher the commission you receive.

On the other hand, you’ll not make much money if you can’t build a team under you.

This trend makes Savings Highway Global a Multi-level Marketing scheme.

Before we go further…

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Let’s now get into Savings Highway Global in detail.

Summary Of Savings Highway Global Review

Name of the Product: Savings Highway Global

Website’s Url:

Type of the Product: Multi-Level Marketing program

Co-Founders: Luz Gresham and Steve Gresham

Product Rating: 4/10

Pricing and Packaging: $20/$100 depending on membership

Recommendation: Not good for newbies.

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Overview Of Savings Highway Global

Savings Highway Global Review

Savings Highway Global is an online business offering MLM services to its clients.

You’ll earn from the platform when you promote Savings Highway Global and develop your team.

This platform allows you to earn from your downline to the 15th downline member.

The ugly truth about this platform is that you can’t earn from it if you don’t invest your effort and build a strong downline team.

Therefore, I won’t advise you to join.

Savings Highway Global will only be ideal for an experienced individual.

You’ve no place in this business if you don’t possess the power to convince others to join.

All hope isn’t lost.

Just don’t give up your hopes of joining the online industry.

Your determination and desire to make money should propel you toward your achievement.

The online industry is rich in various viable opportunities.

In some of these online businesses, you will not be forced to build any team under you.

I’ll guide you through some of these opportunities in this review.


What Does Savings Highway Global Entail? 

Savings Highway Global is a savings company structured to offer its clients a variety of vouchers and discounts.

These discounted offers are applicable to day-to-day life experiences.

If you become a member, you’ll be entitled to savings whenever you purchase goods or services such as legal, restaurant service, dental, e-books, and audiobooks.

Savings Highway Global is a company that acts as an intermediary between business owners and clients.

Its main role is to promote the services provided by other companies.

One thing for sure is that the quality of any service or product you purchase through Savings Highway Global is not guaranteed.

This is because you will be making purchases from totally different business identities.

In this regard, your chances of satisfying your needs are limited.

This platform could be ideal for reducing the cost of your expenses but not a good avenue for you to create a significant source of income.

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Who Are The Founders Of Savings Highway Global?

Savings Highway Global Review

The brains behind the formation of Savings Highway Global are Steve Gresham & Luz Marina Gresham.

Savings Highway Global was initially started in 2006 under a different name called

Since it didn’t perform well in the market, it changed its name to Savings Highway.

In the year 2020, it changed its name to Savings Highway Global.

The reasons behind all these changes could be attributed to the frequent failures of the company.

Judging from the company’s trend, this isn’t a good business to invest in.

Although Steve has over two decades of experience in the MLM industry, the trend in his own company suggests otherwise.

Members Attributing To Savings Highway Global

The following are the members of the SHG advisory team who have contributed immensely to the growth of this company.

  • Cornel JonesKeenith Reed
  • Bill Constain
  • Timothy Jones

This is a team of experts running the affairs of Savings Highway Global, and they’re very confident in the services they are offering.

Unlike other platforms, you will find their owners concealing their identities from their platforms.

You can comfortably work as an affiliate promoting the discounted services offered by other companies.

SHG will pay you a commission if clients make purchases through the company’s website.

Affiliate marketing is the most appropriate field to invest in regarding earning money online.

However, you’ll need to learn a few things before embarking on your journey into affiliate marketing.

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How Does SHG Work?

Savings Highway Global Review

Savings Highway Global works by selling discounted goods and services to its clients on behalf of their partnering companies.

You can earn from this platform by partnering with them as an affiliate.

Membership & Packaging

Savings Highway Global Review

This platform offers two options for membership registration:

  • Platinum membership
  • Gold Membership

Platinum Membership

This is the most popular membership package in Savings Highway Global.

The cost of this package is $100 per month.

This package is deemed the best because it provides access to the monthly newsletter on Financial Success.

Additionally, you will be making more savings and discounts.

Other features of this package include;

  • Savings Club
  • Success Newsletter
  • Mentors Club
  • Lower my bills club
  • Priority member support
  • Pro-marketers club
  • Tax savers Club
  • Replicated web and back office

Gold Membership

The monthly subscription fee for this package is $20.

If you subscribe to this package, you will access;

  • Savings membership
  • Replicated back office and website
  • Success Newsletter

Upon subscribing to any of the mentioned packages, you’ll enjoy all the benefits described under each package.

Affiliate Marketing

Once you subscribe to either the gold or platinum membership package, you can register to become an affiliate marketer for free.

When you register as an affiliate, you will earn a commission through:

  • Referring to various businesses to join “lower your bills.”
  • Promoting the “Money-Saving” Program to clients.

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Jason Foster

How Are The Commissions Paid?

The company pays commissions to its clients through Bitcoin, VISA, or Debit Card. 

You’ll use any channel from the ones mentioned above, depending on your preference.

You will be allowed to withdraw once the balance in your account is sufficient to pay for the following month’s subscription plus an extra $30.

The commissions will be sent to your account.

The best part is that the company pays commissions every week.

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Compensation Plan of Savings Highway Global

If you become a member of SHG, you will enjoy monthly commissions from downline members.

To earn commissions from your team, you must have one or more active members in your downline team.

The monthly commission you could earn from each member is 33% of their revenue.

When you subscribe to “Family Super Saver,” you’ll get $20 monthly and an upfront reward of $35.

Additionally, if you subscribe to SH marketing, the company will give you an upfront reward of $20 plus a monthly payment of $10.

Residual Matrix Compensation Plan

Savings Highway Global uses a two-by-15 compensation structure to pay commissions to its affiliates.

The company will employ this formula to calculate your commission when you activate your affiliate membership.

For instance, you’ll receive commissions when you recruit two-level one downline, and these two downline members recruit other members under them.

This is what keeps happening until it reaches level 15.

The Matrix Compensation structure only applies to members who have activated their membership.

The best way to increase your commission from this compensation plan is to build a bigger downline team.

Is Savings Highway Global A Scam?

NO! Savings Highway is a legitimate online business opportunity. 

Even though it is not a scam, the structure of this platform and how it works is enough indication to warn you of what you are getting into.

It involves a greater risk that is worth considering before investing your hard-earned money in it.

This platform is a multi-level marketing program.

Generally, the survival rate for most MLM programs is less than 10%.

Therefore, do not expect Savings Highway Global to achieve the financial freedom you desire.

Multi-level marketing has always been demanding and difficult.

For this reason, I’ll not recommend Savings Highway as the best way to make money online, especially if you desire to build a steady flow of income.

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What I Like About Savings Highway Global

  • Two earning options: You can make money from this platform in two ways. 
  • One is by promoting Savings Highway Global to other companies.
  • Two, by referring others to join a money-saving membership package.
  • Legitimate company: Savings Highway Global has been structured with the potential of generating income. 
  • Has a variety of products & services: This platform offers you a link to access various products and services at a discounted price. 
  • When you buy from their partner companies, you will be cutting down the cost of your expenses.

What I Don’t Like About Savings Highway Global

  • A repeated pattern of downfall: The Company has been registered three times under different names due to its poor performance. 
  • You don’t want to risk investing your money in a company with a record of failure.
  • Quality of products not guaranteed: Since this company is just an intermediary between buyers and sellers of the product or service, Savings Highway Global won’t guarantee you the quality of what you will be buying through their platform.
  • It is an MLM Program: Multi-level Marketing is not an easy business to venture into. 
  • Apart from its difficult nature, it does not guarantee a return on your investment.
  • Not ideal for beginners: This platform is not a good option for someone new to online business.
  • Does not offer a refund: This program will not refund your money in case you are not satisfied with their offers.

Is there any alternative to Savings Highway Global?

Are you passionate about making good money online?

If your answer is yes, then Savings Highway Global isn’t the best option for you.

This platform will disappoint you if you set your expectations high.

The online industry is rich in the best online opportunities for you to venture into without the risk of losing your investment.

Affiliate marketing is an ideal choice for you.

It is a straightforward business model for you to earn by promoting what others offer than struggling to build a team.

Starting affiliate marketing is not expensive and does not need any prior experience.

You will only need to learn the basics. Once that is done, your work will only be to direct traffic to your client’s websites.

Here is a guide for you to get started.

Savings Highway Global Review

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