Liv Labs Review – Is This MLM Opportunity A Scam?

Liv Labs Review

Thank you for coming by to check my Liv Labs Review.

Generally, this CBD MLM platform offers you an opportunity to earn an income. 

It allows you to start a CBD Hemp business yet from the comfort of your home. 

But what is the legitimacy of this program?

Can you make a good income doing such business?

Hold on; I’ll disclose everything regarding this platform. 

I appreciate that you took your time first to research platforms that claim to offer you money, and in so doing, you’ll get to know the genuine way of generating income online.

First things first, I’m not in any way affiliated with the Liv Labs program, nor am I paid to post this review.

As such, you can expect an unbiased review of the Liv Labs company, which will enable you to make a well-informed decision. 

I’ll tell you what, making money online will take dedication, discipline, and giving it your all.

Many people are out there trying easy and cheap methods, but many always end up losing early without adding the right effort. 

That is why I took my time and researched this product, and don’t forget that at the end of this review, I’ll offer you my link to the blueprint that I have been following.

So, keep reading till the end. 

That said, let’s get into the details of this MLM program.

Summary of Liv Labs Review

Name of the Product: Liv Labs

Type of the Product: CBD Supplements

Founder: David & Debbie Reeder

Cost: $19.95 annual membership fee and other starter packs

Suitable for? Not suitable for anyone

Recommended: No

Recommended: The Best Way To Make Money Online


Here is a screenshot of its about us page:

Liv Labs Review

As an MLM company, Liv Labs markets and sells CBD supplements.

I’m sure you’ve heard of a related company with a similar business model. 

Here is another related MLM Program you should check out: Freedom Finders (Review).

But this one doesn’t have amusing features like others in the market. 

In my honest opinion, this product doesn’t show anything unique or attractive, nor is their product good. 

Also, making money with most MLM is not easy; in fact, research has shown that 1% of individuals who get involved in such a company succeed.

This means that entering this program will not guarantee success. 

Besides, currently, CBD is one of the saturated markets, and making sales will not be easy. 

However, I’ll give credit where it’s due. 

The company comes with a good compensation plan, and it ensures no Pyramid Scheme can happen. 

Over the years, I’ve earned a handsome amount online as a full beginner, and if you’re interested to know how I started this, check the below button:

Liv Labs Review

Who Are Behind Liv Labs?

Liv Labs Review

The founders and owners of Liv Labs are David and Debbie Reeder. 

The two have made progress in online marketing, have left an indelible mark, and have been linked to another successful MLM company named Vemma. 

But Vemma encountered a big problem because a pyramid scheme prompted FTC to sue it. 

As such, the two ended up paying a settlement cost of $238 million.

The two were the reason behind thousands of people joining their program, and it is said that they made millions in the end. 

Making any profit with pyramid schemes is a nightmare unless you’re smart. 

So, doesn’t it mean that the program I’m also reviewing today is a pyramid scheme?

Or did David and Debbie learn a lesson the hard way?

Let’s get to know in detail what this company is all about.

Liv Labs Explained 

As I stated earlier, Liv Labs is an MLM platform that markets and sells CBD products. 

Check the screenshot below:

Liv Labs Review

For your information, CBD in full is Cannabidiol, one of two ingredients in Cannabis plants, or what other people know as Marijuana. 

CBD is the active ingredient that is often associated with the medical purpose of Marijuana, less the psychological issue associated with it. 

After CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant, the other active ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is often removed. 

The ingredient is usually associated with the psychological effects of the cannabis plant. 

To make it simple, CBD is the extracted product from Marijuana that is often infused into a wide range of products for people to benefit from its medicinal properties. 

In August 2018, Liv Labs was incorporated with Terry LaCore, who owned LaCore enterprise, and he became the company’s director. 

In 2017, a dispute was filed about its domain, and the dispute pointed out that Liv Labs was operating behind Meridian International LLC. 

But after 2017, it began to sell products but under the label of LIV, coming into an agreement with the company that was supplying. 

And most of the interest in Meridian International LLC is owned by LaCore Enterprise; no wonder it is the main supplier for Meridian International LLC. 

If you visit the Liv Labs site, the corporate address of LaCore Enterprise has been listed to be in Texas.

Another place where LaCore is referenced is LaCore Nutraceuticals, which can be traced on the product sheet of Liv Labs. 

Liv Labs was established by David & Debbie Reeder, known as the top sellers in Vemma MLM company. 

What Is The Product Line of Liv Labs?

Here are but a few products that Liv Labs markets:



Slender Hemp

Liv Lullaby

Liv Balance VCC

HempPRO Softgels

Hemp Balm

Liv Labs 2500

HydroPRO 750 Drops

What About Lifocity Products?

The company seems to be marketing other Lifocity’s previous products affiliated under a new branding named Livocity. 

These products include;

Durt Black

Durt Gold 

Envoi Hemp Infused Cream

That said, let’s now find out whether this company is a pyramid scheme or not. 

Is Liv Labs Another Pyramid Scheme?

After David and Debbie learned the hardest way, Liv Labs came out as an MLM company and NOT a pyramid scheme. 

Instead, it ventured its business entirely as an MLM scheme, which is like a pyramid scheme; however, you need to do certain things to be regarded as a pyramid scheme. 

The common pyramid scheme known is product-related.

And this occurs when the main source of revenue of the MLM is generated by recruiting others instead of sales from the products. 

For example, other multi-level marketing companies make the recruits purchase their products monthly.

And in a case where the revenue generated from recruiting is more than the sales of the products, it automatically becomes an illegal pyramid scheme.

Also, another way to identify a pyramid scheme is when a company claims to do MLM business model, and it doesn’t have any products to sell. The only option available to make money is by recruiting others. 

And Liv Labs has done a great job by ensuring both the two pyramid schemes don’t happen in its company by placing safeguards in its compensation plan. 

You’re unable to elevate up the rank before you can complete some number of sales, which is essentially a good thing to ensure people are not recruited to earn an amount from them. 

If you’re thinking about an online opportunity, you need to know first if it is profitable or not in the long run. 

But now, I have a guide that will get you started from the zero level.

If you can read this guide, I’ll not guarantee you millions of dollars, but with dedication and self-discipline, you’ll start to see stunning results.

Check out what I mean below:

Jason Foster

How Much Does It Cost to Join Liv Labs?

You’ll need to incur a cost of $19.95 every month on this platform.

Plus, you’ll be offered a choice of getting what is called a Brand Partner pack. 

These options come in three varied packs:

Starter Partner Pack: $230.85

Builder Partner Pack: $587.75

Live Planet Hemp Founders Pack: $1175

The Compensation Plan of Liv Labs

Most compensation for MLM is usually very long and complicated for ordinary people to understand. 

If you’re interested in checking out the compensation plan of Liv Labs, then you can read it HERE, but keep in mind that it is 17 pages of content. 

Fortunately, in this review, I will make a quick summary that will enable you to get the basics and how you can earn money from this platform.

Affiliate Ranks

You’re presented with twelve varied ranks that allow you to earn a different bonus at each level. 

For instance, the higher you move up the rank, the more you’ll be paid for bringing others on board. 

Further, you’ll need to make some particular rank to qualify to go to the next level. 

The levels offered by the program include;


Active Partner

VIP Partner

3K VIP Partner

9K VIP Partner

15K VIP Partner

30K VIP Partner

60K VIP Partner

Diamond Partner

Double Diamond Partner

Triple Diamond Partner

Black Diamond Partner

What Are The Retail Sales of Liv labs?

Your recruits start at level 1, and you can earn up to your level 5 recruit. 

For every sale you make, here is the share you’ll get based on the level that you’re at:

Lv1: 40% commissions

Lv2: 5% commissions

Lv3 & 4: 10% commissions

From there, let’s cover the residual commissions:

Remember that your residual commission is often based on the rank you’re at and the number of recruits below you. 

Check out the below screenshot of your residual commissions and what you should expect to earn:

Liv Labs Review

Additional Bonus

Again, Liv Labs comes with other different bonuses that you can grab.

For instance, if you attain VIP in 14 days; you’ll earn a bonus of $200, also if you go VIP Plus, you’ll earn $400, while if you get to VIP Max in 60 days, you’ll earn a bonus of $800.

In addition to that, you’ll also earn a one-time bonus for moving from one rank to another. 

Check out the bonus that you’ll be eligible for when you reach a new level:

3K VIP Partner: $300

9K VIP Partner: $900

15K VIP Partner: $1500

30K VIP Partner: $3,000

60K VIP Partner: $6,000

Diamond Partner: $10,000

Double Diamond Partner: $25,000

Triple Diamond Partner: $50,000

Black Diamond Partner: $75,000

What’s more, you’ll also be eligible for a monthly bonus that will also be based on your rank

Check them out (monthly):

3K VIP: $100

9K VIP: $250

15K VIP: $400

30K VIP: $800

60K VIP: $1200

Diamond: $1800

Double Diamond: $5,000

Triple Diamond: $75,000

Black Diamond: $10,000

Is Liv Labs a SCAM?

It is not easy to make money with Liv Labs, however, that doesn’t categorize it as a scam scheme. 

Like any other business opportunity that avails itself online, Liv Labs comes with various requirements that will need a person to abide by.

Plus, you should remember that every business today come with countless risk.

And I’ll be open here; Liv Labs is such a high-risk business. 

If you’re a startup and you’re thinking of investing in an MLM company, then you can try out other opportunities online, like the one below:

Liv Labs Review

And it doesn’t mean that because your business didn’t work that the opportunity is a scam. 

It is vital to do research before investing in any program online, lest you become frustrated because you followed other people’s success stories. 

From there, let’s also look at what I like and don’t like about this MLM company.

What I like About Liv Labs

  • Comes with a solid compensation plan: As I’ve pointed out above, the compensation plan of Liv Labs is solid; it is designed so that a pyramid scheme can’t form. 

What I Don’t Like About Liv Labs

  • The products presented by this company are expensive: There are tons of CBD products out there, which are even more affordable than the ones offered on this platform. And retailing will be hard because people have other alternatives.
  • The success rate is certainly very low: About 99% of people who join this business model fail badly. You can be assured that this business model is not for everyone.
  • The recruitment thing sucks. No one likes that you should be recruited by someone to make money. Such a scheme is irritating and shoddy. 

After I’ve offered you the pros and cons, let me now offer you my best recommendations to make money online.

My #1 Recommendation

I know the inside of MLM companies, and I don’t review them in vain.

I’ll always love to save you time and your hard-earned money. 

If you’re joining the online community for the first time, then the chances are that you’ll fall into programs that claim to offer you a lot of money.

But before you can get there, why don’t you try what I’m about to inform you.

Like I’ve always said, ways of earning money online are endless.

But the most reputed and recognized is affiliate marketing.

In other words, you become an affiliate marketer when you market products or services for websites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

But getting started as an affiliate marketer is easier said than done.

But with the good experience I’ve had with making money online, I’ll volunteer to offer you a blueprint that will get you started.

Imagine starting from scratch and elevating to becoming a great affiliate marketer.

If you’re on the same page as me, you can check out what I’m talking about in the link below:

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