My Income Club Review

My Income Club Review: Is This A BIG Scam In Disguise?

Hello, welcome to My Income Club Review.

I will help you learn the inside out of the My Income Club System in this review.

As such, I will help you answer questions such as;

Whether My Income Club program is legit?

And if so, how you can make money out of it.

The cost of joining the program?

This way you’ll be able to avoid scams and find the legit and profitable way to make money online!

Furthermore, I will explain to you more about Alfredo Delgado and his role in the existence of the My Income Club System.

However, before starting the discussion, I would like to inform you that I am not affiliated with My Income Club System.

For this reason, every piece of information I share with you is unbiased and truthful.

This will help you decide on the program and whether it is worth investing in.

Let’s jump straight to it.

My Income Club Review Summary

Name of the Product: My Income Club Review

Website’s URL:

Type of the Product: Affiliate Marketing Program

Founder: Alfredo Delgado

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost: Free; however, there are some hidden costs thereafter.

Recommendation: No (see why from my review)

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My Income Club Review – Overview

My Income Club Review

Perhaps you are looking for an opportunity that can help you make money working online.

If so, then the My Income club program claims to be the best option targeting people like you.

My Income Club program is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to increase your income online.

Alfredo, the program owner, claims that you can earn between $100 to $500 daily with the system.

He says the profit you will make for the system will depend on your investment.

However, the income stream in the system today does not reflect the amount they had back at the beginning of the program in 2019.

Alfredo claims that the system is free to join, with members making as high as $2200 a month with the system.

He claims that it is possible for you to make money as daily profits from the system as it is a fully automated system.

But does his statement hold water?

I’ll dissect his program in the next section.

Who Is Alfredo Delgado?

My Income Club Review

Alfredo Delgado is the founder of My Income Club System.

He launched the system in 2019 as an affiliate marketing system for everyone who wants to make money online.

He is a guy that has great experience in affiliate marketing which he claims to have made him become successful in life.

According to Alfredo Delgado, affiliate marketing made him live his dream life as he claims to be making at least $300000.

Alfredo claims he is a self-made millionaire out of the system, which he has been investing in since 2019.

However, is Alfredo Delgado legit?

That’s what everyone would like to know about this program.

Most people claim that Alfredo Delgado uses the My Income Club system to draw money from people.

This is after he decided to include other programs in the system that every member must join to start earning.

Please continue reading this review to see whether these allegations against Alfredo Delgado are true.

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What Is My Income Club?

My Income Club is a fully automated system where everyone who wants to make money online is free to join.

It is a type of affiliate marketing program that claims to offer you an opportunity to make at least $500 daily.

The program launched in 2019 by Alfredo Delgado claims to be the best opportunity for everyone.

According to Alfredo, the system targets people who have never made any money online before and are willing to start.

But for people who are professional online investors, Alfredo claims that the system can help them make between $22000 to $30000 every month.

However, what Alfredo claims and what the system actually offers will surprise you.

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How Does My Income Club System Work?

My Income Club system is all about Affiliate Marketing which is currently the most trending business online.

But the platform promoting the system does not clearly reveal how the My Income Club system works.

Instead, the website only states the testimonials of how people can make money from the program.

And as you know, everyone can fake or make up testimonials to lure others into joining the system.

They like quoting the amounts you can make out of the system but do not clearly tell how you can possibly make money.

When you move on further into knowing how the system works, you’ve to sign up to the system as the #1 requirement.

After signing up for the system, you will know the real cost of the system, which you will find quite expensive.

The system will siphon your money, which you will only know after signing up.

On the recruiting side, if you are not in a position to refer more people, you will not be able to make money from the system.

In addition, there is no real service or a clear product involved in the My Income Club system.

The system focuses more on recruiting people to make money which you will only come to know after signing up for the system.


Breakdown Of My Income Club System

You will need to sign up for the system, which is “free”.

After signing up, you will have access to the area membership.

In this case, you will set up a training session to learn more about the program.

Then you will have to join another program called My Econ, which is compulsory for every member.

The next step is to join the shady program by signing up for the Easy 1 up, which is also a must-join program.

My Income Club Review

The next step after that is signing up for the AWeber email system, which is also a requirement for every member.

My Income Club Review

You’ll also have to join the ClickFunnel program, which is also promoted by the system.

My Income Club Review

After joining the Click Funnels program, you’ll have to add the links to your account.

As such, you will put every affiliate link of the program you signed up for into the My Income Club account you created.

Lastly, you will have to promote the system (My Income Club) to your friends to enable them also join the system.

What Is The Cost Of My Income Club System?

As I mentioned, joining My Income Club System is free for everyone.

However, you’ll have to access its membership training programs after joining the system.

There are requirements that you will have to meet for you to get access to the membership, which include;

Joining My Econ program, a multilevel marketing system will cost you at least $34.95 monthly.

You will also have to join the Aweber program, which will cost you more than $19 monthly.

In addition, you will also join Easy 1 up, known to be a shady program that costs between $25 to $1000.

You can sometimes spend more than $1000 on the Easy 1 up after joining it.

Then lastly, you will have to join the Click funnel program, which also costs you at least $97 monthly.

As a confirmation that you have actually joined all the required programs in the system, Alfredo uses the following trick;

You will be required to out the links of the programs you have joined into the My Income Club system.

This means you will have to join all the programs to potentially start making money from the My Income Club system.

However, from this information, you can clearly see that joining the My Income club system is not entirely free.

You will have to spend much on the tools used within the system to benefit from it.

When you combine the entire cost, you’ll realize that this program is expensive for no apparent reason.

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How Do You Get Paid From My Income Club System?

You will earn from the program only if;

The person you referred to the system completes all the sign-up processes as required in the system.

You will have to first spend about $180 as recruiting bills in the system before you can start earning from the program.

You will be required to pay the recruiting bills monthly to secure a chance to make money from the system.

In the real sense, payment of recruiting bills is always unnecessary in an affiliate program.

You don’t have to pay a fortune in an affiliate program just to secure a chance of making money as an affiliate.

The second problem with the system is that you will be required to join My Econ, a multilevel marketing program.

However, multilevel marketing companies are always prone to extreme failure rates, which makes people avoid them.

The Multilevel marketing programs only apply to risk takers as less than 1% of people who participate in this program do make a profit out of them.

Finally, the other problem faced in the My Income club system is that you are required to join the Easy 1 up program.

The Easy 1-up program will only enable you to earn commissions on purchase levels.

What this statement means is that;

If you manage to buy, say, $25 level, which helps you make $2000 on sale, the sale will be moved to a person above you.

This will be done after the sale has been passed up to a more qualified person above you in the program.

Therefore, to earn significant commissions from the levels available in this program, you will have to invest a huge amount of money in the program.

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Can You Make Money With My Income Club?

Yes, you can technically make money with the My Income Club system.

However, it is not as easy as you think because it depends on your experience in the marketing business.

It might be unlikely that you will, especially if you have no training in the system.

Also, the program does not offer any service or product when you join.

You must promote the program to other people to make money.

So, can we deduce from all this information that the program is a scam?

Let me walk you through it.

Is My Income Club A Scam?

My Income Club Review

Because there is a small possibility of making money from this program, I may not technically say it is a scam.

However, much work is needed for you to make a significant amount of money out of this program.

In addition, you’ll likely spend more money on the program, which in most cases will exceed the amount you earn.

For this reason, you will be investing more and earning less from the My Income Club program, which should not be the case.

In my opinion, it is not really easy to make money from this system.

But that should NOT make you get worried.

You can still go for other genuine opportunities that will enable you to make money online in the comfort of your home.

Because I’m speaking out of experience, I’ve put together my story and offered you a simple guide that will enable you to get started with an online business.

My Income Club Review

What I Like About My Income Club

  • My Income Club program offers a high ticket commission

When you invest a significant amount of money into the program, you will stand a chance to earn a significant amount of commissions.

What I Don’t Like About My Income Club System

  • The system lacks transparency in its cost

The program does not specify its actual cost until you join.

You will be required to pay any hidden costs after joining the program, making it costly.

  • The system is a pay-to-play program

To earn money from this program, you will have to invest a lot of your money.

There is also no guarantee of the money you will make when you invest in the program.

  • My Income Club promotes systems that have very high tickets.

Such systems like click funnel, profit passport, and Aweber require a big budget to start.

The income streams promoted by the program also make it quite confusing and difficult to believe its members.

Is There An Alternative To My Income Club?

Making money online should never be this difficult.

In that regard, it is usually good to take some time to do thorough research on any program before making a decision.

Even though affiliate marketing is a good business opportunity, NOT all programs claiming affiliate marketing training are LEGIT.

Others might disguise themselves as affiliate gurus, yet they offer something different.

In fact, others will end up siphoning your entire investment without any return.

With affiliate marketing, you should strive to ensure that the brands or companies you promote are legit and well-established.

This is what I do and I am able to earn commissions like this in a day…

You can go here for my #1 recommended money-making program

This is how you truly get your freedom back – but you got to put in the work!

My Income Club Review

FAQs About My Income Club System

Who is My Income Club System For?

This program is for marketers who are risk-takers and have an outstanding experience in affiliate marketing.

Is My Income Club system really free?

No, it isn’t free as it seems.

After joining the program, there are some other costs you will be required to pay before you can start making money with it.

Does My Income Club System offer a refund policy?

No, this program doesn’t offer a refund policy.

Is My Income Club System Worth Investing?

I think this program is not worth investing in if you are not a good risk-taker.

Thank you for reading this review.

Feel free to leave a comment in the below section.

15 thoughts on “My Income Club Review: Is This A BIG Scam In Disguise?

  1. This may not be a scam, but it starts with a false assumption. Not a good way to start. I have tried a few of these and, you’re right, they get costly fast, and you still don’t have enough invested to make money.

    Invest money, yes. Make money, no.

    In addition, learning many systems is time and work. Many of these are quite difficult to learn, because they are not ‘user friendly’.

    You have given us many words to think on. I would quickly pass on this “opportunity”.

    I agree with you position on this for the same reason you gave – it is possible (tongue in cheek) to make money sometime, somewhen, somehow.

    Lot of work and investment, little return.

    1. Total scam. Does not work as specified. Currently tryin to get a refund.. No replies whatsoever. Very frustrated!

      1. Sorry to hear that, David. It really can be frustrating when you truly want to make money online and not finding real opportunities.

        If you end up not getting a refund, you can try reaching out to your CC company for help.

        In the meantime, keep safe from online scams and go with a legit training that works.

  2. I wholeheartedly concur that earning money online shouldn’t be this hard. I like to try out the system, especially using the free trials, and then give myself a 60-day window so that I may conduct an in-depth study. If I don’t see a return on my investment, I can go to another.

  3. Thank you for the information Jason. There seems to be a lot of systems out there that are just a sort of funnel to join other systems but all in one place. This would work well if you were already a member of the programs in question but if not it could end up costing you a fortune. It is perhaps a better idea to join one well paying affiliate program at a time that offers a valuable service and work on getting sales in that one before moving on to others. 

  4. I appreciate you providing a review of My Income Club.

    Thank you for your caution in enrolling in this program.

    Your suggested program, which you have successfully employed, appears much more tenable.

    I wholeheartedly concur that earning money online shouldn’t be this hard.

    I like to try out the system, especially using the free trials, and then give myself a 3 months window so that I may conduct an in-depth study.

    If I don’t see a return on my investment, I go on to another.

  5. Where do I begin? The name of the opportunity seems like a scam in itself, even if it is a quite legit program. However, it’s not free as it seems. And if you don’t have any experience in the marketing business, it will be difficult to succeed and reach the monthly income he promises. Anyhow, you need to be very careful to the opportunities that are present on the market when you want to launch your own affiliate business.

  6. Thank you for writing about My Income Club Review. Recruiting bills, and having to join many other costly programs is not my idea of being successful especially if they do not reveal that these steps are needed right up front. If not then they are misleading the public and engaging in fraudulent activity. Thanks for the warnings about joining this program. Your recommended program that you have used for success seems much more plausible. I think that I will give Wealthy Affiliate a try for free!

    1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of programs that aren’t transparent.  People do need to know what they are getting themselves into. Thanks for sharing! And oh yes, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the great places for anyone to get started for sure 🙂 

  7.  I absolutely agree that making money online should never be this difficult. I like to test out the system preferably trying the free trials and then giving myself a time frame of  60 days which allows me to do thorough research. If I have no Return on Investment then I look at another.

    Yes, have also found that although affiliate marketing is a good business opportunity, not all programs claiming affiliate marketing training are legal or are full of empty promises.

    With affiliate marketing, it does pay to stick with brands or companies that are well-established.

    1. It sounds like you have the right mindset when it comes to doing online business. It’s all about choosing the right business model (online) and taking advantage! Affiliate marketing is truly a brilliant way to take things to the next level. [Learn More…]

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