TextBot AI Review

TextBot AI Review: A Legit Way To Make Money or Scam?

Hello, welcome to my TextBot Ai Review.

In this review, I’ve dedicated my time to let you know the inside out of TextBot AI.

Ultimately, you’ll get to know if the program is worth your time and money or if it is a scam to stay away from.

As the program claims, you’ll learn the power of chatbot automation and how to leverage it to promote your business.

And in that regard, you ought to learn how the entire process works before you can launch your business with the hope of success.

I’ll take you through how the program works and the cost.

TextBot Ai claims to be a chatbot that will help you in the lead-generation process by using text messages.

It also offers a business opportunity where they claim you can use it to make up to $100 daily.

But whether the claims are true or false remains a question that I’ll put to the test before this review ends.

Aside from that, I’ll explain to you who Jeffrey Long is and his role in the program.

But before I begin, I need to bring to your attention that I’m not an affiliate of TextBot AI, therefore all information I’ll share with you is unbiased and truthful.

With that in mind, let’s set foot in this review.

TextBot AI Review Summary

Name of The Product: TextBot AI

Type of the Product:  Make money online

Product Website: https://mainsite.textbot.ai/

Founder: Jeffrey Long

Product Rating: 2/5

Product Cost: Starting from $100

Recommendation: Not Really, Learn more from my review.

TextBot AI Review – Overview

TextBot AI Review

Text messaging is always considered the most effective and quickest way to reach out to many customers simultaneously.

This makes it one of the best choices to promote business today, especially when you are dealing with a large number of prospective customers.

According to the TextBot AI program, all text messages are always opened.

This makes it better than an email message with an open rate of about 20%.

In addition, it is easy to get notified and read text messages, estimated to be about three minutes for most people after delivering the message.

Automated Virtual Assistant saves you time because it makes you reach out to your potential customers faster with messages.

When you use the TextBot AI platform, it’ll help you perform the following task:

  • Transcribe the voice messages your callers leave behind on your phone.
  • Provide helpful information from the voice message in text messages.
  • Helps boost payment collection, handling invoices, and sending out reminders.
  • Schedule appointments, linking the available contacts with the required scheduling system.
  • Collect data such as collecting contact information essential to your business.
  • Collect and update the callers’ information based on your past questions.

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TextBot AI Review

What Is TextBot AI?

TextBot AI Review

TextBot AI is a platform that uses automated text messages to generate leads online.

The leads generated can then help to promote business online and improve sales.

As such, a chatbot, also known as an automated virtual assistant, helps to promote business online.

TextBot AI Review

If you use the virtual chatbot, you’ll no longer have to speak more to reach out to people when promoting your products.

If you enroll in the program, you’ll be given a unique phone number to use for messaging with the chatbot.

TextBot AI also has an affiliate system that enables users to make money when they share the platform with others.

This makes it the major investment opportunity that the program uses to attract more people.

However, sharing the program as required and paying the fee to start making money may be more challenging than you think.

How Does TextBot AI Work?

If you enroll in TextBot AI, the program will offer you two opportunities of making money.

First, the program promises to help you promote your business by sending automated text messages to prospective customers.

The second option allows you to make at least $100 daily via automated text messages.

Jeffrey requires you to share the program with other people you know online in this second way.

According to Jeffrey, when you sign up for the platform, you’ll have to pay $100 to the person who referred you.

You’ll then share the program with others, who will pay you the same when they register on the platform.

But doesn’t that sound like a pyramid scheme?

Such schemes are now all over the place in disguise.

In fact, most of these programs end up stealing from people.

For instance, programs such as Easy 1 Up, Profits Passport, etc., use the same procedure to lure people into their schemes.

Truth be said, the only people who might benefit from the program are those at the top of the pyramid.

The people at the lower level will spend more on the scheme but get nothing in return.

According to the FTC, the success rate of such programs is usually low.

However, the automated chatbot will do all the work for you regarding the main work.

The chatbot will then continue by sending messages to inform them of texts that carry your link.

This is a way in which the platform will promote your link to them, expecting them to use it in signing up and paying you the money via the link.

The big challenge faced by this business is the need for more trust, evidenced by many phone users online.

What Is Inside TextBot AI? 

TextBot AI Review

When you join the TextBot AI platform, you will get the following;

  • Ten-digit phone number.
  • A built-in Text chatbot, also known as the Automated Virtual Assistant AVA.
  • An unlimited keyword custom tool.
  • Sales tracking tool
  • Tool for tracking your marketing traffic
  • You will get your website to help you in the promotion process.
  • A swipe copy to help you in marketing on social media platforms and emails.
  • The ability to send text messages to your leads in real time.

The TextBot AI Chatbot

This is the Automated Virtual Assistance software that makes the program send text messages to people.

The chatbot has top features, making it more effective in carrying out its operations.

Here are the top features of Automated Virtual Assistance that make it more effective;

TextBot AI Review

  • Helps in the broadcast of text messaging.

Ava is considered the easiest and quickest way to send text messages to a larger number of people.

This makes it a more reliable means of communication when promoting your products to unlimited customers.

  • The live chat events

The chatbot also allows you to live chat with your potential customers.

This enables you to talk one-on-one with your customer whenever you want to reach them.

For instance, if you feel uncomfortable allowing the chatbot to send messages on your behalf, you can consider a live chat as an alternative option.

  • The AVA Widget

The AVA widget is powerful and time-saving, with greater functionality when you include it in your website.

  • Drag and Drop Builder

Drag and Drop’s builder helps you create a perfect way using the visual builder.

  • Custom Voice greetings

The custom voice greetings help you record and upload custom voices which will be played to the specific contacts of your choice.

  • Video/Voice Text Messaging

You may find the message you are conveying not being delivered through text messages appropriately.

However, when you include video or voice-based messages, then conveying the messages becomes more appropriate.

  • Full Integration with Existing Workflows

AVA has full integration with other workflows, such as zapier.com.

The integration enables you to connect o any workflow with the AVA.

  • Existing Business or Mobile Phone

The mobile phone will only take less than sixty seconds to allow you to take calls of any kind.

If you miss or ignore a call, the call will be forwarded to the AVA automatically.

  • The Automatic follow-up

The AVA will help you handle all your leads in the business to make work easier for you.

All these and much more are the features you will find inside the TextBot AI program.

Let’s now go through who is behind the formation and operation of this program.

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Who is the Owner of TextBot AI?

TextBot AI Review

TextBot AI was created by Jeffrey Long, who first named it Abundance Network at the time of creation.

He later renamed it to TextBot AI after some time when already in use.

I noted that JeffreyLong is an entrepreneur who loves doing business online as his full-time career.

However, I can’t tell if his success relies only on the online business he runs.

Going by the stability and operation of the TextBot AI, it is hard to tell if it is fully transparent.

For this reason, it is hard to conclude that Jeff succeeded in the program.

Jeffrey is still the current owner of the program and serves as the overall CEO.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Textbot AI?

TextBot AI Review

To enroll in the TextBot AI platform, you’ll have to pay $100.

According to the program, the $100 price will go to the person who referred you.

The program claims you’ll also receive the same amount if you refer someone.

After paying the one-time fee of $100, there are additional charges you’ll incur also.

For instance, there is a usage credit that you’ll have to purchase to enable you to use the phone number in calling and sending texts to your customers.

Is The TextBot Program Worth It?

I don’t deny that you can make money from the program, but how genuine is it?

From my sincere point of view, TextBot AI tricks people into registering on the platform to get paid.

You’ll receive your commission when the person you referred pays the fee.

The risk faced by the affiliates is that all the payments are made from member to member directly.

There is no proper way to make the payments because reliable payment platforms such as PayPal need to approve the system.

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Is TextBot AI A Scam?

Going by how the program works, it is technically not a scam.

However, making money from the program is more challenging than you think.

The program generally focuses on a referral system where the amount of money you’ll make depends on your level in the scheme.

For instance, if you are at the top of the pyramid, you might earn a reasonable amount of money.

And that is where the trustworthiness of the program comes in.

No one risks their funds just to join a pyramid scheme.

If you want a genuine and straightforward way of making money online, here is a good alternative:

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TextBot AI Review

What I like About TextBot AI

  • Text messages have a higher open rate than emails.

AVA allows you to send text messages virtually, with a higher open rate than emails.

Higher open rates make them quicker and more efficient when passing out information.

Text messages can also be more easily read than emails, with an estimated reading time of three minutes.

  • TextBot AI creates a Database of contacts useful in Communication through Text messages.

The program makes communication via text message more effective and reliable by creating a contact database.

The database helps link you with all the contacts you want to communicate with when promoting your business.

  • The program can easily be Customized.

You can easily customize the AVA to promote the type of business you are doing.

This enables you to promote your business uniquely using the program.

What I Don’t Like About TextBot AI.

  • Not everyone will feel comfortable sharing their phone number online.

Phone number is one of the personal details people will prefer to keep private, especially when they don’t trust the site itself.

Hover, the chatbot requires you to share your phone number online during your registration process to access their services.

  • Uses Highly risky payment methods.

The payment method used in the TextBot AI is direct member-to-member payment based on trust.

The program doesn’t use safe payment methods such as PayPal as the creator fears the website being shut down.

The direct payment method, however, faces many challenges, such as scamming issues between members.

  • It has a lower opt-in rate.

Most of the internet uses trust emails more than text messages when it comes to sending and receiving messages.

Therefore, they will easily respond to requests via email rather than text.

On the other hand, if the text message comes from a suspicious site like this program, some people may end up ignoring the texts.

  • It does not focus on the Email listing.

To make the program convince many affiliates online of their services, they need to focus more on email listing.

It is the best strategy most program uses to make their affiliates succeed in their business.

If it is not mentioned in this program, then there is no guarantee that the program will effectively make you succeed.

Is There Any Alternative To TextBot AI?

I know you’re eager to know my best recommendation for TextBot AI.

Sometimes, it is a good idea to consider a business opportunity you’re comfortable with.

If you’re a beginner and want to start an online business, starting from an area you’re comfortable with is good.

With my experience, I normally encourage beginners to go for affiliate marketing.

If you have an area of interest, you can start by writing or talking about things you like.

And it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

You get to learn while earning as well.

Affiliate marketing is a business where you’re marketing some products or services for a reputable company, then get a commission out of any successful sale.

It is that simple.

But before you can start this actual business venture, it is a wise decision to familiarize yourself with the basics.

And where best can you get such information other than from the horse’s mouth.

I went out of my way to prepare for you a passive income blueprint that will get all obstacles out of your way.

So, feel free to check out your next move below:

TextBot AI Review

FAQs About TextBot AI

Does TextBot AI have a refund policy?

According to what I found out, the program does not offer any money-back service.

The program creator doesn’t access the funds because all the payments are made directly.

It is, therefore, difficult for the program to offer the money-back service to its affiliate, especially people who quit the program.

Who is TextBot AI for?

In my opinion, I don’t think this program is worth it for anyone who is seeking genuine ways of making money online.

The program doesn’t offer an ethical way of making money.

Can I get paid if I still need to pay my referrer?

After joining the program, you can only get paid after you pay the person who referred you.

You will need to get the link you need to share with your friends and colleagues to help them join the program before you pay your fee.

So, if the person does not use your link to join the program, you’ll not get paid any money from them.

Can I use PayPal to make payments in the TextBot AI program? 

TextBot AI creator Jeffrey Long does not recommend using PayPal for payment because it may risk shutting down the entire website.

For this reason, Jeffrey prefers members to use direct member-to-member payment, where they can send the money safely with PayPal.

The program will not have access to your account when you send the money directly from member to member.

Also, feel free to watch this review video of TextBot AI:

Thank you for reading my TextBot AI Review.

If you’ve any comments or additions, feel free to comment in the section below.

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