Paid 2 Tap Review

Paid 2 Tap Review – Can You Earn $500 With This Program?

I’m delighted that you came by to check out my Paid 2 Tap Review

Can you make $500 today with this program, or Is it another scam to stay away from?

I’ll take you through everything you need to know about this program. 

Whenever you come across a platform that claims to offer you a lot of cash without any effort on your end, you should give it a second thought.

I know everyone can be lured into accepting such deals because people need money. 

For that reason, you’ll get companies like Paid 2 Tap to do as much as possible to persuade people into their program. 

But one thing you should know about this program is they’ll try as much as possible to lure you into their programs to run away with your earned money. 

I’m saying this out of experience; I’ve come across such programs that usually end up being a scam in one way or the other. 

While I’m on it, I also need to point out that I’m not affiliated with Paid 2 Tap, and I’ll never try to pitch anything here.

Instead, I’ll review this program honestly.

So, in the end, you’ll be in a better position to make a well-informed decision. 

With that in mind, let’s now get started with this review. 

Be sure to follow me till the end because I’ll offer you a different bonus way of making money online from scratch. 

Summary of Paid 2 Tap Review

Name of the Product: Paid 2 Tap

Type of the Product: Make Money Online

Price: Free

Founder: Willard Clarke & Kevin Webster

Recommended: No


Paid 2 Tap Review

As per the information seen on the platform, they claim to be the straightforward influencer network globally. 

First off, the claim to offer you 25 dollars signup bonus after you complete your signup process. 

After which, you’ll have access to the platform to continue to earn money.

They say you’ll only need to start sharing your link with others, and after they sign up as well, you’ll get $2 for every click and a further $10 for every sign you bring on board. 

That is their promise; however, you’ll never get your payment at all.

Now, are you wondering about reviewers who say good things about the company?

Those are people who are well-known with the platform, and they’ll always praise the company for money. 

Others are genuine, but it will take time for them to know that they were scammed.

The truth is that this company is a data-collecting scam, and it’ll try as much as possible to collect your personal information as long as you’re willing to offer. 

And it doesn’t end there; after stealing your data, they’ll now go and sell to different organizations. 

If you’re aggressive and need to earn money, you shouldn’t fall into such traps; I have offered you a genuine method to start making money from scratch. 

Check it out.

Paid 2 Tap Review

Paid 2 Tap Review Explained

Paid 2 Tap is a program that claims to reward you with a lot of money for sharing your link with others online and completing surveys. 

Check out how it works:

Paid 2 Tap Review

They claim to offer you a commission that spans from $2 up to $10. 

The technique is effortless.

In the end, you’ll have assisted their promoters in coming up with opinions on some particular apps or products and get your share of the commission. 

This company claims to pay their affiliate marketers over $7k in a day, and they boast a network of more than 550k active members. 

In most cases, platforms that pay their affiliate marketers for recruiting more people into the program or completing surveys will always reward very low compared to the offered on this program. 

A platform like Influencer Earn is another platform that gives you a $25 signup bonus and many other earnings for referring and completing surveys. 

You can always check the similarities that exist between these two platforms. 

Their official website claims that you can earn about $500 today in school, at work, or at home. 

The company will pay you to invite your friends, test free apps, and even take surveys.

Their testimonial section displays a part of Trustpilot reviews, which are paid ones in most cases. 


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Check out this screenshot for a section for their testimonials:

Paid 2 Tap Review

You’ll always see claims that some reviewers have left their jobs to dedicate their time to such an online platform. 

Even though Paid 2 Tap asserts that it’s based in the Netherlands and has had millions of shares since its incorporation, these claims are usually outright lies. 

You’ll not find such a registered company in the Netherlands with such kind of a name. 

If you get a company that claims to be incorporated without substantiating its claims, then you need to trade wisely. 

I have offered you a screenshot below on its about us page:

Paid 2 Tap Review

Now, let’s get a bit deeper and find out how this platform works or enables you to earn money.

How does Paid 2 Tap work?

Let me take you through how this platform works to earn money. 

If you have a plan or you’re almost joining this program, this is a section that you should read between the lines. 

Let me break down the activities you’re required to complete to earn money with Paid 2 Tap.

Signing up for a free account

This step is simple.

After you sign up for a free account, you’ll instantly be paid $25 on your account. 

And I’m yet to find out if anyone has ever withdrawn money from this platform. 

Testing Apps

Paid 2 Tap offers its members about $25 for testing apps. 

Of course, this isn’t bad pay, but I don’t understand how they have developers that offer you up to $25 to test one app.

The price is enough to purchase many apps which are installed on Fiverr.

Completing surveys

This is very common with platforms of this nature.

Paid 2 Tap claims to pay you $50 or even more to complete the survey. 

And with my experience being an online marketer, any program that offers you over 5 dollars for filling survey is either scamming you or losing a lot of their money. 

Inviting members using affiliate links

Any time you bring new members on board using your affiliate link, you’ll be paid $2 for every click and $10 for every signup.

How do you register for Paid 2 Tap?

Registering for this platform is very easy. 

You’ll need your email to get started.

The payment info can be added at a later date. 

Now, open the site using the browser you like, and a registration form will come right.

Get all your info right, and that is it.

It doesn’t even come with email verification. 

And that is how you earn the $25 signup bonus. 

Is Paid 2 Tap a Scam? 

Here is where we take the bull by the horns. 

Paid 2 Tap is a scam, and I’ve got a lot of reasons for taking this stand.

First of all, Kevin Webster – referred to as the CEO of this program- is a virtual name paid to market this kind of program. 

Paid 2 Tap Review

In simple words, all the information on their website is false. 

They have their picture from the Stock Photo website from my research.

That is a number two Red Flag that surprised me. 

Thirdly, Paid 2 Tap asserts that its website was established in 2015. People can join to earn a lot of money by completing surveys and signup bonuses; however, this platform was only registered in July 2021. 

A search I made on proved this collides with what the platform claims. 

Paid 2 Tap Review

On Trustpilot, this platform enjoyed a wide positive review. 

This is because the first task you need to do when you sign up for this program is to leave a positive review of this program on Trustpilot. 

Scam continued…

After doing that, you’re assured of being rewarded huge bounties, but in the real sense, you’ll never get even a penny. 

In the past, I’ve been introduced to different influencer networks that assert to offer a lot of cash rewards for undertaking effortless, fast, and simple tasks, and those are usually a scam.

And Paid 2 Tap is similar. 

I’ll tell you this; you’ll never get a method of earning money that easily without putting in effort and consistency.

A company that can do that will not profit and defeats starting the business. 

Unluckily, if you need to earn real money online, you’ll need to do extraordinary things by putting in a lot of effort, persistence, and hard work.

Let me introduce you to a genuine way to earn money online.

Jason Foster

Is Paid 2 Tap Fake or Real?

I don’t want to dwell much on this; Paid 2 Tap is Fake!

The platform is unreal, and you’ll end up being disappointed with it after you’ve found out that you can’t earn any money from this platform. 

As per the platform, it comes with tons of requirements that you need to abide by before accessing your money. 

And the major requirement is to continue inviting other new friends and signing up for the program.

They’ll do as much as possible to keep on inviting new people while they assure you that you’ll cash out your money at the end of the struggle. 

But all this will make them even richer while you languish in poverty. 

And it will come as no surprise when you start receiving strange phone calls and spam emails.

They’ll give out your info to a third party for them to get money. 

Currently, there’re tons of such websites in the market which claim to be the number one influencer network.

So, be warned!

Again, Paid 2 Tap claims to be featured by BuzzFeed, The New York Times, Forbes, and SaveTheStudent. 

Paid 2 Tap Review

But the truth is, any of those reputable brands haven’t featured them. 

Such reputable websites can’t stoop too low even if these platforms decide to give huge compensation to them. 

Anyone can get a well-known organization’s logo, place it on their site, and falsely claim that the companies have mentioned them. 

And this is true for Paid 2 Tap; they use logos of reputable websites without being mentioned. 

After that, let’s now find out what I like and don’t like about the Paid 2 Tap program. 

What I like about Paid 2 Tap

  • There is nothing to like about this website: Keep in mind that you’ll do a lot of work only to be shown the door; you’ll never cash out the money you’ve earned.

What I don’t like about Paid 2 Tap

  • Such a platform promises you financial freedom by doing little to no job but offering a too-good-to-be-true payout.
  • It offers you free money for just signing up for an account with them and having more people do the same.
  • The earning potential for the platform is unrealistic: There is a platform that can offer you up to 25 dollars for just registering an account without even verifying your email. 
  • The program is simply a waste of time: If you fall into this trap, you’ll end up taking much of your time doing things that will never pay out even a penny, and in the end, you’ll be scammed.
  • It is paramount that you do your research beforehand, mainly if it sounds very good.
  • As I come to an end, I promised you earlier that I’ll offer you my best recommendation to make money online. 

My #1 Recommendation

You can do many things online to make money without the promises that never come to pass.

Affiliate marketing is an area that offers a lot of opportunities, and if you’re starting, I’ve got your back.

I’ve prepared a blueprint that will go a long way in enabling you to start a business online. 

So, if you’re this kind of a person, take a few minutes and check out this legit and proven way to earn money online.

Paid 2 Tap Review

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