Paid Fast Online | Paid Fast Online Review (With Critical Video Warning!)

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I did some research on the website called Paid Fast Online and have found out some truths that I think you should know, especially if you were thinking of joining them.

Watch the video below…

What Is Paid Fast Online?

From my research, I have found out that the paid fast online website is basically a page that tells people that they can supposedly make $100+ per day online.

Here’s what they are telling people to do to make that $100 per day easily…

Paid Fast Online

First they say that you should copy and paste spam comments within comment sections of YouTube videos.

Now, as someone who earns income online, I know that this is not the right way for any sane person to build an online business.

And if you were to ask any other authentic online marketer, they will tell you the very same thing.  Just don’t do it!

The next thing that they’ll tell you to do is to come back to the paid fast online website and click on the 2nd step button to “earn $100” ?

Now, for newbies who have no clue on how money is actually made online, they will most likely see this as the perfect opportunity.

But the fact is that the step 2 button that you click on will be selling you a digital training on how you can make money online.

At the time of writing this, the button was going to a website called The Commission Multiplier.


When I did some further investigations on Google about the commission multiplier, I found out that it was not a recommended company to invest money into…

The Commission Multiplier Reviews


If you are a newbie to making money online, you should read this section very carefully because this is going to save you time, stress, and money.

False Scarcity Tactics

On the Paid fast online website, you may notice that there is a countdown of number on the screen right?

Well, don’t think for a second that you are going to miss out on anything.

You see, what happens is that they put this on the site to give you the sense that you are going to miss out on making 100 dollars per day.

This is false and anyone who observe closely would know this.

In my video above, I show you that whenever time I refresh the screen the number goes back to #85 and starts counting down again.

This just shows you that no time is running away from you to earn money.

You may also notice that your current location is displayed, but don’t let that fool you.

It’s just that the system picks up your IP address and displays it to you.

Another thing that you should be aware of is the news media logos that they use at the bottom of the site…

Paid Fast Online Website

They display these things because they want you to instantly trust them.

But again the truth is that the person or persons behind the site just basically add these images to their site without even being featured on any of the news media sites.

All false again.

Even the Contact Us, DMCA, Privacy, Earnings Disclaimer, and the Terms buttons doesn’t go to where they are expected to.

All of them will lead to the offer that they are trying to sell you.

Overall, the site is as fake as can be.

Bottom Line

Just stay away from the Paid Fast Online site.

You are not going to be paid anything fast at all.  In fact, if you get caught in the spiral, you are going to spend money that you stand a great chance of losing.

You are smart enough because you took the time to watch the video above and now reading what I have written here to protect you from fraudulent sites.

Don’t Give Up Because There’s Hope!

You know, the other day I got a message from one of my friends on Facebook messenger that really made my heart broken.

Here is the message that he sent to me:

Paid Fast Online1

When I saw his message I realize that there are more people just like him who are genuinely looking a legitimate way to earn an income from home, but they are just too afraid to get scammed.

That is why I am making it a point of my duty to help out as many people as I can to find legit sites that will show them how they can profit from the internet.

So, if you have ever wondered if there are real places out there that will not try to deceive you and only thinking of taking your money, then you are on the right track.

I have created a free make money online guide that will show you how to finally break free, and you can get access to it without having to pay me a dime!

It’s time for you to make a real change in your life.

Here is the training that will change your life.

==>Click here to access it.

For now, stay safe out there my friend and I hope I get the chance to connect with you and help you to build your business from your computer.

To your future success online,

Jason Foster.

Founder and CEO
Smart Human Blogger.

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