PDOCS Method Review

PDOCS Method Review – Is This Agency Course LEGIT?

Hi, welcome to my PDOCS Method Review.

This training program aims to equip agency owners with skills they can use to scale up their businesses using organic traffics.

This will, in turn, help you save on the cost of online ads.

This course may appear legit but remember, several digital programs will expose you to scams.

So, is this program worth your time and resources?

Before I introduce PDOCS Method to you, I would like to remind you that I am not affiliated with it in any way.

Therefore, I will be transparent in this review.

Let’s get started…

Summary Of PDOCS Method

Name of the Product: PDOCS Method

Website: https://resource.pdocslabs.com/pdocs-authority-page

Type of the Product:  Marketing Coaching Program

Founder: Adam Lucerne

Product Rating: 6/10

Cost of the Product: $47

Recommendation: Not for Newbies.

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Overview Of PDOCS Method

PDOCS Method Review

Allegedly, PDOCS Method is a training program you can use to choose an ideal group to post on and identify the biggest challenges in a group, and how pick your specific target in a post.

Adam claims that the PDOCS Method program is valued at $7K.

Surprisingly, he is currently selling the program for $47.

Choosing an ideal niche is one step toward your success.

After settling on a particular niche, it is crucial to dig deeper to uncover more opportunities within that specific market niche.

Generally, this program will give you access to various scripts, ways of generating organic leads without spending your money, and different messaging techniques.

This training course is designed for entrepreneurs who want to scale up the revenues from their established businesses.

As a beginner, this program is not going to suit you.

There are other cost-effective and beginner-friendly alternatives you can opt for.

And here is one of those proven and tested ways you can use to generate money online:

PDOCS Method Review

What Is PDOCS Method?

PDOCS Method Review

PDOCS is an abbreviation of Problems, Desires, Obstacles, Common Beliefs, and Steroids.

PDOCS Method is a digital training program that aims to equip agency owners with lead generation skills.

This methodology will teach you how to generate leads organically through Facebook posts and groups.

Adams addresses about eight obstacles that have commonly affected entrepreneurs.

What Makes PDOCS Method Course Unique?

PDOCS Method Review

Adam had to come up with an irresistible offer that could generate huge profits to stand out from the crowd.

After going through a series of research to find the challenges that affect most businesses, he discovered a game-changing solution.

He used the findings of the research to design the offer framework.

Adam and his team finally discovered the best way to generate organic leads.

Who Is The Brain Behind PDOCS Method?

PDOCS Method Review

The brain behind the creation of this program is called Adam Lucerne.

He has also created an agency known as Always Be Testing.

Based on the information on its websites, this program works with various celebrities and growing fortune 500 companies.

Always Be Testing aims to improve growth campaigns in various companies by 20%.

Generally, Adam has mastered the art of running campaigns and generating leads through social media.

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The PDOCS Method Course Breakdown

PDOCS Method has an eight-day long training program.

The objective of this program is that by the end of the eight days, you’ll have covered all the course curriculum.

Further, the program will put you in a position where you can attract high-paying clients.

The PDOCS Method is a systematic process that will help you identify problems, desires, and common beliefs.

Also, the course will help you learn how to drive traffic to the businesses of your prospective clients.

Furthermore, the course will train you to conduct research, use feedback loops, implement the 80/20 rule, optimize, scale, and refine your messages.

Here is the breakdown of the course.

  • Day 1. How to research & extract the deepest pain points of your niche

This training module will teach you how to conduct effective research in any market niche.

This will help you identify common problems, desires, obstacles, and beliefs.

You will also learn the skill of reverse engineering your winning posts and various messages targeting the aforementioned common problems.

Furthermore, this module will familiarize you with ideal groups to post, teach you to spot winners, reverse engineer your competitors’ posts without using the old method of copying, and how to replicate their success.

  • Day 2. Systematically reverse engineer high-converting copy faster than anyone

This module will equip you with techniques that you can use to rewrite any Facebook ad and use the strategies you learned on the first day to create your calendar that contains messages and posts.

Day 2 module will also help you optimize your profile, create your offer, and present your post correctly.

By this time, you’ll have known how to implement what you’ve been taught and scale it up to maximize your reach and earn more revenue.

  • Day 3. The EAACO Scripts Framework

On your third day of the program, you’ll learn how to utilize the PDOCS framework to close various deals via messenger.

On this day, you’ll learn about frame optimization and how to customize it without affecting its effectiveness and avoiding repetitiveness.

In the first section of this module, Adam will introduce you to Neuro-finance.

This strategy can structure your scripts and fully engage your clients’ brains.

Allegedly, Adam uses the EAACO framework and has been generating over eight appointments every day.

  • Day 4. Track Test and Optimize your messaging

On this day, you’ll learn how to monitor your posts.

It will teach you how to track your posts, both winning/losing, and also reverse engineer high-converting copy.

Your day four will also introduce you to the 7A contrarian framework.

This framework will equip you with the skills to create various posts and edit posts that have not received any engagements.

The better part of this framework is that you’ll know how to identify gaps in various posts and use the same gaps to implement what works from these gaps.

  • Day 5. Scale your messaging with LinkedIn to find executives for your offer

This section of the course mainly focuses on using LinkedIn for effective communication.

You can then leverage this skill to communicate with executives and high-value prospects.

In addition to these, you’ll have mastered the art of automating LinkedIn campaigns, learned how to manage messages effectively, and booked appointments.

  • Day 6. On-demand demand appointments with cold email

On this training day, Lucerne will introduce you to the use of cold email.

This module will teach you how to book between 3 and 5 appointments from every 100 cold emails you use in your outreach.

In this module, you will learn about the steps;

  • Ensure a high-delivery rate
  • Learn to design emails with a 50% engagement rate
  • Train a virtual assistant to do the heavy lifting
  • Carry out a quick tech overview.
  • Day 7. Systemise and scale the process

This is the stage where Adam teaches you how to scale the growth of your business.

You’ll achieve this by implementing what you’ve learned from the first day of the program.

You’ll be guided on how to hire your virtual assistants (VAs).

This is because VAs plays a very important role in the outreach and scaling of your business.

Once you understand this, you’ll be in a position to hire your response team and cold email, copywriters.

You will be paying your VAs on a commission basis.

  • Day 8. Paid traffic masterclass

In this last section, Adam will teach you how to generate leads and make sales using paid ads.

You will learn how to use paid ads to scale up your business effectively, and this will introduce you to a concept called self-liquidating offers.

How Much Does PDOCS Method Course Cost?

Allegedly, PDOCS is valued to be approximately $7K.

However, Adam sells the course at $47 only without any other additional upsells and hidden costs.

Isn’t that interesting?

Is PDOCS Method a SCAM?

PDOCS Method Review

PDOCS Method is not an outright SCAM.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a legitimate training course that aims to teach you how to generate leads organically through social media.

This program was designed to help marketing agencies to scale up their marketing through organic lead generation.

PDOCS Method can help you convert your hard work to organic leads and customers and increase sales as an agency owner. This course can help you achieve more results in your niche.

Generally, it can be an ideal course for agency owners.

I won’t recommend this program if you are new to the online industry.

There are other ideal business opportunities for you as a newbie.

In that spirit, I have discovered one of the best opportunities that will enable you to grow your business gradually without the need to pay a huge starting cost:

PDOCS Method Review

What I Like About PDOCS Method

  • Relatively cheap

To access this course, you will spend only $47 without hidden charges and additional upsells.

This course is far more affordable than others which could charge you up to $1K.

  • It focuses on organic lead generation.

The PDOCS Method training center focuses on the organic method of generating leads.

Using the organic method to generate leads will help you reduce the cost you would have incurred to run paid ads.

  • Access to Facebook Community

Once you register for PDOCS Method, you are given access to join the program’s Facebook Community.

You’ll get various resources through this Facebook community.

What I Don’t Like About PDOCS Method

  • It’s limited to Agency Owners

PDOCS Method targets agency owners who already have pre-existing businesses.

  • It does not offer basic training.

Since the course does not provide any basic training, it is not a suitable program for newbies.

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Is There Any Alternative To PDOCS Method?

Adam’s course is a relevant program if you are an agency owner running social media marketing.

But if you are new to the online industry, this program wouldn’t benefit you.

Affiliate marketing is the most appropriate online business that should give you entry into the online industry.

PDOCS Method Review

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll earn commissions to promote other people’s products and services.

Jump to the next page to learn more about affiliate marketing:

PDOCS Method Review

FAQs About PDOCS Method

Does PDOCS offer a refund?

Adam claims the value for this course is about $7K, but you’ll get it at $47.

Though this might seem relatively cheap, you might still want to claim a refund if you don’t get what you expect.

Who is PDOCS Method for?

This training course primarily targets agency owners who want to scale up their businesses.

It’ll not benefit you if you are new to online business.

Will it work for me if I don’t own an agency?

The PDOCS Method can still work for you even if you aren’t an agency owner.

However, you won’t utilize all the resources offered by the program.

Thank you for reading my PDOCS Method Review post.

If you have any comments or addition, feel free to leave them in the section below.

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