Rona Proof Review – Worth The Price or SCAM?

Rona Proof Review

Hello, welcome to my Rona Proof Review.

If you want to discover more about the Rona Proof System, you are in the right place.

My goal is to take you through the Rona Proof system in its entirety to enable you to learn everything about it.

You will also learn whether the Rona Proof is legit or NOT.

Before moving further, let’s look at the summary of the Rona Proof System program.

Summary Of Rona Proof Review

Product name: Rona Proof System

Product type: Wholesale Real Estate Course

Founder: Tony Robinson

Cost: $1997

Launched: 2020

Product Rating: 3/5

Website’s URL:

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The Rona Proof Review – Overview

Rona Proof Review

The Rona Proof System is a course that deals with wholesale real estate.

You may have dreamed of becoming an investor in wholesale real estate but lack knowledge on how you can grow your business.

The Rona Proof claims to be the best site for you to learn more about this business model.

According to the Rona Proof program, you will get a head start on your business and learn about many other opportunities available.

They claim to offer students various options that can help them start their wholesale real estate based on their business objectives.

The Rona Proof, launched in 2020, claims to be the best program for real estate wholesale.

However, if you are here to look for a better alternative to starting an online business, don’t worry.

With the experience I have worked online, I can comfortably offer you this better option:

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Rona Proof Review

What Is Rona Proof?

Rona Proof Review

The Rona Proof program offers online training on the real estate wholesale trade.

When you register and become a member of this Program, you will learn about real estate investing as your main subject of study.

This Program was created by Tony Robinson, who owns the Program up to date.

The course comprises ten modules, each describing every concept of real estate wholesale.

Therefore, to get the full course, you will have to go through all the modules and capture the information provided in the modules.

In the Rona Proof system, you will learn about the following:

  • How to create a real estate business and identify wholesale marketplaces

In this case, you will have the ability to get and close some excellent deals you may be desiring to make.

  • How to increase your percentage sales and get a competitive advantage in the business environment

In this case, the course teaches you ways of setting yourself far from your competitors.

  • Lastly, the Rona Proof program also teaches you how to increase your sales within a short time in your business.

Who Is Tony Robinson?

Rona Proof Review

Tony Robinson is the founder and owner of the Rona Proof System program.

He created the Program in 2020 and claimed to be a great expert in the wholesale real estate trade.

Robinson took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic and the situation that brought about the disease to come up with this Program.

His main aim was to teach people how to make profits during hard economic times.

He claims to have been in real estate wholesale for a long time with great experience in how to make money in this process.

According to his teachings, Robinson has wholesaled real estate businesses and claimed millions of dollars from his investments.

He opted to teach people about achieving their financial independence in real estate.

And that is how he came about launching this course in 2020.

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What Is Rona Proof System All About?

Rona Proof Review

The Rona Proof deals with Wholesale real estate education.

The Program, owned by Tony Robinson, is an e-commerce website that offers an e-learning course on the real estate wholesale trade.

Rona Proof offers numerous learning seminars and training courses that you may find relevant.

Some of the virtual training classes offered in the Rona Proof program include; the list selection process, like sourcing properties.

Other training programs include building rapport, getting a market advantage, comparable sales formulas, and HotZip code hacking.

Tony Robinson also offers virtual seminars, which are useful in learning how to seize a moment in his live video shows.

Therefore, enabling you to act and make more out of it.

The Rona Proof website provides the best knowledge on starting your business online and flipping wholesale real estate.

Therefore, the program claims to provide you with the best location, especially if you have the modest desire to become a successful real estate wholesale investor.

How Does The Rona Proof System Work?

As stated earlier, the Rona Proof System course comprises ten modules.

According to Tony Robinson, any member who wants to learn about real estate investing must go through all ten modules.

This is the only way you capture all the information you need when starting and growing your real estate business.

This ten-module Program is a video course that also provides group coaching on how you can generate new changes in your wholesale daily.

At the end of the ten modules, you can scale up your real estate business and stand out from your competitors.

And also, close your deals at higher rates.

The ten modules available in the Program can be broken down as follows;

The Breakdown Of The Rona Proof Course Modules

Here, I will take you through what every module of the Rona Proof course module covers:

Module One: Getting Started

This is the first module of the Rona Proof course that introduces you to the real estate investment course.

In this module, you will learn about the fundamentals required in real estate wholesale.

It also covers how to incorporate plan and manage your real estate business.

Module Two: Finding Hot Leads In The Real Estate Wholesale

In this module, you will learn about the most integral part of real estate wholesale.

You’ll also learn about the Prop stream, which Robinson describes as his favorite tool for marketing.

The course’s second module also teaches you how to find the finest bargains in the market from vendors.

This includes using filters or the prop stream described by Robinson in the module.

The module teaches you how to obtain as many delicate leads as possible.

Module Three: How To Build Your List

This section will teach you how to create a list in your real estate business.

Robinson demonstrates ways to get the seller’s contact information to identify the best business option.

Module Four: How To Schedule Your Appointments

This section will teach you how to get the job after identifying your leads.

The task you will face in your next step is how you can identify your leads.

In addition, Robinson also displays how you can make your cold outreach much easier.

Robinson provides a script that helps you control the conversation flow to describe this section effectively.

Furthermore, you can also learn how to reach out to more people through both offline and online methods.

For instance, Robinson claims you can easily schedule your appointments through texting.

Module Five: How To Make An Offer

In this section, you will learn how to forecast the earnings you get from your real estate business.

According to Tony Robinson, a forecast of personal earnings is always determined by the number of business agreements you close in your business.

You will also discover many elements you can use to establish an average retail value of a certain property in the market.

In addition, Robinson also displays how to use a closer repair Sheet in tracking the repair charges in your real estate business.

After deciding on the type of offers you want, the module teaches you how you can send your prospects the mail script you will receive.

Module Six: How To Secure Your Contacts

In this module, Robinson takes you through how you can legalize the transactions in your business.

He claims you can secure your offer with a contract after finalizing it.

The contract templates are also included in this section, which helps legalize your business transaction.

Robinson finishes this module by teaching you how you can use the conditions and contracts when making business negotiations.

Module Seven: How To Open Escrow

In this section, Robinson teaches how to escrow your property and secure your funding, especially from closing attorneys to title companies.

This module also displays a list of title companies well known by many real estate investors that are of much help to you and the scripts.

Accessing the two items will help you choose your preferred attorney for your real estate business at a lower closing fee.

For this reason, you can make extra money in your real estate wholesale.

Module Eight: The Cash Buyers

This module teaches you how to create long-term business relationships with your cash buyers.

The tactics explained in this module are useful in locating interested buyers with whom you can develop a business relationship.

You’ll also learn how you can easily display the offers you have in an effective way to help you optimize your income.

Robinson also talks about including your contract copies in this module to be more convenient for your business.

Module Nine: How To Coordinate Your Close

Robinson teaches you how to increase your revenue with less investment in your real estate business in this section.

You will learn more about double closing and transactional funding as the main topics in this module.

According to Robinson, you can purchase a beautiful home as a wholesaler without using your money.

As explained in this module, short-term financing comes when the buyer wants to purchase the house within two to three days.

Therefore, this module teaches you about the technique of making more money in your business without investing a large amount of money.

Module Ten: How To Get Paid

How do you close the deals and get paid in your real estate business?

Robinson teaches you in this section, which marks the end of the Rona Proof training course on real estate wholesale.

He explains this section using examples of his previous students with a success story in their real estate business as their main income.

According to Robinson, some of its students closed up deals worth $5,000 to $50,000 even though they never had any prior experience in sales.

In his closing remarks, Tony Robinson explains how many business models benefit different investors in real estate wholesale.

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How Much Does The Rona Proof Course Cost?

Rona Proof Review

The Rona Proof standard cost is $1997.

However, if you want to experience lifetime access to the program, you’ll have to part with $8,000.

You’ll get access to ten modules with over 55 lessons.

The program also offers Exclusive Rona Proof Members for only the Facebook and Telegram community, with many members for accountability and support for $997.

You may also pay for weekly training with Tony’s Team of experts for $497.

Is The Rona Proof Course A Scam?

Is it a scam?

In my opinion, the Rona Proof course is not a SCAM.

But there is much work to be done in this Program to make real money.

The effort you’ll put into your business and the strategies you put towards your business will dictate the performance and overall outcome.

If you remain objective and focused, this Program can help you make money.

In addition, the profit margins in the Rona Proof program are relatively small and may not sometimes impress you when you become a member.

In my opinion, the Program will take a significant amount of your time, talent, and money to become an investor in the Program.

For this reason, I may not personally recommend this Program as a straightforward real estate investing course that you can earn and understand easily.

In some cases, you may find buying items from their store insufficient.

However, as a young real estate investor, your main goal will always be how to make a profit.

Most motivators tempted to participate in the real estate business lack business skills, forcing them to join different groups of people to close big deals.

However, to achieve this in the Rona Proof, you need to be more committed and motivated with your real estate business.

But if you’re just starting out and looking for the best way of earning money online, many options are available.

However, in this review, I may NOT recommend all the programs because I want to ensure that I’m NOT making things difficult for you.

In that regard, kindly check out the best alternative that I’m currently engaged in:

Rona Proof Review

Is The Real Estate Business For Everyone?

People with limited resources may not find participating in the real estate business helpful.

You cannot just join real estate investing as a normal online work and become successful.

It would help if you had some manpower and capital to successfully join the real estate business of your choice.

The knowledge available in the real estate business will only provide you with the skills to start the business.

However, you may face many challenges in your journey to succeed in your real estate business, which will require you to be wiser.

Therefore, if you lack the required resources, I may recommend you start another business-like affiliate marketing.

I say so because a real estate business career needs good negotiation skills for success to come by.

What I Like About The Rona Proof System

  • The Rona Proof Program offers reliable and motivative classes

The modules discussed in this Program motivate any real estate investor or a beginner who wants to become an investor in this field.

Also, the course is available for anyone who wants to join and study real estate investing.

  • The Program provides free live training.

The live training provided in the course is free with greater customer satisfaction.

This makes the course easy to understand and follow throughout the sessions.

  • Tony Robinson provides the training seminar, which is useful in making faster decisions.

When you go through the seminars provided in the course, you will be able to make faster and more accurate decisions when managing your business.

In this case, you can easily grow your business and become more successful as you will minimize many risks that can occur in your business.

The website of Rona Proof has no fluff and looks genuine when you access it.

What I Don’t Like About Rona Proof System

  • Does not have tags or comments on the website.

The website of Rona Proof System does not provide any tag or comment of students who have taken the course.

For this reason, you cannot see the reviews left behind by the students who had learned the course before.

  • Provide little coverage of the course to beginners.

The Rona Proof program tends to benefit high-profile real estate investors more than beginners, according to how the course appears.

Therefore, if you are a beginner, you may not learn much from the course compared to a professional investor learning the same course.

  • It does not mention any paid lectures.

In the entire sessions of this course, there is no section where Tony Robinson Mentions the paid lectures, which may be a great concern to some learners.

  • The registration fee is too high.

It costs more to register for the Rona Proof training course, which may not be affordable for some of your investors in the real estate business.

Is There Any Alternative To Rona Proof System?

This wholesale trade may not be a cup of tea for everyone.

In that regard, you may want a different business model that meets your needs.

If you’re looking for the best alternative to this Program, then you’re on the right path.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for some time now, and I have all reasons to offer you the best alternative.

Are you looking for the best online business model that enables you to earn passive income?

Affiliate marketing is the answer.

You only need affiliate marketers to promote people’s products and goods to earn a commission.

However, for you to start this business model, you need to choose the method of doing the marketing, either through videos or writing reviews and recommendations to buyers.

And you should be ready to work consistently and objectively to enjoy earning money while at the same time growing your business.

But to cut your work by half, I have tailored a guide to help you start this business.

Check it out here:

Rona Proof Review

FAQ About Rona Proof

Does Rona Proof System have a refund policy?

No, despite the Program’s registration fee being somehow high, the Program does not offer any refund policy to its customers.

For this reason, once you join the course, there is no guarantee that you will receive your money back even if you find the course not worth it.

Who is the Rona Proof system for?

According to Tony Robinson, the Rona Proof System course is for people who cannot make their dreams come true in their lives.

He claims that the course is meant to help people experiencing difficulties making money due to the coronavirus outbreak.

How Much Can you make with Rona Proof System?

Tony Robinson claims you can make at least $10000 monthly without a license, prior experience, or good credit.

Feel free to watch this video review by Tony The Closer:

Thank you for reading my Rona Proof review.

I’ll appreciate getting to know what you think about it.

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment below.

13 thoughts on “Rona Proof Review – Worth The Price or SCAM?

  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this article – I had never heard of this particular program before and was really interested to see whether the system they’re offering is legitimate. You did a great job of breaking down answers to all the possible questions people have about the system. This was a great read! Thanks!

  2. Hi Jason. Thank you for including a breakdown of what is included in Rona Proof system in this post. I like several of the points included in the content of this course. But Feel the price tag is too high. I know that many of these courses sprung up during the pandemic. But most of us have a tight budget due to the pandemic. So, the course should cost less if they want to have the average Joe on board.

  3. Great review on the RONA  PROOF learning the wholesale real estate system. I think your review is very complete and has given me sufficient information to help me decide whether I should go forward or not.

    I’m afraid that I still do not understand what “wholesale real estate” is, what exactly does it mean? I am familiar with real estate investing having rental properties ourselves, but this one has me baffled.

    In regard to AFFILIATE MARKETING, I agree that it is by far the best online model to build an income.

    I will check out your link now…Take care…

    1. Hi William. Thanks for taking the time to go through this review. So to answer your question about wholesale real estate: It’s basically a business model in which a wholesaler sells a property on behalf of the owner for a profit.

      Quite a simple concept, but again for me, affiliate marketing is more simple and brings in steady cash flow as a business idea.

  4. This site is a real surprise because of its niche. This is my first time encountering the real estate sales niche. I liked the site, it is easy to navigate, the explanations and advice are excellent, and the topic itself is interesting. It is my opinion that a course on working with real estate is a good idea for people who want to deal with it and try it out in that field. The price of the course is high, but it pays for certain knowledge, ignorance in that area would cost significantly more.

  5. This is the first time that I have read about Rona, but I think you have covered all the bases here. It seems like a great course to learn about investing in real estate and will be useful to do if you are interested in going into that field. However I think after this course is done, you will need to expand out into other investment opportunities and not only stick to this platform.

  6. Thank you for this review. I have been trying to explore this topic to see if I could make a business of selling real estate and I want to find a course that I can take to be successful. The course seems to have very much relevant and appropriate material but it will take much effort, time and money to succeed. There are not many people who can lay down $1997 and then have other value added upsells who are starting a business and so the cost seems prohibitive. You have steered me in the right direction to consider other options.

    1. Good work doing your due diligence. With so many scams nowadays, you just have to be careful.

      It’s not the cheapest price for a Real estate course, but I think this one is valuable. 

      Of course, the alternative that I provided is my best recommendation so make sure to check it out. 

  7. First, I want to say that I love your website. I am learning so much from all of your different reviews. Second, the way that Rona Proof presents itself it seems to me that it would be more for someone who is already experienced in real estate. It’s a fairly high investment for someone just starting out, however it does seem like the course would be very beneficial in learning about wholesale real estate.  It’s just too expensive.

    1. It’s a good platform for those who are looking to start a real estate business. But again, there are much better business models out there that doesn’t cost a lot and is profitable. Affiliate marketing is that ideal business that I like to recommend. Check here for more info. 

  8. Thanks for your Rona Proof Review. I immediately checked out the price. $1,997 is an extremely steep price. It’s a wholesale real estate course that ultimately requires you to plunk down $8,000. Although your review makes it obvious it’s not a scam, the price is too steep for me to get started. However, I love that you provided a link within the article for learning how to make money online through affiliate marketing. I clicked on that link and it took me to Wealthy Affiliate. So I started reading that review, and boy is that a better option for people to make money online – and it won’t cost you a fortune. I see there’s a free sign up and you get to make your own website with that free sign-up. Then there’s the $49 per month membership where you get access to enough to start making a great steady stream of income.  I love the Wealthy Affiliate option better. Thanks for a great post. 

    1. Thank you for taking some time to go through the content, Shalisha. It’s great to see that you learned more about Rona Proof and that you also discovered a more viable alteranative. All the best 

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