Astro Flipping Review – SCAM or Legit Course?

Astro Flipping Review

Hi! Welcome to my Astro Flipping Review.

Perhaps you’ve wanted to know if Astro Flipping is a scam or a legit real estate course.

Most likely you are a serious investor who is looking for a better way to invest your money to yield huge profits.

However, before you can invest, you want to make sure that you have access to the best learning resources to stand a chance of making the right choice.

Flipping is a common business model that involves purchasing an asset and holding it for a short period, then reselling it at a higher price to get a huge profit.

But even though this business model is legit, it will NOT favor everyone because, for one, you need a huge upfront fee and the cost itself for the course is significant.

Plus, getting a return on investment may sometimes be impossible.

As you read, keep in mind that I’m NOT affiliated with the Astro Flipping course, so I’ll share this review from an honest point of view.

But hold on, there’s something crucial you need to know first…

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With that in mind, let’s set off…

Summary Of Astro Flipping Review

Name of the Product: Astro Flipping

Type of the Product: Real Estate Investing

Websites URL:

Founders: Josiah Grimes & Jamil Damji

Product Rating: 2/5

Cost of the Product: Between $5800 and $7500

Recommendation? No

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Overview Of Astro Flipping

Astro Flipping Review

Astro Flipping is a real estate training course.

Like other real estate programs, the Astro Flipping program introduces you to three major investing types:

The real estate business provides you with a lot of potentials in your business that does not depend on your chosen path.

It is always considered to be the oldest wealth builder in the world.

If you have been wondering whether real estate investing can be a good business for you, then worry no more; here is all you need to know about this business model.

In most cases, real estate investing is usually labor or capital-intensive.

It can sometimes be capital- and labor-intensive, depending on your choice of real estate investment.

For this reason, it may not be a good idea to jump into this business if you have less capital in your account or feel less comfortable with the business.

Digital real estate has consistently become a good source of income for investors.

Unlike other types of investments like the stock market, the value of any real estate investment does not quickly depreciate.

To learn more about the industry, the Astro Flipping course allows you to gather more knowledge on the business and ensure everything you do is correct.

But I must inform you that this course will cost you an arm and a leg, so if you’re NOT ready to spend this huge sum of money, you can still try other alternatives for making money.

What Is Astro Flipping All About?

Astro Flipping Review

Astro Flipping offers you a dynamic education on real estate courses.

The course will enlighten you about new real estate investors.

You will also learn more about how you can begin your real estate business and also scale your wholesale business.

This company was launched in 2018 as an advanced course on the online Wholesale real estate business.

If you have real estate prospects, you might find this course helpful.

The number of people educated as real estate investors by Astro Flipping is growing continuously.

Even though the investors are still not confined to teaching other people, they have highly expanded their business horizons.

This has made them engage in many profitable transactions globally.

Therefore, the Astro Flipping program acts as a mentor for investors and students because it helps them succeed in their real estate business.

As a mentor, Astro Flipping helps motivate buyers and sellers in the real estate business, resulting in faster investment growth.

Who Are The Founders Of Astro Flipping?

                                                                  Jamil Damji

Astro Flipping Review

                                                             Josiah Grimes 

Astro Flipping Review

Jamil Damji and Josiah Grimes are the founders and primary teachers of Astro Flipping.

Josiah Grimes is one of the founders of KeyGlee Investments, LLC, which is a company that Astro Flipping is under.

On the flip side, Jamil Damji is a professional financial service provider with 15 years of experience.

Aside from that, he is also the current CEO and co-founder of KeyGlee.

Astro Flipping Review

When putting together their two profiles, it is no doubt that the two founders know what they are doing.

Of course, I noted that they haven’t talked about their NET WORTH, but that is not a deal breaker.

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How Does Astro Flipping Work?

Astro Flipping Review

The Astro Flipping course teaches you how to increase the ultimate value of your earning potential in a real estate investment.

Even though real estate investing provides you with many opportunities to make money, you need to learn how to achieve it.

For this reason, you’ll have to enroll in a real estate course.

Therefore, the Astro Flipping course provides the necessary knowledge to become a real estate expert in your business.

This course will teach you about the sale process and property acquisition.

This course takes about six weeks to complete, presenting its contents for at least ten hours daily.

When you enroll in this course, you’ll receive an email from the company with the course bonus.

The bonus describes how you can contact the models and also explains to you how you can easily manage issues in the platform in every transaction.

The Course Breakdown Of Astro Flipping

Astro Flipping Review

Here are the main courses offered by this program:

Astro Accelerator

The Astro accelerator training is offered to people who are already in the sector and wants to learn more about how they can grow their investment.

In most cases, people participating in Astro Accelerator training are always serious investors who want their businesses to grow to six or even seven figures.

This training is meant for anyone interested in growing or even developing a full-service investment of wholesale dispositions and acquisitions company.

The training also offers detailed information to new individuals in the real estate business who want to develop a full-scale investment company.

Therefore, Astro Accelerator is a training that takes up to six weeks and includes 78 videos explaining the course in a step-by-step procedure.

Astro Accelerator Executive

This course provides a fast-paced education for individuals who want to be game changers in their business and it requires you to have an open mindset about your investment before successfully participating.

Besides, this training assists you in building a team and is also essential in enabling you to leave an impression on your business progress.

The Astro Accelerator Executive course takes up to seven weeks to complete and includes about 88 videos that describe the course in a step-by-step manner.

It also provides lifetime access to other fantastic resources that enable you to grow, including a complete set-up of the CRM and the best poke website.

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How Much Does Astro Flipping Cost?

Now, here is where you make up your mind about this course.

What I find as a problem is that they don’t openly speak about the total price it will cost you.

For a fact, I haven’t seen anything coming close to their cost on their official website.

You’ll only know the actual cost of this program after you’ve booked a call.

Which, to me, is a hard task.

However, according to other sources, you might have to pay between $5800 and $7500 to access this course.

Which, in my personal opinion, is quite expensive for most entrepreneurs.

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Is Astro Flipping A Scam?

Technically, Astro Flipping is NOT a scam.

You can make real money with this real estate program.

However, making real money from this program may not be as easy as its founder Josiah Grimes described.

There is a lot of work you will have to do, with no guarantee of success.

Moreover, the profit margins you can make from the real estate business are relatively small and sometimes may not be predictable.

Digital real estate investment is more legitimate than traditional real estate as you can do it anywhere.

In addition, you only need a laptop or a PC with an internet connection to participate in the digital real estate business.

However, if you need a better way of making money online through a genuine method, then take a few minutes to look at this better option:

Astro Flipping Review

What I Like About Astro Flipping

  • The business model is legit

Astro Flipping offers you training for a legit business.

  • The founders of the program are real humans

Both Josiah Grimes and Jamil Damji have their profile open.

What I Don’t Like About Astro Flipping

  • The course doesn’t openly show its cost.

Unfortunately, you won’t know the cost of this program until you have a call with a representative of the course.

That is a bad way of doing business because you’ll NOT know exactly what you’ll be charged to take the course.

  • The Astro Flipping course is costly.

Participating in the Astro Flipping course may be expensive for students and investors.

This limits many small-scale investors and students from participating in the course.

  • Astro Flipping has a small profit margin.

The amount of money you can earn in the real estate business as your profits is relatively small.

This makes many investors lose hope in their business as it takes longer to make a reasonable profit.

  • The Astro Flipping requires much effort.

The real estate investment program requires you to put more effort into earning profits for your business.

When you put in less effort, you will have no guarantee over making any reasonable amount as your profits.

Is There Any Alternative To Astro Flipping?

Yes, there is a better alternative to making money online.

As I earlier stated, this business model is expensive in this course, and running this business is expensive as well.

You don’t want to risk a huge profit if you’re a beginner.

In that regard, I recommend that you go for Affiliate Marketing.

This business model is proven and tested.

Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to earn a lot.

Again, this is a business model I’m using to earn money online like this…


If you want to get started right away, then here is a simplified blueprint for you:

Astro Flipping Review

FAQs About Astro Flipping?

Is Astro Flipping Legit?

The Astro Flipping is a legit program that offers the necessary support you require to start your real estate investment.

Even though it may be an expensive course for some investors, it offers you all you need to grow a positive mindset toward improving your real estate investment.

Therefore, if you plan to develop, grow and bloom your real estate investment, you can participate in the Astro Flipping course of your choice.

Is Wholesaling in Real Estate legit?

In wholesale business, you acquire goods from a retailer and then resell them to make profits.

It is a legal and ethical business in the digital real estate business.

For instance, if an investor receives some properties from a retailer, then upgrades the value of the acquired properties and sells them out for profit.

This is a legit example of wholesaling in the digital real estate business that earns real money.

How can you acquire properties in real estate as an investor?

To acquire properties in real estate, you’ll have to be on watch as it is always a challenging task.

You can engage in cold calls and develop a consistent and solid relationship with business partners.

Here is a Complete Astroflipping Program Walkthrough Video:

Thank you for reading this review.

If you have any addition, you can write to us in the comment section below.

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